tagBDSMFinding Happiness Ch. 06

Finding Happiness Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Finding Pride

It was the next day at dinner that Bob spoke up. "After you get this all cleaned up, go take a shower. I am in the mood for some fun and games."

Donna's eyes lit up and she gave Junie an excited look.

Junie was just finishing braiding Donna's hair when they heard a loud series of thumps in the play room. Junie peeked out of the bathroom and stared as Bob wrestled a large complex wooden frame down the access doors into the basement. Donna was looking over her shoulder and exclaimed, "This has to be it!"

Bob stopped and stared at the two women peeking at him and growled, "Don't just stand there. Come help me with this."

Junie darted to grab one end and helped him maneuver it through the double doors that led to the outdoors. Donna stood back looking at the thing warily, "I am not helping until I know what he is going to do to us with it."

Bob laughed ominously. "I think you are going to be surprised." He gave her a hard look, "And I think you are going first."

Donna shook her head and began to back away. "Not until I know what to expect."

Junie watched in consternation. She knew that no matter what Bob said, she would do it. This resistance was puzzling to her. "Sir, I would be glad to do it, whatever it is."

Donna giggled, "Yes, let Junie be first."

Bob looked exasperated, "All right who is the Master around here?"

Both Donna and Junie chimed in together. "You are our Master."

The complex wooden frame looked like a cross between a yard swing and a torture device. A seat like device hung from an A-frame, but there seemed to be a lot of pegs and things that could be moved so that the whole thing looked confusing. Junie could see the source of Donna's suspicion. Squelching down a giggle she stepped in front of it, "Okay, how do I climb onto this?" She tried to look serious and properly subservient, but she was having trouble keeping a straight face.

Donna was doing a worse job. "Or maybe you should say into it."

Junie was intently watching her Master. Bob was at a loss for words. He had obviously put hours into making this... this thing and had expectations of 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' and now instead both she and Donna were struggling to fight insane giggle attacks and losing ground every second. Junie could tell that Bob was trying to get angry, but he was fighting the urge to laugh too.

Of the three of them, Junie had the most control, but she was losing ground fast. "Come on, show me. I want to do it." By now Donna was sitting on the floor tears running down her face holding her sides and Bob was not doing much better. Junie put her hand on the swing seat noticing that it had a wide access opening like a toilet seat and lost what little control she had.

They were all in a pile on the floor, giggling weakly, wiping tears from their eyes when Bob finally took control of the situation. Standing up he shoved the contraption up against the wall. "Okay, you two. Change of plans. Neither one of you get to see what this is for, at least not now." He began to pull off his clothes and, when he was nude, he turned and headed out the door. "Come on." Both Donna and Junie followed him out the door little giggles still rising up to the surface occasionally as they walked out into the cool night air.

They followed Bob down to the edge of the lake and, without any warning, he picked Donna up and threw her out into the icy water. She shrieked as she splashed into the water and then called out in a strangled voice. "Come on in the water's fine!"

Bob turn to Junie, "You too!" He grabbed her wrist and began to walk out into the water. Junie gasped as the icy water rose up around her thighs and then knowing it was inevitable, dived in and swam out to where Donna was treading water. Bob swam beside her, his arms cutting through the dark water smoothly.

The water was almost unbearably cold and almost instantly her teeth were chattering as violent shivering began to shake her. Bob was shivering just as hard as he laughed and said, "I guess I should have asked if you could swim."

"Oh, Sir, we fat girls float like corks."

Donna laughed, "Now I am jealous. Honey, this is just too cold, I am starting to cramp up. I really need to get out or you will have to save me." And she began to swim to the shore.

Bob followed her. "Okay, let's go get a shower and warm up."

Soon they were all in the basement shower and had all the shower heads running, letting the warm water run over their bodies. It felt sizzling hot against Junie's icy skin. After they had dried off, they all got big cups of coffee and snuggled up together in Junie's king sized bed.

Bob chuckled again in memory and said, "Well, that was a disaster."

Junie protested. "Oh no, Sir, I am sure it will be just fine. And I can't remember the last time I had such a good time laughing. Maybe if you told me what to expect I could maintain a... um... I could behave better."

Bob looked at Junie and then Donna, trying to look serious, but Junie could tell he was a little embarrassed at the same time. "I just was trying to figure out a way to position you or Donna so we could have easy access for either anal or vaginal intercourse, or both at the same time. I wanted to provide support to you and get you up a little higher." He looked perplexed. "I am not even sure that thing would work." He then looked at Donna, his eyes warning her to be careful. "I also bought a fucking machine!"

Both women froze and looked at him and then at each other. Donna spoke carefully, "Honey, why did you do that?"

Bob looked surprised and then laughed, "Because I think the idea of sitting and watching you get fucked by a machine to be insanely sexy." And then he looked thoughtful, "And also I worry about keeping up with two such beautiful, responsive and horny women. I figured a little mechanical help might not be such a bad idea. I am not as young as I used to be."

Donna climbed up into his lap and wrapped her arms around him. "Bob, you will always be our Master and whatever you have to give us will be more than enough to keep your bitches happy. But if you think the idea of watching a machine fuck me silly is sexy, go get the thing and hook me up. I have to admit I am curious as hell about the whole thing myself."

When Bob came back into the bedroom, he was carrying what looked like a large plastic tool box. Junie stayed on the bed, but Donna was up and looking over his shoulder, peering curiously into the box when he opened it. "Oh I have seen those on the internet!" Her tone changed a little. "Those are expensive."

Bob laughed and shook his head. "I spent more on making that wooden sex swing and Junie's new leather shackles. Donna, we have plenty of money; stop being such a scrooge." He took a metal shaft out of the tool box and slid it into a hole in the side. He strung out a cord and plugged it into the wall. "Wait here and don't touch." He went out to the playroom and Junie could see him leaning over the scarred wooden trunk she was starting to think of as the toy box. Donna had her hands behind her back and was eyeing the whole apparatus with a fascinated look on her face. She whispered to Junie, "I have always wanted to try one of these, but they are so expensive. I just hated the idea of spending that much money and then maybe not liking it."

Junie was looking at her Mistress trying not to giggle. "I have seen things on the internet about Sybians, but I never thought much about trying one out. I think the money was a barrier and I always was satisfied with just my fingers anyway. That does not look like a Sybian though."

Donna shook her head. "No, I think this is designed to simulate the in and out thrusting movement a lot more."

Bob spoke from the door way. "Which one strikes your fancy?" He was holding up two different flesh colored, realistic looking dildos. One was almost eight inches long, but the other was a lot bigger and thicker. Junie made a little squeak at the sight of it.

Donna looked at both and chewed on her lip. She looked at Bob and whispered, "Which one would it please my Master to watch?" Her face was red, but Junie could see her small pink nipples had tightened into hard nubs. Bob looked at Donna in surprise and then grinned. "Let's use the big one."

Donna shivered and her voice was husky as she responded, "My Master can see into my heart."

Suddenly Bob was all business. As he attached the large dildo to the shaft sticking out of the side of the box, he began directing in short clipped sentences, "Junie, drag the chair into here. Put it by the end of the bed. It should be about the correct height. Donna, get on the bed. Let's start out with you on your back." After Junie pulled the chair into the room he picked up the mechanism and put it on the chair. He turned on the machine and they all watched as the shaft began to reciprocate, making the dildo fuck the air. He experimented with the depth and speed for a few seconds and then turned to Junie. "Junie, lie down with your Mistress. Make love to her. Get her all wet and hot."

Junie eagerly climbed onto the bed and began to kiss Donna, nibbling and sucking at her mouth and then letting her tongue caress and dance with Donna's as their passion grew. When Junie slid down and took one of Donna's nipples in her mouth, she thought to herself that she really needed to spend more time playing with her Mistress's breasts. Tiny and pink, her nipples seemed just like candy.

Donna's hands were trembling and urgent on Junie's head as she took her time sucking and pulling at those sweet confections, letting them slip between her lips over and over again, hearing Donna's sighs and moans with each little pop as the suction would break.

Donna's legs were spread wide, her hips trembling in anticipation, as Junie let her kisses and tongue wander down over her belly. Junie spread those tender soft folds and looked down, marveling at the rich colors and beauty, thinking 'yes a flower, a beautiful flower' to herself before lowering her lips to kiss.

Bob was sitting beside them, suddenly still. His eyes were soft and full of love as he watched Junie making love to her Mistress. When Donna's moans became more urgent, he gently touched Junie's face. "Move back, little one, let's see how this thing works."

Donna moved eagerly to the edge of the bed. Her eyes were hot with excitement as she let Bob position her. He put a generous amount of lubrication on the dildo and pressed the tip of it against her opening and spoke to her, "Ease down onto it. Is the angle right?"

Carefully creeping down, Donna made a soft whimper of impatience as she worked the head of the dildo inside of her. She raised her hips up and slid down further. "It's a little high up."

Bob put a pillow under her hips. "How is that?"

"Better. Turn it on."

The machine hummed to life and the dildo began to slide very slowly in and out of Donna's opening. A single soft deep groan escaped Donna's lips as she shifted her hips and adjusted to the massive piston sliding into her. Junie was kneeling beside her Mistress, her eyes only inches from the dildo, staring raptly at the sight of it rhythmically plunging in and out. She could hear the slurping sound of the plastic working against Donna's wet flesh.

Bob was near Donna's face, whispering in her ear. "How does that feel? Does that feel good?"

Donna opened her eyes and turned her head and spoke, her voice was soft, almost analytical, and seemed to vibrate in time to the sensations pulsing through her. "Feels big, pushes deep, feels good but not enough I think. Make it go faster."

As the rhythm increased, Donna raised her knees a little and then whispered, "Yes, that's better. I like that. It feels good, really good, but I think it would take a really long time to come by itself."

Bob chuckled, "But, my goddess, you have all the time in the world. That thing won't get tired." Donna made a kind of strangled sound as she realized that Bob was interested in seeing exactly how long it was going to take and be watching the whole time.

Junie was still kneeling watching as the phallus pumped in and out, in and out. There was an awed almost hypnotized look on her face. Bob had to speak twice to get her attention, "Junie, come here." She looked up, briefly startled, and then swallowed and crawled up and around Donna's head and crept into Bob's lap. The whole trip she never took her eyes off Donna.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear, "What are you thinking, little one?" Junie kept her eyes locked on Donna, watching as she undulated and surged against the machine as it fucked her relentlessly. Donna's eyes were closed and her brow was furrowed with concentration. Her whole body was glistening with sweat; her breathing was almost perfectly in time with the whine and click of the mechanism. Junie's voice was soft, reluctant to disturb the fragile balance of human and technology, "It's powerful, surreal, but powerful, like she is in the grip of something."

Bob nodded, "Help your Mistress, Junie. Caress her, kiss her, caress her, play with her nipples, but don't touch her cunt."

Junie moved and gently ran a trembling finger across Donna's rippling stomach muscles, her eyes flashing back to Bob's face she leaned down and kissed Donna's navel. She slowly took her time exploring that soft shell with her tongue, tasting the salt of the sweat on her skin, reveling in the swell and surge of the muscles under her lips.

As Junie slowly kissed her way up to Donna's softly trembling breasts, she felt Bob's hand stroking her legs and gently sliding through the wetness that had spilled onto her thighs. Junie kept her hand on Donna's belly, feeling the tension there. She could almost feel the pressure of the large invader each time it filled her Mistress's body. As she took one of the rock hard nipples into her mouth, she felt Donna's hand clasp the back of her head and press her face down against her chest, for the first time making a deep, soft grunting whimper with each plunge of the machine into her. Junie could feel Donna's heart pounding under her cheek.

Junie could feel Bob's fingers spreading her and exploring her depths. His touch was gentle, idly caressing her as she bent over Donna's breasts pulling those sweet nubs deep into her mouth. She gently ran her fingers across the tense and trembling muscles of her belly and thighs. Junie was careful to avoid touching Donna's cleft, but tantalizingly ran her fingertips around the edges of the boundary set by Bob.

Donna's cries were growing more urgent, and then she fell silent. Junie could feel Donna's whole body rigid and vibrating.

Bob's voice was deep with passion, "Give us your passion, goddess, and come for us."

Donna grated out in a deep hoarse voice, "Oh god." And then began to shudder with deep waves of pleasure, a deep groan pulsing out in time with the endless thrusting that had taken over her whole world.

Bob's voice was tense, "Junie, keep up what you are doing, don't stop." She could feel him kneel, his hands tense on her hips, the hot tip of his cock nudging at her from behind. Donna was making strangled groans as the machine continued endlessly fucking her, her whole body convulsing under Junie's lips and hands.

Junie shuddered with pleasure of the sensation of Bob sliding deep into her. His rhythm was an echo of the click and whir of the machine and Junie could see in her mind's eye the vision of that thing plunging into Donna's cunt over and over, as she felt Bob filling her over and over again as well.

She raised her head and looked into Donna's face and for one tiny second that seemed to last an eternity their eyes met. Each was profoundly aware of the other, seeing the passion and acceptance and yet struggling to somehow understand this experience. Junie felt Donna's hand on her head pulling her down to kiss and as their lips met she drank in Donna's moans and poured forth her own, their cries blending in the cauldron of their kiss.

Junie felt Bob stiffen and shudder against her as he came, a deep growl coming from his lips. She found herself fighting her finish, reluctant to join him without his command. She still felt deeply connected to Donna as she struggled with the machine that would stop only when Bob decided to make it stop. Junie wondered if that was what the power she was sensing was. Was this just an extension of her Master? Was it his power she was sensing? A small thought frightened her, what would she sense if her Master was not there to control this thing?

Donna's cries had subsided into a soft series of almost agonized moans, her eyes closed and her body limp. The wet sound of the machine squishing into her cunt was loud and seemed to fill Junie's ears. When Bob turned off the machine and pulled it away from Donna's body she hardly moved. Junie's eyes looked at the clock, it had been almost 90 minutes since Bob had started that machine fucking Donna and at least 30 since Donna had started coming almost continually. She felt a shudder of awe and sympathy. She wasn't sure if she wanted to try that or not.

Bob crawled up into the bed and was cradling Donna in his arms. He seemed to be lost in thought and his eyes only on the woman in his arms. Moving as quietly and unobtrusively as she could, Junie gently washed Bob and Donna and cleaned the large dildo and pushed the machine over against the wall, eying it like it could come to life and make some move against her. She wondered that she was starting to think of it like it was a living thing and remembered how Bob would talk about the spirits of things like rocks and her car. She did not sense that the spirit of this fucking machine was all that loving. It seemed to take more than it gave.

Both Bob and Donna were dozing when she silently pulled the blanket up over them and wandered from her bedroom. She smiled to herself. It seemed like that they ended up in her bedroom more often than anywhere else. The thought made her happy. The whole experience with the laughter over Bob's invention, the swim in the icy lake and then the experiment with the fucking machine had left her more energized than tired and she wandered upstairs.

The dogs were asleep in their chairs; Bump seemed to be in the throes of an exciting dream, his feet twitching, and soft whimpers and muffled growls shaking his chest. Junie wondered what he was chasing.

She poured herself the last cup of coffee and on impulse started some yeast growing to bake some bread tomorrow. The rich smell of the living things growing in the bowl sending her mind to thoughts of sour dough and making a starter. The idea of sourdough pancakes sounded wonderful. She put some flour and water in a jar and put it on top of refrigerator. She smiled; somehow it made it really feel like home to have a sourdough starter going in the kitchen.

After carefully cleaning up, she silently padded downstairs and slipped under the blankets and cuddled up to Bob. Happily, she let her eyes drift shut and just lay there letting her contentment buoy her up until she felt like she was drifting and weightless. Sleep came so gently that when Bob's touch woke her in the morning she was surprised that the night was gone.

The weather that morning was one of those magical days where the sky changed every time you looked up at it. Big puffy clouds raced across the blue sky and the sun shone through sudden unexpected flurries of rain. It was a day of rainbows. Junie suspected that there would be thunder before nightfall.

When Junie took a cup of coffee down to her Mistress she crept into the bed and gently kissed her forehead and whispered to her the silly wake up song. "Wake up, wake up, you little sleepy head."

Donna stretched and then gasped and groaned. "Oh man."

Junie was instantly solicitous. "Are you hurt, Ma'am?"

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