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Finding a Sub


I first saw her at a rather boring party hosted by a friend of a friend. She was a brunette of middle height. Judging by her dress, her body was firm with reasonable breasts. I first noticed her hair which was more than shoulder length and shone with health. She appeared to be alone. I went over and starting talking to her. I quickly established that she was acquainted with our host and had been asked at the last minute. She was also bored, not knowing anybody else.

As we talked, I noticed that she constantly implied fault in herself. When she dropped a crisp, she apologised for being clumsy, as she did when she split some wine. I gradually came to the conclusion that she was an unconscious submissive. As I was attracted to her anyway, I decided to test my theory. When we finished our drinks, I suggested that she got refills, asking for a whisky for myself and told her to get herself a white wine (until then she had been drinking weak vodka and tonic). She went off to get them without any protest. Good.

When she returned with the suggested drinks, she offered mine with a slight dip or curtsy, saying "your drink, sir, as ordered."

As she took a sip from her drink, I spoke "I did not say you could drink." She looked up quickly and stepped back, then came forward and lowered her drink, looking at me with a questioning expression. "You may drink." I said, after sipping my drink. She took a small drink, hesitantly.

She stood for a moment and then started to speak "er.. ."

"Be silent for the moment, I wish to look." I said in a quiet but firm voice. She heard me but no one else. I did not want any interruptions at this point. I stepped to one side nearer the window, moving away from the others and indicated with my head that she should follow. She did, after a small hesitation.

" I believe that we may be suited." I put my glass down. "Come with me and have lunch. We can talk in peace then." I moved towards the hallway. As I passed her, I put my hand on her arm and turned her towards the door. "Did you bring a coat?" I inquired as we reached the hallway.


"Let's go then." I propelled her through the front doorway and called farewell to my friend who was standing in the hallway chatting to a guest. I had parked my car on the street to avoid being blocked in the driveway. I opened the passenger door, ushered her in and walked around to the driving door.

As we drove off, she wriggled and said "where are you taking me?"

"To a small restaurant I know, where we won't be disturbed. But first I need to buy something."


"You will see. Now be quiet please, while I drive." I was very pleased with her reaction so far. She was responding like a submissive. I had not given any forceful orders yet, nor any which could provoke a strong reaction but she had unconsciously obeyed without any hesitation. Any non-submissive would have refused to follow me out or, at least, argued before agreeing. The week-end could be very promising and it was still early Friday afternoon.

We pulled into the local shopping centre car park and I led the way into the pet shop. It was a large store and I had difficulty at first identifying the shelves I wanted. I then saw the display of dog collars and leads and led her over to them. Without any explanation, I started to examine the collars. "Do you like black or brown leather? Or perhaps a metal one?"

Without thinking, she said "black is my favourite."

"Black it is then but I think a wide one, at least two inches, with plenty of studs." I rooted through them and pulled one out. "This looks just right and it should be long enough, it's fourteen inches long. Perhaps a matching lead?" I found one. I then went to the engraving machine and engraved a tag with 'please ring my owner at' and my telephone number and then turned to the cash desk "I'll just pay for these and then we'll eat."

As we returned to the car, she spoke "why the collar?".

"We do need to talk about ground rules soon but not for the moment. I would have thought the collar was obvious. Every pet needs a symbol of ownership."

"I'm not sure I understand. Do you have a dog?"

"No. But I believe I'm about to acquire a pet, don't you?"

She walked silent for a moment and then said "You don't mean. . .?"

"do I?"

She stopped and turned to me. "I think you do."

"Perhaps, under the circumstances, we should go straight to my house. We can get to understand what has happened then." We returned to the car and I drove home, neither of us wanting to speak. When we arrived, I drove right into the garage and climbed out. I walked around to her side and opened the car door. "If you go straight through that door and turn right, the bathroom faces you. I'll follow in a moment after I lock the garage." She got out without a word and entered the house. I locked the garage door, secured the car and then went into the house. I entered the lounge and pouring myself a drink, waited for her.

I don't know what she was doing in the bathroom but it was about twenty minutes before I heard her coming out of the bathroom. "In here" I called. "Would you like a drink?"

"Please" she said as she entered, stopping just inside the door.

I poured a white wine pointedly without asking her preference. I walked over to her, handed her the drink and then said, casually, "drink up, while I talk." I moved across the room and sat down.

"Do you know what a sub is?" I asked.

She stood and thought for a moment. "I believe I do" She said slowly.

"Very well, tell me what you think it is. Let's see if we agree."

"I think a sub is short for submissive, a person who wishes to be ordered about and dominated, perhaps even being punished if they do something the other person doesn't want them to." She stopped and looked straight at me.

"Very simply and precisely put, my dear." I sipped the drink and then continued "I believe you are a submissive, looking for a master. I need a sub and like the look of you. Obviously you are completely untrained but I am prepared to undertake this assuming we agree terms." As she opened her mouth to reply, I held up my hand and continued "Don't speak without permission. That's the first rule. Secondly obey without hesitation or be punished. You will be allowed a safe word, that is a word to speak, or action to make if you are unable to speak, which will stop any scene immediately, if you feel you have reached your limit. If you use it improperly you will either be punished severely and/or dismissed. As you may have realised, the collar is for you, the tag showing my ownership. I suggest that we set a limit for the first time, either tonight or this week end, depending upon your circumstances. Do you live alone?"

"Yes. I have a small flat."

"If we suit, you will move in here. Is that a problem?"


"What about friends? family?"

"No living family other than distant cousins. Work mates, no real friends, too shy, I think."

"Probably your submissive nature. Difficult to get close on level terms. Are you free for the week end or would you prefer to try just the evening?"

She thought for a minute "could we compromise? Try this evening and let me decide about the rest of the weekend then?"

"Suits me. Shall we say until midnight? If you wish to stop then, I'll run you home, otherwise we can either carry straight on or you can sleep in the guest room and we'll decide on the next occasion at breakfast. Happy about that?"

"Yes. How do we start?"

"Finish your drink first. No hurry."

We chatted, while we finished the drinks. I don't like heavy use of alcohol in scenes. It's too easy to go too far when your senses are dulled. Anyway, with a good sub, who needs alcohol? When we finished, I stood up. "Go back to the bathroom and have a shower. Put a bathrobe on, barefoot, and return here. When you do return, stand in the middle of the room and wait for me. Meanwhile I'll have a shower myself but upstairs."

I then went up to my bedroom and showered. I deliberately spent a long time. I needed her to have finished and be waiting. Finally, I returned to the lounge and stood in the doorway looking. She was standing in the centre of the room as ordered, wearing a bathrobe several sizes too large. Her hair was still up.

"Let the hair down. I don't like it up." She released her hair which fell below her shoulders, nearly to her waist. "Good, that's better." I undid the tie of her bathrobe, slipped the robe down her shoulders, removed and threw it onto a chair. "Stand still while I examine you." I walked slowly around her, she started to turn with me. "I didn't say you could move." She stopped and I completed my circular walk.

I ran my fingers through her hair, pulling it gently back over her shoulders. "A pony tail, at first, I think." My hand slid down to her nose, I took her septum between my fingers and squeezed. "Huum, solid." I opened her mouth, pulling the lips back to expose her teeth. "Good sound teeth."

She started to shift a little as my hand slid over her breast. After kneading the breast and 'weighing' it, I gripped a nipple and squeezed, gently at first then firmly. She started to gasp but stopped and held steady. "Nice nipples, we may pierce them, if you suit. They would carry bells very well, I think." After feeling her stomach and hips, my hands moved down her thighs towards her knees. "Lift the left." I said as I pulled on her leg. She lifted it and I slid my hand down it to the foot. I held it at a convenient height, for me, and fondled the toes. "The right," I released her left foot and checked the right. "Sound feet, your mother looked after them."

So far there had been no real reaction to my examination. "place your legs apart, about 18inches or so and stand straight and still." She shifted her position. "you'll need to have this mat shaved." I placed my hands on the top of her thighs and slid them between her legs. She stiffened and then relaxed. Good. My hand slid upwards onto her mons and I pushed my forefinger between the labia and into her vagina. She was wet, not a lot but enough to show her reaction. Rubbing gently on the walls of the vagina, I moved my fingers onto her clitoris and started a circular motion. Almost immediately she moved in rhythm and she began to pant. I could feel her breath on my neck. "Head up straight, don't move unless I tell you to." She stood still as I pulled my fingers out of her vagina and placed them in her mouth. "Lick them clean." Without any hesitation, she tongued my fingers clean. When she finished, I stepped back.

"I am pleased so far. I'll fit your collar and then we will discuss what is to happen tonight. Stay."

I turned and left to fetch the collar and lead. When I returned, I noticed she hadn't move at all. Good. Holding up the collar, I said "Come here and be collared. You'll wear this when we are together. If I decide to keep you, then I'll get a metal one made and you will wear it all the time." Once the collar was fitted, I clipped the lead onto it and stepped back to admire my prize. Untrained as she was, she had behaved very well.

"Follow me and try to keep the lead slack." I turned and walked slowly around the room holding the lead. At first it kept tightening as she tried to work out my pace. After several circuits she was managing to walk behind me without the lead tightening. "Halt. That'll do for the moment. Now stand there while I fetch some treats for my pet."

I returned after a few minutes carrying a small box and a dish with some pieces of fruit and some chocolate.

Putting the box down on a coffee table, I walked across to her and picking up a slice of orange, I placed it in her mouth. "a little treat for you before we start on the training."

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