tagBDSMFinding Her Master Pt. 02

Finding Her Master Pt. 02


Chapter Three

Joe sat back in his chair, smiling to himself, picking up the phone he called his favorite restaurant by the bay. He asked for a booth by the large window in back for two. Closing out the day, he went home to make sure his play room was clean.

Joe had one room made into a dungeon complete with a x cross and bondage table. On the walls, he had a selection of whips, floggers and restraints. He also had a bondage pony with a 4-inch padded top. Only half was padded, the other half had a ridge so a sub's pussy would sit nicely for torture. He made a mental note to stop by the bondage store for a few new items for her on his way home that night.

They had a great selection of restraints and other bondage items. Joe selected a waist belt with a crotch strap. The strap had areas to attach two plugs or vibrators. Joe found a leather ring gag for her sweet mouth. On the way out, he spied a pair of clover clamps with a nice chain for weights.

Robin's heart was pounding in her chest as she drove home, "He knows, he knows it's me that wants to be his slave," she thought to herself.

A smile crossed her face, her pussy flowing wetness down her ass on to her seat. Her hands holding her steering wheel tight, her lower lip sucked deep into her mouth. Just the thought of having his arms around her made her shudder with excitement. When she finally made it home, her legs were shaking so bad she could hardly stand to walk.

Robin turned on her laptop looking at her court schedule, "Good, no cases the next few days," she could call her secretary and reschedule some of her appointments, she thought to herself.

Calling her office, she was glad her secretary was still there, telling her she had to take a couple of days off for personal reasons and to reschedule her appointments for next week.

Robin wanted to look her best for her soon to be Master. She called her hair stylist making an appointment for that Friday morning, also arranging to have her nails done at the same time. She also made an appointment to have her pussy waxed. Thursday she would go to the gym for her regular workout and then go to the tanning salon.

While she was lying under the tanning bed lights, she thought of what it might be like to be utterly in his control. Her mind faded to her favorite fantasy where she was tied to a bedpost, standing with her back against it; coils of rope holding her rigid, a hood over her head, the sting of the whip hitting her breasts, leaving deep red stripes over them with the hits continuing down her body to her thighs. She had lost count of the hits, tears streaming down under her hood. She wished he could see them. They were tears of pleasure, not pain.

The timer buzzed and she opened the lid of the tanning bed. Standing up, she noticed her nipples were rock hard and pointing straight out, and her pussy was wet. Some of her juices flowed down her inner thighs. She desperately wanted to go home and masturbate. She reminded herself that she had to control herself for one more day.

Robin walked over to the dress shop. It was her favorite shop, because they carried the most revealing clothes and styles. There she found a red silk strapless dress that hugged her body. The hem was just halfway to her knees and the bust held her breasts nicely without a bra. It clung to her like a glove. She also found a pair of sheer red t-back panties, a pair of black seamed stockings and a white lace garter belt. This outfit would go great with her five-inch black stilettos. As Friday came closer, Robin was getting more excited and was constantly fantasizing about the coming night.

Thursday night Robin had another restless night sleeping. His image kept coming into her mind. She was tied face down on his bed, spread eagle, the flogger stinging her back, some of his hits landing on her exposed pussy, making her arch her back up to him with each strike. She tried to scream, but the ball gag he had shoved into her mouth only made her whimper. Joe was fondling her clit, bringing her closer to the edge, only to flog her again. He did this several times to her helpless body.

Robin woke up the next morning, her bed sheets piled into a ball between her legs, her pussy still wet from her dream. Her stomach was in a knot from the images in her mind.

Joe had consumed her mind, just the thought of him using her for his pleasure made her hot pussy pulse.

"What if I am not good enough?" She thought, "What will happen then?" The thought of not pleasing him completely had her almost in tears.

"No, I can't think that. I will be what he wants. I want this to happen." Robin told herself, holding back the fear of his rejection of her.

Robin slowly got out of bed, walking out to the kitchen nude to make some coffee and find something to eat. While she was waiting for the coffee to brew, she opened her laptop going to the personal bondage website, clicking on his personal ad.

"Hopefully this will be removed after tonight," she thought to herself smiling.

Robin opened her e-mail account typing in his address:

Master Joe,

Thank you for ordering me to dinner tonight. I, your possible slave, will be ready for your arrival. If you have any specific instructions for this slave to follow before you arrive, e-mail me back with your orders. I have amended the rules you sent to me. Please accept these rules. We can discuss them later tonight if you wish.

Your humble slave to be,


Robin attached the rules to the e-mail and with her shaking finger, clicked the send button. She noticed that her lower lip was sucked deep into her mouth, her thighs tightly clenched together. She was breathing heavily through her nose, her hard pebbles on her breasts aching to be touched.

Standing up from her chair, her legs parted, cool air hit her hot wet pussy, sending a chill right to her clit. She felt the wetness flow down her thighs, sending more chills up her body. Reaching for her coffee cup, her hand shaking, Robin had to hold it in both hands.

"Calm down girl, quit being so nervous, and relax," she thought to herself.

Speaking out loud, "God, what has he done to me? I am a nervous wreck! I have to calm down!"

Robin carried her coffee to the table, picking a banana from the bowl, slowly pulling the peels away. She slowly brought it to her mouth, opening her lips. As the banana slowly entered her mouth, her lips surrounding it, she slowly pushed it in her mouth.

"Mmmm, only if this was his cock," she thought closing her eyes.

Robin slowly pushed the banana in and out of her mouth, her thoughts of taking him deep for the first time.

Her eyes flew open in shock, "Damn, I can't even eat a banana without thinking of him!" her mind screamed, a smile on her face as she took a bite.

While Robin was at home she did some work on her laptop, only to shut it down because her mind went to tonight's dinner date with her new Master. Joe was at work when his e-mail dinged alerting him to a new message. Opening his e-mail account, he saw the message was from Robin, with an attachment titled rules.

As he read her message, he could not help it. Lowering one hand, he rubbed his growing cock through his pants.

"Hmm, that's good she is asking if I have any special orders for her tonight," he thought to himself smiling, he decided to make her wait for his reply.

Joe called Dave into his office asking, "Dave, do you mind closing up tonight? I have something special planned for tonight."

"No problem, Joe, who's the lucky girl?" he asked with a grin.

"The woman with the BMW you worked on the other day for your information," Joe growled.

"No shit, you're kidding right? She is a knock out, Joe," Dave said while leaving.

Joe left the shop at three o'clock, driving home to get ready for his date with his new possible slave. Walking straight to the bathroom, he turned on the faucets for the shower, stepping inside. As he was washing his body, he saw the rope he had hanging from the ceiling. He had placed a rope there for when he needed to wash his sub's after a hard night of play. Joe always loved washing them with their hands tied by the rope over their heads.

When he was finished in the bathroom, Joe went over to his closet picking out his clothes for tonight. He chose a pair of dress jeans, light blue shirt and a leather belt, placing them on the bed. For shoes, he chose his dress motorcycle boots. He also laid out his leather jacket that was made with extra pockets inside the jacket for some select toys. Joe had chosen a pair of handcuffs, a four-inch anal plug, remote egg vibrator, the new leather ring gag and a blindfold.

Robin checked her e-mail every half hour, but there was still no reply from Joe. It was time for her to get ready for the night out with her new Master, if he decides to have her as a sub. She made an aroma therapy bath to relax. She wondered if she made the right decision to go out with him. Her mind was thinking it was a mistake, but her hand on her clit had other ideas. Stroking her clit, she envisioned herself tied at his feet, hogtied, gagged and blindfolded, the flogger's sting as it hit her ass. She moaned as the waves of a climax started to build. She stopped. She had to hold off until she was told to cum.

She dried off, still thinking of the night to come. While Robin fixed her hair, she looked in the mirror and ran her hands over her breasts and pussy. She applied her makeup, not much, because she remembered that he'd mentioned once that he liked the natural look. She chose a cinnamon scent and added just a touch of perfume behind her ears and neck, plus a small touch on her pussy. The silken feel of the stockings going on her legs sent a shudder up her body. Her fingers were shaking a little as she hooked them to the garters. The sheer red t-back panties slid up her legs and over her ass. The dress was last; she carefully pulled it over her head, letting it slowly slip down her body.

Robin stood in front of her full length mirror, her hands sliding over the fabric of her dress, her hands cupping her breasts. She turned sideways looking over her shoulder checking for any wrinkles. Picking her shoes up in her hand Robin walked back in the dining room, looked at her laptop. There was a new message, so she clicked on the icon, opening her mail account. It was from Joe.

Her heart thumped in her chest, her mouth suddenly dry, "I hope it is good news," she thought as she read the message:


Thank you for sending the rules back to me. We will discuss them this evening. The only orders I have are be ready to leave the moment I arrive and wear a shawl over your shoulders. No need for a reply.


Robin's eyes grew wide. She groaned, he signed as it Master! Her heart raced, her stomach tightened sending a gush of her fluid from her pussy wetting her panties, her lower lip disappearing in her mouth, her teeth biting it.

"A shawl...why does he want me to wear a shawl over my shoulders?" she wondered.

Thankfully the only shawl she had was a white lace one that would match her dress. Robin quickly went to her closet getting the shawl, putting it over her shoulders. She went back to the dining room, placing her heels on her feet. She stole a quick look in the mirror at herself, a huge smile on her face. Robin heard Joe's car pull in her driveway, she felt her body tremble at the sound of his car door slamming.

The sound of his footsteps coming to her door, the sound of the door bell ringing in her ears had her trembling in anticipation.

When Joe reached her door, he could see her through the small window by the door, she was stunningly dressed.

Just as the sound of the doorbell stopped, Robin opened the door, "Please come in, Sir," she purred.

Robin stepped to the side so Joe could walk in. Robin followed behind Joe as he walked to the dining room. Joe saw her in the light, her dress stuck to body, showing her graceful curves. As Robin passed Joe, he grabbed her wrist, pulling her close to him. He could smell her perfume mixed with the musky smell of her body, he felt his cock stir in his pants as he lowered his lips to hers.

He felt her take a sudden gasp of breath through her nose as he kissed her hard and deep. Joe released her, then gently pushed her away from him, "Ready?" was all he asked her, smiling.

His eyes bore into hers as she stammered, "Yes, Master."

Robin walked on trembling legs to the table picking up her purse. "Wow, damn that was intense!" she thought to herself.

Joe heard her shoes make clicking noises on the marble floor as she walked.

Joe held her arm as they walked out to the car. He opened the passenger door for Robin, and she made no attempt to hide her panties as she sat down in the seat. Joe walked around the car and got in. Robin watched as Joe walked around the car and spied the clamps where Joe had put them.

She asked, "Who are those for, Sir?" with a slight grin on her lips.

"Those are for you to wear tonight," Joe answered. "Pull your top down," Joe ordered.

Robin pulled the top of her dress down, exposing her breasts. Her nipples were already getting hard. Joe reached over taking a nipple in his fingers, rolling it between them, pulling on her nipple while he attached the clamp, tightening the adjusting screw until he heard her gasp. Then went a little tighter, repeating the same thing to her other nipple.

Robin felt her nipples begin to throb as the clamps bit into her nipples, sending bolts of pain to her clit, making it throb. Joe told her to put her dress over her breasts, as they were going to stay on her for a while. The outline of the clamps on her nipples showing through the dress was intoxicating.

As they got near the restaurant, Joe told her to put her shawl over her shoulders and cover her breasts. Robin placed the wrap over her shoulders. Joe pulled up in front of the main door, the valet opening Joe's door. Another valet started to open Robin's door, but Joe told him he would take care of the door. Joe opened her door helping Robin from the car, flashing the valet a shot of her red panties. Joe tipped them as they walked inside.

They were taken to their table, the waiter asking if they wanted a cocktail.

"No, not right now, give us a few moments please." Joe replied.

"Yes, Sir," he said walked off to tend to his other tables.

"Remove your wrap," Joe told her.

Robin shot a glance to Joe saying, "Sir, they will see the clamps."

Joe just replied, "Yes, they will."

There was a lighted candle on the table; it showed the outline of her clamped nipples. The waiter came over and asked if we were ready to order.

"Yes, we are," Joe answered and ordered for both of them. "We will have a glass of white wine and small Caesar salad. The chef's chicken Marsala."

The waiter noticed her nipples and was staring at them. Robin noticed the bulge in his pants and smiled. He thanked them and went to place their order.

Joe opened his coat, pulling out the anal plug and the egg vibrator, showing it to her. Joe then ordered her, "Take these items, go to the restroom and insert the plug up your ass, the vibe in your pussy. Remove your panties and hand them to me when you return to the table. You will leave your wrap here. The restroom is across from the lobby and you will have to walk there."

Robin hesitated a second and asked, "May I leave and do as you wish, Sir?"

All the males in the restaurant were eyeing her as she crossed the floor. He knew her nipples were standing out through the dress.

Robin walked into the restroom, and to her relief, there was no one else in the bathroom. She went into the stall, removing her panties as instructed, her pussy was soaked. Holding the anal plug in her hand, she placed the tip on her soaked pussy, covering it in her flowing juices. The plug's tip touched the entrance of her pussy, she slid it inside her. Robin felt herself starting to tingle as she worked the plug in her pussy. Robin removed the wet plug, bent over, and slid it into her tight ass. Robin's anal ring resisted at first, then it slid deep into her, filling her.

"Ooooo...my ass is filled," Robin moaned as the anal ring clamped around the base of the plug.

Robin spread her legs, wetting the egg vibe on her puffy slit. Slowly she pushed the vibe in, her pussy sucking it deep inside her. Robin lowered her dress over her ass smoothing it out. Robin started to walk out the door of the restroom when suddenly the egg vibe came to life inside her. Robin gasped at the sudden vibrations surging through her pussy, her knees almost buckling from under her.

Robin saw Joe at the table with an evil smile on his face, his hand holding the remote. Almost as quickly as it started, the vibe stopped buzzing inside her. Robin was glad he turned it off. She would have never made it back to the table if he left it running. She was that close to exploding in a climax.

Robin sat down on the edge of the booth as she slid next to Joe telling him, "Sir, I have done as you wished."

Robin placed her wet panties in Joe's hand, he brought them up to his nose, taking a deep breath. The smell sent signals straight to his already hard cock.

Joe saw that she was in a little discomfort, he kept turning the vibe on and off during the dinner, bringing her closer to the edge each time. That's what Joe had intended to do to her, bring her close then stop. The waiter brought their dinners. He looked right at Robin's breasts, focusing on the nipple clamps. She sat in front of the window, the falling sun's rays bathing her in a subtle glow. We ate slowly and chatted, Robin told Joe more about herself and her life in the lifestyle.

"Sir, can we go now?" she asked.

Joe called the waiter for the check. Robin slid right up to his thigh, leaning over to her ear, Joe told her to give him her wrists. Joe reached in his coat pocket and pulled out the pair of cuffs. Joe attached them to her wrists, locking the safety lock. Joe helped place her shawl over her locked wrists. The waiter brought the check, Joe paid the bill. The waiter was still staring at her nipples, the bulge in his pants very noticeable. As the waiter left, Joe helped to her feet, placing his arm around her waist, slipping his hand to her ass. His fingers probing the plug, Joe gave it a push and felt Robin gasp.

Robin stood there pushing her ass back towards his hand, moaning deep in her throat. The waiter who served them watched as they walked out.

Joe ordered, "Stand here, while I get the valet to get the car."

"Yes, Sir," Robin replied.

Robin stood there, clamped for all to see, plugged, stuffed and handcuffed. The other couples just stared at her. The valet brought the car up. Joe gave him a tip and told him that he would personally get the lady's door for her. As Robin settled in, she exposed her pussy to Joe. Robin's thighs were soaked from her juices, a large wet spot staining her dress.

Chapter Four

Joe put the car in drive, pulling away from the restaurant, his eyes gazing over to Robin.

"Pull your dress up, slave. Show Master his pussy," Joe commanded her.

"Yes, Master," Robin replied gasping, hearing the command from him made her shudder with excitement.

Robin quickly moved her cuffed hands, grasping the hem of her dress, pulling it up to her waist.

"Spread those legs, slave, grasp your pussy lips, spread them for me and hold them until we get to my house," Joe ordered.

"Yes, Master," Robin replied, quickly grasping each lip in her hands and pulling them wide.

Robin's chest started to rise and fall faster with each breath she took. It had been so long since she had been a slave for a Master. Her panty-less pussy exposed for him to see made her gush a stream of her juices down her ass. Joe had the remote in his hand, turning towards her at a traffic light he smiled. But it was not a friendly type of smile. It was an evil smile that only a Master gives his slave. This made Robin more excited, her nipples straining in the clamps, her pussy flowing more juice down her ass.

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