tagNonHumanFinding His Mate...

Finding His Mate...


Madison groaned as she heard her alarm go off and rolled over onto her back. Fridays. The worst day of the week. Stretching herself, she looked over at the clock and groaned again. She didn't know why she even looked at the time, already knowing it was seven o'clock. Reaching over, she smacked her alarm until it stopped beeping and swung her legs over the edge of her bed. She reached up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and stepped down from her bed. Wincing at the cold hardwood floors, she cursed at herself for not getting a rug. Walking into her bathroom, she quickly took off her clothes and took a shower. After getting out of the shower, she brushed her teeth and washed her face. She didn't even bother to look at herself in the mornings, knowing that she looked like crap. Coming out of the bathroom, she cursed when she heard her phone start to ring. She didn't have to look at the I.D to know who it was. Running over to her dresser, she answered her phone.

"What Tiff?" She groaned when she heard her best friend laugh and fought back the urge to cuss her out.

"You know...I would think you would get use to the time already. You are not in L.A anymore hun. This is New York city. Home of pretty much everything. But if you insist, hurry up and get dressed so that we can have breakfast before your shift starts." Madison groaned into the phone and unplugged it from the charger so that she could get dressed. Balancing on one leg, she quickly put on her underwear and socks.

"You know I will never get use to this time. It's just ridiculous. How are you a whole 3 hours ahead? That's just crazy. Anyway. Sure. I'm getting dressed right now. I'll meet you at Mo's ok?" After hearing her friend confirm their meeting, she hung up the phone and threw it on the bed. Looking at the time, she groaned and hurried to get dress. Running into the bathroom, she thanked her dad for her good genes and quickly put her hair up into a ponytail. After applying a little make up, she ran out of her room and into her living. Grabbing her purse, she quickly put on her coat and walked out the door. After locking her door, she saw her next door neighbor coming out of his house and practically ran into him.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there Dylan." She looked up into his green eyes and smiled. Ever since she moved here, he was always her friend. From the first time she saw him, they instantly connected and have been friends ever since. She would have been interested in him if he wasn't a big man whore. She smiled at that thought and couldn't help but laugh.

"What are you laughing at young lady?" Dylan looked down into Madison's deep brown eyes and sighed. There was something about this girl that always got him going. He didn't know if it was a smooth caramel skin or her shoulder length silky hair, but whatever it was he wanted some of it. He tried multiple times to get her attention, but she never seemed interested. At first he thought she was taken, but was upset when she told him she wasn't. He really wouldn't have cared if she had a boyfriend though because he had to taste her one time. He had a feeling that once he tasted her, he would be addicted to her for a long time. He felt his cock start to get hard and his fangs elongate and shook himself from his thoughts.

"Nothing. I was just reminded of something, but I have to go. I have to meet Tiff in a few minutes and she would kill me if I'm late." Madison quickly walked around him and waved goodbye. She went to push the button to the elevator and groaned once she saw the sign on the door saying it was broke. Walking over to the stairs, she quickly ran down until she was on the bottom floor. Running out the door, she looked down at her watched.

"Shit!." She was definitely going to be late. Running through the crowds of people, she tried to send a text to Tiffany and focus on not hitting anyone, but that quickly failed once she felt herself hit the pavement. Looking up, she watched as a tall figure in a tailored suit slowly turn around and look at her. She could tell he was angry by the way he was looking at her and couldn't help the anger that rose inside her. Yes it was completely irrational to be angry at something she did herself, but that didn't excuse the fact that he was standing in the middle of the sidewalk. Getting up off the ground, she watched as some bystanders looked at her and the guy with wary expressions. 'What are they looking at?', she thought to herself. Looking up, she couldn't help the gasp that almost escaped her mouth. This man was gorgeous. She watched as his mouth was moving telling her something, but couldn't help admiring his straight Greek nose and his strong jaw line. She looked up into his eyes and couldn't help but gaze into his deep green eyes. Looking back down at his mouth, she admired his soft, curvy lips that were just begging to be kissed. She was knocked out of her gaze when she saw his hand come up in front of her face.

"Hello? Are you even paying attention?" Dante Marino watched as the girl in front of him stood in a daze. He was surprised when he felt something run into him. He was even more surprised to find that it was some girl. And he was angry to see that she was angry at him like it was his fault that she ran into him. What really killed him was that she really ran into him. It was like she didn't know who he was. And by the way she was looking at him, she seemed to not know who he was. Waving his hand in front of her face, he watched as she snapped out of her daze and frowned. "What the fuck? Have you not been listening to what I was saying?"

Madison was shocked at first that this Adonis could be so angry and then she realized what just happened. Feeling herself start to heat up, she balled her fist at her side and flared her nose. "Excuse you? Why are you standing in the middle of the street anyway? Who stands in the middle of a public street when they know there are who knows how many people in this city?!" Madison couldn't believe that he would actually yell at her like it was her fault. This guy did not know who she was.

Dante looked down into her face and couldn't believe she just openly yelled at him. On the street. In front of everyone. Oh no. She definitely didn't know who he was. Closing the distance between them, he bent down and whispered so that only she could hear. "I don't know who the fuck you think you are, but you will not talk to me like that. I can have you sleeping with the fishes by the end of this night babe." Madison's breath hitched in her throat when she felt his breathe against her skin. She didn't even realize what he said to her until a minute later. Feeling herself get angry, she fought the urge to reach up and punch him in the face.

"Well look here. I don't know who the fuck YOU think you are, but I am not the one to be talked to like that. I don't give two shits about your little idle threat that you got from a movie.. You can try me if you want." They sat there staring at each other until Dante heard his name being called behind him.

"Hey...boss. Carlo Russo is arriving soon." Dante turned around to his wingman Gino and nodded his head. Looking back down at the girl, he watched as she looked down at her watch and groan. He could tell she was late somewhere and couldn't help the fact that he wanted to hold her up even longer. 'Serves you right.' Rising to his full height, he stuffed his hands into his pockets and smiled.

Madison looked up into his smiling face and couldn't help but get turned on. How can a man, that she knows nothing about, get her going like this? Shifting from side to side, she looked down at her watch again. "Can you move out of my way? I have somewhere to be."

"Yeah...I can." Madison waited for him to move and groaned when he didn't.

"What the fuck? Move out of my fucking way!" Dante tilted his head to the side and couldn't help the laugh that escaped his mouth. This girl was a hothead. He still didn't understand why she didn't know who he was, but made a mental note for her to find out. Bending back down, he watched as her breathing became labored and smiled.

"You better watch your mouth when you're talking to me." Moving to the side, he watched as she slowly walked in front of him, looking down at her watch. He couldn't help his urge to look at the sway of her hips and the way her firm ass moved. Licking his lips, he looked back over at Gino. "Let's go." He said, motioning towards the black Escalade. Before he got inside, he looked back down the street and watched as the girl was still looking down at her phone. She'll never learn.


"What!" Madison sighed. Once she arrived at Mo's, she immediately told Tiffany what happened. She was expecting Tiffany to be supportive, but that was not how she was acting right now. Sighing, she rubbed her hand over he face.

"You heard what I said. Look, I have to go. My shift is starting soon. Do you have the bill?" She watched as Tiffany nodded her head and quickly put on her things. She was already feeling a headache start to approach and she didn't even start her shift yet. Putting on her coat, she waved goodbye and left the café. She felt the cold wind hit her and instantly tightened her coat. Walking down the street, she quickly made it to the diner and said hi to her co-workers. Going into the back room, she quickly took off all of her things and tied her apron. She was about to start her tables when her boss walked in. Sighing she looked down at her hands.

"Well, well, well...if it isn't Ms. L.A. You know this is the fifth time you have been late this month?" Holding back the slew of curses that threatened to escape her lips, she bit the inside of her mouth. Looking up, she almost threw up at the sight of him.

"No. It's not the fifth time I have been late. I have only been late once and the other times it was all your fault. You keep holding me up for no reason." She said through clenched teeth. She really wanted to reach up and punch him in the face right now. The only reason she hasn't yet was because she needed this job. Biting the bullet, she looked down. "Can you please just move out of my way?" She watched as he slowly moved to the side and let her through. As she was walking out the door, she heard him yell.

"I'm not done with you..."

The day went on for Madison as every other day. There were good customers, fun customers, and those customers that just made her want to pull her hair up. After counting her tips and saying goodbye to her friends, she walked out the door and once again ran into a big hard wall. What the fuck? Looking up, she was kind of disappointed that it wasn't her mystery man, but glad to see that is was Dylan. Smiling, she stuffed her hands in her coat pockets and sighed.

"What are you doing here?" Dylan looked down at her and felt his cock start to get hard. Shifting his stance, he smiled at her.

"I was going to come and get something to eat, but I saw it was close and was about to head back home." He lied. What he was really doing was waiting for the right time to walk her home. Yeah he was hungry, but it wasn't for food.

"You do know it is still open?" Madison asked, motioning towards the diner. Dylan didn't even realize she was talking to him. He was so focused on her lips and the feelings going through him. Hell he didn't really care what she was saying to him. It was useless to him anyway. Looking back up into her almond shaped eyes, he couldn't help the groan that escaped his lips.

"You ok there buddy?" Madison heard Dylan groan and thought there was something wrong. He seemed weird for some reason and she didn't understand why. Looking down the street she started walking when he didn't reply. She heard his footsteps from behind her and turned around. "I thought you were getting something to eat?"

Dylan looked back at the diner and shrugged his shoulders. "Naw...I changed my mind." He was about to ask her out to dinner when he heard her phone ring. Groaning, he already knew who it was.

Looking at her phone, Madison blew out her breath, "Yes Tiff."

"Hey girly. Sooo...you know it's Friday night and there is this new club opening up. Soo...we have to go." Madison rolled her eyes, but couldn't help the smile that creeped on her face. Her friend was definitely a partier. Looking back at Dylan she sighed.

"Ok...I guess I really have no choice. Hey can Dylan come?" The sound of his name escaping her sweet lips made him want to bust his load right there. He watched as she walked in front of him and looked down at her sweet, plump ass. The ass that he wanted to ride all night long. He could only imagine how soft it would be and how responsive she would be under him. Licking his lips, he waited for what Tiffany had to say. He knew she would probably protest and tell Madison how creepy he was. Hey. If wanting to have the sexiest woman on the world was creepy, then he didn't care.

"I guess I really have no other choice but to say he can come. I know you are going to invite him anyway." Madison knew Tiffany didn't really like Dylan and couldn't understand why. He never came off to her as creepy and yet Tiffany just insist to tell her that he is. Looking back at Dylan, she smiled and nodded her head.

"Yeah I was. Ok so I guess we will meet you at the club around eleven." After saying goodbye, she looked back at Dylan and sighed. "We're going to that new club that is opening so be prepared. I already know you are going to get crazy numbers tonight." She felt the air hit her and snuggled closer to him. She felt his arm wrap around her shoulders and couldn't help the sigh that escaped her lips. She still couldn't understand why Tiffany found him so creepy.


"Hey man. The club is crazy packed. Good job." Dante nodded his head in Gino's direction and looked back over the crowd. He had to admit, the club was crazy tonight and he couldn't be more excited. Although this wasn't his main career, it was good to have a place where he could keep his mind off of things. He looked back over at Gino and sighed.

"Yeah... I guess so." Although he was excited about opening his own club, he couldn't take his mind off of the girl he ran into on the street. He didn't even know her name and yet she was wondering in his mind all day. He felt a hand run across his back and almost threw up in disgust.

"Hey big guy..." Alessia whispered in his ear. He looked over at her and nodded his head before he looked back over the crowd of people. He heard Gino gruff and felt him walk away. Looking back down at her he sighed.

"What do you want Alessia?" He watched as she pouted her plump pink lips before she smiled seductively. Moving closer to him, she rubbed her body up against his.

"You know exactly what I want..." she said barely above a whisper. Dante sighed and looked back over at the crowd. He watched as everyone gyrated against each other and felt...jealous? Yeah he had everything anyone could ever ask for, but he could never live like them. Live so freely without a care in the world. Everyday he there was always something going on. People to protect. Hell. He doesn't even remember one time when he had a day off. He looked back down at Alessia and groaned. Well...he mine as well have a good fuck while he can.

"Go over to the booth. I'll be there in a second." He watched as she seductively swayed her hips as she walked away from him feeling accomplished. Looking back over the balcony, he heard someone call his name.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Mr. Big Time. You made it big my friend." Dante looked over at Giovanni and inwardly groaned. He was the last person he wanted to see right now. Emotionless, he looked over at him and smirked.

"I'm not your friend." Giovanni looked over at Dante and couldn't help but feel envious of him. He got the hot girls, nice life, and even had his own father's love. Although his father constantly said he never compared him to Dante, he knew he secretly did. He looked back at Alessia and felt his cock twitch. He knew there was something going on between the two, but Dante never made it official. He watched as she eyed him up and down and gave him a seductive smile. 'Yup...I'm going to be fucking that tonight', he thought to himself as he smiled back and turned around.

"What are you doing here Giovanni?" Dante didn't have time for Giovanni. If there was one thing everyone knew about Giovanni it was that he was sneaky. A little snake. Would betray his own people if her held at gun point and that's what he didn't like about him. He has no honor. He was about to say more when something on the dance floor caught his attention. Looking closely, he watched as the girl moved on the dance floor with some tall blonde guy.

Giovanni followed Dante's gaze and smiled. "You know her?" Dante turned to Giovanni with a plain expression before he looked back at the girl. He waited until she turned around and practically groaned out loud.


"Oh my goodness! This is REALLY nice." Madison looked over at Tiffany and laughed. After changing her outfit three times and finally getting a yes from Dylan, she decided to wear a simple black, strapless dress that stopped a little higher than mid thigh, but not enough to show her ass, and some leopard pumps. Putting her hair in simple curls and applying a nude gloss, she had to admit that she felt sexy tonight. Although she wasn't planning on getting any numbers or bringing a guy back to her place, she still liked the feeling of being admired. Looking around, she watched as people gyrated and grinded on each other with no inhibition. She felt a hand on her lower back and looked back at Dylan. She was surprised he would do something so possessive, but quickly dismissed that thought. Dylan was just a friend. Once they got to the bar, she ordered herself a drink and slowly sipped on it.

"Girly. You need to find yourself one of these hot guys and take them back home and get you some. That is going to be your goal today. Find a guy so you can get some." Dylan looked over at Tiffany and felt his fangs elongate. He wanted hit her in her face. Who was she to tell Madison she needed to whore herself around. He made a mental note to approach Tiffany about that. A part of him wanted to just take Madison right now and lock her in his house. Nobody will be able to touch her. She was to remain pure until he got his fill and then everyone else can have her, although he knew he would never get his fill. He knew she was no virgin, but she was still a virgin in his eyes. When she finally saw him more than a friend and decide to go to the next step, he will definitely make love to her like she was a virgin. Shaking that thought from his head, he looked over at Madison.

"I don't know Tiff. I'm not that kind of girl." Madison smiled at her friend's comment, but couldn't help the uneasy feeling that she was being watched. Looking around, she saw all of the bodies moving on the dance floor and shook off that feeling. Besides, who would really be watching her? She turned to Dylan and smiled, "Let's dance", she said while getting up. Walking over to him she grabbed his hand and led them to the dance floor. Turning around, she seductively danced in front of him and watched as a smiled crept across his face. If the room was not so dark, she would have saw how his eyes went from their usually vibrant blue color to a dark almost black. Turning around she swayed with him to the beat of the music and was startled when him possessively place his hands on her waist. Shaking off the shiver that ran up her spine, she continued dancing with him. Once the song was over she looked up at him and smiled.

"I think it's time for us to get a drink." Turning around, she was surprised when he wouldn't let her go. Looking back up at him, she furrowed her brows together and nervously laughed. "Dylan...I don't think I can handle round two without a drink."

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