tagBDSMFinding Happiness Ch. 07

Finding Happiness Ch. 07


Chapter 7: Reaffirming Love

As Junie was cleaning up from breakfast, Donna spoke to Bob, "You are on your own for a while this afternoon. Both Junie and I are going into town."

Junie looked up from the sink, her eyes questioning, and she asked, "We are?"

"Yes, we are going to get our hair done."

Bob laughed and ran his hand over his unkempt thatch of gray curls, "Maybe I should head to town too and get duded up a little. Hate to have you girls looking all uptown and have me looking like something that's been living in the woods all winter."

Donna got up and ran her fingers through his hair. "You know I hate it when you get it too short."

Bob pushed her hands away and laughed, "You are just lucky that I am one of those guys who kept his hair. Why don't we plan to go out to dinner tonight? We could try that Mexican restaurant that just opened up in town."

In the end they decided that Junie and Donna would come back home after their appointment and then they would all drive back to town in the SUV for a night out. Junie spent all morning in her sewing room feverishly putting the finishing touches on a little black dress she had been working on. When she was finished she put it on and came upstairs to show Donna. She did a little pirouette and then posed. "What do you think?"

"Oh, it looks like you have your heart set on dressing up a little I see."

Junie's eyes faltered, "Um... what would you like me to wear, Ma'am?"

Donna laughed, "No, that will be fine. I guess I just hadn't thought about it. Actually, I think Bob would like to dress up a little too. I am the one that likes to go casual, but I think I can throw on something this time. After all, we will be all dolled up from our trip to the beauty parlor."

Junie smiled excitedly. "Oh, thank you, Ma'am."

Donna looked at Junie and then smiled again, "Let's stop by the shoe store, too. You will need some shoes to go with that new dress."

Junie squealed and clapped her hands. "Oh, I do need some new shoes. My trainers are all stained with grass and my white shoes are not at all right for this dress."

Donna looked at her usual outfit of khaki shorts and cotton sleeveless blouse and sandals. "Well, go on now and change into something more appropriate for a fun trip to the shoe store and the salon. I will get dressed up for dinner, but I refuse to take off my shorts until then. We should leave pretty soon if we are going shoe shopping too."

Junie hurried downstairs and changed into a pair of slacks and soft yellow blouse and was back up in minutes. "I am glad you made this appointment, Ma'am. My hair is starting to look terrible."

Donna laughed, "I wonder what it is about gray hair that has both of us rushing off to soak our heads in chemicals."

Junie laughed, "Well, Ma'am, all I know is I started turning gray in my early twenties. I liked to say it was the kids, but to be honest it is just a family trait. Eventually it will turn completely white and I wouldn't mind that so much, but there is something about this half way thing that I just can't stand."

Junie dropped the shopping bags on her bed and looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled at the freshly black and extra shiny hair that hung down almost to her shoulders. She had let the beautician talk her into bangs and she had to admit that they made her look softer and younger. Her skin glowed from the facial.

She looked at her watch and decided she had time to put the rubber bands on for 30 minutes before it was time to leave. The way Bob had been talking, it sounded like he was planning a play session tonight after their dinner out and she wanted him to be pleased with how she had been keeping up with his instructions to keep her nipples swollen and sensitive.

Junie showered quickly, careful to keep her hair dry. She gasped when the spray from the shower head on her distended nipples felt like needles stabbing and she carefully kept her back to the water. She repeated Bob's words to herself, "So sensitive, so responsive."

Junie chose her black peek-a-boo bra with the little flames embroidered around the holes. The black dress was low cut, but the fabric was opaque and she looked at herself carefully trying to decide if the bumps of her nipples were too obvious. The whole idea of going to a restaurant with a peek-a-boo bra was a little terrifying, but for the first time in her life Junie was feeling beautiful and somehow that made being daring a little more tempting. She looked at the many pairs of new panties in her drawer and picked out an almost transparent pair of smoke black bikinis that had a little red bow on them. Silently she blessed Bob for his good taste in panties and giggled a little. She carefully pulled up the black thigh high stockings she had bought at the shoe store and posed in front of the mirror in her room. She gave a saucy wink at the girl in the mirror; all she saw was the beauty.

Putting on a robe, she put on her makeup, the eye liner and mascara made her big brown eyes dominate her face even more and she put on rouge and painted her lips red. She decided that the bangs made her look like a 1920's flapper or maybe Betty Boop. The little black dress she had made was kind of flapper style too with a softly draping bodice and a pleated skirt that swished when she walked.

After she pulled the dress on and slipped her feet into her new black shoes she looked at herself in the mirror. A lot of cleavage showed and she took a deep breath, pushing back the little flare up of her old timidity. She frowned at her image and thought that something was missing. Then she nodded, yes, the outfit really needed a necklace. She had only managed to salvage a few pieces of jewelry from the devastation of her apartment. She had most of the old pendants that had been her mother's, but had not managed to get any of the chains fixed yet. On impulse she dug through her sewing and found a length of black ribbon. It took only a second to stitch her favorite cameo to the bottom edge and tied it around her neck like a choker and decided that would have to do.

Bob was sitting in the front room wearing a new pair of jeans and plaid Pendleton wool shirt. He had on a pair of shiny black loafers and a black belt. Junie thought that the look fit him very nicely. When she walked into the room he stood up and gestured for her to spin around. "You look beautiful, my sweet girl. Go see what's keeping your Mistress. Judging from the cursing going on in there, I think she might need your help."

Donna was seated on the foot of the bed in a pair of green panties and nothing else. Her hazel eyes were smoldering, but her lips were quivering. Junie sat down next to her and whispered, "What's the matter?"

Donna grunted in frustration. "I hate dressing up. I always feel so tall and skinny and nothing I put on looks right."

Junie suppressed a giggle and kept her voice solemn. "I know how you feel, Ma'am, I have the same problem."

Donna's eyes slid over to Junie and took in her short plump figure and the corner of her mouth quivered. "I don't have anything pretty. Before I retired all I wore was business suits, lawyer clothes. I still have a fucking closet full of lawyer clothes."

Junie stood up and began to look through the clothes in Donna's closet. She quickly pulled out a couple of rich silk blouses and found a nice mahogany colored leather skirt and a wide belt. Junie held up both the rich copper blouse and then the emerald green one and said, "Choose." Donna pointed at the green one and Junie hung the copper one back up.

Junie pulled Donna up to her feet and began to dress her, like she was a little girl. She spoke soft words of directions, the same words she used when she dressed her children so long ago. Stepping back she looked critically at the outfit she had chosen... the skirt did not fit as tightly as she would have liked, but the blouse was beautiful and pulled the eye up toward Donna's face, bringing out the green flecks in her eyes and contrasting beautifully with her reddish blond hair. Junie unbuttoned the blouse one more button and rolled the long sleeves up to a three quarter length, "Ma'am, do you have any jewelry?"

Donna sighed and went to her closet and pulled down a box from the top shelf, "This was my mother's."

Junie pounced on the big old jewelry box and gasped as she opened the lid. "Oh my goodness, Ma'am, some of these pieces really ought to be in a safety deposit box." She held up a heavy diamond necklace, "This necklace alone must be worth more than my car."

Donna shrugged, "My grandfather was a jeweler and diamond merchant. My mother and her sisters divided up my grandmother's collection. When she passed away, I got this."

Junie carefully sorted through the dozens of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins, and rings. "You should get this appraised and then put it in a safe deposit box. And you should make sure that it stays in your family. Do you have a niece or cousin? But first you should start wearing them. They need to be worn. They are so beautiful and have been locked in this jewelry box far too long." Junie paused and then gave a little giggle. "These are definitely not lawyer jewelry."

Donna looked at the pile of treasure, and shrugged. "I always thought that they looked gaudy. I always thought my mother looked like a Christmas tree."

Junie smiled. "And I always thought Christmas trees were the most beautiful of things." Junie held up a heavy emerald necklace and a matching bracelet and nodded. "These will be perfect with that blouse."

As she was returning the remaining jewelry back into the box a beautiful length of pearls was too much to resist and she held them up to her neck. The lustrous orbs fell down and draped across her cleavage. She gave a wistful sigh and put the strand gently back into the jewelry box. "You really ought to get a special box for these, or at least a soft sack to keep them in. They are getting damaged lying loose against the diamonds."

Donna reached into the box and lifted the pearls, running them through her fingers. "I remember my mom wearing these. They were her favorite. She wore them all the time." "It is good for pearls to be worn. They just get more beautiful."

Donna lifted the pearls and held them up to Junie's neck once more. "They go with your dress. You should wear them."

Junie looked up at Donna, her eyes huge and happy. "Oh, Ma'am, really?"

Donna put the necklace around Junie's neck. "Yes, really."

Donna stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She frowned critically. "I still look like a scarecrow, just one in an emerald necklace."

Junie did not know if it was the fact that briefly she had seemed to be the one in charge, or if it was just the negative statement, but she found herself scolding her Mistress, "Now don't you talk like that about yourself! You are beautiful!"

Junie heard a soft growl from the doorway and she froze. Whirling she saw her Master standing in the doorway, his head tipped to one side. Her hand flew to her mouth and she gasped, "I am sorry, Ma'am. I don't know what got into me. I should never have spoken to you like that."

Bob's words were soft. "It is not your place to correct your Mistress, Junie. You may politely express your own opinion about your Mistress's beauty but I caution you to use a more respectful tone." Bob looked at Donna and grinned, his tone warming, "And I must say that I agree with you. She is beautiful isn't she? Now my two beautiful bitches, your carriage awaits. Let's get this show on the road."

Dinner was delightful. After reading the menu and discussing what sounded good, Bob ordered for all three of them. The food was fresh and plentiful, and the service was flawless. Bob had asked for a quiet table in the corner. Junie sat across from Bob and Donna, and it was not long before she felt a foot gently nudging hers. She giggled and pushed back and it was not long before all six feet were tangled up under the table as they laughed and talked about a thousand different things. Under Bob's urging Donna and Junie drank glass after glass of sangria while he nursed his one beer declaring, "I am the chauffeur."

Bob had to keep a hand under each of their arms as they made their way back to the SUV. "You two have been wonderful company. I could not wish for two more beautiful, wise or wonderful bitches to make this old dog feel on top of the world."

He put both Donna and Junie in the back seat, declaring that the chauffeur should be the only one in front. Donna looked at Junie, her eyes suddenly carnivorous, and slid across the seat to sit close. Her hands were under Junie's skirt before they were even out of the parking lot. Donna's voice was rich with excitement as she agreed, "Yes, I think it a great idea for the chauffeur to be the only one in front."

By the time they had gotten to their driveway, Donna had Junie's dress up, over her head and off. Junie did not even think to protest, her eyes were closed and her mouth filled with gasps and moans as Donna busily sucked on her nipples through the holes of her bra.

Bob pulled into the garage and spoke sharply, "Okay, you two, take a break from that. Go in and get ready for playing. I will take the dogs out for a walk and then put them to bed." Then he looked thoughtful and said, "Donna, I think that this is a good time for us to try out that toy you bought."

Donna kept her arm possessively around Junie as they made their way into the house. Her voice was tense with anticipation, "Junie, go to your room and take off the rest of your clothing and meet me in the bathroom."

When Junie walked into the bathroom, her heart jumped at the sight of the red rubber enema bag, and Donna stirring up the solution to go into it. Donna grinned at her, "This time it's going to just be me."

"Yes, Ma'am."

As Junie held up the bag and let the warm solution flow into Donna, Donna made a deep groaning sound, "Junie, this is so good. I don't know why I like this so much, but it has always made me so excited."

Junie knelt next to Donna and stroked her back, "What are we going to do tonight?"

"Something I think we both have fantasized about. Just listen to Bob. He will tell you what to do."

The warm buzz of the Sangria softened the edge of Junie's curiosity. She gently washed Donna in the shower and then combed out her hair, her hands lingering and caressing as she served her Mistress.

Bob's voice interrupted their gentle touches, his voice soft but firm, coming from the doorway, "Come to bed, you two."

Once in the bedroom he spoke gently, "Donna, my goddess, lie down for me. Lie down on your stomach and let us worship your beauty."

Bob gestured for Junie to kneel on the opposite side of Donna facing him. He poured some massage oil into her palm and he murmured, "Just do what I do, Junie. Follow my lead." He poured some oil into his palm and rubbed his hands together warming the oil, and nodded in approval as he watched Junie mimic his actions.

Bob gently lifted Donna's foot in his hand and began to massage the arch of her foot, his fingers firmly working deep into the muscles of her foot. Junie watched with wide curious eyes and followed his lead. His eyes met hers as she repeatedly glanced to watch his movements and he grinned and winked as he leaned down and took Donna's toes into his mouth, gently sucking on each of her toes. Junie could feel a quiver shoot up Donna's leg as she mimicked Bob's caress.

Together they worked their way up Donna's legs, reapplying the massage oil to their hands, slowly and sensually kissing and kneading her flesh, stopping and savoring the sweet curves at the back of her knees, tarrying along the tender skin of her inner thighs and the crease where her thighs met the swell of her buttocks. Donna lay perfectly still under their touches, soft sighs and trembles shaking her to the core.

Junie met Bob's eyes again when their fingers met and touched along Donna's spine. She gave him a tremulous smile and he gently kissed her on the forehead and murmured, "You are doing great, Junie." When they had worked their way out Donna's long freckled arms to the palms of her hands, Junie found herself once again looking into his blue eyes as they each lifted a palm to their lips, almost toasting each other with the kiss they bestowed upon this woman they both loved so much.

Bob gently lifted on Donna's shoulder, as he urged her to turn over onto her back. "Turn over for us, my goddess."

Starting again at her feet they worked their way in concert up the length of her legs. Junie felt a tiny pang of disappointment when Bob's hands seemed to avoid the cleft of Donna's legs, but she followed up with him over the tense and trembling abdominals. As their fingers approached Donna's breasts, Junie's hands trembled as she looked to Bob, her eyes begging to be allowed to touch those sweetly trembling peaks.

Junie smiled eagerly as she watched Bob gently cup one of Donna's breasts and then roll the small pink nipple between his fingertips and matched his action. A ripple of pleasure flowed down Donna's frame. When he bent to pull a tightened peak into his mouth, Junie found her forehead touching his as she leaned down to do the same.

Bob's voice was soft and compelling, "My goddess, wait for us. We will return soon." He stood up and beckoned for Junie to follow him. Junie felt like adding her voice to the whine of protest that left Donna's lips as they stopped their touches and moved away from her. Again Bob spoke, "Patience, my goddess; close your eyes." He took her hand and placed it between her legs. "Here, my darling, caress yourself. Think of the pleasures yet to come." Junie found it difficult to tear her eyes from the sight of Donna lying on the bed, her fingers slowly stroking her shining folds. Only when Bob took her hand, did she remember to look to him.

He put his fingers to his lips, and pulled her into the playroom and to the toy box. Only then did he speak, "Junie, quietly now, put this on. I will help you." He held up a handful of canvas straps and leaning down gestured to put one of her feet through an opening and then guided her other foot through a second opening. When he pulled the straps up her legs and snapped them around her waist, Junie recognized that this was a harness designed to go around her hips. Her eyes looked curiously into the toy box looking for the dildo she knew must attach to the connector that rested directly over her pubic bone. Bob tightened a few of the straps and then handed her the same large phallus that he had attached to the fucking machine.

Junie held it in her hand. It was surprisingly heavy and yet was subtly flexible and had a pliable, skin-like surface. A sudden wave of excitement rushed through her loins, making her knees almost buckle. Junie found it hard to speak, her mouth flooded with moisture as her cunt clenched and a trickle of moisture made her thighs slippery. Her voice was low and tense with pent up excitement. "I have always wanted one of these." Her hand began to unconsciously stroke up and down its shaft. Her fingers were trembling so hard that Bob had to help her attach it to the harness around her hips.

Junie could not take her eyes off the strap on cock standing out from her pelvis, and once again she could not help caressing it, stroking the length of it like she could not really believe it was there. Suddenly uncertain she looked up at Bob, "I don't know what to do."

Bob caressed her face. "You will do fine. Just listen to me and Donna. We will tell you what to do. Now let's not keep our goddess waiting any longer." Bob had trouble keeping a straight face as Junie stared raptly down at the cock swaying back and forth as she walked into the bedroom.

Donna was still lying as they had left her. Bob urged Junie up beside her, and then whispered, "We are ready for you, my goddess. Roll over onto your stomach, my goddess."

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