tagBDSMFinding Her Master Pt. 10

Finding Her Master Pt. 10


"Good morning, Master," Robin whispered as she kissed his lips.

Joe moaned deep as Robin's fingertips grazed the base of his cock as she slowly dragged them up his hardening shaft.

"Morning, my pet," Joe greeted her, adding without any hesitation, "Robin, I want you close to me from now on. You will move all your things in here today. I want you here with me always."

"You want me to move in with you?" she asked with a shocked look on her face.

Joe noticed her hands starting to tremble as his words filled her ears. Her knuckles turning white as she clutched his coffee cup in both hands afraid she would drop it.

"Yes, I want you to move in with me," Joe replied.

"Are you serious Joe?" Robin asked, her voice shaking with emotion.

"Yes, I am quite serious, pet. Most of your clothes are already here. You are with me most of the time, anyway."Joe told her as he took the coffee cup from her hand adding, "Also my pet, I can't bear not having you near me. Last week showed me how much I missed you. Coming home here and not having you here was the loneliest week I've had.

Robin stood at the side of the bed, her body shaking at what he said. Yes, she wanted to be near him and yes, she wanted to move in permanently with him. But she would never have asked him if she could.

Her eye's filled instantly with tears of happiness as she fell on top of him. She planted kisses all over his face. Between each kiss she excitingly gave him her answer, "Oh, yes, Master! Yes, yes I will move in here!"

Joe was barely able to place his coffee cup on the night stand as Robin took his cock deep in her mouth. Her tongue licking the tip of his growing cock as her hand lightly cupped his balls. Robin sucked him deep into her throat and hummed around it. He saw her looking up at his as she slowly pulled her mouth back towards the tip giving it a hard suck.

Joe saw the tears of happiness flow down her cheeks as she swallowed his cock deep back into her throat. Robin gently rolled his balls in her hand as she sucked greedily on his cock. Joe had never seen her in such a frenzied state. Robin sucked hard as her tongue slid underneath his cock. Her throat massaged his thick, hot shaft.

Joe laid back enjoying what she was doing to him watching her head bob up and down on his cock. Her moans vibrated up his shaft and made his balls tighten. Her eyes never left his as she pulled back her mouth with just his tip lightly clenched in her teeth. She was rewarded with a little flow of pre-cum hitting her tongue. Robin pulled her mouth off his cock. Her mouth made a popping sound as it left her mouth.

Rising up to knees she slowly crawled up his body placing small kisses on his stomach as she slowly worked her way up to his lips. Running a fingertip over his hard nipples, she flicked her nail lightly over each one. He saw the gleam in her eyes as Robin lifted her legs over his thighs.

Robin was being bold with her Master and if he wanted to punish her later for her actions she would gladly take it. But at the moment all she wanted to do was show him how happy he made her.

She teasingly licked her lips as she lowered her mouth down to his lips. Simultaneously, she grasped his cock and guided the tip towards her wanting, soaked pussy. With a sudden downward thrust of her hips, she buried it deep inside her. She groaned with pleasure as his hard cock stretched her pussy walls. Slowly rocking her hips back and forth on his hard cock, she felt it move inside her. Her pussy muscles massaged his cock as she rocked her hips.

Joe placed his palms on her breasts and rubbed across her nipples. She moaned deeply as she pushed her chest harder on his palms. As she quickened her pace, he squeezed her rock hard nipples and felt the tightness of her pussy clamping around him. His balls tightened more as she drove her hot pussy on his cock. He knew when his balls began to ache he was close to exploding inside of her.

Robin felt him swelling inside her and she quickened her pace. She wanted his cum to bathe her insides and quench the fire burning deep in her body. She leaned her body back, which forced more of his cock deeper inside her. Placing her hands on his knees for leverage, she began to pump her body harder on his cock. Joe felt her body move and the walls of her pussy clinched tighter around his shaft. Joe felt his balls tighten and push his cum up towards his shaft. His hands grasped her hips as the flood of cum surged up his shaft.

His hips thrusting up, he pulled her down by hers as the first hot blast exploded inside her which sent her over the edge. Her body locked suddenly for an instant then shook hard as the waves racked her through her body. Pushing her body forward, she collapsed on his chest, still pumping her pussy fast and hard on his cock. Her breathing became deep pants as the waves flooded over her. He held her in his arms as the aftershocks faded and her breathing became normal again. Lifting her head off his chest Robin placed her lips on his lips.

"All right, my pet, get up and fix us something to eat. For some reason I am starving," Joe told her, smacking her ass.

"Yes, Master, mmm," Robin replied.

She got up slowly, using her weak arms to sit up and felt the combined juices flow out of her pussy covering Joe's limp cock. Robin moved her legs over his thighs and observed his cum-covered cock.

Robin stood on wobbly legs by the bed, reached for his coffee cup and handed it back to him. Joe rolled over, propping himself up on his arm and watched her sexy ass wiggle as she walked to the kitchen. Sipping his now cold coffee, he heard her fixing their breakfast and the smell of frying bacon wafted up his nose. Joe walked into the kitchen and poured himself another cup of hot coffee.

Robin had opened the refrigerator door and was bending over getting something out when Joe placed his hand on her ass. Robin froze in position and moaned deeply as he caressed her ass.

"Mmm, Master," she moaned, pushing her ass back to his hand.

The morning sun was just starting to come through the patio doors bathing her in its glow as he sat at the island counter. His eyes followed her every move as his cock began to stir again. Robin finished cooking and placed their plates on the counter.

"Master, what shall I do about my house?" She asked between bites of food.

"If it's all right with you pet, just rent it out for now. We will go over later this morning and get the things you want to bring over here," Joe replied.

"Okay, I just need a few things that's all, I can rent the house furnished," she said smiling, adding, "I think I know someone who might be interested in renting my house. Remember Julia, from last night?"

"Yes I remember her," Joe said between mouthfuls.

"She has to find another place for her and Dan to live," she replied adding "I will call her before we leave for my place."

"What about Dan knowing you're my slave? He will recognize you from last night at the club," He asked.

The color drained from her face as her eyes widened in terror at the thought of Dan finding out she was a slave. He watched as she straightened her back, telling him in shaky voice, "I know he is a Dom with slave, also."

"If you're sure you can handle it pet, then call Julia," Joe told her.

"I'll take a shower while you call her. I will lay out what I want you to wear today, pet," Joe said grinning.

Robin stood up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She cleared the counter of the dishes. Joe walked back into the bedroom to the closet they shared and picked out her clothes she was going to wear today.

Before she had left for her trip, Robin asked Joe about getting her nipples and clit pierced.Joe had called a customer of his who was in the life also and who also had a slave. Dr. J. J. Collins was also a plastic surgeon who has done many piercing's for people in the life.

He found her light blue sundress he liked seeing her wear and laid it on the bed. He heard her conversation with Julia about renting her house. He smiled at her excited voice as she told Julia she was moving in with him. The women agreed to meet at Robin's house at four o'clock this afternoon. Joe walked into the bathroom starting the water for a shower. He felt her arms wrap around his waist as she hugged him.

After they had showered, Robin went to the bedroom to get dressed, seeing what Joe had laid out for her to wear.

"Master, can I ask what we are doing today?" she asked.

"I have made arrangements to have your nipples and clit pierced today. A good customer I have is a doctor. I arranged a special appointment for you this morning. You will remember him pet; you have met him. Then after you're pierced we will go over your house and pack the things you want to bring here." Joe replied adding, "That is, if you still want to be pierced pet?"

"Yes Master, I still want to pierced," Robin replied but, "I can't wear this without panties, it's too short," she protested, holding the dress in her hands.

"No panties today, pet. Get dressed. We have to go," He said, giving her a smack on her ass.

"Yes Master," she said with a grin as her hand rubbed her ass.

Joe decided to take his car since it was big enough to pack her things in from her house. Getting in the car, Robin slid over next to him placing her body next to his.

"Thank you, Joe, you have made me so happy today," she said as she kissed the side of his face.

The drive downtown was faster since it was a Saturday. Robin rested her head on his shoulder as he drove. Robin saw the sign for the Center of Plastic Surgery as they parked the car.

"Ready, pet?" Joe asked as he shut off the engine.

"Your customer works here?" Robin asked.

"Yes pet, he works here," Joe chuckled.

Robin saw the glint in his eye as he chuckled and this made her a little nervous.

"Move that sexy ass quickly, slave, the Doctor is waiting for us," Joe said as he exited the car.

Robin opened her door quickly getting out as Joe walked up to her taking her hand in his.

He told her, "Pet, you don't think I would just anyone touch your body, do you?"

Walking up the side walk a figure emerged from the front doors and Robin recognized Master J. J. from the club last night. Robin stopped in shock, instantly squeezing Joe's hand in fear. She lowered her head as the man in the white lab coat approached them.

"Morning J. J.," Joe said as he shook J.J.'s hand. He added, "hope you haven't been waiting long?"

"Good morning, Joe. No. You're right on time," he replied adding, "You must be Robin."

She felt the heat flush her cheeks as she quickly lowered her head.

"First let's go into the waiting room and have a seat while I explain the procedures," J.J. offered.

With a pull on Robin's hand, Joe followed J.J. inside. Motioning them to have a seat, J. J. went into detail of how the procedure would be performed and asked if she had any questions. Robin had no questions and was ready to proceed.

Grasping Joe's hand tightly in her hand,Robin followed her Master and J.J. down a short hallway to one of the surgical rooms.

"Get up on the table, Robin," J. J. told her.

As Robin sat on the exam table, she noticed how cold the room was and her nipples began to harden under her dress. Her dress rode up her ass exposing it to the cold paper on the table, the sensation sent a chill through her body. J. J. closed the door behind him and told her to lower the top of her dress and lay down on the table. Robin watched as J. J. placed three sterilized needles on the tray and pulled on a pair of latex gloves.

"Have you decided rings or bar-bells?" J. J. asked.

Joe looked down at Robin as he said, "Rings, J.J."

J. J. walked to the cabinet by the wall opening a drawer and pulled out a tray with various rings of different gauges of thickness. He set the tray by the needles.

"Joe, what thickness do you desire your slave to have in her nipples? The reason I ask, are you going to use them to hang weights from them? If so, then the larger gauge is recommended. If not, then this set here will work nicely,"J.J. said.

"With Robin's job the thinner gauge is best," Joe replied adding, "I have clamps for hanging weights if I choose to use them."

J. J. picked up two thin gauge rings and placed them in alcohol to soak.

J. J. walked over to the sink, washing his hands thoroughly, before putting on surgical gloves. Robin was shaking as J. J. took one nipple in his fingers, getting it just right. He placed the tip of needle on the side of the nipple. With out any warning, the sharp needle pushed through the flesh of her nipple and she gasped at the pain of the needle going through. Her knuckles were white as she held on to the table's edge. J. J. placed the ring in the new hole and locked it in place. She breathed easier as the pain subsided.

J. J. moved the ring around her nipple giving it a slight tug making sure it locked in place. Robin closed her eyes as J.J. grasped her hard nipple in his fingers. Robin tensed her muscles as the sharp point touched her other nipple. She grasped the table edge tight with her hands steadying herself for the pain she knew was coming. Just as before J. J. inserted the needle through her flesh and she let out a small scream. J. J. placed the ring through the hole he made and locked it tight giving it a light tug as before.

While Robin regained her breathing J. J. pulled the feet extensions out and placed her feet in the stirrups. J.J. lifted her dress up exposing her bare pussy. He placed his fingers between her pussy lips. J. J.'s fingers rubbed her hardening clit and she gasped as he pinched her clit at the base holding it tight. He took another needle in his fingers and placed the tip against her clit.

Robin felt the tip of the needle on her clit and tensed her muscles as she waited for him to shove the needle through. In a sudden quick move the sharp needle pierced her clit. Robin shrieked at the sudden pain in her clit as the needle passed through.

J. J. quickly placed the ring in the hole and clamped it shut. Robin took deep cleansing breaths as she started to tear up. Making sure the ring was secured as he cleaned the slight trickle of blood from her clit. J. J. picked up the tray of needles and left the room. Joe held her hand as the pain slowly subsided. Joe lightly touched her new nipple rings and saw her wince.

"Pet, I am going to talk to J. J. for minute while you get dressed," he told her as he leaned down and kissed her forehead.

Lowering her legs from the stirrups, Robin lowered her legs over the side of the exam table. The new ring in her clit sent a light jolt of pain up her body as she moved. Robin noticed a full length mirror by the door. Walking up to it she saw the shiny new rings in each nipple as she cupped her breasts in her hands. These made her smile. She carefully pulled her pussy lips aside exposing her clit ring and she smiled wider.

"I am truly Joe's slave now," Robin thought to herself. "Now I know why Master didn't want me to wear panties today!" After she composed herself, she came walking into the lobby with her chest out, the rings in her nipples clearly showing through the fabric of her dress.

"Master, can we go to now?" she asked taking his hand in hers.

J instructed her to call next week for a follow up appointment.

"Yes Sir, I will set up an appointment," she replied.

"What do I owe you J. J.?" Joe asked.

"My car is coming up on its sixty thousand mile check up. How about we trade services?"J. J. offered.

"It's a deal, J. J.. Give me a call when you want to bring it in," Joe said as he shook J. J.'s hand.

As they walked out to the car Robin put her arms around Joe and kissed him hard on his lips.

"Thank you, Master," she whispered, careful not to touch her chest to his body.

Her breasts and clit would be tender for a bit and J. J. had warned Joe to be gentle in those areas while they healed. Glancing toward her as he drove to her house, Joe saw her gently rubbing her breasts, avoiding her nipples. Joe noticed she had pulled her dress up around her waist and her legs slightly spread as they drove.

Robin gingerly lifted her dress over her breasts as she stepped out of the car. Joe's eyes followed her footsteps up to the front door and he felt his cock stir to life in his shorts. Joe took the boxes from the car as he walked inside.

Robin was standing at the door meekly asking, "Master, may I wear my dress around my waist? Dan and Julia may arrive early Master."

"Good idea pet, you may wear it around your waist," He replied smiling.

"Thank you Master," she said as her hands pulled up the lower part of her dress. Her legs slightly parted as her dress slid up her legs. Joe saw the glint of moisture on her pussy lips as her clit ring came into view. Holding her dress up around her waist, she looked down at the gold ring in her clit. As she raised her head up, he saw the smile and glow of happiness in her eyes. He watched as her finger tips pulled the top of her dress away from her nipples and she slowly lowered the dress to her waist.

"I have just my room to pack. Please relax on the patio if you wish," she said, taking the boxes from his hands.

"Just place the boxes in the living room as you fill them and I will load the car," Joe told her as Robin turned walking towards her bedroom.

Joe noticed the extra sway to her steps as she went in the bedroom. Joe just shook his head trying not to laugh. He decided just to wait in the living room and watch a DVD. He noticed a selection of popular movies and a small selection of adult DVD's on her shelf. The last DVD caught his eye with just the words, "First Tie".

As he opened the case he saw it was a homemade movie. He inserted the disc in the player and pressed play. He heard Robin opening drawers and the boxes being moved around in the other room. The screen started to open as a masked Dom walked into view. The camera followed him as he walked up to a slave standing in the center of the room naked.

The light above the slave got brighter as he approached her. She was standing with her hands behind her back, her feet even with shoulders and her head lowered. When the camera focused on the slave, Joe noticed it was Robin. She looked younger in the DVD and he was a little shocked. He stared at the screen as the Dom touched her body with his hand.

"Do you come to this place on your own free will?" he asked her.

"Yes Sir," Robin whispered.

The crack of his hand slapping her breast made her yelp.

"Yes Sir!" she said louder.

"Good answer, slave," the Dom growled.

The screen slowly darkened and when it faded back in the room had changed. The ropes were laying at her feet in several lengths. Robin was in her pose as the Dom placed her hands palm to palm. As he wrapped several coils around them. Robin's body trembled as his hands moved up her arms.

Picking another rope off the floor, the Dom pushed her elbows closer. The rope looped just above her elbow and the Dom pulled tight which forced her elbows to touch. The sound of her deep groan filled the room.

"Turn and face me slave!" he ordered her.

With out any hesitation she turned facing the Dom. The camera zoomed in on her pushing out breasts.

"Open," he commanded.

Her mouth opened when a red ball gag was pressed to her lips. The ball slowly disappeared in her mouth. Joe heard the hiss from her mouth as the Dom buckled it tight behind her head.

He picked up a long length of rope and placed a loop behind her neck running the loose strands between her breasts. He lifted her breasts and wrapped several coils around the base of her breasts. Joe saw them start to slightly swell as the rope went around her body. More rope was added around her body and elbows.

A string of drool dripped off Robin's chin as the Dom's hands roamed over the tight ropes encasing her body. He spread her legs a little wider and picked up another rope from the floor. He wrapped the rope around her back to the front loop and passed it between her pussy lips up under the waist rope and tied it to her wrist rope.

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