tagBDSMFinding Happiness Ch. 14

Finding Happiness Ch. 14


Chapter 14: Disobedience

Bob sat down at the table and put on a broad smile. "So, what was it we were talking about when we were so rudely interrupted?"

Junie cracked up, "I think I was telling you about the canvas sling I made. But it's kind of hard to describe, I would much prefer to demonstrate it for you." She looked up at him through her lashes and bit her lower lip.

Bob laughed and commented, "I am more of a hands-on learner."

As Junie began to pick up after dinner, Bob mentioned that he had found potential buyers for three more of the puppies. "All we have left is one female."

Junie looked up in alarm and whispered, "Happy?"

Donna looked at Junie and frowned, "Junie, I thought we had discussed this. You cannot give that puppy to someone as a surprise. It would not be fair to Happy or Monica."

Junie fell to her knees by her Mistress, "But Ma'am, I know, I just know, that it's a good idea. It's perfect. Please don't sell Happy until I can figure out a way to make this happen. I know if I can just take Happy to Oregon and show her to Monica, Monica would want her."

Donna looked down at Junie in consternation, "Now you want to go to Oregon?"

"Oh, yes, I do. I just have to go." Junie looked back and forth between her Master and her Mistress, her face pleading, "Please, it's really important to me. I will do anything you say."

Bob looked at Junie, "Junie, this is for your Mistress and I to discuss. So, for now, I will do this. I will not find a home for Happy until we decide. But your assignment is to accept whatever we decide, and until then do not bring this up to us again."

Just the promise to not sell Happy caused a rush of excitement to flood through her. "Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!"

Bob's voice called down the stairs, "Junie, are you down there? I want that 'hands-on learning' experience."

She called up, "Master, I'm in my sewing room. I'm getting the stuff," and quickly gathered up the confusing armload of canvas, buckles, and straps and headed out to the playroom. She was laying them out on the floor when Bob came down into the basement.

She showed him how there were three major supports that would hold the majority of her weight: two wide bands that went behind her hips and shoulders, and then some slings that could support her legs and feet. The straps were all adjustable and attached to the eye rings of the swing frame he had made earlier. Getting in was a little awkward, and she needed a stepstool and his help to steady her, but soon he was pushing her back and forth. Junie was giggling as they goofed around, trying out various angles and positions while fully dressed. But soon her giggles were replaced by soft sighs, as Bob held her tightly and ground his swelling cock against her crotch.

Bob's voice took on a deeper tone, "Yes, this is definitely better. Come, Junie; let's get you out of this contraption. We'll want to use your ass tonight, so you must prepare yourself for that."

A rush of excitement made Junie swallow and stammer, "Y... yes..., Master," she said, as a warm flood of moisture soaked her panties.

Getting out of the sling was even clumsier and Junie showed him how the straps could be released if there was an emergency or if there were any other kinds of problems. "I think I could sit in this thing for quite a while, but eventually my legs might get a little numb. There's almost no stress on my arms though; all my weight is supported by my hips and shoulders. It's completely adjustable, so Donna will be able to play with it too."

Once she was out and they untangled the canvas and straps, Bob gave her a quick swat on the bottom. "Go start getting ready. I'll send your Mistress down to help you, if I can pull her away from those puppies."

"Is that where she is?"

"You aren't the only one suffering from a bad case of puppy love. She's going to be as sorry as you are to see them go."

Junie was finishing making the enema solution when Donna came into the bathroom. She looked up and smiled, "How are our puppies?"

"They are wonderful. I love it now that their eyes are open. I need a shower though; I'm completely covered with puppy kisses."

Junie giggled, "Now I am jealous."

Donna took the enema bag from Junie's hands, "Let me help you with that, sweet girl." Her voice taking on the firm cool tones that Junie was learning to recognize as her Mistress taking charge of her.

"Yes, Mistress." A soft wave of calmness washed over Junie. She felt almost an opening of her spirit as she felt herself slipping deeper into her submission. She felt like she was moving slower, more deliberately, yet alert for the slightest indication of what their needs for her would be. Junie knelt before her Mistress. "Command me, my Mistress; I exist to serve you and my Master."

Donna gathered up a handful of Junie's hair, firmly twisting her face up to regard her Mistress looking down at her, "You are acting like such a good girl... now, Junie." Junie found herself looking up apprehensively at her Mistress, wondering what she had done.

As Junie knelt on the floor clenching her sphincters, struggling to hold the warm solution inside her bowels, she was shocked to feel Donna's hand sharply spank into one of her ass cheeks. Her Mistress had never spanked her before. Junie gasped and focused on holding the water inside her. Donna's voice was admonishing, "Junie, if I tell you 'no' about something, it is completely inappropriate to defy me and beg me to change my mind. And worse to go to our Master, hoping he will overrule my decision. I'm disappointed that you disturbed our Master with this trivia."

Junie gasped in a strangled voice, "I'm sorry, Mistress, you said I couldn't give Happy as a gift. I though you meant that I needed Monica to want Happy and be willing to commit. I was trying to figure out how to do that, how to get Monica to see that having Happy would help her. You didn't say that I couldn't ask Monica if she wanted Happy."

"So now you decide to interpret my words to fit your expectations?" Donna continued to spank Junie firmly, moving back and forth across Junie's broad bottom. Junie's bowels were churning and deep, agonizing cramps were making her feel nauseous.

While the blows from Donna's hands were nowhere as painful as Bob's when he spanked her, somehow the knowledge that her Mistress was punishing her was devastating to Junie. Junie burst into tears and sobbed, "I'm sorry. I just wanted it so bad." A particularly strong cramp made Junie double up. Her voice a strangled groan, "Oh god, Ma'am, please can I let it out?"

Donna's voice was icy, "Get up and get on the toilet, Junie."

Junie scrambled to sit and whimpered out, "Thank you, Ma'am," as she finally could release the pressure inside her.

"We are not finished with this, Junie. But tonight our Master has some plans for both of us. This will have to wait until tomorrow."

Junie's face was a mask of sadness as they came out from their shower. Bob was arranging some things from the toy box and he looked up curiously at the expression on Junie's face. Donna commented dryly, "I was just talking to Junie about how disappointed I was that she felt compelled to continue with this puppy foolishness after I had told her that it was out of the question."

Junie shot Donna a sad look, every fiber of her being wanted to protest that her Mistress had never used those words. If her Mistress had used those words, she would have never said another thing. But in her heart she knew that she would probably have tried to figure out a way to make it happen, no matter what her Mistress had said.

Bob frowned, "I told Junie not to bring that up and now I will tell you the same thing. I will think about it and decide. Both of you will accept my decision. Now, I don't want to fucking talk about this again and you better not let this spoil our play tonight, or both of you will end up regretting ever speaking to me about this." Bob arched his brow and looked at both of them, "Understood?"

Junie was immensely relieved, but she could still sense Donna's tension. Junie looked at Donna, pleading with her eyes to please just let it go like their Master had directed. Junie knelt down at her Master's feet. "I'm sorry, Master, my actions were disobedient to my Mistress."

Bob ignored her and kept his eyes on Donna, measuring, "Junie, show your Mistress how to assist you getting into the swing and how the emergency releases work."

"Yes, Sir." Junie pulled the stepstool up and, looking at Donna a little nervously, then she spoke carefully. "Mistress, it is easier for me to get up if I have this stool to stand on." Donna nodded, but didn't speak as Junie eased her weight down on the wide band and then leaned back on the support that held her shoulders. "I can lean back like this." Junie reached and tried to slip the leg supports over her feet and teetered and grabbed the straps. "Ma'am, could you please help me put those over my feet? They slip up my legs so that I can have some support under my thighs. That way, I can still have my legs spread wide so that you or my Master can have access to... um... everything."

Donna reached and began to slide the leg supports on and spoke for the first time, her voice acid and mocking, "...um, everything? Junie, stop acting like a little fucking virgin. Um, everything what? Say it. Say the dirty words, Junie. Tell us what you want."

Junie gulped and mumbled, "I'm sorry, Ma'am. You and my Master can have access to my cunt and asshole."

"Stop mumbling, I could not quite hear you. You need to speak up when you speak to us. Tell me again and tell me what we can do to you."

Junie let her weight settle onto the supports on her thighs and let the band under the curve of her ass slip up, taking almost all her weight on her thighs. Spreading her legs wide she took a deep breath. "I can hang here like this, with my legs wide, and my asshole and cunt are completely accessible for your use. You can fuck my ass and my cunt both at the same time, if that is your pleasure." Her voice was clear and loud; a wave of embarrassment and humiliation swept through her, but at the same time she could feel that same intangible sensation of opening, calming, becoming more pliant, and sliding deeper into her submission.

"And, my little slut, what is your pleasure?"

The words poured from Junie, "Oh please, let me serve you. I exist to serve you. I want to obey. Please use me for your pleasure."

Donna ran her hands down Junie's body, trailing her nails across Junie's skin, leaving red lines as they scored her flesh. "Beg us to fuck you, Junie. Beg us to fuck your ass and cunt."

An almost irresistible wave of excitement seized Junie, her cunt clenching and throbbing. She could feel her nipples tighten into knots. "I belong to you, all of me, it's all yours. Please fuck this slave. I beg you to fuck me. Fuck all my holes. Please fuck my ass and cunt. Use me like the slut I am." She writhed in the swing, making herself sway back and forth. "Please."

Donna cupped Junie's breasts and then pinched her nipples. "Would you like that, my little slave slut? Would you like me and our Master to fuck you like that?"

"Oh yes, please."

Bob pulled Donna back. "Donna, go put on your strap on."

Junie made a little whimpering groan as she saw the nipple clamps in his hands. Bob leaned down and took a nipple between his lips, sucking and pulling then letting the hard nub slip between his lips with a pop. As the teeth of the clamp sank into her sensitized flesh Junie cried out, "Yes, Master, use me."

When the teeth of the second clamp compressed her other nipple, Junie looked up at Bob and grated out, "Yes, like that. Thank you. More please."


Junie's voice was breathless and excited, "Yes, please, Master. I want everything. More pain, more pleasure, hurt me, fuck me."

Bob smiled and stroked her face, "Such a good little slut. There will be more." He attached the chain between the clamps and, pursing his lips thoughtfully, he tied a short length of twine to the chain and lifted the weight of her breasts up and tied it off on the support of the swing.

Junie gasped and breathed through her mouth as she adjusted to the rush of pain. Her voice was strained, "Thank you, Master."

"My pleasure."

"Yes, for you, for your pleasure."

Junie's eyes grew round and blinked as she suddenly took in the sight of Donna wearing the strap on; the largest dildo swaying as Donna playfully swung her hips back and forth. Donna met Junie's eyes and smiled predatorily. "You want me to fuck you with this, don't you, Junie? You want this monster cock crammed up your protesting little asshole, don't you?"

"Oh god, Ma'am; it's so big."

"But you want it. Tell me how much you want me to fuck your ass with this."

Junie's voice was hoarse with excitement, "I really want it. I want you to rape my ass with that big cock. Please do it to me."

Donna laughed delightedly, "I am going to so fuck you."

Bob's voice was sharp and directive, "Not until Junie is completely ready. You want to fuck her with that thing, you better make sure she is completely relaxed." He gripped the back of Donna's neck and propelled her around to behind Junie, pushed her down to her knees, and pressed her face against Junie's ass. "Get to work, bitch. I want Junie screaming for you to fuck her before you stop."

Junie convulsed as she felt Donna's tongue stroking the length of her crack, "Oh, god."

She heard Donna's voice muffled against her ass, "You know you like it, slut. Tell me how much you like it."

Junie writhed and moaned as she felt Donna's tongue, warm and soft, massaging circles over her asshole. "Yes, it feels good." Another spasm of pleasure rocked her as her Master knelt and pressed his mouth to her cleft, his tongue spreading her folds, licking in long bold strokes. "Oh fuck, yes!" Junie undulated and squealed as the competing sensations forced her body to jerk and sway. The movements made the clamps tug on her nipples, feeding the fire that was growing inside her.

It didn't take long before Junie sensed a growing tension in her body. Her cries began to take on a building urgency. Her Master pulled his face from her and growled sharply, "No, Junie, you may not come until you are filled front and back. You must have your Mistress buried to the hilt inside your ass and me filling you in the front. Only then may you find your passion." Standing he gripped her hips and plunged deep into her cunt.

A sharp cry broke from Junie's lips, "Oh god, yes!"

Junie squirmed as she felt her Mistress's fingers probe deeply into her nether passage, slippery with lubricant. Her Mistress's voice echoed her Master's, "Yes, Junie, not until I am buried to the hilt in this hot tasty ass of yours."

Junie cried out impatiently, "Then do it! Oh god, please do it."

Donna continued to probe and work her fingers deep inside Junie, matching the rhythm of her Master's cock thrusting deep, sending irresistible waves of heat and light through Junie's body.

Donna's voice tormented her, "Do what, Junie? What does your slutty ass want? Say it. Beg me for it."

Junie's voice cracked and broke a sob choking her, "Please, Ma'am. Fuck me. Fuck my ass. I can't wait much longer. It's too much." Junie paused and grated out. "God damn it, shove that thing into me."

Donna burst out with a delighted laugh. "If you insist, my little slut, remember not to come until I'm all the way in."

Junie squealed in excitement as she felt the firm head of the dildo push against her and slip inside, the sudden shock of pain eclipsed by her relief. Her squeal strangled and changed to a wail of frustration when she felt Donna pull it out again. "Please, oh god, please don't stop."

Over and over Donna would push just the tip into Junie's ass and then withdraw. Junie struggled to push back to make the dildo slide deeper, but the swing did not give her any leverage. Her Master's hands kept her trapped as he plunged into her over and over. The only thing her contortions did was to cause her nipples to jerk against their clamps; the lancing pain only added to her desperate struggle to contain the orgasm building within her.

Her eyes found her Master's, locking on his electric blue gaze. "Master, I am going to fail. Help me."

Bob's pace slowed and, as he stared deep into her eyes, his gaze hardened, "Junie, I am not the one you must beg. Plead with your Mistress."

Junie tried to turn her head to look at Donna. Her voice was thick with tears, "Please Ma'am, I don't want to fail. I want to obey. Please don't make me fail. Take me please, help me."

Junie gasped as she felt her Mistress thrust sharply, piercing deeper. Donna's voice was tight, "Who owns your ass, slut?"

"You do. Oh god, yes! Do it! Fuck me! My ass is yours."

Finally she felt Donna's hips pressing firmly against her, the harness scraping against the soft skin of her ass cheeks. Donna continued to grind and lunge against her, working her own cunt against the base of the dildo buried deeply in Junie. Her breath was hot in Junie's ear. "Yes, you little slut. Your ass is mine. Feel me inside you." Donna began to pull out and lunge deep, slamming the strap on cock into Junie's ass in short brutal thrusts. Donna's voice was a tense groan, "Come for me, Junie. Come with me." Donna's fingers reached around and released the clamps. A renewed wave of intense sensations shook through Junie.

Bob's hands clenched strong on her hip, his rhythms matching Donna's, each of them plunging into Junie's body, crushing her between them, "Yes, Junie, now come for us. Obey your Mistress, give us your passion."

Junie gripped the straps of the swing and groaned out one last word, "Obey," and began to shudder as her orgasm began to shake her. Waves of ecstasy flowed over her as she felt herself being tossed back and forth between them, swinging weightlessly back and forth on the swing. Long deep groans shaking her as her orgasm waned and then began to build again under their relentless assault. Finally she found herself pressed between them, her body filled and stretched. She could feel her lovers lose their rhythm, jerk and shudder as they reached their peaks. Junie felt surrounded by their strength, their pleasure, and joined them falling and flying with them.

As Donna helped Junie untangle herself from the swing, Junie whispered softly to her Mistress, "Thank you, Ma'am," her eyes searching out her Mistress's trying to gauge her mood. A sharp pang pierced through Junie's heart when Donna avoided her eyes.

Again, it was over breakfast when Bob chose to speak to Donna about her behavior. "My goddess, your struggle to find balance in the middle has been difficult for you."

Donna looked up from her frittata and carefully swallowed and put her fork down, "Yes, it has."

"Both Junie and I sensed your anger last night. I had hoped to have a simple, fun-filled romp with Junie's new toy she had so ingeniously made for us. Instead, I found myself pulled into your anger and our girl was literally trapped between us."

Junie pressed her lips together, resisting the impulse to try and protect Donna and to protest that she was not hurt, that she did not mind being trapped. A tiny random thought bubbled up from nowhere that being in the middle felt amazing. She gritted her teeth and strangled down a giggle. She sat quietly looking at Donna, doing her best to communicate with her eyes that she did not mind, that she loved Donna no matter what.

Donna nodded her face coloring, "Yes, you're right. I did let my anger control my impulses."

"A good Mistress must be very aware of both her and her sub's emotions. It was difficult because we were both sharing Junie and you could not let go of your need to dominate. Junie was trapped between two Masters last night. It is a measure of our girl's spirit that she tried to meet that challenge and give us both what we wanted. Our moods and styles did not match. Perhaps I was in error to let it continue. Maybe it would have been better to stop."

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