Finding Danielle


"You don't know me! I hate you, STOP," she howled, her bucking hips still welcoming me.

"I've read your stories Danielle."

"What?" she cried, as she lifted her head and her eyes sought out the drawer in the desk.

"Yes, Dani, the bottom drawer, I've read them all."

"But how," she wailed, "They're private, they're mine, you can't read them, you have no right."

"I came the other day Dani. I took a copy of every one. It's funny, don't you think Dani, that the heroine of all your stories is called Danielle and she's always taken by a powerful man, isn't it?" I finished, my fat shaft still filling her.

"They're mine! You had no right," she yelled, her second orgasm starting to pulse outward from her centre, her legs trembling as my cum quickly filled her and oozed slowly down her legs. "The stories are just fiction," she started to explain, "Just innocent fantasies, that's all, I never wanted this," she finished, sobbing softly.

"Fantasies?" I asked laughing, "I also read your diary Danielle, your little personal diary where you beg for a man to come and take you away."

"You fucker," she screamed, angry again.

"Suck my cock Dani, suck my sperm into your mouth, I want to feel your lips around me," I all of a sudden insisted harshly.

"I'll bite it off before I suck it, you prick."

"I got to piss," I suddenly said, hopping off the bed and moving towards the bathroom, "And then after I shower I think I'll fill you again."

"This isn't a hotel you ass," she yelled, and grabbing the phone said, "Get out now or I'll call the cops."

"Call them," I laughed, "I'm sure my jury will love to read your stories and diary."

She followed me, watching as I emptied my bladder, my heavy penis and the stream of my hot, yellow piss seeming to mesmerize her. "Do you like watching me Dani," I teased.

She finally responded, asking, "Why are you shaved?" a reference to my hairless groin and balls.

"Do you like it?' I asked leering as I shook the last drops of piss from its end. And then entering the shower I ordered, "Wash me Dani, soap my hard body."

Almost unconsciously she entered behind me and soaped me slowly, her soft hands moving everywhere, taking extra time on my shaft, my hanging sac, my ass. She toweled me dry, her face alternatively grinning then frowning.

"I hate you," she snarled and then asked plaintively, "Are you going?" as I bent to grab my shorts and top and then headed for the door.

"Do you want me to stay?" I asked grinning, as I waved my penis toward her. She scowled at me as I pulled on my shorts, and then as I turned to go, I said quietly, "You're just like your Mommy, Dani, just like her."

I felt her before I heard her, as she smashed into my back, one arm snaking around my neck, strangling, the other hand scratching a deep groove on my back as she locked her legs around me, hanging off me as she yelled. "You not satisfied just raping my body, you bastard, but you also read my diary and want to rape my mind. Did you laugh when you read how I'm was given away, how my Mother just threw me out, how I've been looking for her all my life? Does it make you feel good, you bastard?" she finished as she slipped from my back and lay balled up on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably.

I sat next to her on the floor, and held her head in my lap, lightly caressing her soft curls as she wept. "She teaches high school English in Miami, she writes too," I finally said, as my fingers continued to move on her hair. "She never wanted to give you away. She's never been really happy since she lost you."

Raising her head, watching my eyes as she spoke, she asked, "How do you know? Why are you telling me this?"

"I want you to make love to me Dani, that's why. Make love to me and I'll take you to your Mommy. We can go tomorrow."

"Fuck, it's all a lie, isn't it? You're just a fucking manipulator," she ended, a deep sadness in her voice.

"I'll go then," I said, as I stood and moved again toward the door.

Her arms encircled my legs, holding me as her lips grazed my buttocks, as her tongue licked down my crack and across my anus and as she moved her mouth towards my hanging sac, my balls. "Stay," she begged softly, "Please stay."

I lay on my back on the bed for the next forty-five minutes as she did everything in her power to please me, using her fingers, her arms, her mouth, her silky hair, her breasts, her feet, her toes, and finally her pink insides to bring me to a smashing crescendo of ejaculation, and she was laughing happily when I finally sent my sperm roaring into her as she sat astride me.

"Jesus" I finally moaned.

"Shhhhhhh," she whispered, as she lay on me, her breasts softly pressing into me, her lips moving to mine. We lay quiet for minutes before she said, "I don't care if you were lying, fuck it, it's fucking OK, yes I loved you in me. No, don't lie," she said, stopping me from responding by covering my mouth with her hand.

"What time is it?' I finally asked.

"Late. Why? Go to sleep."

"Wake me at eight-thirty, we'll leave at nine."

"What? For where?"

"Florida, Mommy. Pack everything you want to keep. You're not coming back here."


"I'm your brother Rod," I finished, and then watched as a thousand different emotions, reactions instantly flashed across her countenance, and then finally saw, deep within her eyes, a complete acceptance of my words and a happiness explode within her.

"My brother," uttered almost reverentially, were the last words I heard before I fell exhausted into slumber.

We left just before nine the next morning, having easily fit every thing Dani wanted to keep in my car. Chris and Gina were outside watching as we packed and I gave each a quick kiss before I pulled away from the curve.

"What was that all about," Dani asked jealously.

"Is a long story Sis," I answered chuckling, "I'll tell you about it as we drive. In fact, I'll tell you the whole story of how I found you." And then said, pointing to the picture under the mirror, "That's you and Mom the day you were born."

She held it almost reverentially as she studied the shot taken twenty plus years ago and finally said, "She looks so young. God, she's younger than I am now. She looks like me though," she added happily. "She's definitely my Mom," she finished, a touch of disbelief at her good fortune echoing in her voice.

We talked non stop for fourteen hours, just stopping for quick refills of gas and food as the miles piled up on the odometer, first Michigan, then Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, and then North and South Carolina flashed by before I pulled off into a small motel in a rustic town two-thirds of the way through sleepy, coastal Georgia.

"Why are we stopping? Can't we just drive right through?" Dani pled. "I want to see her Rod; I want to see her so bad. I'm not sleepy."

"Its another seven hours Dani, we'll be home tomorrow afternoon. Besides," I said as I pulled her into my arms, "Who said anything about sleep?" After we tried swallowing each others tongue, I broke away, telling her gasping, "Jesus Danielle, let me get a room."

"Maybe we shouldn't be doing this," were the first words out of her mouth after we tumbled excitedly into the small room, my $32.50 getting exactly what I paid for, a threadbare rug, two twin beds and a TV that looked like it might be a black and white. "We are brother and sister after all," she teased, her fingers already sliding over my crotch.

"Shit sis, half the married couples in rural Georgia are made up of siblings."

"You're bad," she said laughing as she slid down my chest and on to her knees, her fingers slipping my growing monster from his hiding place. "Does my little brother like his fat penis sucked, would he like his sister to show him what a big girl can do?" she purred as she popped my prick between her lips. I came quickly, the insistent swirling of her wet tongue combined with her hands caressing my balls and stroking my cock irresistible.

As my strings of saucy cum splattered into her mouth she stroked me harder and harder, milking every last drop from my slippery stick. "Do you like tasting me Dani? Do you like your little brothers hot cream?"

As she rose and kissed me, she shared the last of her meal with me, feeding back to me my seed, a tasty treat delivered by the tip of my sisters probing tongue. "I'm going to eat you now Dani, just like you wrote about it in your story; you know the one where the alien with his prehensile tongue drives you nearly insane…"

"That was just a fantasy," she whispered as I moved between her legs, her excitement evident as her lower lips were already pouting outwards damply, her clitoris dark red and peeking. "OOOOOH FUCK," she howled, as she lifted her hips into my first light lick. Cupping her rear cheeks in my hands, the middle digit of my left hand a knuckle deep in her tight ass, I sucked impatiently on her now pulsing clit and only stopped when I felt the first powerful spasm inside of her. I licked deeply inside her then, lapping up her orgasmic discharge like a thirsty dog, as her groans echoed around me.

Later as we lay side by side, our bodies just lightly touching, I said, a wide grin on my face, "So you don't think we should make love, is that right?"

"Ha, ha, ha," she replied laughing. "If you think Senor Penis is going to sleep tonight before he meets Senorita Pussy you're dreaming," she added as her hand clasped my rearing hardness and she rolled on top of me………….

We awoke around seven, awash in the smell of our sexual juices, sticky but happy, and rushed laughing to the shower, a shower whose weak dribble of tepid water hardly washed the sticky goo from our bodies. "Wear your white dress," I asked, as she toweled off, holding up a light cotton summer dress to her, a dress that contrasted perfectly with her black hair and twinkling dark eyes. "And red panties," I added, tossing her one of her flimsy silk creations.

"You want me to look pretty for Mommy, don't you Roddy?"

"Sweetie, you'd look pretty in anything," I replied almost reverently. "I got a gift for you, here," I said, offering her a small box.

"Is it jewelry," she asked, with a happy excitement that you hear in every girl's voice when she receives a present, especially jewelry. "Oh Rod, …… god,………… but Rod we're …… can we……..when did you get it….." she stammered as she slipped the diamond topped ring onto her finger.

"Will you marry me Dani? Will Miss Danielle S. Hinn become the wife of Roderick Scouries, to have and to hold, to cherish…..?" I whispered, having fallen to my knee to ask.

"Yesssss,……………Oh Yes," she shrieked, "But how can… we're brother and sister."

"No, we're two people who met while I was on vacation in Michigan, fell madly in love and got married before returning home."

"But………. You want to get married today?" she asked, again surprised.

"The exit sign on the highway said there was a Justice of the Peace in this town. How about breakfast and then a trip to the altar," I finished, lifting her delicious body and carrying her towards the little restaurant connected to the motel office.

She had a handful of red roses in her arms and a single white bloom over her left ear when forty-five minutes later the Justice declared, 'I now pronounce you man and wife', and as she moved into my arms and we kissed I couldn't stop the tear of joy that trickled slowly down my cheek.

We drove south; I with my right around my sister, my beautiful bride, and with her soft body nestled comfortably against me I felt a previously unimagined completeness.

"Are we there, is this Miami?" she suddenly asked when I pulled onto an exit ramp.

"No love, we're still three hours away. I need some gas and I want to show you the ocean. After filling up I went east to the ocean and turned south when we hit the A1A Coastal Highway. Four miles south of Vero Beach I pulled into a deserted parking lot, a lot servicing a State Beach Park. "C'mon Dani, I'll show you the ocean," and led my smiling bride over a dune and onto an empty, white sand beach.

"Oh Rod," she gasped, "It's so beautiful."

"Swim?" I asked, as I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped my pants.

As I ran towards the breaking surf Dani yelled, "But Rod…. We're in public." But after I surfaced from my dive into the foamy water, I saw her moving towards me, her fingers working franticly to undo the buttons on the front of her dress, and when it fell off her shoulders she started to run, and after two splashing steps in the surf launched herself into my waiting arms.

"God, I think I've ruined my silk panties," she laughed as she hugged me, her firm wet breasts pressed against me.

"We better take them off then," I said, as I bent and pulled the red, lacy cloth from her legs and threw them out for the fish. We made love right at the shoreline, and with the sun beating down on my back while the waves lapped against our legs, I entered her for the first time as her husband. After filling her with my seed, I left my still hard cock in her for minutes, not wanting any of my sperm to escape from her dark cave.

Later as we lay facing each other in the breaking surf, I asked softly, "Will you have my babies Danielle? I want to see my babies come out of you so bad."

"Me too," she answered in a whisper, her lips just inches from my ear. "And our babies are going to drink their Mommies milk Roddy, something I never had a chance to do," she ended, a wistful note in her voice.

"And will you let Daddy drink some of his Mommies milk," I asked, my lips finding one of her fat buds and sucking hungrily.

"Maybe," she teased. "But I think you're going to have to practice a bit, uuuumm, yes that's better," she sighed as I stretched her nipple with my teeth.

We dressed and left after another slow joining, and as I drove, pantyless Danielle held her dress near her waist, displaying her silky black pelt to her lover. About an hour short of Miami, she jumped, as if almost in alarm, and said, "God, I almost forgot about Mom. What are we going to say, explain, 'Oh hi Mom, good to see you, I just met my only sibling, then fucked him and then we got married, aren't you happy to see your missing daughter?' Fuck, all my life I've wanted her and now.."

"You have another sibling Dani, a little sister."

"What? You didn't say anything?" she said.

"Christ honey, we've only known each other for thirty-six hours."

"Well…, what's her name?"

"She's also your niece. She's just three months old."

The seconds stretched silently, and I could almost see her mind working before she shouted, "But that's impossible unless you're the father," and then as she watched my eyes and I saw her understanding she gasped, "MOTHER FUCKER," not even aware of the appropriateness of her remark.

It was ten miles before either of us spoke again, and when she finally spoke I almost ran us off the road I was so nervous. But it was with a soft chuckle that she said, "Christ I've had more fun and sex and excitement in two days with you than I had in the first twenty years of my life. Its fucking impossible to even imagine what I've missed," she finished, shaking her head. "So, talk," she demanded.

"Let's go see Mom, Sis, we've got the rest of our lives to talk," I said as I took her small hand in mine………………

When we finally pulled into our driveway, the hot summer sun was still shining brightly, and I saw Mom come out the front door just as Danielle stepped from the car. As I watched them flying into each others arms I knew everything was fine and that the three of us would always be together.

They talked together breathlessly for hours, before, during and after dinner, the man in their life almost totally forgotten. It was only later when Mom took her hungry baby to her breast that I whispered to my bride, "There's milk for you too Dani."

"Yes Dani, come here, you're little sister would love you to share my milk," Mom offered, lifting her full orb in offering.

"Really?..........You mean it?" My bride asked, a greedy plea in her voice.

"I've been waiting twenty years to feel your lips on my teat," Mom said. "To feel my beautiful daughter drink the milk I made for her," she finished, guiding Danielle's head to her thick nipple. "Oh yes Dani," Mom moaned as her daughter tasted her milk, drawing a deep stream into her mouth.

Swallowing and pulling back for a second, Dani laughed throatily and with a white dribble on her chin, and clearly ecstatic, gushed, "Oh Mommy, it's so good, so, so good," and then latched back on to her Mom's nipple.

Later Mom said to us, "Well you two, it's your wedding night, you better get to bed. Rod you be gentle with your little sister, you're beautiful bride, I'll see you in the morning."

"Oh no Mommy," both Dani and I said in unison, "You're sleeping with us tonight!"

And she did………………..

Please let me know how you liked the story. Your comments are what make writing the story fun. E-mail me or IM me or post a public comment below; anonymously or openly. I will answer back to all who leave a contact address. Please!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/13/18

as stories go

so, rape, incest and marriage all in 36 hours, must be some record even for this site. sooo unbelievable.

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by Turtle195203/18/18


One of the hottest and well written stories in here. well done. Please write some more

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by msa657212/19/17


Absolutely LOVE your story, and your writing style.

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by Anonymous08/21/17


Comple lack of anything to make a good story. I have to wonder about anyone who thinks rape is a good basis for a story.Try writing another one.

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