tagMatureFinding a Virgin Ch. 01

Finding a Virgin Ch. 01


Gretchen had been thinking about letting a virgin fuck her. First times had come up in conversation in an online chat room she enjoyed and she was fascinated and aroused by the thought of being the first cunt, the first ass a man feels wrapped around his cock. She had been playing more and more online since the divorce. Men seemed interested in chatting with her, in hearing about her sexual desires. She had offers for more, but wasn't sure about someone met online. Someone she could find locally, though, was a different story. It had been too long since her pussy had felt a real cock...and a virgin cock offered an erotic fantasy.

"But how do I find a virgin to play with...a legal one, anyway?" she wondered aloud in a soft voice. She glanced around, but no one was near her desk at work. She suddenly remembered that her coworker Eileen had a son at the local university – maybe he can point me in the right direction, she thought...but I have to be very discrete.

Using the excuse of researching some programming issues, Gretchen ask Eileen if maybe Brendan could help find some reference books. After Eileen passed along his phone number, Gretchen and Brendan arranged meet at a coffee shop near campus.

The day of the meeting, Gretchen dressed carefully, wearing a tailored brown skirt and a light cream blouse – of course, the skirt was cut to mid thigh and barely covered the top of her thigh-high stockings, her heels over four inches high, and she wasn't wearing any panties. If I sit just right, she thought with a wicked smile, maybe he'll get a surprise when he looks up my skirt. Her blouse was very thin, so she wore a bra, but the one she chose was sure to push them up and hug them in delicate pace. I want to give the impression of high class sex, she thought, turning in front of her mirror, a woman who is looking for a good time, but not the local beer keg scene.

She was sitting at a table by the windows, watching people stroll by and sipping hot tea when he sauntered in. "Miss Gretchen," he asked, smiling when she turned to look at him. God, he's hot, she thought, her eyes unconsciously wandering up and down his body, noting the tight muscles, the long legs...and I'll bet those long fingers would feel good on my body. Gretchen stood up with a smile.

"Brendan?" She held out a hand and he took it...but lifted it up to kiss her fingers with a wink. What a player...she felt a little quiver in her pussy. With her heels, she was close to his height and could look directly into his bright green eyes.

"Mom didn't mention you were so...classy," he grinned, gesturing to the table. She sat carefully, letting her skirt inch up, and Gretchen hid a smile as his eyes sharpened when he caught a glimpse of the lacy top of her stockings. He sat down across the table and signaled the woman at the counter for a drink. "So what can I help you with?"

"Well...I feel a little nervous asking you this," Gretchen played up the breathiness in her voice, the trembling hesitation, knowing it would make him hot, "But I thought you would know." The woman from the counter brings him coffee. After she leaves, Gretchen leans a little closer to him, seeing his eyes drop to look down her blouse. "And you can't mention the details to your mother."

She can see his curiosity is peaked, that he's interested, and she'd bet money he was getting hard. "Anything I can do to help, Miss Gretchen," he said. Miss Gretchen, just the name made her feel hot.

I feel like I'm being so naughty, hunting for younger men, she thought.

Gretchen leaned her arms on the table, pressing her breasts against them as she kept her voice low and seductive. "I'm guessing you would know someone...a young man...who has not had sex with a woman before," she murmured, seeing his eyes widen a moment in surprise and then narrow, "Someone of legal age, mind you, but someone who would be interested in...new experiences." Gretchen felt her skin flush hot and heard the change in his breathing, knowing he was aroused by the thought. She looked over as a man passed their table, but looked back to Brendan when the man kept moving.

"Is this person...for you?" he asked, his voice also low, but with an edge. He shifted in his chair and she wished she could see his lap, see the bulge of his cock. Gretchen gave a little nod. "If you want hot sex, Miss Gretchen, I can handle that for you." As he spoke, he leaned towards her and his eyes promised she would cum hard. Gretchen felt her nipples tighten, her pussy grow slick.

"I believe you could make me cum, Brendan. I'll even grant that you could make me cum multiple times and scream with pleasure," she purred. "I do love cock though and I'm sure yours would be memorable...maybe after I enjoy one of your friends?" She felt even more wicked, planning another encounter for after she would seduce a virgin. If only her ex husband could see her now.

He turned his hand so his fingers could stroke her palm. "You're very open about your needs, Miss Gretchen," he growls, "I've never met someone like you."

Gretchen laughed, delighted with him. "I'll bet," her voice was light, but soft as she leaned forward again. The stroke of his fingers sent hot bursts straight to her cunt, making her quiver inside. "Do you know anyone who can meet my...inexperienced requirements, Brendan?"

"I believe I do," he grinned, his finger making thrusting motions against her palm. Gretchen flushed and shivered, her pussy aching for cock, her breasts tight and heavy with need. As her eyes meet his, she realized he was aware of her response...and that it made him hot too. "But there's a catch."

"There's always a catch," Gretchen murmured, her breathlessness not faked this time. Maybe she should just have a taste of Brendan first...I'm horny enough to take him right here in the coffee shop, she thought, amused. Wouldn't that raise eyebrows if I were to mount him right now and ride his cock until I cum...or until he does? The thought sent shivers through her and his fingers tightened on her hand.

"I have three requirements," he whispers, leaning close, his eyes dark and hot, "If you agree to them, I'll provide you with a virgin to play with. A handsome, tasty virgin boy for Miss Gretchen's pleasure." A shudder went right through her and he made a wordless noise of lust.

"What requirements?" Gretchen was ready to promise anything to get out of the coffee shop. She needed to be alone, to stroke herself until she came, to sob with the release of this tension inside her.

"One," he murmured, lifting one finger and then brushing it over her bottom lip. Her lips trembled open and he grinned. "I get to taste you right now."

"Oh." Her mind went blank and he took it as agreement. Leaning across the table, he pressed his lips gently to hers, his kiss starting soft and warm and then heating as his tongue slipped between her lips.

"Sweet," he murmured as he pulled away and sat back in his chair again. Gretchen blushed and looked down, but she privately admitted that she had really enjoyed it. She wasn't sure who was seducing who at this point, but she was so ready to be fucked, it didn't matter as long as she came soon.

"Two, I get to watch you with my friend," he held up two fingers this time with a wicked grin, licking his lips as if he tasted her. He gave his fingers a little twist and she imagined them inside her cunt, twisting and rubbing. The thought stole her breath.

"You..." The words wouldn't come out. She thought about having sex with one man while another watched, then she thought about how he might not be able to just watch...they might give this virgin a threesome for his first experience.

"I'd love to see your pretty cunt take a cock," he murmured, his voice intimate and rough. Gretchen fumbled with her teacup and managed to take a sip as if they weren't discussing sex. "Were you planning on taking it in the ass too, Miss Gretchen?" When she blushed and stared into her cup, he chuckled. "My, my, Miss Gretchen. Aren't you the naughty girl?"

"You had three requirements," she whispered, then cleared her throat. Her body was throbbing with lust. This is too public...she promised herself she would be somewhere private very soon. Preferably with something or someone to fuck me, she added silently.

"Number three is between us," he continued, "You mentioned after, but I want now and later." Gretchen managed to lift one eyebrow. "You agree to spend this afternoon with me and I'll introduce you to a prime specimen to meet your needs. Then, after I watch you play with your new toy, I get to follow up and fuck you after. You never know...you may need an experienced cock to help you over the edge if your virgin leaves you unsatisfied."

Gretchen glanced around as he spoke, wondering if anyone had any idea what they were discussing. It's the perfect arrangement, though, she thought, I need to be fucked right now and I'm sure he will make me cum. Then I get my virgin with the added arousal of a watcher. And finally, I get to be fucked again by a man who obviously knows what he's doing. Perfect. She felt her pulse throb in her core, felt powerful, sexual...all the things she never felt with her ex-husband. This was her second chance to be a vixen.

"I'm agreeable to your terms," she purred, picking up her purse and looking around. "Did you have a specific now in mind?" She wasn't going to take him to her home and she really wasn't interested in seeing the inside of a frat house or dorm room. There had to be somewhere close by where they could find some privacy...

Brendan stood and held out his hand. "Come with me, Miss Gretchen," he said in a normal voice, "I can show you where we can find those programming answers. The library is right across the street." Gretchen smiled in appreciation. He guided her out of the coffee shop and they strolled across the street with his hand on her lower back. As they entered the library, he guided her to the bank of elevators.

There were other students on the elevator, but Brendan maneuvered them towards the back of the crowded car. Brendan stood slightly behind her and her breath caught as she felt his hand press against her ass. He started to rub up and down slowly and she felt her pussy tighten with need. His fingers moved lower, sliding under the hem of her skirt and she had to fight back a moan as he teased the lace top of her stockings. She felt dizzy...and then the door opened for the eighth floor and his hand returned to her back to guide her out.

"This way," Brendan murmured, his hand moving to her elbow as they walk along the row of stacks.

She looked down an aisle and thought about leaning against one of the tall ladders and being fucked from behind. They passed a study area and she thought about being laid out on the table and eaten alive. They passed a group of club chairs and she thought about riding Brendan in one...she shuddered wetly.

"Just a minute more, Miss Gretchen," he breathes in her ear as they turn down a small hallway. He keyed a code into a lockbox on the door and she shivered when she heard the click.

It's going to be now, she thought. I'm going to be fucked by this young man, the son of one of my coworkers. I'm going to enjoy every second of this, she promised herself.

Brendan opened the door and Gretchen stepped in, standing still until he flipped on the light and shut the door, clicking the lock on the inside. It was a small conference room, with a table and chairs in the center and she turned to face him as she leaned against the edge of the table. She stroked her hands over her body, knowing what she wanted, hungry to be naked and underneath him.

"How do you want me?" she purrs, her voice aroused. She watched his eyes darken with lust as they wandered up and down her body. Her pussy quivered and she felt wetness dribble down her inner thighs. When he twirled his finger, she turned and placed her hands on the table. She leaned forward and gave her ass a shake as she spread her legs, feeling more cum on her thighs.

Brendan stepped up behind her and slowly unzipped her skirt. He curled his fingers in the brown material and eased it down, groaning when he found her naked underneath. He bent, pressing his lips to the base of her spine and inhaling deeply. "Miss Gretchen," he growled, stroking his hands over her bare ass cheeks, "If I had known...we would be fucking in the back of the coffee shop right now."

"I knew," she whispered, "And I wanted to fuck you right at our table." She heard his hoarse laugh and smiled.

"That mouth, Miss Gretchen," he chuckled.

"Wants to eat you alive, Brendan," she purred. She felt his hands reach around and she straightened a little to let him unbutton her blouse and slide it off. Then he pulled her bra straps down her arms, pinning her, baring her breasts as the lacy bunches beneath them. His fingers pinch and rub her nipples to make her moan and squirm.

He licked her neck as his fingers teased her. "Next time, Miss Gretchen," he promised, rubbing his bulging groin against her ass to tease her, "Next time you can suck my cock all you want." She felt him shift, then felt the hot length of his cock press against the crack of her ass. She whimpered in need.

"I can't wait to be inside you, Miss Gretchen," he murmured, lifting her knee to the tabletop to open her wide as she leaned forward to expose her cunt. She heard him fumbling and glanced down to see him pulling out his wallet. "Let me get..."

"No need," she purred, "Just you and me, Brendan. Slide that big cock in my cunt and fuck me." The look he gave her was pure lust. "Please, baby, I need a good fucking."

His head probed her pussy hole as he wrapped her in his arms again. "You like to talk dirty, Miss Gretchen, don't you?" he whispered, slowly penetrating her cunt, "It makes you hot to say nasty things, sexy things, things no one expects from your pretty little mouth, doesn't it?"

She nodded, caught up in the sensations of his thickness stretching her, filling her. She can feel the heat of his cock sear her tender pussy, feel it burn into her veins so that her entire body flushes hot. "Oh, yes, Brendan," she managed, "I want to tell you how good you feel, how much I want you right now."

"No need," he answered, his voice rough as his cock slid in and out against her slick pussy, "I can tell by the way your body responds to mine. You love being fucked, don't you? You're loving my cock, aren't you?"

Gretchen nodded again. There's no denying it. Her body was hot and trembling, her pussy dripping wet, eagerly sucking his cock inside with each thrust. The fabric of his shirt was harsh against her bare back, his fingers were tight and rough on her nipples, but everything only added to the caress in her cunt. Her hands flexed on the table as pleasure pooled in her belly and she moaned.

"I want to cum, Brendan," she whimpered, "Let me cum on your cock." She rubbed back against him, teasing herself with his clothing, teasing him with her soft bare skin. His hands stroked over her body as he pressed kisses from one shoulder across to the other.

"Cum for me, Miss Gretchen," he growled, "Let me feel you gush around my cock."

Gretchen didn't have a choice. The relentless stroke of his thick shaft against her needy cunt had her panting and quivering. When he pushed her down on the table to fuck her harder, to ram his cock up into her, she felt the tremors start.

"I'm cumming..." Her voice broke as she teetered on the edge. The tremors became shaking, shuddering, as he slammed his cock deep and she came hard. Her cum enveloped his cock, spilling over him, over his balls, as he groaned. He grunted and kept fucking her, wrapping his arms around her body as he ground his cock right against that perfect spot...

Gretchen cried out as the spasms inside her threatened to rip her apart. She felt him swell, felt him pulse...and then he erupted with a roar, his cum splashing the inside of her cunt as he ejaculated again and again.

"God, yes, Miss Gretchen," he growled, his cock emptying into her. He continued to hold her, support her, to spill out inside her, as their bodies cooled down. "We'll meet you at the Holiday Inn on Columbus tomorrow night at six. Get two key cards when you check in."

It took her a moment to process the words, then she nodded. The virgin toy and the man currently buried in her cunt. Tomorrow night. What a thought...

"You'll slip me a card while we have drinks, then I'll leave," he continued, his breath warm on her ear. His fingers idly stroked her breast and she felt a little quiver inside. "Let Stephen seduce you. He'll want to. Let him think he's talking you into taking him up to your room. He's pretty eager to fuck...but he's a bit too picky and most coeds he picks are a bit put off because he's so eager."

Stephen. She had a name and it was all becoming a reality. She could feel her arousal building again. "In the room, he'll insist on a condom, so don't let that disappoint you," he said, suddenly nibbling on her earlobe, sending shivers through her body, "I'll take care of your cum needs later." He tugged her ear lightly. "After I suck your cunt, of course." She knew he felt the shudder go through her body because his cock began to harden again inside her cunt.

"Don't be disappointed," he murmured, "I'll be there, watching everything he does. I'll be there after he leaves to fuck you over and over until you are fully sated." He slid his cock free and turned her to face him. Then he lifted her onto the table. "Like today," he whispered as he stepped up and slid his newly erect cock into her pussy again, this time from the front.

"Oh...," she moaned, letting him push her down on the table and fuck her again...

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