tagBDSMFinding Happiness Ch. 09

Finding Happiness Ch. 09


Chapter 9: Remembering Duty

Junie tried to move silently in the pale, early morning light as she made the coffee. When Bob came out from his and Donna's room, he paused and looked at her, his eyes measuring. Junie smiled and spoke softly, "Good morning. Could I pour you a cup of coffee?"

"Yes, that would be nice." Junie poured the cup full and presented it to him. When he thanked her she smiled and responded, "You are welcome, my Master. I have not remembered to thank you for being my Master for quite a while. I have been lost inside my head. I apologize for that."

"You are still learning, little one."

"And I have a lot to learn. I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have taught me."

Bob laughed, "The world is full of lessons."

Junie remembered Donna's words about Bob retreating into philosophy and smiled, letting the soft wave of love roll over her. "So with your permission, I would join you when you take the dogs out for a walk. It looks like a beautiful morning and I have missed your company so much."

When she got back from the walk, Junie carried a cup of coffee into her Mistress's bedroom and carefully put the cup down on the night stand. She softly sang her silly singsong, "Wake up, wake up, you little sleepy head."

When Donna unwound from her little ball, blinked and stretched, "Oh, it is so nice to see you in here, I missed you yesterday. You look much happier today."

Junie nodded, "Thank you for talking with me last night. It got me headed in the right direction. I don't think I could have survived the night without your words."

Donna pulled Junie down beside her in the bed and hugged her tightly. "Sweet Junie, I could see your pain and I could not bear it. I am not sure why our Master did that to you. When I asked him he only would say that he refused to strike a child."

Junie snuggled up close to her Mistress and sighed, "You know that it was true, I was acting pretty childish. I think I never learned how to deal with anger as an adult. As a child I was not permitted to be angry and as an adult I fled from any confrontation. Now when I am finally growing up a little more, I was acting on my anger like I was still a baby." She giggled, "I probably will still do it."

"It takes a lifetime to grow up."

Junie giggled, "I don't think I want to grow up all the way."

Donna gave her a tickle, "Don't worry about that. Nobody around here is quite done growing up." Junie convulsed and squealed with delight. She felt a rush of excitement, her cunt suddenly aching with need. She fell silent and looked at her Mistress suddenly serious, "Oh, Ma'am, I need you so much." Donna laughed, "It has been a while, hasn't it, little one?"

Junie squirmed against the lithe form of her Mistress, "Yes, Ma'am." Then she paused and asked, "Ma'am, when I had to stay in my room, I masturbated once. I am pretty sure that it wasn't okay, but neither you nor Bob said anything about that before. Is it against the rules for me to play with myself, alone?"

"You are right that it was not okay for you to play with yourself when you are sent to your room. But otherwise, unless specifically told to not come for some specific reason and it does not interfere with your duties to us, I can see no reason to forbid you that, but you must speak to our Master about this as well."

Donna then pushed Junie over onto her back and looked at her with her eyes sparkling, "Like now, I am going to tell you that you cannot come until either Bob or I give you permission. Masturbate all you want, but don't come." Donna picked up her coffee and took a sip and then smiled evilly, "If fact, little one, I want you to take off your clothes and masturbate right now. Play with that cunt of yours, but don't you dare come."

Junie felt a shudder of excitement and quickly pulled her clothing off, lay back down on her back put her hand down between her legs.

"Spread your legs wider, Junie, I want to watch you do this." Donna moved to sit between Junie's splayed legs, still sipping from her coffee cup.

Junie looked at her Mistress and slowly rubbed her fingers around and over the hard erect bump of her clitoris. The first touch of her fingertips sent a rush of electric excitement through her, a ripple of pleasure making her thighs jerk and the muscles in her stomach quiver. Donna's face was so close to her that she could feel her breath, cool and maddening, on her heated flesh. Junie struggled to keep her touch light, teasing. She was determined to obey her Mistress, but her excitement was building quickly. The sight of Donna's face hovering so closely to her was intoxicating. A soft whimper of desperation leaked out from Junie's lips and her hand froze for a second as she struggled for control. Donna's voice was throaty, "Don't stop, Junie. I did not say you could stop."

Junie found her body twisting and writhing under Donna's eyes as she forced her hand to continue its relentless massage of her clit, soft grunts and gasps being forced from her lips as she fought to obey. When her body was a sweat drenched arch, rigid and trembling with the agony of denial, Donna relented and said, "Stop, Junie, take your hand away." Even without the stimulation, Junie could feel her clit twitching, teetering on the very edge of exploding. She slowly collapsed to the bed and lay there gasping. Her eyes still locked on Donna's face, she swallowed and groaned out. "Thank you, Ma'am. How else may I serve you?"

Donna laughed and climbed off the bed. "Come help me take a shower.

Junie found herself tenderly washing her Mistress with trembling hands. Her cunt still spasming and sending pangs of need through her at every touch of her hands to the sweet soft flesh. When Junie knelt and meticulously shaved all trace of stubble from Donna's folds, she leaned in and ran her tongue over the freshly smooth folds to seek out any stray hairs that she might have missed. She felt Donna's hand on her head pushing her lips against her cunt, rubbing her slit up and down against a her face. Donna groaned out, "Lick me, Junie. Make me come." Junie fought down a rush of excitement and eagerly parted the folds, seeking out the prize and seizing it between her teeth, lashing at it with her tongue.

Donna tensed and then came quickly, long shudders of pleasure shaking her. Again Junie fought to turn her mind from her own clenching cunt and gently eased Donna down from her peak. Donna sighed and pushed Junie's face away. "Watching you play with your cunt was so fucking hot I almost came from just watching you struggle. That was amazing. How are you doing?"

"I am very excited, Ma'am. I really need to come, but I also know that you will give that to me when you decide it is the right time."

"Right you are."

Junie found herself moving slowly, languidly as she went about her duties throughout the day. She was constantly distracted by the continual state of sexual fervor that Donna seemed determined to keep her in. It seemed like Donna had a sixth sense for when the agony of need started to wane. Over and over Junie found herself being directed to strip and masturbate to maddening peaks of unbearable excitement as Donna looked on, only to be stopped at the last second and sent back to her chores. When they sat down for dinner, Junie found herself squirming and distracted. Bob had to ask her twice to pass the salt. Junie shook her head and mumbled an apology, quickly passing the salt, "Sorry, Sir, I am not thinking very clearly."

Bob just laughed, "Sounds like you girls are having fun."

Junie's eyes bugged out a little and she nodded, her voice was strangled. "Yes, Sir, lots of fun."

Donna's voice was joyful, "Junie, you should show your Master what kind of fun we are having." She pushed the dishes to one side. Bob grabbed his plate and moved back holding it in his hands, and continued to eat as if nothing was going on. "Strip down and climb up here. Show him your poor desperate cunt."

Junie looked up at them in sudden dismay and then stood slowly, pulling off her clothes for what seemed like the twentieth time that day and stepping up on a chair, eased herself onto the table. Donna pushed her to turn so her legs were spread out and her cunt facing Bob as he sat in his chair. Once she was positioned, he calmly put his plate on the table between her legs and saluted her with his fork as he took another bite of his dinner. Donna moved to stand behind him and Junie found herself frozen staring at the two of them as she lay lewdly splayed out before them.

Donna's voice was merciless, "Junie, you don't need me to tell you what to do. Get started and don't stop until I tell you to stop."

Junie felt herself surrender and she let her head sag back to the table and closed her eyes as her fingers began to work at her cunt. Donna's voice continued to direct. "Junie, lift your knees up and fuck yourself with two fingers, fuck yourself hard and fast." Soon Junie's awareness was contracting down to the sensation of pent up ecstasy and the sound of Donna's voice, directing her. "Okay, now rub your clit with those wet fingers, faster, harder girl." Sharp pangs of agony seemed to radiate from her very center. She found herself pleading for relief or release, soft incoherent babbles of, "Please. Oh god, please. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck..." Her whole body was quivering when Donna's voice cracked, "Stop, Junie."

Junie choked down a sob and pulled her hand away. She lay tense and trembling on the table, her knees still lifted up to her chest, her breath rasping fast and harsh through her clenched teeth. Her eyes were still clenched tightly closed, reluctant to open, to rejoin the world, enduring the slowly waning pangs of frustration.

Bob's voice was conversational, "Some trick, how long have you been denying her?"

"All day," Donna's voice made her flinch, "Junie, get up off the table and clean up after dinner."

Bob stood and put his plate on the counter. "I will put the dogs to bed."

Junie slowly slid from the table and stood on shaky legs and leaned heavily against it trying to find her balance. She reached down for her clothes with a fumbling hand. Donna's voice was amused, "Don't worry about getting dressed, Junie. After you are done here, come on downstairs. I have some more things in mind."

Junie shivered and fought down another wave of spasms. Her voice was a croak, "Yes, Ma'am."

Junie had her clothes in her hands as she made her way down to the basement. The sight of Donna nude with the strap on cock jutting out from her groin, taking practice swings with the flogger at the posts of the St. Andrew's Cross, made her freeze, her knees starting to buckle with waves of ecstasy that seemed come up from nowhere. Junie found herself bending over, biting hard on her lip, fighting with every fiber of her soul to regain control. She found herself muttering to herself, "No, no you don't. Not yet. Not fucking yet."

When she could stand again she took a deep shaky breath and walked downstairs, and stood uncertainly looking at the floor, afraid to look up and be assailed by that sight again. Her voice was weak, "You wanted me to come downstairs, Ma'am?"

Donna's voice buzzed with energy. "This thing is amazing, Junie."

"Yes, Ma'am, I thought so too."

"Put down that stuff and come stand here up against the cross." As Junie dropped her clothes and moved into the room she saw her Master sitting on the chair watching her. Donna saw her eyes go to him and spoke sharply. "You are playing with me tonight, Junie. Look to me tonight."

Bob's voice was soft. "Yes, Junie, listen to your Mistress."

Donna quickly buckled Junie's wrist and ankle cuffs on and bent down to fasten her ankles to the cross, facing out. The snaps that Bob had put on the cross were widely spaced, forcing her legs to stretch wide, making the insides of her thighs taut. When Donna stepped close and reached up to attach Junie's wrist manacles to the top of the cross, the strap on cock poked obscenely against Junie's belly. Donna laughed and swung her hips from side to side, whipping it back and forth, smacking it against Junie's body. The large plastic dildo thumped into her flesh, making her jump and quiver.

Picking up the flogger Donna stepped back and swung it experimentally in the air a few times and then snapped it across Junie's belly. The blow was tentative and she followed it quickly with a second stronger hit that cracked into her flesh. Junie lurched against her bonds and yelped. Donna laughed and called out, "Yes that's it, Junie. Sing for me." Donna leaned down and kissed the red mark left by the lash and then she swung again, the flogger snapped one of Junie's breasts and then the other. Junie jerked and cried out hoarsely. Again Donna paused and pressed her lips against the place of pain.

Donna seemed to take delight in Junie's cries and struck again and again, the flogger searing into Junie's inner thigh, her side, her arms. Over and over Donna brought the whip down on Junie's body. And then would caress or kiss, almost feeding on each place as the burning pain built. The flogger in Donna's hands had none of the gradual build that it had in her Master's. The pain was instant and intense, alternating with moments of almost tender intimacy. Junie found herself writhing and screaming under the lash and then sighing and moaning as Donna blessed each lash with a kiss. Soon the blows seemed to single out the juncture of her legs, slapping against her soaking flesh repeatedly. With each kiss Donna's lips and tongue became more insistent, more demanding until Junie was once again struggling against her building excitement. Alternating between screaming and moaning, Junie began to pant and babble, "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck..."

Donna dropped the flogger and laughed delightedly, "Yes, my Sweet Junie, let's fuck." Moving between Junie's legs Donna bent her knees and guiding the dildo with her hand she stood up abruptly, forcing it deep into Junie's cunt. Junie made a strangled grunt and then groaned deep in her chest. Donna grunted too and muttered, "Nice, I like the way your eyes bulged out with that." She lunged again and ground her hips against Junie, staring intently into her face. She growled low in her throat and began to slowly steadily thrust, pulling out and pushing deep with each lunge of her hips. Junie was surging and fighting her restraints, trying to match each one of Donna's plunges into her depths. When Bob's face swam into her field of vision, she blinked and focused, realizing that he had stood and moved close to stand behind Donna. For the briefest of seconds it seemed almost it was him fucking her. Junie felt her control slipping and she groaned out. "I'm sorry, oh god I am coming. I am sorry, I can't stop it." Bob's voice pierced through her consciousness. "Come for us, Junie. You have waited long enough."

Her entire body convulsed against the restraints, her head snapped back and cry of joyous relief rang out. "Oh yes!"

Donna pushed deep, grinding and straining against Junie, her mouth covering Junie's lips, stifling Junie's building moans of ecstasy, seeming to feed on the energy of the sounds leaving Junie's lips as her cries swelled to a crescendo of muffled ululations. Junie lost all awareness of the passage of time; it seemed like she was caught up in a swirling maelstrom, riding the winds of her climax as it lifted and tossed her. It seemed like the dildo filling her was pushing deeper with a single minded intensity, pressing insistently at her cervix, each bump against the entrance of her womb sending lancing pangs of ecstasy that fed the storm of sensations that held her captive.

Bob had to pull Donna away from Junie's body. Junie hung limp, perfectly still except for the occasional spastic shudders that shook her, her head lolling, her mouth hanging slackly open. Donna fought his hands, briefly mindless in her frenzy to return to her, but Bob's voice pierced her madness. "Stop, Donna, stop, she has had enough." He quickly stripped the harness from Donna's hips and pulled her to him, his lips taking hers. When he released her, he growled, "Come to me, my goddess. Come with me." Pushing her to the low bed in the corner he pushed her down on her back and lifted her knees to her chest.

Donna's eyes were feverish and she called out, "Oh god, yes," as Bob entered her, slamming deep in one practiced thrust. It was Donna's turn to gasp out as she felt herself completely filled. Their union was simple and primitive; Donna wrapped her legs around him and pulled at him, soft urgent growls of passion urging him on. Bob grated out, "Come with me, my goddess," and they crested together.

Bob moved quickly to Junie and checked on her. She had managed to get her feet under her and had her knees locked, but her head still rested on her shoulder, her eyes still half closed. Her eyes fluttered open and a soft smile curved her lips. Her voice was breathless, "Master."

As he unbuckled her restraints she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face against his chest and sighed. Bob's voice was low, "How are you doing, Junie? Are you all right?"

"Oh yes, Master. Her touch is very different from yours, but I knew it was your hand."

Bob held her closely as she staggered and got control of her legs. He shot a look at Donna curled up on the cot, watching them, his voice was sharp. "A good Mistress should always look to the welfare of her toys. You should finish what you started."

Donna instantly struggled to her feet moved to help him, putting her arms around Junie, murmuring softly, "Sweet Junie, come to bed. Lie down." Together they helped her to her room and onto her bed. Donna began to gently wipe the sweat from Junie's face and body with a damp cloth. Donna whispered gently, "You were very fun to play with today. Thank you for your gift to me."

Junie gave a sleepy giggle, "And, Ma'am, you were very fun to play with too." Her voice was blurred with sleep, "Thank you, Ma'am. I love you."

At breakfast the next morning Bob turned to Donna, "We need to talk a little about last night."

Donna looked up surprised, "I thought things went quite well."

Bob frowned, "When you came to me protesting that keeping Junie in her room was hurting more than it was helping, you said that she just needed to remember her duties and she was languishing without attention. I agreed to give her into your hands for the day."

Junie focused on taking little bites of her breakfast, well aware that Bob had chosen to speak of this at the table with her listening deliberately. There was a lesson here for her as well as for Donna.

Donna was frowning and asked in a defensive voice, "Did I do something wrong?"

Bob sighed, "I just sensed a quality of excited carelessness that made me worry for Junie's safety. It seemed you pushed her hard without a goal in mind. A Master should never push without a true sense of his sub's limits and abilities. I did not sense that from you."

Junie sat perfectly still, staring fixedly at her plate. She wondered at his words. There had been a kind of erratic unpredictable quality to her experience with Donna the day before. It was like she did not know what to expect, that there was an edge of fear running through her trust, like a small crack in a foundation. But Bob had been there, she could feel his presence in the room and that had made all the difference. She wondered what it would have been like without his supervision.

Donna looked startled, "Careless? I wasn't careless."

"Can you honestly say you were completely in control of yourself at all times? I had to pull you away. And you pushed her to fail. You set a limit and then pushed her to failure. Was it your intention to force her to come against her will, to force her to fail in her obedience to your words?"

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