Finding Euphoria


I was again surprised as she flipped me onto my back and buried her face between my legs, licking my cum. This new pleasure while I was still in the throes of orgasm, was so intense that it brought even greater pleasure than I thought possible. Finally, once the last remnants of my orgasm had pulsed through my body, I had to push her away as it shifted from pleasure to tickling, which made no sense.

She moved back up and assessed. "It tickled?"

"Yes, sorry," I was barely able to say, still out of breath.

"You are so beautiful," the older seductress said to me.

"Thank you," I replied, for the first time in my life believing a compliment that was given to me.

"You look exhausted," she said, her fingers doing small circles on my hand.

"Sorry, you utterly sapped all the energy in my body with that second orgasm," I admitted, unable to hold in a yawn.

"It's ok, my pet," she smiled leaning in for a kiss. "We have all summer to explore every inch of your body."

And that is what we did....


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by Anonymous

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by huntsman2911/01/17

Stories are good, characters are clones though.

The setup, the story and the sex in the authors stories are good, but if you read more than one or two you soon realist a problem with the d/s and the characters.

The characters are clones, certainlymore...

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