tagBDSMFinding Her Master Pt. 05

Finding Her Master Pt. 05


Chapter 8

Robin leaned her body closer to Joe, a heavy sigh coming from her lips as she melted against him. Dropping her suitcase to the floor, Robin stepped back from Joe, shrugging her shoulders back, the coat slid down her arms, falling around her ankles. Robin walked back to Joe's embrace, giving Joe a deep kiss on his lips. Joe ran his hands down Robin's back. His fingertips gliding down her spine, Robin's body trembled at his touch. She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him deeper.

Joe continued down her back, his palms grasping her ass, pulling her closer. Robin tensed at his touch on her sore ass. Then she moaned deeply as the pain turned into pleasure sending a flood of her juices down her thighs. Robin ground her pussy on Joe's hard bulge in his pants.

"Ohh, goddd, Joe! What have you done to me? After you left, I felt so desperate for your touch, your voice commanding my body. I could not bear to be alone without you. This weekend has been intense for me. I have never felt this way, of being totally owned by someone." Robin said looking up to his eyes, a tear forming in the corner of her eye.

"It doesn't have to end tonight, Robin. Place your bag in the bedroom and I will order some dinner," Joe replied, kissing her forehead.

Robin bent over, picking the coat off the floor, Joe saw the red stripes across her ass from the whipping earlier today as he watched her walk to the bedroom, her ass swaying. What Joe did not see was the huge smile on her lips, the gleam in her eyes. Joe walked in the kitchen for the number of the pizza shop, dialing the number and placing his order.

"Sir, may I ask you for a favor, please?" Robin asked when she walked back naked to the living room.

"Yes, my pet, you may," Joe replied.

"I need to go over the case I have tomorrow in court, it will only take me a couple of hours," Robin asked holding the file.

"Of course, pet," Joe answered.

"Thank you, Sir," Robin smiled.

Robin walked over to the dining room table, opening the file as she sat down. Robin slowly sat her sore ass on the hard chair. She felt the stripes on her ass send signals to her nipples, turning them into hard pebbles jutting out from her breasts. Robin was reading the file when the doorbell rang. She looked up from her file, her eyes wide from the sound and her thighs suddenly flooding.

"Relax, pet, no one can see you sitting there," Joe said as he walked to the front door. She heard her Sir talk for a minute and the door shut. Robin watched Joe walk back towards her. She placed the papers back in the file as he placed the pizza down on the table.

"Hungry, pet?" Joe asked as Joe opened the box, the smell of fresh pizza filling the room.

"Yes I am, Sir," Robin smiled.

As they ate dinner they talked about the weekend they had just shared together. Robin explained how this weekend was more than she expected. Robin never thought she could go as far as she did, she never felt so free to let a Master take her as far as Joe did. Robin's mind had experienced new sensations, new heights of pleasure and pain that she never felt before. Robin had submitted to other Dom's before, but Robin couldn't let herself enjoy all the things that were done to her. Robin explained that she had never expected the emotions of letting herself experience new sensations that washed over her body.

While Joe cleaned the table, Robin went back to her file. Joe went to the bathroom to take a shower while Robin finished up her work. As he was washing his hair he felt a pair of hands touch his back, sliding down his spine. Joe felt Robin press her body against his, a soft purr coming from her as she kissed his back. He turned around wrapping his arms around her pulling her close. Joe felt her breasts press on his chest as he kissed her deeply. Joe moved his hands down her body, just touching her ass, Robin flinched a bit, moaning deeply, forcing her ass back on his hands.

"Let's go to bed, Robin," Joe said to her taking her hand in his, stepping out of the shower. Robin looked deep into his eyes as she dried off his body.

"Sir, may your toy wear your cuffs tonight?" Robin asked, "I want to be yours tonight, use me for your pleasure."

"Yes, my pet, I will place my cuffs on you, but you need your rest for tomorrow," Joe replied.

"Thank you, Sir," Robin sighed deep.

Joe placed the cuffs on her, locking her wrists in front of her, a small chain locking her ankle cuffs. Joe stretched out on the bed, pulling her closer to his body, his arm around her back. Robin fell into a deep sleep next to her Sir, she felt so safe being with him.

The next morning, Joe felt her warm body next to him as he slowly opened his eyes. He watched her sleeping body, her shallow breathing, and the hint of a smile on her face. Joe carefully moved his body away from her, Robin groaned as Joe got up from the bed moved her cuffed wrists searching for him. Robin turned over on to her stomach, Joe noticed the deep brown stripes crisscrossing her ass in the morning sun, visibly darker in the glow coming into the room. Joe placed his hand on her back, lightly following her spine, down to her ass. She moved slightly arching her back to his touch. A low deep sigh came from her smiling lips.

Joe sat back down on the bed, picking up the phone, and called Dave at his home.

"Morning, Dave. I'm sorry to bother you. Do you think you can handle the shop today?" Joe asked.

"Sure, boss, not a problem...is something wrong?" Dave asked.

"No, nothing wrong, I just want to take the day off if you don't mind handling the shop," Joe replied, adding, "Thanks, Dave, see you tomorrow."

Robin overheard Joe talk to Dave telling him that he was taking the day off and she moved over to Joe's lap, her hands grasping his growing cock.

"Good morning, Sir, why are you taking the day off? Is there something wrong?" Robin asked with a worried look in her eyes.

"Do you mind if I go to court with you today?" Joe asked.

"Oh no, I don't mind at all, Sir, please come to court with me," Robin purred as her lips kissed the top of his cock.

Slowly she lowered her mouth to Joe's cock, sucking it deep down her throat. Joe's cock responded quickly; swelling hard in her mouth. Robin cupped Joe's ball sack, giving it a light squeeze. Her tongue was licking the underside of his throbbing cock with each stroke and Joe felt his cum start to boil. Robin wanted him to cum fast this morning. She sucked her Sir's cock feverishly making Joe cum hard down her throat, his cum blasting in her mouth. Robin sucked his cock tighter, swallowing every precious drop.

Joe's body shook as the waves of his climax subsided, he did not realize that he had grabbed her head shoving his cock deep in her throat.

Robin licked Joe's cock clean with her tongue, making sure none of his precious cum remained. Joe released the cuffs from her wrists and ankles, placing them on the night stand by the bed. Robin placed her arms around Joe's neck giving him a hug. Then she jumped up from the bed, going to the bathroom. Joe watched her quickly walk into the bathroom, ass swaying with each step. A few minutes later she came back in the bedroom, walking to the kitchen. Joe heard the water running in the kitchen as she filled the coffee maker turning it on.

Joe went over to his closet, opening the door he picked out his dark blue suit. It wasn't hard to choose, since he only had one suit. He chose his light blue dress shirt and his only blue neck tie. Joe made a mental thought to himself that he would have to get a couple of suits if he went with her to court again. Joe laid the suit on the bed as he walked into the bathroom for a shower. When he was done, Joe walked out to the kitchen naked. His eyes saw her standing at the stove cooking breakfast. Joe thought he heard her humming to herself as she prepared their breakfast.

Robin turned around just as Joe walked up behind her. She had a huge smile on her face as she stood up on her tip toes, kissing him deeply on the lips. They sat at the dining room table eating their breakfast. Joe cleaned the table, placing the dishes in the dishwasher while Robin went to get ready for work. Joe sat down on the couch watching the local news while she got ready.

After a while Joe heard her foot steps behind him, turning his head to the sound of her heels on the floor as she walked back into the living room, his mouth suddenly opening, taking a deep gasp of air.

There she was standing there wearing a light brown skirt that ended just above her knees, a light beige long sleeve blouse, and a small tan scarf around her neck. Her three inch open toed heels matched her skirt. Robin walked in front of Joe, turning her body around so Joe could see her. Her hair was in a loose ponytail, hanging down her back and she was wearing just a hint of makeup, enough to high light her features. This is not the same woman that was here this weekend, Joe thought, Robin looked like the powerful attorney ready for court.

Robin asked, "Do you approve, Sir?" All Joe could stammer out was, "Wow, awesome." Robin bent over and kissed Joe's cheek, telling him to go get dressed. Joe quickly got up, going the bedroom to get dressed. When Joe was ready, he walked out to the living room. Robin had just closed the top of her briefcase and picked it up. Joe went to the front door opening it, letting her walk out to the car first. Robin had to stop by her office first to get the rest of her files for court and to check her messages. Joe sat in the chair by her desk, watching her in silence as she worked. Joe thought to himself about the weekend they shared, Robin was totally submissive to Joe, but now Robin was in control. He knew she was going to be a tough opponent in court. Walking into the courtroom, Joe met her client and shook his hand, then excused himself to a seat in the behind her table. Robin briefly explained to Joe about her client on the way over to the court house. Joe just sat there watching her arrange her folders on the table, talking to her client. The judge walked in, calling the court to order. Joe was not really following the trial, he was staring at her most of the time. Joe did notice that when Robin sat back in her chair, her body tensed.

The plaintiff's attorney presented his case, calling a few doctors and witnesses to the stand.

One doctor Robin cross examined, she asked him if these injuries were the result of the fall or were they old injuries from before. The doctor replied that these were possibly old injuries aggravated by the fall in the store, but he was not certain that they were old injuries. Just before noon the plaintiff's attorney rested his case.

The judge called a recess for lunch, after the recess Robin was going to present her defense. Joe had been amazed on how Robin conducted herself in court, powerfully tough for her client. Robin could not talk about her case, so they talked about the daily events. As they walked back into the courtroom Robin just smiled, giving Joe a kiss on the cheek.

Soon after everyone was seated the clerk called the court to order as the judge walked in.

"Be seated." The judge declared, striking his gavel on the bench top.

"Miss Harding, are you ready to proceed with your first witness?" The judge asked her.

"Yes, your honor, I call Mr. Wesley Brown to the stand," Robin said to the judge.

Robin's witness walked up the stand raising his hand taking the oath to tell the truth.

Robin walked up to him asking him, "Please state your name and occupation Mr. Brown to the court."

"Wesley Brown, I am a fraud investigator for Arnold Investigations," he answered Robin.

"How do you know the plaintiff, Mr. Brown?" Robin asked looking over to the plaintiff. "Our firm was hired by the insurance company handling this case," he answered.

After a few more questions to her witness, Robin asked permission to view a tape the witness had brought.

Robin took the tape in her hand walking towards the video monitor, inserting the tape. The image on the screen was of the plaintiff as he exited his front door, walking towards his car. The image on the tape showed him moving a ladder and a five gallon bucket of paint.

Robin pressed pause and turned to the witness asking, "How was the plaintiff dressed that day?"

"He had a medical neck collar around his neck holding it up right. He also was wearing a back brace, a knee brace on his left knee, carrying a crutch." Mr. Brown answered.

"Was he using the crutch for support on his knee?" She asked

"No, he did not. He just carried it to the car in his hand," He answered back.

Robin restarted the tape. The image showed the plaintiff leaning the crutch against his car. The tape showed him bending over, picking up a five gallon bucket of paint, carrying it to the garage, closing the door. The plaintiff went back to his car, placing the crutch beside him. The last image of the plaintiff was his car driving down the street.

Robin stopped the tape again, asking Mr. Brown, "Do you know where he went, Mr. Brown?"

"Yes, we had found out he had a doctor's appointment that afternoon. We set up a camera at the parking lot of his doctors office." he answered.

Robin started the tape again, the image of the plaintiff's car came into view. They saw him park the car, the door opening, the crutch coming into view, the plaintiff using the crutch for support as he walked to the doctor's front door.

Robin stopped the tape again, asking Mr. Brown, "How long was the plaintiff inside the doctor's office?"

"He was inside for forty-five minutes," Mr. Brown answered.

Robin started the tape again. The image of the man walking back to his car, the plaintiff removed the neck brace, rubbing the sides of his neck before pulling away from the office.

The image of the plaintiff's car filled the screen as he drove up to his house. Parking his car the plaintiff exited his car going into his house, carrying the crutch in his hand.

Robin stopped the tape again, turning towards Mr. Brown, asking, "Did the plaintiff walk normally without the use of the crutch, Mr. Brown?" Robin asked.

"There was no noticeable limp to his walk when he entered his house," Mr. Brown replied.

"How long was he inside the house, Mr. Brown?" Robin asked.

"He was inside for thirty minutes, when he came back outside, he was wearing cut-off shorts and a white t-shirt. I could see that the knee brace and the back brace were missing," Mr. Brown answered.

"What did the plaintiff do then, Mr. Brown?" Robin asked glancing over to the plaintiff once more.

"The plaintiff went to his garage getting a ten foot extension ladder and the five gallon bucket of paint he put there earlier that day," Mr. Brown answered.

Robin started the tape again showing the court what Mr. Brown had just described to the court. The tape showed the plaintiff extending the ladder leaning it against his house. The plaintiff placed the paint by a machine.

Robin stopped the tape again, turning to Mr. Brown, "Can you tell the court what that machine is next to the bucket of paint?"

"Yes, the machine he is using is called an airless sprayer for applying paint. Professional house painter's use this to spray the houses," Mr. Brown answered.

"Mr. Brown, during your investigation, did you find out what the plaintiff's occupation was?" Robin asked.

"Yes, I did, he is the sole owner of Christopher Trent Residential Custom Painting," Mr. Brown answered.

Robin started the tape again, the image of the plaintiff climbing the ladder with the sprayer handle in his hands. The tape showed the plaintiff spray painting his house. Robin shut off the video monitor, turning to Mr. Brown asking, "In your observation of the plaintiff, did you notice any impairment of his movements while painting his house?"

"No, I did not notice any impairment at all in his movements," Mr. Brown answered.

"Thank you, Mr. Brown, no further questions for this witness your Honor," Robin said turning to the plaintiff's attorney.

"Any questions for this witness?" The judge asked the plaintiff's attorney.

The plaintiff and his attorney were discussing something when he heard the judge, "No questions, Your Honor," the attorney answered.

"Your Honor," Robin asked, "I am requesting the lawsuit brought forward by the plaintiff to be ruled in favor of my client. His claim of injuries suffered from the alleged fall in my client's store is false. I would also ask that you rule in favor for any fees and costs my client has incurred to be paid by the plaintiff. I would also request that a transcript of these proceedings be sent over to the police department for possible charges for defrauding of my client and my client's insurance company."

"So ordered, the case is ruled in favor of your client, Miss Harding, the plaintiff will be held responsible for all costs and fees incurred by your client. Also a transcript of this case will be forwarded to the police department for possible charges of fraud," the judge said striking his gavel down on his bench, adding, "Court is adjourned."

Everyone in the court room stood as the judge left the bench. Robin shook hands with her client. Then she packed her files back into her briefcase. Her client walked up to Joe shaking his hand, also.

"You have a very smart lady in her, treat her good," the client said to Joe as he left the court room. Robin said she had to use the ladies room and to meet her outside the court room. When Robin came out of the restroom, her stockings were removed, Robin took Joe's hand in hers, placing her panties in his hand. They were warm and moist. Joe smiled as he put them in his pocket of his suit coat. Robin turned and started to walk away from Joe, her ass swaying as he started after her.

"Will you take me to my house, Sir, so I can change my clothes?" Robin asked walking to the car.

Joe drove over to Robin's house, and parked in the driveway, "Come inside, Joe, while I change. I will make us a couple of drinks," Robin said as she exited the car.

When she entered her house Robin put her briefcase on the table walking to the kitchen. Joe sat down at the table while Robin made the drinks. Walking back out to the dining room she placed Joe's drink in his hand, leaning down and kissing Joe's cheek.

"I will be just a few minutes, Joe," Robin said as she went to the bedroom to change.

Joe heard Robin moving around in her bedroom, when Robin walked back to the dining room, she was naked. Robin was holding in her hands, her set of leather cuffs.

"Sir, will you place these on your pet?" Robin asked while holding them out towards Joe.

Joe took the cuffs from her extended hands. He held her wrist in his hand wrapping the cool leather wrist cuff around it, buckling the strap. Joe looked at Robin as he took her other wrist in his hand. Her eyes were closed, her chest slowly heaving with each deep gasp she inhaled. As the strap of the cuff buckled, Robin sucked her lower lip deep into her mouth. A deep moan from her throat as Joe slid his hands down her hips. She spread her legs wider as Joe brought his hands to her inner thighs, slowly dragging them up to her wet pussy.

Joe touched her clit. Using his fingers he spread her puffy pussy lips. As they opened to his probing fingers, a stream of her fluid coated his fingers. Joe raised his soaked fingers to his nose, inhaling her sweet aroma. He brought his wet fingers up to Robin's sucked in lower lip. Robin felt the tip touch her lips. She opened her lips, sucking his wet fingers in her mouth, her tongue licked his wet fingers, her cheeks sucking in as she licked them clean.

Joe removed his fingers from her hot mouth, slowly letting the tips of fingers slide down the front of her body. Joe felt her tremble as the tips brushed across her hard red pebbles. She felt the pinch of his fingers on her hard pebbles, squeezing his fingers tighter making her moan loud. Robin's arms shook, the D- rings on her wrist cuffs jingling from her trying not to move her arms up to his hands that twisted and pulled on her hard pebbles.

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