tagBDSMFinding Happiness Ch. 12

Finding Happiness Ch. 12


Chapter 12: A Welcome Visitor

Junie had spent the better part of a day taking down the chains and the pulleys from the basement ceiling and together she and Bob had moved the cross, swing and the other furniture out to the garage and discretely stacked them behind some other furniture Bob was working on. Junie chattered enthusiastically, "It will be so nice to have Tammi visit. Thank you so much for letting me do this."

Bob gave her an affectionate swat on her bottom, "Family is important. I am looking forward to meeting Tammi."

Junie pulled up in front of her ex-husband's house and took a deep breath. He had not called her or tried to contact her via email. His last words echoed in her mind, 'stupid fat cow'. That had always been what he would call her when he would rage at her. She told herself they were just words and they could only hurt her if she chose to let that happen.

Her steps were determined as she walked up to the door and knocked. Greg was the one that opened the door. Junie looked at him warily, "I am here to pick up Tammi."

"Yeah, I know. It's been all she can talk about, going to visit you."

"Well, let her know I am here." Junie turned on her heel and began to walk back to her car, silently berating herself that she had not thought to just call Tammi on the phone or just honk the horn. An impish smile curved her lips as she visualized herself parked out in front of this house, her old house, leaning on the horn. That had been how Greg had always picked her up the short time they had dated before the unexpected pregnancy had forced their untimely marriage.

Greg's voice followed after her, "Junie, I'm sorry. Don't be like that. Come on back."

She stopped and whirled around. Her voice was icy, "I don't think that would be a good idea."

"Junie, I owe you an apology. At least give me a chance to say I'm sorry. I should never have lost my temper with you on the phone. I promise to behave myself. Please come in and talk with me."

Junie wavered, looking at him and then back towards the scant safety of her car. His manner was confusing. He had never apologized for his words before. It had always been up to her to crawl back pleading for his forgiveness, forgiveness for her inadequacies and failures.

Greg's voice was coaxing, "Come on, Junie, for old time's sake. We can catch up on what's going on with the kids. We owe them that much, to be able to talk about how they are doing, to be parents."

Junie's defenses crumbled at the mention of the children and she slowly came back into the house. "Where is Tammi?"

Greg shrugged, "She remembered she needed to refill a prescription and had to run to the drug store. She will be back pretty soon. Sit down. Make yourself comfortable. Can I get you something to drink?"

Junie looked around the inside of the living room of the house that had been her home for so long. The room smelled strongly of cigarettes. Junie tried to keep from grimacing. That had been the one thing that she had always insisted on, that he not smoke in the house. The room had been remodeled. The walls painted a dark burgundy color and heavy leather furniture dominated the room. She could not see anything that indicated she had ever lived here. She carefully sat on the edge of one chair and shook her head, "No, thank you."

Greg shrugged and sat down on the couch and to her dismay, lit a cigarette and took a deep drag, almost defiantly blowing the smoke out in her direction. His voice was hoarse, "So how have you been?"

Junie let herself look at him for the first time. He looked a lot older, his dark tanned skin seemed blotchy and wrinkled and when he smiled his teeth were brown and stained with nicotine. A tiny spark of satisfaction rose up; he had gained a lot of weight. A pronounced belly hung out over the waist of his jeans. "Fine, I've been fine."

"You look good. You've lost some weight."

"Have I? I don't really keep track of that." Junie wondered at his words. She had not been on a scale since she had gone to live with Bob and Donna. She had noticed that she had had to adjust some of her sewing patterns down a little.

"You kind of threw me for a loop. First that police thing and then you just left town. What are you doing?"

"I just got a different job. I decided I didn't like it here anymore."

"What are you doing?"

Junie felt a wave of nervousness. "I thought you wanted to talk about the kids."

A flicker of irritation flashed over Greg's face, but he smiled and laughed, "Can't blame me for being curious. I mean one day the cops are looking for you, saying you may have been abducted by some sexual predator. And then you flat disappear off the face of the planet."

"Tammi mentioned you have been asking lots of questions about me."

"Like I said, you can't blame a guy for being curious."

"Well, it's not a big mystery. When that guy broke into my apartment, it scared me a lot. When I had a chance to start a new job and move out of the city, it seemed like a good idea."

"It looks like a nice place. Tammi showed me the pictures you sent her."

Junie frowned, "I like it."

Greg took another deep drag off his cigarette and stubbed it out in an overflowing ashtray. "Junie, there is this woman, an author who has been asking me some questions about you. She said you were... um... involved in some kinky sexual stuff. She said you were a slave or something."

Junie stood up abruptly, and shook her head. "Is it that R. P. Sanders lady?"

"Yeah, that's the one."

"She needs to leave me alone. None of this is any of her business or yours."

Greg paused and lit another cigarette. "She says there is a lot of money to be made, that there is a good juicy story here, real whips and chains stuff with murder and suspense. You could have a piece of that."

Junie made a disgusted face, "I sure as hell don't want some yellow journalist writing some sensational bullshit about my personal life. And I don't need her money."

Greg looked at her with a surprised and disbelieving look on his face. "So she is right? I told her there was no way." He stood and moved toward her with a strange look on his face, "Who would have guessed. My fat little scaredy-cat ex-wife has turned out to be a pervert."

Junie looked at him and felt a wave of rage at his words and condescending tone. Yet everything was crystal clear. Standing her ground, she smiled a bitter smile, her tone sharp and mocking. "It's funny how things turn out, isn't it? All that time, I tried so hard to be a good wife to you and all you could do was fuck around. You call me a pervert, but how many women have you had and lost since our divorce?"

Greg had a surprised look on his face. Not once in their marriage had Junie stood up to him or raised her voice. Always before she would dissolve into sobs or run away. He retreated into old abusive language, but his voice was tired and nasty, "I just don't like fucking fat girls, Junie."

A loud peal of bitter laughter erupted from Junie, "...or, apparently, ones with brains either. And that is a good thing because this is one fat girl that won't ever be fucking you." Junie picked up her purse and walked out of the house. As she went out the front door she threw over her shoulder. "If you ever really want to talk about our kids, you have my email address."

Oddly when she got back to her car, she felt triumphant and powerful rather than angry. She dialed Tammi's number, "Honey, when are you going to be home? I have been waiting here for you for a while."

"I am sorry, Momma. I meant to be home, but I could not find my medicine and I had to go get more." Junie had the fleeting thought that Greg may have had something to do with Tammi's medicine being lost. Tammi was enchanted with Junie's little yellow sports car, squealing in delight when Junie put the top down. The wind was a little loud for conversation, but Tammi's face was ear to ear grins as they sped down the highway. Junie was a little grateful for the chance to gather herself. The conversation with Greg had her still a little on edge.

When they pulled into the long quiet driveway, it was finally quiet enough to talk, "Oh, Momma, this is the coolest car."

Junie stopped the car about halfway down the driveway in the deepest part of the forest. "I love it too." She took a deep breath of the cool forest air, "Tammi, I really want you to enjoy your visit here. I love my new home and I really love the couple I work for. Their names are Bob and Donna; they were so sweet to let me have you come out and visit. It was Donna that encouraged me to be brave enough to face the fact that I was feeling like I had let you down as a mom. That I was feeling like I had abandoned you."

Tammi looked over at her and impulsively leaned over and put her arms around Junie's neck. "Momma, I remember that I was the one that insisted on leaving. I was pretty angry at both you and Daddy. To tell you the truth the only reason I wanted to leave was because of the house. I hated your apartment. It did not feel like home and all I wanted to do was spend time with my friends who lived near our house. I was pretty immature."

Hugging her back and gently rocking, "Honey, you were 14. I should have never let you go. I should have worked it out with you somehow. But I was pretty depressed then and it was everything I could do to just take care of myself. I was not there for you. I am so sorry that you were hurt by that." Junie took a deep breath. "Anyway that was a long time ago and I was talking about my new friends and employers. They have done a lot to help me feel better. They have made a place in their home for me. They are not only my bosses, but they are also my best friends. I want you to know that sometimes I might call them Ma'am and Sir. This is kind of a joke and a nickname I have for them." Junie giggled softly.

Tammi giggled back, a delightful perfect echo of her mother's laugh and then they both began to laugh in earnest. Finally Tammi took a deep breath, "Daddy tried and tried to get me to stop giggling. He would say I sounded just like you. And you know, I liked that I sounded like you."

Junie started her car up and headed down the driveway. "I like it too. I hope you love Bob and Donna as much as I do."

As the little yellow car broke out of the shadows of the trees Tammi gasped as the brilliant explosion of light and color filled her eyes. The lake was sparkling brilliant blue, the dark forest surrounding the vibrant green and rich colors of the flowers surrounding the buildings. Junie caught the familiar shape of Bob standing up from leaning over in the garden, shading his eyes and looking toward them. He raised his hand and waved. Sunny, Bump and Maddy careened across the lawn, running to greet them as they drove in. "Oh, Momma, it's so much prettier than even in the pictures."

"Yes, it is."

As they parked the little car, Junie cautioned Tammi, "Don't let the dogs crowd you. Stand your ground. Don't talk to them or pet them at first. If you need to move and they are in your way, push them out of the way. It will show them that you are not going to let them push you around." Junie giggled, "It's kind of like dog politics. Bob taught me that. Once they get used to the idea that you are part of the pack and above them in the pecking order, they will obey you."

Bob was walking up as they were getting out of the car. He said a single word in a low voice and the three Golden Retrievers backed away from the car and sat down. A wide smile lit his face as he opened Tammi's car door. "Welcome to our home, young lady. Your momma has been so excited about your visit, I feel like I know you already." He held out his hand to help her out of the car. Tammi froze for a second and then shyly reached for his hand and climbed from her seat. Her voice was soft and uncertain, "Thank you." Once she was out of the car, she nervously pulled her hand from his, her eyes shifting around the yard.

Bob looked at her, his face suddenly thoughtful, "Let me show off my garden and house to you." He turned and walked toward the house.

Tammi shot Junie a nervous look and then moved to follow. Donna was walking out from the house and gave Bob a patient look. "I see you are going to get the grand tour first thing. He doesn't get many opportunities to show off his garden." She gave Junie a hug and asked, "How was your drive?"

Junie smiled, "The drive was wonderful. We drove with the top down the whole way." She turned to Tammi, "Honey, this is Donna."

Tammi returned Donna's smile. Her manner seemed a lot more at ease; some of the tension going out of her shoulders. "Nice to meet you."

Tammi's visit went by quickly. She sat and played with the puppies for a long time, giggling as they climbed all over her chewing and licking at her hands and face. Then she went for a swim in the lake and lay out in the sun on the deck in her bikini. Junie fixed her favorite dinner of lasagna and fresh garlic bread with a big salad from the garden. Tammi continued to seem shy and quiet around Bob, but soon she and Donna were thick as thieves, talking about school and politics. After dinner Bob fired up the hot tub and then discretely went to the garage to work on a carpentry project, "You girls go ahead and have a soak. I will let you guys have some privacy." Donna winked at Tammi, "Swimsuits optional, girlfriend. We tend to be pretty relaxed around here."

Tammi giggled and blushed, "As long as it's just us, I guess it will be okay."

All three of them sat in the hot tub and talked the evening away. When the water got too hot to stand, Donna impishly suggested that they take a quick skinny dip in the lake and then turn in for the night. As they climbed out of the cool water and scampered across the yard, Junie looked at her daughter's tall slender body as she dashed to grab a towel to wrap up in. She smiled in wonder at the amazing beauty of the 18 year old girl's body. A tiny voice in her head wondered how her life would have been different if she had looked like that. Almost as quickly she answered herself. She wouldn't have wanted her life to be any different. Her destiny had brought her here and this was where she was meant to be.

Tammi had gone to bed and Junie was in the kitchen finishing up a couple of little things for breakfast, when Donna grabbed her hand and began to pull her toward the basement. Junie sent an alarmed look toward the room her daughter was sleeping in and then to Donna, her eyes huge and alarmed. Donna slyly put her finger up to her lips and tugged insistently on Junie's hand. Junie bit her lip and let her Mistress drag her down the stairs to her room. Once they were in the basement Junie whispered frantically, "What if she wakes up?"

Donna smiled evilly and whispered back, "I guess we will need to be quiet then, won't we?"

Junie swallowed and nodded. Her voice was low and quivering, "Yes, Ma'am."

Donna pulled her into her room and closed the door behind them. "I would not be surprised if our Master does not come looking for us pretty soon." She took in Junie's apprehensive expression, "Don't be so frightened, Junie. I am sure you will be able to be quiet."

Pushing Junie down onto the bed she murmured, "Sweet Junie, you are way too overdressed. Take off your clothes. My god, girl, you are acting like a virgin about to be ravished."

Junie pulled off her clothing and sat nervously on the foot of the bed looking at her Mistress. A tiny giggle of nervousness shook her as she felt an irrational impulse to cover herself with her hands. She whispered in a tense voice, "This feels so wrong."

"Didn't you have sex with your husband when the children were in the house?"

"Yes, of course, but it always made me nervous." Junie giggled with a memory. "One time we were going at it and I looked over Greg's shoulder and saw Greg Jr. just standing there with the funniest look on his face. He couldn't have been more than four. We put a lock on the door after that."

Donna shook her head, "No pet of mine is going to have a lock on her bedroom door. At least not one that would keep me out, perhaps we might consider one that would keep you in when you have been a bad girl."

Junie put on a pouty face, "I hate being sent to my room. I miss you and Master."

Donna grinned and began to pull off her robe, "Well, Sweet Junie, I want you tonight so you are going to have to keep your screams and moans down to a dull roar or you might just look up to see another of your children watching you. I can only imagine the look on your lovely daughter's face."

Junie made a strangled whimper.

Donna pushed her down and knelt on the bed looking down at Junie, a playful grin lighting up her face. "It was difficult to remember she was your daughter, so much beauty and so off limits. You must make it up to me, parading all that gorgeous 18 year old flesh before me."

Junie's eyes widened in shock, her mouth opening to protest, but Donna laughed and put her fingers over Junie's mouth and taunted softly, "Shhh, mustn't wake up the children. Close your eyes for me, girl, keep them closed." Junie's eyes snapped shut.

Donna's voice was a soft teasing whisper tickling Junie's ear, "And don't worry, my Sweet Junie. I would never touch her. It is just the vision of her that has me all hot and steamy. You must let me take what is mine so that I can turn my mind away from visions of what is beyond my reach." Donna leaned down and sealed Junie's lips with her own, humming a soft greedy, "Mmm," as Junie's lips parted and their tongues began to dance.

When Junie heard her bedroom door open a tiny convulsion of panic shook her and her eyelids fluttered and almost opened. A rush of relief swept over her when she heard her Master's voice, soft and deep, "I see you two decided to wait for me."

Donna laughed and whispered in a loud stage whisper. "We have to be quiet. Junie is afraid of waking up her daughter." Donna looked down at Junie's face and chuckled, "I love that look on your face. It's such a delightful mixture of lust, fear and obedience." She leaned down and took one of Junie's nipples between her lips, sucking it hard and then pulling up and letting it pop free. A shudder ran through Junie, but she lay silent. Donna put her hand on Junie's belly pressing down. "Lie still, Junie. I want you to lie perfectly still and quiet." Junie nodded and quivered as she felt the mattress sag beneath her Master's weight as he moved to the opposite side of her on the bed.

Soon she was contending with the waves of pleasure as both her Master and Mistress began to suck and pull on her nipples, their fingers kneading and working at the heavy weight of her breasts. Junie had a brief vision of the puppies vigorously working at Honey's teats as the grunted and sucked. The tiniest of irrepressible giggles started to vibrate in her throat.

Bob's voice was a deep rumbling growl in her ear. "Your nipples are not so swollen, my sweet Junie. How many times did you put your rubber bands on today?"

Junie froze and stammered, "None times. I am sorry, Master. I was in such a hurry to get out of the house."

"And how many times yesterday?"

A tiny whimper shook Junie; her voice was soft and grief stricken, "None. I forgot."

Bob's fingers trapped and pinched her nipples forcefully, crushing them, forcing a spasm of agony to ripple through her body. "Your excitement over the puppies and your daughter's visit has distracted you from your duties."

Junie clenched her teeth and choked down the squeal of pain that welled up. Forcing herself to breathe in short soft pants through her nose she fought to lay still. Bob's voice continued in her ear, "Tell me, Junie, tell what the simple request I have made of you is?" His fingers twisted cruelly.

In a tiny, quavering voice Junie groaned out, "Three... three times a day... 30 minutes. I'm... I'm... sorry... Please. I'll be good... Ah! Ah!" Soft little cries of pain began to leak from her lips as he began to pinch harder. Donna put her hand over Junie's mouth and softly hissed, "Hush, girl." Then she leaned down and sealed Junie's lips with her own.

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