tagLoving WivesFinding an Editor Ch. 02

Finding an Editor Ch. 02


Part one was in Romance, but they married, so I guess this qualifies as a loving wife story. One more segment to go. Thanks for reading.


I slept, dreaming odd dreams. I woke to the familiar smell of barbecue, the ultimate[for me]comfort food. Benny really didn't talk much as I ate. After we cleared the dishes he got us a beer and took me to the porch swing.

We settled in, snuggled a bit, glad to be back in each others arms. He rocked us gently, stroking my hair occasionally.

I steeled myself, and pushed upright. I needed him to be able to see my face.

"First, honey, thank you for trusting me."

"Now, as to where I was. Do you remember my friend Beth? I worked for her before I took up teaching, at the publishing house."

I felt his body tense.

"She's a senior editor now. I took her your book.

They can reach a far wider audience than your ebooks, generate press, advertize in major media markets. It's just too good, honey. The world needs to see it."

He exhaled, slowly.

"Did she like it?"

"Honey, she loved it! Said it was probably the most powerful thing she had ever read. She's already talking movie rights, if you sign with her."

"Do you think it will be that successful?"

I held his hands, leaning in fr a quick kiss.

"You don't know, do you? Benny, people who read this book, or see the movie, will remember it for the rest of their lives. It's that good."

He stood, and walked to the end of the porch, staring into the darkness. His voice floated out of the darkness.

"Then I guess we should do it. You know, when I started writing it was for the peace it brought me. I wanted to be successful, to be sure. But as successful as you say this is going to be, I never dreamed it."

"But know up front, Bonnie, I won't do this alone. You are my muse, my anchor, and my best friend. The love of my life. You made me want to be a better writer."

"I know everybody wondered how come you chose me. You're beautiful, smarter, and much better educated. I just drove a delivery truck, what could I have to offer a woman like you? I never told you, but I've been in love with you since we were thirteen years old. I knew I wasn't in your league when you decided to go to the junior high mixer, with Jimmy Travers, and his mom picked you up in their new station wagon, and drove you to that nice restaurant afterwards with all your rich friends, that I could never compete with that. So I left you alone."

"Then you came back into my life, and I couldn't believe it. When we became close I kept waiting for some guy in a suit to waltz in and ruin it.

But you chose me, and if I died tomorrow, it would be knowing that you loved me, and that made my life worth living."

"Did you know Miriam is telling everybody we used your money for our wedding and honeymoon? Said she knew I wanted to play the big shot, act like I was something I could never be? I'm sure part of it's hate, and part jealousy, but you'd be amazed how many people believe her."

"So if it happens, if it becomes as popular as you think, you're taking every step with me. I'll need you to prop me up, encourage me, protect me. Will you do it?"

I swear to God, I've wept more tears in the last two years being with him than I have in my whole life, and almost all were tears of happiness and love. I walked up behind him, hugging him.

"With every breath I take. Now, I want you to take me to bed, our bed, and make love to me. Please?"

It was the most passionate night I had ever had. There was no pounding, no screaming, no games, just a man and a woman, becoming one. I wept softly through most of it, and felt a few drop from his eyes, at the end. We didn't speak when we were done. What words could possibly convey our feelings as well as touch?

Then, just before I drifted off, Miriam popped into my mind. I thought about confronting her in public, revealing all her lies, but then decided not to. The book would put paid to every negative thing she had ever said about Benny. I just needed to be there when she got the news.


I called Beth the next day, saying if we could find an agent and come to terms, we were in.

She had a man call us, saying he was a legend among agents. Seventy now, he was semiretired, but there was nothing and no one he didn't know in the publishing world, as well as Hollywood.

We put him on speaker.

"Good morning. My name is Saul Sanchez. Beth gave me your number. I'd love to meet and talk about representing you. When will you be in New York again?"

I answered.

"Next Tuesday. We're going to be there for a couple of days, and we'd really like to have representation before then."

We talked for about an hour. He had represented some really big names in the past. He was down to three now, mostly as a favor.

"Beth let me read the first ten chapters in her office. It's as good as she said it will be. I'd like to work with you. You'll be my swansong, sending me out in style."

We talked to two more, made appointments, but we knew before we got on the plane it would be Saul.


Come to find out, Benny wasn't very traveled. I, thanks to my first job and my ex, was. Watching him was like watching a child. Unfortunately, we weren't there to sight see, at least until we finished our business.

We got checked in just in time to freshen up for our meeting with Saul.

"Should I wear a suit?"

I laughed.

"They want you. You could show up in a torn t shirt and ragged sweat pants and they wouldn't bat an eye. They're used to eccentric behavior from writers. On the other hand, you look damned handsome in a suit, and it does convey an air of professionalism."

"Okay then, suit it is. But I'm not wearing a tie. And that means you better wear that blue dress. It'll keep them distracted enough to let me be comfortable."

"All right" I said meekly, tingling that I still could keep him so turned on after almost a year and a half together.

I lay out the dress, then decided to give him a treat. My black thong, matching garter belt, and hose. I strutted out, holding the dress.

"Honey, will you zip me?" I said, wriggling into my dress. I loved the look on his face. Reaching up to kiss his cheek.

"Now, honey, If you start to stress today, just remember the treat you have waiting under this dress."

He was grinning like mad all through the cab ride.


I don't know what an agent was supposed to look like, but Saul Sanchez wasn't it. I had a vision of a wizened little man in a comfortable sweater, fawning over us.

Saul was six foot seven, and in great shape for his age. Thick, jet black hair I'm sure was died, a small goatee, and a skull cap. His suit looked very expensive. He had one of those personalities that could fill a room all on its' own.

"Welcome, welcome" he boomed, shaking our hands.

Soon we were in a very nice office. Dark wood, leather furniture.

"My mancave" he said grinning. He motioned us over to a couch, and sat on the matching oversized chair. He filled it up.

He got down to business pretty quickly.

"I read your work. Pretty good, for a beginner. The first two were a bit crude, but you progressed nicely. Beth has some ideas on that, I'll let her tell you."

He paused.

"The new book, at least the part I saw, is nothing short of brilliant. I can tell that hearing that embarrasses you, but you'll soon get over that. You'll have too, if it hits like I expect it to."

"I know you have interviews with two other agents, Beth told me. Both are pretty good, would do an adequate job, so why should you go with me, especially if my fees are higher? Because I'm the best for you. I can bring forty five years of experience, and my address book is a who's who of the most important literary figures in the world, not just the city. Plus, I'm really good friends with several prominent producers and film companies, and this has Oscar written all over it, if we get the right people, especially a good screen writer."

He paused, out of breath.

"My wife didn't want me to do this until I told her once she read the book she would disown me if I let you slip through my fingers. So, here's my contract. Get a really good entertainment lawyer to look it over. If you don't have one, I could give you a couple of names, as can Beth. Get back to me soon if you want me. There's lot of things that need to be done. Now, any questions?"

We had a lot of questions, and he did his best to answer them to our understanding. He gave us a hearty handshake and sent us on our way.

To be fair, we went to the meetings with the other two. One, a man slightly younger than us, seemed competent but didn't really appeal to us.

The other, a man his early thirties, was a disaster.

It was a huge office, opulent, and extremely busy. In fact, we were interrupted numerous times, and he brushed most of our questions aside, saying an assistant would be be available to answer any questions after we had signed. He had the contract ready, and his personal assistant standing by to witness.

I was getting angry, and Benny seemed amused.

When the man finally stopped talking, he leaned back in his desk chair, and smiled a sharks' smile.

"Any questions before we sign?"

Benny surprised him.

"That's a really nice suit. Where did you get it?"

He actually seemed to preen.

"Savile Row. Seven thousand, worth every penny. I can get you the name of the tailor, if you want. Yours?"

I know he was just being polite. Benny grinned as he stood.

"JC Penny. Two eighty nine, if I can catch them on sale."

I happened to be looking at his assistant, and I thought she was going to choke, trying not to laugh.

Benny reached out and shook his hand.

"Thank you for your time. It was...educational. I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll go with your agency. Have a good day."

He strode out with me in tow, while the agent tried to scramble out his chair. I didn't even try to hold in my laughter as we left.

We spent the afternoon meeting lawyers. There were two names both Beth and Saul recommended, so we decided to see them first, having made appointments in advance.

We chose a woman, our age, because we both liked her.

"So, Saul Sanchez and Beth Howard. When they called almost back to back I knew I had to meet you."

We spent an educational hour learning about intellectual property and entertainment laws. In the end, we signed.

Armed with an agent and a lawyer, we saw Beth the next day.

"We won't be talking business, per se, you have people, very competent people, to handle that now. I just wanted to meet you, Mr. Henson."

Benny shook her hand, smiling.

"You might as well get used to calling me Benny, every one else does. It looks like we'll be talking quite a bit."

"Beth" she replied, handing him a card.

"These are my private numbers. If you need me for any reason, one of these numbers will reach me. And you need to get a new cell, and not give anyone else but Saul and myself the number. It'll cut down on wait time and assure us a direct line."

"Now, while Saul and Karen sort everything out with our business people, there is a few things I'd like to cover. I read all five of your earlier books. Tell me, have you read them lately? Is there anything you look at and say "this would have been better, or I should have went in this direction instead'?"

Benny actually blushed.

"Not so much on my last two, but there was a lot I wished I had changed in the first three. Some my editor suggested, some my own thoughts."

"Very good, Benny. You should ALWAYS listen to your editor. Who did edit them? There were a few things I would have done differently, but all editors are like that."


She looked surprised, then smiled at me.

"You have learned well, grasshopper. I'm glad you still remember what I taught you. Is it going to be a problem letting me have him?"

"A little" I said, "it was a spiritual connection, and was what got us together in the first place. But he's outgrown me now, and I'm smart enough to know it. He needs your skill level and experience."

Beth came around the desk and hugged me.

"Well said. I promise I'll be gentle, at least at first."

Benny flamed red while we giggled.

She sat back down.

"I want you to know that Harbor House has acquired the publishing rights to all your past work. Three of them are good enough to be rewritten and published, a few months after this one comes out I want you to have one ready. They'll do well, riding the coattails of this one. Benny, before you get excited, you still retain ownership of the books, we just bought publishing rights. Are you working on anything now?"

"Not really. I have a few ideas I'd like to develop, but I kind of got derailed by all of this."

"I'll be honest with you, you won't get much time to write for the next year or so. You'll come to understand why writers hate publicity, it steals their creative time. But all successful writers know it's the cost of fame. That being said, keep a laptop with you, you'll find yourself with a spare hour here, thirty minutes there. Use it, and when the furor dies down you'll be ahead when it comes to serious writing. In the meantime, you've got about six months before this hits, I want you to rewrite your third and fourth book, and think about a sequel to the third. People love mystery as much as romance. All right, business over. What are your plans for the rest of the week?"

I answered.

"Well, we have meetings with Saul and Karen, separately and together. And this is Benny's first time in New York, so I'm sure sightseeing is on the agenda."

"Good. It's a hell of a place to live. Have dinner with Jen and I tomorrow, we'll make some recommendations. Anything specific you'd like to do, Benny?"

Jen was her new girlfriend. She said it looked like it might be serious.

"I've always wanted to see a Broadway show. A musical, if I could."

Beth grinned.

"I'll see what I can do. You're about to learn, a successful writer aligned with a top publishing house has the entertainment world at their fingertips."

The next night during dinner, she produced two sets of tickets.

"Momma Mia. A matinee. And the next night Kinky Boots. Jen and I are going with you, she's been dying to see it."

Benny was stunned.

"What do we owe you?"

"Undying gratitude. One of the perks of the trade. And don't be surprised if the producers come sniffing around. I may have said you were about to set the literary world on fire. Network, Benny. Learn to love the word."

She was laughing at the look on his face.

Beth and I went to the ladies room, leaving Jen at the table. Guard duty Beth called it.

"He's a babe in the woods, Bonnie. Promise me you'll protect him. You got a glimpse of how this business can be. Keep him sweet, so he can keep his perspective."

She was dead serious, I could see it in her face.

"Don't worry" I told her, as she freshened her lipstick, "I'll be like a momma bear protecting her cub. Anybody trying to get close to him is going to get chewed pretty bad."

"Good" she said, pursing her lips, "I'll hold you to that."


Benny sat enthralled. We had excellent seats, and the producer made a point of taking us backstage before the show.

"Are you somebody? I don't recognize you. Beth says you're the next big thing in the literary world."

He lived up to his reputation, blunt and to the point. Before he could speak I answered.

"He's somebody very important. He's my husband. If you don't know who he is this time next year, it means you've entered a monastery in Mongolia."

"Well said" he grinned, handing me a card.

"Call next time you're in town and need tickets. I'll see what I can do. And if any of your work has play potential, have Saul call me first."

We laughed until we cried at Kinky Boots. Beth didn't have any personal connection to any of the people involved in it, so we just enjoyed the show.

I enjoyed it, but was a bit distracted. We were on the go almost since we got here, so a quick cuddle was about all we got in until business was concluded.

Benny, that devious man, surprised me yet again.

I was in the shower, getting ready for the show. When I came out he was gone, and a note and wrapped package was on the coffee table. I smiled, picking up the note. My mouth dropped open.


I've missed you lately, so I'm inviting you up to the Big Apple, to see a show and have a little fun. In the package is exactly what I want you to wear. Nothing more, nothing less. I'll be in the bar, waiting. Don't make me wait too long, I'll have to punish you if you do.


I was trembling while I opened the package. Plum hadn't come out to play in over three months. She was past due.

There is no way I could describe the rush I got being Plum, being used in ways I had only dreamed about. I'm sure all women have fantasies, and I was lucky enough to find a partner willing[and eager]to let me explore them. I knew he would never do anything to really hurt me, although last time the spanking I got left a few bruises, and I sat gingerly for a few days. But it was followed by the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. I actually passed out, experiencing the 'little death' for the first time ever.

A little black dress, with a row of buttons up the side, allowing a little leg or a lot to be exposed. A shelf bra similar to the ones I had back home, black garter belt and hose, black pumps with four inch heels, the tallest I had ever worn. No thong. And a note.

"Three buttons only."

I sipped into the lingerie, slipped the dress over my head. I had already prebuttoned the skirt. It was dangerously high. I'm sure if I wasn't careful a stocking top would show.

I went to slip the shoes on and felt something in the right one. I shook it and another note slipped out.

"Sit in front of the mirror and play with yourself, but DO NOT come! I want your fingers wet when you join me at the bar. If no one is in the elevator, slip a hand in, make it as fresh as possible."

I was literally quivering. I pulled the vanity chair far enough back to have a clear view, and worked my little kitty. Juices were already flowing, and I came dangerously close to disobeying my instructions. It took every ounce of will I had to stop.

The elevator ride was agonizing. There was an older couple the first three floors, a woman and her teenage daughters for the next four. The next three I was by myself. I slipped a hand underneath my dress, rubbing slowly. The elevator stopped an I just barely got my hand out and my dress adjusted before the doors opened. A couple got in, in their thirties. The woman sniffed and smiled, knowingly. I kept my eyes down the whole time.

The last six floors I was alone, and I kept my fingers in until the door was opening.

I hurried into the bar, looking desperately for Benny. The bar was curved, and I saw him sitting on the far end, near the bathroom entrance.

He stood as I entered, taking my hand, putting it to his lips for a kiss. And a slow leisurely lick.


He pulled the chair out at the very end of the bar. I tried to show him as much leg as possible.

He motioned for the bartender, getting me a whiskey sour and another straight rye, neat. Benny wasn't much of a drinker, but he loved rye.

As we were waiting for the car to take us to the play, we talked quietly.

"Hello, Plum. Ready for a special night?"

"I'm so hot right now I could melt this seat."

"Really?" he breathed into my ear, licking slightly. I know I jumped a little. "You don't mind if I verify that, do you?"

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