Finding Her Master Pt. 07


Shifting her body under him, guiding his hot cock in her wet tunnel. Joe slowly slid the head of his cock inside her wet hot hole. Her pussy muscles trying to pull him inside her. Her arms locking tight around his neck as she arched her hips off the bed. Joe pulled back away from her, her hips following his cock. She wanted him deep inside her, her body was on fire. She wanted to feel his hot blast shoot inside her as he fucked his pet.

Joe started slowly pump his cock deep inside her, the tempo slowly increasing as she tried to match his slow teasing thrusts.

"Sir, please fuck me, use me," Robin hoarsely whispered in his ear.

Hearing her beg him to use his pet, to fuck her hot tunnel for his pleasure drove him to pump faster. Pushing up his body away from her embrace around his neck, Joe grabbed her legs and placed them over his shoulders. Grasping her hips in his hands pulling her ass off the bed. Joe started to pound her wet pussy and felt her pussy muscles clamp around his swollen cock. Her hands grasping the sheets in her fingers and her lower lip sucked deeper in her mouth as each thrust went deeper and deeper inside her.

The fire in the pit of her stomach began to boil sending her closer to the edge. With each hard thrust her climax was getting closer and closer.

"Oh god yesss, fuck your pet," she groaned as the wave started to overflow from her stomach. Joe felt the heat in his balls boil, driving him to pump harder. The sensation of his balls tightening sending the river of cum up his shaft. He could not stop the impending explosion of his cum as it surged down his hard swollen cock. The first white hot blast bathed her cervix sending her over the edge. Her body tensed as the first wave rocked through her.

Joe slammed his cock deep as the wave of her climax made her clamp her pussy tight around his spasming cock. Jet after jet spurted out of his cock, each jet made her shake harder as the combined fluids leaked pasted his cock flowing down the crack of her ass.

Joe released her legs from his shoulders and collapsed on top of her quivering body. His lips finding hers and locking tight as the waves of their love making subsided. Joe rolled over onto his side and pulled her closer in his arms.

Hugging her tight, Joe whispered in her ear, "Pet, never do that again without my permission."

Robin sighed deep, whispering back, "If it leads to making love to me like this, I may have to, my Sir."

In the semi darkness Joe saw the little wink she flashed at him. Robin curled her naked body up tight against her lover, her Sir and closed her eyes. Joe pulled her closer as his pet slowly fell asleep in his arms, her breathing becoming slow and shallow. Carefully moving his body away from her and pulling the covers over her naked body. Joe silently dressed in his clothes, stopping at the bedroom door he smiled as he and went out the front door making sure it was locked behind him.

Walking up to his bike he thought of how he felt when he walked in her house. The anger he felt when he saw her tied to the table. Then the hardness of his cock straining to be released from his pants. He was angry that she did this to herself without telling him.

When she panicked as he set the vibrator to full speed. How her body betrayed her as he tormented her.

A ringing noise filled his ears as he slowly opened his eyes. Reaching over to the phone looking at the callers name.

"Good morning, my pet, did you sleep well?" Joe answered.

"Mmmm, Good morning, my Sir," Robin replied adding, "You were not here when I woke up this morning."

Hearing the sadness in her voice, Joe asked her for the name of the hotel she would be staying at. Robin gave him the name and phone number of her hotel. Her flight was leaving at three o'clock in the afternoon, arriving in Chicago at five. Joe wished her a good flight and to call him when she checked in to make sure she arrived safely. On the ride back to his house last night, Joe came up with a plan to tease his pet and he set the plan he had in motion. Before leaving for the shop, Joe went on the Internet and found just the right store near her hotel.

Joy's Erotic Fashions had an online catalogue and listed that custom orders could be arranged. Joe copied the number down and grabbed his coffee heading out the kitchen door to the garage. At ten o'clock Joe dialed the number for Joy's Erotic Fashions.

"Thank you for calling Joy's Erotic Fashions. How may I help you?" a voice with a lite Texas drawl answered.

"Good morning, I would like to know about placing a custom order and could it be done today?" Joe asked.

"If we have what you desire in stock, yes it can be done today," the voice in the phone replied.

"On your web site you have a lace bra with the nipple area set up for inserts?" Joe asked.

"Yes, we do have that style in stock. We have it in red, light blue, black and white. The item you described also comes with a matching thong, with or without a pocket for a egg vibrator. The nipple area has Velcro pads sewn in the cups right on the nipple area. You can chose a pad with pins in a circular pattern that surrounds the aureole, or we also have a insert that resembles a texture of medium sandpaper," she answered. Adding, "The sandpaper insert can be worn for an extended time, only when the nipple is a hard pebble does it make contact with the pad."

"Yes, that's the one I am inquiring about. I would like the bra and matching thong with the pocket in red and a pair of white thigh stockings with the sandpaper inserts. Also a remote egg vibrator and the three inch training anal plug. Is there a chance I can have these items delivered today?" Joe asked.

"Yes, Sir, that can be arranged. All I need is her size and where you would like it shipped," she told him.

Joe gave the clerk the information she requested and asked another question, "I was hoping it could be sent over to the hotel she will arriving at later today and possibly gift wrapped?"

"Yes, Sir. I can arrange a courier to take it over. What is the name of the hotel and persons name?" she asked.

Joe gave the name of the hotel and Robin's name, before ending the call he asked who was he talking to in case of a problem.

"My name is Joy, I am the owner. I will not need to use a courier as the hotel is located across from the bank I use and can drop the package off at the hotel later today," Joy replied.

"Thank you so much for the service, Joy," Joe said to her.

"My pleasure, Sir," Joy replied adding, "Thank you for shopping with me today."

Joe ended the call and turned on his computer to write an e-mail to His pet:

Hi my pet, I miss you already. I have a surprise for you when you check in to your hotel. I have arranged for a package to be there waiting for when you arrive. You can not open the package till the morning of your departure to come home. Remember do not open it till the morning you leave! You will have to wait to open. The night before you leave I will send your instructions. Enjoy your stay, remember open it only the morning you leave. Love you, my pet. I have made arrangement's for you when you arrive. Your Sir.

After he sent the e-mail, Joe called the hotel and asked for the front desk manager. Joe explained to him that Robin would be checking in today and a package would be arriving for her and asked if she could be picked up at the airport.

"No problem at all, Sir, can I have the persons name please?" the desk manager asked.

Joe heard him typing in the computer as he gave him Robin's name. "Yes Sir, we have her arriving this afternoon and I have made a notation that she has a package waiting. The limo will pick the lady up at the airport."

Robin was in the airport lounge, waiting for her flight when she read the e-mail her Sir had sent.

"What did Sir do? He sent a package to the hotel and telling me not to open till I leave to come home. What arrangement's did he make for me?" she thought to herself.

The flight to Chicago was smooth and she landed on time. As she exited the plane she saw a man holding a card with her name on it. Walking up to the man she said, "I am Robin Harding."

"Hello Miss Harding, the hotel sent me to pick you up and bring you to the hotel." He told her, "Follow me please to the limo, let me take your suitcases if I may."

Her curiosity was getting to her, "Who arranged to pick me up?" Robin asked the driver.

"Ma'am all I was told was to pick you up here and drive you to the hotel," the driver replied.

Finally arriving at the hotel, the door man opened her door helping her out of the limo. The driver unloaded her suitcases and a porter followed her to the front desk. Robin checked in and as she was about to leave the desk clerk said, "One minute Miss Harding, there is a package for you."

The clerk turned around and picked up the package saying, "Thank you for staying here with us and enjoy your stay."

Robin took the package and the porter took her up to her room, asking, "Is there anything else I can do for you, Miss Harding?"

"No, thank you for asking," Robin replied handing the porter a tip. When he had left the room, she looked at the box wrapped in gift paper, with just her name and hotel on the box.

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