tagBDSMFinding Happiness Ch. 02

Finding Happiness Ch. 02


Northwest Hunters: Book Two: Finding Happiness: Chapter One

Chapter 2: Facing Loss

Junie woke to the familiar feeling of Bob's hand cupping her breast, his fingers teasing her nipple. The pleasant sensations echoed through her, waking her senses, making her aware of her full bladder. Lifting his hand to her lips, she kissed his fingers and slipped from the bed and tiptoed into the bathroom.

Bob was at the bathroom door when Junie came out. She slyly put her finger to her own lips and quietly slipped from the bedroom, leaving Donna still sound asleep, curled in her habitual little fetal position. Junie dressed quickly and started a pot of coffee, and sat idly looking at the list she had started the previous day.

Bob had drawn a line through 'check her apartment, pack and move'. Junie pressed her lips together, fighting down the urge to start crying again. "It's crap, it's just crap." He had also marked off getting her car fixed. Junie thought back. Bob had mentioned something about finding a repair shop to get her car from the police impound lot. He must have done that.

Bob came out, dressed in his usual worn jeans, work boots and work shirt. "How are you doing, sweet girl?"

"I keep reminding myself that it's just crap."

"Well, I could have maybe chosen a better word. I meant that things aren't important. They are just that, things. But Donna is right, things define our history, they speak about the paths we have taken. You probably feel a little adrift right now."

"I guess you both are right. In some ways I feel sort of freed, like a weight is gone. But at the same time, I feel almost too weightless, like a helium balloon that has been set loose to drift in the sky, like I could completely float away, until I can't see the ground." Junie's voice quivered and she stood up quickly, taking a deep breath.

As she poured each of them a cup of coffee, she asked, "Is Donna really a lawyer?"

"Yes, she is. She was a lawyer and I was an investment banker. She was a corporate patent lawyer. She had a finger on the pulse of a lot of new technology as it was just being developed. Her knowledge of the new products and my investing skills were a pretty good combination. We both felt very uncomfortable with the life we were leading. The money we made helped us walk away from it all."

"Donna mentioned that you would help me make some investments so I can have an income when I retire."

"Not a bad idea. The sooner you start the easier it is."

"I am not sure I want to retire. I think this is a lifetime gig."

Bob looked up from his coffee and nodded, his eyes possessive. "Keep thinking that way, girl."

"Yes, Master, thank you."

"You are welcome."

Junie walked with Bob as he took the dogs out for a long walk. Bump tore through the woods at breakneck speed, his ears and tail up, chasing imaginary monsters. Sunny trotted at a more sedate pace, sniffing and marking the trees as he went. The two girls, Honey and Maddy, roamed, but seemed to stay closer to Bob and Sunny. In fact, it was clear that no one seemed to pay attention to Bump as he careened through the woods.

"Bump is sure full of energy." Junie's voice was amused.

Bob snorted, "Teenagers. He suffers the most when they are penned up all day. Sunny won't tolerate him being rowdy too close by. Watch, for all his crazy running around, he never goes too close to Sunny, or the girls for that manner."

"How old are they?"

"Sunny is the old man, almost ten. That is getting old for a Golden. Maddy is seven, Honey is six, and the kid over there is just turning one. Maddy and Honey are half-sisters. Bump is Sunny's son by a bitch that a breeder friend of mine owns. Bump is going to be a great dog once he gets over some of that youthful enthusiasm, the heir to the throne."

Back at the house, Junie got Bob a fresh cup of coffee and then helped brush the dogs. She thought to herself how much she was coming to like this time of day, sitting with Bob, sharing with him a task he clearly loved.

She was so glad to be home. Yesterday had been horrible. She never wanted to go back to the city again. She dreaded the items on that list that meant she would have to go back. "What do you have planned for today?"

"Garden and then building supply. I guess we should get going on making you a nice space of your own."

"I sure don't need as much space now." Junie could not keep the sadness out of her voice.

"Sweet Junie, if you are going to be doing that lifetime thing, we should plan ahead. I can't give back to you what you have lost, but I fully intend to fill your life up with new memories, better memories."

"I guess I am being a bit of a baby. Other people lose their things in fires and disasters all the time."

"And they feel just as devastated as you do. It's a time for grieving, just don't get stuck there. You were also a victim of a crime and that makes you feel even more vulnerable."

"I am just grateful for Donna's instincts. If she had not said that thing about him seeming like a criminal... if she had not..." Junie faltered, feeling the terror still swirling in her from her dream of the night before. The image of what would have happened to her if she had been home that Friday night filling her head.

A warm soft tongue on her face startled her, and made her realize she had closed her eyes. Junie smiled down and then paused realizing it was the more reserved Maddy who had sensed her distress and kissed her face. "Hey you, I thought you were still making up your mind about me."

Bob laughed, "Seems she has decided to approve of your addition to her pack. She has always had good sense and a sensitive spirit."

Junie impulsively hugged her arms around Maddy's neck. "Thank you, pretty girl. I needed that kiss and the endorsement." Maddy sat still, accepting the embrace, her tail gently swaying.

After she had finished her breakfast, and cleaned up all the dishes but Donna's, Junie asked, "Ma'am, you have wireless internet here?"

"Yes," Donna looked up from her toast and granola. "Why?"

"I need to get the settings and password so I could check my email and stuff. I want to order some fabric to sew some new clothes."

"Oh, of course, you should have said something earlier."

"Yes, Ma'am. It's just been kind of busy. The one time I thought of it, you were kind of tied up and I got distracted by those phone messages about the break-in."

"After I get done eating, I will help you get your computer working."

"I would appreciate that, Ma'am."

"There is a nice little fabric and yarn shop in town, run by a local woman. She is a member at the food co-op. She gives all the other co-op members a discount. I am sure if you couldn't find what you want there, she would be glad to order it for you."

Junie felt a wave of reluctance. She did not want to go to town. She sure as hell did not want to meet anyone new. Her eyes slid from Donna. "I would just like to order it online, if that would be okay, Ma'am."

"It's up to you. But I thought you two would get to be great friends. She is a really nice woman." Junie nervously got up from the table and began to wipe off the already clean counters. "Yes, Ma'am, I think I will go do some cleaning until you are ready to help me with my computer. No hurry, whenever you have time." Her voice as evasive, her eyes looking anywhere but Donna, the thought of going anywhere seemed overwhelming.

Junie headed out to sweep off the deck and clean up the clumps of dog hair. She was still outside, deadheading some flowers when Donna called her into the house.

"Bring me your computer."

"Yes, Ma'am." Junie went to her room and came back with her laptop and set it down on the table in front of Donna.

"Here are the password codes. Go ahead and try and do it yourself. It should just prompt you through the steps."

It did not take long and Junie was online. Junie logged onto her online banking and checked her balance. There was a little more in the bank than usual because she had not had any food expenses. She looked through the small handful of bills she had collected from her mail box, and quickly transferred the funds to pay them.

Junie again looked at her balance. Donna had said she would pay her, but Junie expected that at the end of the month. And there was going to be the expense of getting her car repaired. She only carried liability insurance on her car and she had no idea how much the repair of the window, upholstery and cleaning up the urine would cost.

Junie sighed; money had always been one of her biggest worries. Her part time job had barely paid the bills and any unexpected expense could upset her carefully balanced budget. Junie did have a credit card. She used it to order things online, but was rigorously disciplined to never spend more than she could pay off each month. She toyed with the idea of just buying what she needed and worrying about if she could pay later, but the idea grated on her.

Sighing in frustration she got up and when out to find Bob. He was in the garden replanting a row of greens when she approached. "I saw you marked off getting my car fixed from my list. Do you have the information of what company and how much the repair estimate is? I need to figure out how much I can spend on fabric to sew some new clothes."

Bob looked up and looked puzzled. "Don't worry about that. I gave them my credit card number. I told them to call me when it was fixed."

Junie frowned in nervous frustration. "I don't know if I have enough money to pay for it."

Bob frowned. "What did I just say?" Junie heard the growl in his voice.

"Um... not to worry about it. That you gave them your credit card number, told them to call when it was fixed, Sir." Her voice took on a sing song repetition.

"It is clear you don't have a hearing problem, and you don't seem to have any trouble remembering what I say. Perhaps you should spend some time thinking about why you are having trouble obeying?"


"Don't make me have you repeat my words again."

Junie's voice was soft and surprised as the literal meaning of his words finally sank in. "Oh! Oh, don't worry. I am sorry, Sir. I feel so distracted today. It seems all that is in my head is worry."

"Well, stop."

"I will try, Sir." Junie knew the words were empty and useless. Her head was a chaos of thoughts and feelings, there seemed no way to create the order that she so craved, both internally and around her. Junie rubbed at her head in a frustrated attempt to calm her soul.

Junie looked at Bob and whispered softly. "Master, one time, when we were first talking on the computer, you said if I felt like I needed to be punished, I could ask." He lifted her chin and looked deep into her eyes, seeing the confusion there.

Bob looked at her, and then at the garden. His eyes were thoughtful. Finally he took a hold of her arm and began dragging her toward the house. Shoving her through the back door, he pushed her down onto the couch.

He walked to the kitchen sink and washed the dirt from his hands. He marched past Junie and into his room and returned with the nipple clamps and the crop. He dropped them beside her. His words were clear and compelling. "Stand up. Take those clothes off!"

Junie jumped up and quickly stripped, but as she was carefully folding her clothes, he grabbed her hair and spun her to face him. Junie's hands automatically reached up to her head, trying to ease the pull, but he slapped them away. "Hands down!" Junie could see that Donna had come out of the office, her eyes curious and then cautious. Junie dropped her hands and her eyes.

"No, look in my eyes." Bob's voice was quieter, but still held unquestionable dominion. Junie's lips were quivering as she looked into his intense blue depths. "Junie, you are troubled. Focus on who your Master is. It will calm your mind."

"Yes, Master."

Picking up the clamps, he pinched her nipples until they were erect and then snapped the clamps on, ignoring Junie's flinches and gasps of pain. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a length of coarse garden twine and threaded it through one clamp and wrapping it around the back of her neck he tightened it, pulling her nipples up, once more lifting the heavy weight of her breasts. Junie forced herself to breathe softly, each breath pulling at the clamps.

Taking a second longer length of twine, he tied it to the rope at the back of her neck and brought it down between her legs. Stopping to tie a row of knots carefully placed to lie against her most tender flesh and up to her neck again. Pulling it snug enough that if she stood straight it dug painfully between her legs and forced her tits up even higher.

Bob picked up the crop. "Lean over and hold onto the back of the couch." Junie whimpered in fear and excitement as she leaned over. Every time she moved, her breasts weighed heavily on her nipples and the knots rubbed and chafed against her clit. Junie could feel her cunt heating and swelling, a soft tide of moisture making her thighs slippery.

"Remember to thank me and beg for more."

"Oh yes, Master. Thank you. Please hit me." Junie's voice shook with anticipation.

Bob took his time, making sure that the entire surface of Junie's ass was scarlet and welted. She was squealing in pain, sobbing her words almost incoherently by the time he told her to go put on her shoes and come out to the garden.

Junie's mind was floating as she sidled into the garden, her body twisted and hunched in an attempt to keep the knots between her legs from scraping against her clit. As she walked up to him, Bob snapped the crop against her sore ass and gently criticized, "Such poor posture. The knots are there for a reason. Do not avoid them. Take comfort in them. Stand up straight for me." Junie yelped and stood up, her eyes wet with tears.

He looked her over, checked the tightness of the clamps on her nipples. He quickly adjusted them and Junie noticed he was careful to insure the teeth always bit into in a different place on her swollen sore flesh. Watching closely to spread the torment and protect her from any injury. Finally he crouched down and examined the twine buried deep between her cunt lips. Taking the twine in his fingers he pulled it from side to side, rasping the knots across her clitoris. Junie shuddered in pain and skyrocketing excitement. Automatically, she spread her legs wider, pushing toward his hands and the torment that she was learning to crave. "Thank you, Master."

"Don't come while you are working." Bob took one of the pieces of twine attached to her nipples and led her off toward the compost pile. He handed her a spading fork. "Turn the compost. Keep turning it. I will come get you when I want you to stop." He gave the twine a jerk. "And don't forget your posture."

"Yes, Master." Junie stabbed the fork into the pile of garden debris and lifted it and turned it over. The sudden movement made her breasts sway and bounce, tormented her nipples and made the twine between her legs slide and dig relentlessly into her flesh.

Junie forced herself to stand straight and, using her foot, she pushed the tines of the spade deep into the rotting vegetation. This movement was just as painful as the other. Realizing that no matter what technique she used, it was going to be torture, she sighed and muttered, "Take comfort... remember Master... stop worrying..." Using her Master's words as a mantra, she focused on the rhythm, letting the pain roll over her, cherishing it, letting it erase the clamor that had filled her mind since she had picked up the yellow pad and started writing lists.

She had turned the entire pile once and was starting in on a second time when Bob called her to him. Looking deep into her eyes he removed both clamps and let the weight of the rope pull them back across her shoulders, letting them fall to the ground behind her. Junie sighed at the easing of the pressure on her crotch just before the pain swelled in her nipples, erasing any sense of relief.

Rather than tenderly massaging the blood into her nipples, Bob looked at her, watching the pain in her eyes. "Put your hands behind your neck. Arch your back. Beg me to hit your nipples."

Junie put her hands up, clasping her hands behind her neck, thrusting her breasts out at him. She stammered, "Please, please Master. Hit my nip... nipples."

Bob began to methodically snap the crop into Junie's nipples and aureoles, each blow wringing a yelp from her lips. Junie could feel herself warming, loosening, her back arching, her breasts seeming to reach toward the pain. Her cries changed to groans; her words begging for more, deeper and vibrant. Bob's eyes flicked to a garden bench "Lie down on your back."

Junie lay on the bench her eyes locked on his. Bob pushed her legs apart and growled, "Lift your cunt up, and raise your ass up." Junie arched, offering herself to him and the sky. "Good. Take the cord, rub it on your cunt, and masturbate with it until you come. As you climax, call out to me. Scream to your Master that you are coming."

Junie's hands found the cord and began to slowly grind the knots into her flesh. Lost in his eyes, she groaned loudly with the intensity of the sensation. As she felt the tension build, her whole body shaking with her impending explosion, her movements quickened. Junie whimpered a keening squeal and then grated out, "Oh fuck, I am coming!" Then she fell silent, her breath trapped in her throat, her body absolutely still except for the frantic motion of her hand between her legs. Junie balanced on the brink and then fell, her words a confused babble, "Coming, yes, oh, fuck yes. Coming!" Junie's eyes never left his, until she collapsed and then they drifted closed, as she rode the warm soft waves of the lassitude down. Her whole body reverberated with the drumming of her heart.

Kneeling down Bob gently pulled the twine away from her fingers and cupped his hand, warm and soothing, over her throbbing flesh. He stroked her face and pushed her hair back. "Open your eyes for me, Junie. Show me your obedience." Junie's eyes fluttered open. Her eyes were soft and filled with happiness. "Thank you, Master. Oh thank you."

Bob smiled softly and gently kissed her quivering lips. "Good girl. Go take a shower. Take a nap if you want. Just stop the worry. You have nothing to worry about ever again."

Junie woke to Donna's hand shaking her gently. "Junie, you need to wake up and get dressed. We have company. The FBI is here and they want to interview you."

Two men in dark suits were standing on the front deck, looking out toward the lake talking. Junie peered out the window at them. One was older, with a grim weather beaten face. Bald with a fringe of gray hair around the rim of his head, he seemed to be doing most of the talking to the younger man.

All four Golden Retrievers stood on the deck watching these strangers. Bump was excitedly trying to jump up on the younger man. Junie wondered what the man had done to excite the young dog so much. At the same moment, she realized Bob must not be here. There was no way that Bump would be so out of control if Bob was around.

Donna opened the door. "Would you gentlemen like to come in?" They both turned and nodded walking toward the house. Junie fought the urge to run to her room, moving to behind the counter of the kitchen, picking up the dish rag and wiping busily at the shining tile counter.

Junie did not look up when the older agent spoke. "Ms. Thomas, I am Agent Durant, this is Agent Gold. We just want to ask you a few questions and get a formal signed statement from you. It shouldn't take too long." He had a sharp, acid voice and a southern accent.

Junie glanced nervously at the older agent, "Okay," and returned to wiping the counter. She looked pleadingly at Donna, "Where is Bob?"

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