tagBDSMFinding Her Master Pt. 04

Finding Her Master Pt. 04


"Is this the beginning of a weekend I won't forget?" Robin asked with a sly grin and a gleam in her eyes.

"Yes, my pet, you will not forget this weekend any day soon," Joe replied with his evil grin and a glint in his eye.

Robin leaned over to Joe, giving him a kiss on his lips, placing her hand on his cock and giving it a slight squeeze. Joe felt his cock twitch at her touch, her fingers gliding up his hardening shaft. Robin pushed her chair back from the table, her hand cupping his ball sack, gently giving them a light squeeze. Robin lowered her body to her knees, parting Joe's legs. Robin lowered her head towards his throbbing cock. Joe felt her warm breath on the tip of his cock, a drop of pre-cum forming on the tip.

Robin slowly opened taking his cock down her throat, moaning as she sucked him deep. Joe felt the vibrations from her throat send a shiver down his shaft. He placed both of his hands on her head, slowly pushing her head down on his cock, forcing her to gag a little. Joe held her head still, slowly pumping his cock into her mouth.

Suddenly Robin pulled her mouth away, licking her lips with her tongue, with a gleeful smile she said, "Okay, Master, that's enough. You're ready for our trip!"

Before Joe could recover, Robin stood up and walked quickly to the bedroom, Joe turned his head and with a light tone of anger said, "You will pay dearly for teasing your Master, pet!"

"Oh yes, Master, I hope I pay dearly for the tease," Robin answered back, flashing her smile with a gleam in her eyes.

Robin picked up her dress, sliding it over her body. She did not put her panties on or her stockings, just her heels. Just as she finished, Joe walked into the bedroom, his hard cock swinging with each step.

Grabbing a handful of her hair, Joe pulled her head back growling, "Wait until we get to the cabin, my brat of a pet, Master will show what happens to a tease!"

"Oh yes, Master, I can't wait to see what you do to me there," Robin said, placing her lips on his, giving him a long deep kiss.

Joe went to the closet and grabbed a small suitcase. It was just small enough to hold a change of clothes and the assorted toys he was bringing with him. Robin watched as he put on a pair of jeans, an orange muscle shirt that hugged his muscular chest, finishing with his leather boots. Taking her hand in his, he led her to the garage. Joe opened the hallway door and pressed the automatic garage door opener. As the door rose, Robin saw that he had two Harleys in the garage, one she saw him ride that day at the shop, the other a full dresser, red in color.

"Mmm...nice rides, Joe," Robin said.

Joe opened the luggage case on the dresser and placed the suit case inside it. Joe raised his leg over the seat, backing the bike out of the garage. Climbing off the bike he walked over to the other bike getting his helmet. Then he walked to a cabinet getting the spare helmet for Robin.

Joe slapped her ass hard making her moan, "Time to leave, pet," as he took her hand in his walking to the bike.

Joe climbed on the bike, starting it up. Reaching down, Joe flipped the rear foot rests down. Robin placed one foot on the pad, raising her leg over the seat, her dress riding up her spread thighs. Her bare pussy sitting on the leather seat, she felt her pussy clamp as the cool leather touched her skin.

"Ready, pet?" Joe asked as he put the bike in gear.

Robin answered by wrapping her arms around his chest giving him a hug. She rested her head on his shoulder as he drove them over to her house. Robin's dress was barely covering her thighs, her pussy leaking her juice on the seat, the bike's vibrations teasing her excited pussy.

Joe pulled the bike into her driveway, helped Robin off the bike, and pulled her dress over her ass, walking up to the front door.

"Come inside with me, Joe, and pick out what you want me to wear," she said smiling.

Joe followed her inside, his eyes fixated on her ass as she walked to her bedroom. Robin opened her closet doors taking a step back. As Robin removed her dress, Joe saw her collection of fetish wear, with her assortment of ropes hanging in the back and a couple of hoods.

"What would you like to choose, Sir?" she asked.

Joe looked at the items in her closet. He picked her chastity belt, a red satin corset and a hood. For her regular clothes he chose a couple of sundresses, a pair of faded blue jean shorts and halter top.

"Bend over, spread your legs." Joe sternly told her, showing her the egg vibrator that he had in his hand.

Robin obeyed instantly, bending over, spreading her ass with her hands. Joe fingered her pussy, she was already soaked and the egg slid in effortlessly.

"Stand up," Joe commanded.

Joe turned the vibrator on for a couple of seconds for a test and Robin shuddered, smiling. Joe reached out for her chin, raising her lips to his. He felt her tongue probing his mouth.

Joe handed her a white floral sundress to wear for the two hour ride to the cabin. Robin slid the dress over her body, her hard nipples poking from under the dress. Joe took the rest of the clothes in his hand, grasping her by the hand they walked out to the bike. Joe placed her clothes in his bag on the bike. Joe turned the bike around, letting Robin climb on to the seat behind him. Robin moved her dress from her ass, the leather touching her pussy. She felt the egg slide deeper inside of her. "Ready, pet?" Joe asked her as he started the bike. "Mmm...Yes, Sir, let's go," Robin said wrapping her arms around his chest, pushing her chest against his back.

Robin felt the bike's vibrations flowing up her bare pussy, sending signals to her breasts, her hard pebbles press against his back. Robin knew he felt them, because he pushed back on them. Robin clenched thighs tighter against her seat as the bike picked up speed. Robin moved her hands up his chest, her finger tips brushing over his nipples. Robin was on fire, she wanted to see how far she could push him. Robin got a little bolder and lowered her hand to his crotch, feeling the bulge Joe had. Robin gave him a light squeeze through his pants. Joe moaned as he placed his feet on the foot pegs, spreading his legs wider. As they got closer to the cabin, Joe slowed the bike down, coming to a stop on the side of the road, shutting off the bike's engine. "Get off the bike, pet, you have teased me enough," Joe growled. Joe climbed off the bike, standing in front her, and lowered his head inches from her ear. He growled, "You have been teasing me since we got up, bend over the bike, elbows on the seat, spread your legs. Do it now! Pet, I am going to show you what naughty pets get when they tease!"

Robin felt her pussy clamp tight around the egg vibrator that was still in her pussy. Robin tensed when Joe turned it on high, her pussy walls clenching around it, a sudden flow of wetness trickled down her thighs. Robin quickly lowered her body on the bike, her elbows on the seat, her ass raised high. Joe walked up behind her, his hand rubbing over her ass. Joe could not see Robin's face, so he couldn't see the gleam in her eyes as her lower lip sucked deeply in her mouth. Robin trembled as Joe grasped her dress, pulling it over her ass, exposing two quivering cheeks, her thighs coated in moisture.

Joe held her dress in his hand, placing his hand on the small of her back. Joe delivered a hard smack to her left cheek, Robin jumped at the blow. That's when she realized Joe still had his leather gloves on his hands. Robin felt the heat of his blow radiate through her ass. Joe spanked her harder on the right cheek, his blows becoming faster. Robin's ass was burning, the pain going straight to her clit and her pussy started to spasm.

Robin sucked on her lip tighter. She felt such a rush of pain and pleasure surge through her. Here she was being spanked on the side of the road. She felt her face turn red as the sound of a car approached them. Robin raised her head up, facing the road. She wanted the driver to see her face.

Joe stepped up behind her as the car approached. Robin felt the bulge in his pants touch her sore red ass. She felt the roughness of his jeans brush her ass. Robin pushed her ass back on his cock, grinding her ass hard on his bulge.

"Master, ohhh please Master! Let your pet have your cock!" Robin begged through gasps of breath. She was close. All she needed was to have him fuck her like the slave she was to him.

"No, my naughty pet, your punishment begins now!" Joe hissed, "Stand up, pet, we are almost to the cabin. Get back on the bike!"

Joe climbed on the bike and started the engine. Just as Robin climbed on the bike behind him, her bare red ass sitting on the seat, he turned the egg vibrator off.

The afternoon sun was shining through the trees when Joe slowed, turning onto a dirt road. Robin's eyes grew wide as the cabin came into view. It was in the middle of a small clearing. It was a single one story log cabin with a chimney on one side. Joe stopped the bike in front of the cabin, shutting off the engine.

"Let's go inside and I will give you a tour, pet," Joe said to her as they got off the bike. Joe took her hand in his, leading Robin up to the cabin porch, unlocking the door.

As Robin walked in the cabin, she noticed the layout was simple. There was a small kitchen with a wood stove, bathroom off the kitchen, and the bedroom was on the other side. Robin's eyes locked on the rope hanging from the rafter in the center of the room. They walked into the bedroom, putting their things on the bed.

"Take off that dress and remove the egg vibrator from your pussy, pet. You will not be wearing clothes tonight." Joe said to her as he walked out to the bike for his bag.

Robin took off her dress, folded it neatly, and placed it on the bed. Robin walked back into the center off the cabin just as Joe came back inside. Joe placed his bag on the table, "Come over here, pet. Sit in this chair." Joe ordered.

Robin's body tingled at hearing his command. She quickly walked over to the chair and sat down.

"You were a tease today, my pet, now you will find out how Master can be a tease," Joe said as he took some rope from his bag.

Robin watched as he brought the rope closer to her. The smile that lit up his face was sinful and full of tormented promises. Her body trembled as he told her to rise a little. As she did so, she watched him bring a dildo to her pussy lips. He teased her clit and her opening before driving it as deep as possible inside her.

Her body trembled as he pushed her to sit down, burying it completely inside of her trembling pussy. Her teeth biting down hard on her bottom lip as she tried to keep her body from climaxing. Goose bumps covered her skin as he teased her body with the rope in his hands. She moaned softly as he bent in front of her. Showing a moment of tenderness that only heightened her senses even more, Joe kissed her inner thigh as he positioned her legs to spread, pulling her ankles to the legs of the chair.

She moaned deep and low pitched as she felt his rope anchor her to the chair. Without thought, she brushed her hands through his hair. His sharp gaze met hers and she sucked in a deep breath, holding it. He picked up another rope and tied it around her breasts, cupping them and raising them. As he sucked her nipple in his mouth, he pulled her arms behind her back and over the back of the chair. She groaned as he secured her wrists. She was so close to coming that she was panting, begging, "Please, Master, let me cum for you."

His answering chuckle had her begging with her eyes. He told her, "I told you that Master would show you what happens when you tease. You are not allowed to cum until I tell you to do so."

Joe picked up a scarf and ran it through his hands. Slowly, he covered her eyes. All of her sense went on hyper alert. She could hear the deep and even breaths Joe took as well as the sound his jeans made as he shifted. She thought she heard the zip of his jeans lowering and she licked her lips, wanting him to feed her his cock. She felt his fingers clamp on her nipples and apply just the right amount of pleasure and pain. Her pussy flowed and she moved her hips, riding the dildo inside of her.

She felt his cock trace her lips and tried to suck it in, but he moved away. She begged, "Please, Master...let me suck you."

His hands tugged her nipples again and then travelled in between her spread thighs. She felt him rub all around her pussy, never touching her clit where she wanted him to the most. She moaned and groaned, pleading, "Please, Master..."

Over and over he would tease her, bringing her to the brink only to back off once more. He traced his cock over her nipples and she felt his pre-cum leave a trail around each one. She felt him rub it over the ropes cupping her aching breasts. She knew she would cum soon and would not be able to stop it. His breath tickled her ear as he whispered, "Do you want my cock, pet?"

"Please...Master, feed me your cock."

She opened her mouth, waiting. Finally, she moaned knowing how it vibrated around his cock as he thrust into her mouth. She made sure to suck hard and lick his cock with her tongue. He fucked her mouth like he did her pussy and she loved it. She gagged several times as he hit the back of her throat which only made her want to cum that much more. She heard his deep growl rumble in his chest and knew he'd shoot in her mouth soon. Robin sucked harder, moaning more. She felt his hands grip her head, holding her in place as he buried his cock in the back of her throat.

The first blast bathed her throat and she sucked greedily. He pulled back, letting the rest coat her tongue. When he pulled out of her mouth, he traced her lips with his cock, "Good girl, pet, should I let you cum now?"

"Please, Master!"

Her whole body trembled. She could feel how wet her thighs were from her juices and the seat of the chair she was tied to was soaked. Robin felt his hands on her thighs. He slid them up and she felt his hand slide to where the edge of the dildo peaked out from her pussy. He pressed a button and the dildo vibrated inside of her.

"Oh my...oh please, Master...let your slave cum!"

She felt Joe slide behind her. He bent beside her ear as his hands gripped her nipples almost painfully, "Cum, pet...Cum for your Master!"

Robin's pussy began to spasm. Over and over she came. Her whole body shook, racked by an orgasm that seemed to never stop. She felt as if she was going to pass out from the pleasure and pain coursing through her body. She was gasping for breath, moaning incoherently. When she felt his hand in between her legs, Robin flinched slightly as he turned off the dildo, her pussy still sending waves through her body with aftershocks.

Joe slowly removed all the ropes binding Robin to the chair, letting them fall to the floor. Robin slowly opened her eyes as Joe removed her blindfold, her misty eyes looked straight in to his. Joe looked down on her face with a smile, her abused lower lip, swollen from her chewing on it, trembling. Robin was in a fog, her body limp, and sweat flowed down between her heaving breasts. Robin felt drained and her muscles were weak. Her pussy was still having small spasms as Joe removed the dildo from her and a flood of her juices flowed down her ass.

Joe left the dildo on the chair, helped Robin stand up on her wobbly legs, placing his arm around her waist. Robin knees buckled so Joe cradled her body in his arms, laying her down gently on the bed. Pulling the comforter over her body, Joe tenderly kissed her on her forehead.

Joe whispered in her ear, "Go to sleep for a while, my pet."

Joe quietly walked back towards the kitchen for a drink. When Joe went back into the bedroom, Robin was sound asleep. Robin had a smile on her face. Her breathing was slow and shallow. Joe was stunned on how she had taken everything he did to her this weekend. Joe pulled a chair beside the bed. Sitting down, Joe watched her sleeping body.

Joe's eyes slowly closed and he fell asleep watching her. He woke from his slumber to a pair of warm moist lips gently sucking his cock. Robin was sucking ever so slowly, looking up at him with her seductive needy eyes

Robin released Joe's cock from her mouth, begging, "Please lie beside your pet, please Master."

Joe moved his body to the bed, he lay next to his wonderful seductive woman. Robin slowly lowered her mouth back onto her Master's cock, resuming her sucking with a fever.

Joe placed his hands on her head, pushing her deeper on his hard throbbing shaft. Joe felt her gag a couple of times, but Robin fought the reflex. Joe felt his balls tighten, forcing his cum up to his shaft, he was close to releasing.

Robin felt Joe's cock swell. He was going to cum. Robin inhaled his cock deeper down her throat. Joe couldn't hold back any longer and the first hot spurt bathed the back of her throat. His cock pumping streams of cum. Robin swallowed every precious drop of her Master's cum.

Joe awoke to the smell of bacon frying in the kitchen. He sat up on the bed noticing a cup of coffee on the night stand. Joe looked out of the bedroom door. Robin was cooking breakfast, naked except for a small apron in front of her pussy. Robin also had put the leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles. This weekend was beyond what Joe had thought it would be.

Robin had laid Joe's bathrobe on the foot of the bed for him to wear. So, he slipped the robe over his body, leaving the front open, and smiled at the image of her. Walking up behind her, Joe put his arms around her, lightly biting on her ear lobe. Joe whispered, "Good Morning, pet."

"Mmmmm, good morning, Master," Robin moaned, her hands grasping Joe's arms.

Joe slowly slid his hands up her stomach, his fingertips grasping her hard extended pebbles, giving them a squeeze. Robin placed her hands on the edge of the stove, pushing her body back against his. Robin loved the feel of his hardening cock in the folds of her ass.

"Ooohh goddd, mmmm, Master," Robin groaned deeper as she wriggled her ass on his cock, adding, "Master, let your slave finish breakfast, or it will burn."

Joe released her from his grasp, moving his hands behind her body, cupping her ass. Joe went over to the table, pulling a chair out, and sat down. Joe just watched as she moved about the kitchen. Robin finished cooking their breakfast, turning around with two plates of food in her hands. Joe saw the smile radiating from her face, her eyes gleaming in the morning light coming through the windows.

Joe's cock stiffened as he saw her walk towards him with an extra sway to her hips, her pussy lips glinting with her wetness. Setting Joe's plate in front of him her breast touched his shoulder.

Robin placed her hand on Joe's shoulder, letting it rub across his back as she sat down in the chair she was tied to last night. Robin did something that Joe never expected. Robin held up the dildo, sliding it into her mouth wetting it. Spreading her legs wide on the chair, Robin dragged the dildo up her wet slit, Joe watched as it slowly disappeared into her wet hole.

Robin placed her arms behind her chair, begging, "Master, lock my wrists while you eat, please."

Joe leaned over Robin, locking her wrist cuffs. Joe heard her moan as her lower lip disappeared in her mouth. Robin watched her new Master eat his food, her eyes following his every move. She watched him as her pussy flooded, her inner muscles massaging the dildo. Joe finished his breakfast, turning in his chair, picking up her fork and he started to feed his pet her breakfast. Robin started to move her hips on the chair, trying to have the invading dildo rub her clit.

Joe heard her wrist cuffs jingle as she tried to move her arms, her ass moving faster on the chair, her climax was close. Joe noticed her breathing getting faster, her eyes glazing. Joe dropped her fork, grasping both of her hard nipples in his fingers squeezing hard while twisting them.

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