tagRomanceFinding Her Ch. 2

Finding Her Ch. 2


This is the second installment of 'Finding Her'. You should read chapter one before reading this. I am also sorry about the mistakes that have been made. I write for the enjoyment, I am not professionally trained. Still I hope everyone likes it. :)

George closed his eyes tightly and headed toward her. This was the moment, the moment that he had dreamt about for all these long months and days. He would finally get her in his arms. She would be his again, his to hold, caress, and make love to. His heart was hers to do what she would; he just hoped that she would treat it kindly.

Beautiful, that was the thought that came to his mind as he made his way across the pale brown carpet that separated them. She was absolutely beautiful with her glossy shiny hair that hung to her waist like a golden curtain. Her face was perfect in his eyes, even though he had heard her complain many times about the way her nose curled up and the fact that she was always being told she looked like a teenager. She had a priceless beauty that made men stop in the street to stare and yet she had chosen him.

Chloe's heart beat so fast that she was almost afraid that George would be able to see it through the robe that she had changed into after her number. He was still as handsome as she remembered. A small part of her laughed as she realized it had only been a few months…about 7 if she remembered right. It seemed so much longer. So long since she had felt his hand caress her arm, since she had kissed him lightly on the lips before leaving the apartment they shared. She had missed him, more that she had ever missed anyone before and that scared her. Chloe wasn't use to missing, much less needing anyone but she needed George, in every sense of the word.

She felt her nipples harden, her groin begin to throb as she let her mind slip back to the first time they had made love. It had been the first time that she had done that, made love. Before with other partners it had been sex or fucking, but with George, it was so much more. Her body had been on fire with the feelings that had run through her. She had a orgasm for the first time from penetration, not that George was abnormal in size, but simply because of what he could do with what he had. She recalled laughing more than once, crying a few times, and just being unbelievably happy the whole time. He seemed to know every nerve in her body and he played them like a concert pianist, making her hit a high note more than once.

Chloe started from her thoughts as she felt George's breath on her cheek. How had he come to be so close to her without her knowing it, she wondered. She raised her eyes to his, seeing amusement and lust swirling in his beautiful blue eyes. She had always known that he wanted her body at the very least. What she wanted to know was whether he wanted her for more than sex. She was paid to make men want her, and even before she became a stripper, she never called it exotic dancing because it was and always will be, stripping. Even before she had become a stripper, she had been using her body to get what she wanted. Every man in some way wants to know that a beautiful woman wants him. Chloe just let more than one at a time know she did.

George smiled at her, knowing that she hadn't seen his approach, knowing that she had been lost in thought. She could at times go so deep in thought that he would wonder what planet she had slipped off to be on. He could still picture one time when she had been washing dishes, her hands in the water, her gaze focused on nothing at all. He had called her name but she hadn't answered him. At first, he was afraid that she was ill, or had slipped into a coma or something, but no, her eyes, while her body was still, her eyes were moving fast almost as if she were reading. He had snuck up behind her while she dreamed and wrapped his arms around her. She had squealed like he was hurting her, but he hadn't been. Nothing on this earth could make him hurt her.

He could still remember what she had looked like as he had turned her, making her face him. Her eyes had been bright and shiny, innocent in all things, so deceptive from the job and the life that she lived. That moment, in their kitchen, with her soapy hands, and her face clean from makeup, Chloe had been the most beautiful creature that he had ever viewed. George had pulled her to him, backing them both against the counter of the sink and began to kiss her, showing her how much he loved her, but mostly, to just relish in the knowledge that she was his. She had pressed her lips to his, while at the same time, pressing her hips to his groin, encouraging him to continue. He had slipped his hands down to her bottom, lifting her slightly, so that their bodies could be aligned. She had pulled her lips from his, looked him in the eyes and said-

"Hello, Georgie, how ya been?" Chloe's word broke through the past to draw him back to the dingy little dressing room where they presently were. Damn it, what was it with her and the way that she always seemed to disrupt his fantasies/memories. More than a little put out, he looked at her, letting her see his irritation. She just smiled, seemed he wasn't the only one that knew other people's thoughts.

"I'm good, Chloe, how about you? You sure look good, that's for sure."

As Chloe talked, George watched her lips move, watched her breasts move underneath the robe she wore, and he wondered if she was as excited as he. He could tell that her nipples were erected but that could have been from the temperature of the room. He wanted more than anything to pull her from her chair at the mirror, put her in his lap, and slip a finger into her. He knew that she would be slightly wet, she always seemed to be. He wanted to spread her thighs and see if her clit was standing at attention. He needed to bury his tongue in her opening, needed to suck her juices from her, but the time for that was soon.

Chloe continued to ramble, allowing George time to think, to remember, and remember he did. His mind returned to the one time he had actually allowed her to visit him at the office. After that one time, he had put a stop to it very fast. She had shone up at his office in a jersey dress that had stopped at about mid-thigh. Every eye in the office had been on her, and the way that she had moved. George had about had a heartache when he had seen her. He had ushered her back into the elevator, telling her that he had been on the way to lunch. As soon as the door had shut, he pushed her against the side and began to kiss her deeply and passionately. Her leg moved up to rub against the side of his, allowing her dress to open and he quickly took advantage of the situation by sliding his hand beneath the bottom of the dress. He encountered no resistance, meaning she had left the apartment with no panties! This woman would be the death of him.

Chloe had smiled that secret smile that only women seemed to know and he had been lost. Growling, he began to attack her throat, sucking, licking, and kissing it alternately. His voice when he told her, "You have been a bad girl, Chloe" was so different from the soothing voice that had talked jumpers down from ledges. His voice was husky, deep, and so lust filled it is a wonder he was able to even push the words through. She had just laughed and giggled, and answered in a little girl voice, "Oh, daddy I didn't mean to be bad. I just wanted to surprise you at work. I'm sorry."

The words, heard in George's mind from far away still ignited him. It was a game that the two played, one that made George hardened even now. He loved it when she called him Daddy. Not in a sick perverted way but still it provided so many LONG sessions of love making.

His words to her that day in the elevator came to him suddenly. "Yes, I know, baby. It was very nice of you to come see me but what have we talked about? You must wear panties when you leave the house, ok?" She had looked at him and as innocent as only she could be had said, "Yes, Daddy."

He hadn't given her much chance of talking much after that. He kissed her as his fingers found their way to her clit and he began to massage the little button, making Chloe moan out loud. It's a good thing George had hit the stop button on the elevator or who knows who could have gotten quite a show. Chloe had squirmed against his hands, almost cumming just from that, but George wouldn't let her. He had to be inside her, so as he unzipped his pants he let his fingers slide in and out of her, jamming them hard one minute, and then slowly inserting them in the next.

After his pants were unzipped and he was open for everyone to see, he pulled his fingers away. Her groans of wanting made him smile. Whispering words of nonsense, he pulled her into his arms, cupping her butt in his hands as he pulled her off her feet. He pressed her back against the wall and slid himself into her. She was so wet he almost slid back out again, but he stopped the movement. Her muscles tight around him made him moan. He kissed her as began to withdraw from her slowly, allowing her to feel every inch of his length. Once almost all the way out, he suddenly slammed back into her hard, smiling as she screamed lightly. He knew today was going to be fast and furious, just the way both of them liked.

He rotated his hips, grinding into her, pressing against her clit with his body. She wouldn't last long this time, he knew and so did she. He slowed his movements, just to tease her, knowing that he couldn't keep the slow movement up even if she had wanted him too. Chloe's hands had found their way to his ass and she gripped him hard, her nails digging into the flesh. George knew that she has just marked him but he didn't care. He considered them battle scars, scars that he was proud to have, simply because he was proud to have HER.

His mouth found hers again, and his tongue mimicked the motion of them. In and out he went, taking them both to the place that only lovers can go. Suddenly, Chloe came, screaming his name, her inner muscles contracting around his hardness. The feeling alone of her cum washing over him was too much. His body stiffened and he came inside her, filling her unprotected womb with his seed. Neither lover seemed to care as they hung together, basking in the after glow.

George groaned silently as he remembered this, hardening more if that was possible. Looking at her, standing right in front of him, he had to have her, right this moment. With lust-crazed eyes, George pulled her to him, ignoring her words of protest. He knew that once he kissed her she would be gone, she always had been. Inclining his head towards her, he pressed his lips to hers, tasting her sweet lips for the first time in a long time. He drank from her lips hungrily, like a man gone without water for days. His thirst was a big one, and it would be mighty to fill.

**Note: I know, once again, I have left off before the actual intercourse. Don't blame it on me. It's all the characters' fault. They are the one's telling the story, not me. Please continue to give feedback, I love to hear that people are reading my work.

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