tagNonHumanFinding His Mate... Ch. 02

Finding His Mate... Ch. 02


Walking back down the hall to the club, Madison can't help but question the feelings that had came over her back in Dante's office. Why did she feel hurt when he wouldn't look her in the eyes? She knows that he is attracted to her, but why did he refuse to look at her after they almost did something intimate with one another? And why did she just put herself out there like some cheap call girl who can barely keep their panties on? Mentally chastising herself, she thinks of all these things as she walks back into the main room of the club. Knocked out of her train of thought by the loud music, she immediately starts looking for Tiffany.

As she's looking around, she notices a few people looking at her curiously, almost like they are smelling her or something. Embarrassed at the thought that they can tell she almost had sex with the club owner, she ducks her head and quickly walks over to the bar. When she can't spot Tiffany out of the many bodies dancing on the floor, Madison reaches into her purse and grabs her phone. Flipping her phone open, she notices the many missed calls from Dylan and has to fight the urge to call him back and cuss him out. Frowning in disgust, she quickly dials Tiffany's number and waits for her to answer. Not receiving an answer, she throws her phone back in her purse and heads for the exit. The last thing she wants is to be out until four in the morning walking around in search of her friend. That's definitely not going to happen.

As she walks towards the door, she took one last look around just in case Tiffany was dancing with some guy. So caught up with her search, she didn't see the body that is blocking her path and runs right into what she could only describe as being a brick wall.

"Shit!" Taking a few steps back, she looks up into the amber eyes of the person that she had walked into. "I'm so sorry." Expecting him to say something to her, she is surprised when he just stands there staring at her. She notices his nostrils flaring and could have sworn that he was sniffing her too. 'What the fuck?', she thinks to herself, 'Do I really reek of sex?' Suddenly feeling very self- conscious, she steps around him and continues walking towards the door. Although her intuition was telling her not to, she looks back and feels a shiver run up her spine when she sees those same amber eyes still looking at her. Turning around, she nearly screams when she comes face to face with Tiffany.

"Fuck! You scared the shit out of me!" Placing her hand over her rapidly beating heart, she looks up into Tiffany's amused brown eyes. Groaning, she grabs Tiffany's hand and continues walking until they are out of the club. Waving her hand, she waits for a cab and looks at her surroundings, making sure nobody is following them. As soon as a cab pul;ls up to the curb, she pushes Tiffany inside and quickly told the driver Tiffany's address. As they are pulling away, she looks back at the entrance of the club and found those same amber eyes looking back at her. 'Who are you?', she thinks to herself. Although the rational side of her is screaming in alarm to run and hide, her heart is telling her that she knows him in some way. That in some strange way he is connected to her ... or at least he will be soon.

Shaking off the shiver that runs up her spine, she turns around and she leans back into the seat. Closing her eyes, she contemplates all that has happened to her in one day. First she practically runs Dante down, and then she unintentionally goes to his club and almost mauls him on top of his desk. And to top it all off, she practically gets called a whore by one of her best friends. What a day? She would have laughed at all of these events if they really didn't mean something to her, but she couldn't. Sighing, she thinks back to those amber eyes watching her. She didn't even get a chance to see his face because she was so enchanted by his eyes. Although she is shocked and slightly scarred, she can't help the sorrow that fills her from the despair that she had glimpsed in his eyes. Sure she doesn't know a thing about him, but there was something about his despair that calls to her. So lost in her own thoughts that she doesn't even realize that Tiffany was talking to her.

"Hellooooo? Can you hear me?" Tiffany asks, waving her hand in front of Madison's face. Opening her eyes, Madison looks over at Tiffany.

"I'm sorry. What did you say?"

"I was saying that I was looking for you after I was done dancing with that guy to tell you that I was going home with him, but when I couldn't find you I got worried. So I went to find Dylan and he went to find you, but then he came back all flustered and angry, muttering words under his breath like some weirdo. So then I went looking for you and now I found you." Tiffany says practically all in one breath. Madison looks over at her friend and smiles.

"Well I'm glad you did. I started to worry that you had gotten kidnapped or something."

"Speaking of kidnapped, where were you for practically an hour?! First you go dancing with your weirdo of a friend and then you suddenly disappear! And on top of that, you come back all flustered with your hair mussed." Madison self- consciously touches her hair and grimaces when she felt how her curls have dropped. 'Fuck.' Looking away, she tries to hide the blush that slowly crept over her cheeks.

"No, no, no. Spill the beans. And don't leave out any dirty details." Tiffany gushes when she sees the blush on her cheeks. Chuckling, Madison looks out the window and breathes a sigh of relief when they pull up in front of Tiffany's house. Although this wouldn't help her in dodging her friend's nosey questions, at least this would give her enough time to make up a lie.

Quickly paying the driver, she hops out of the cab. After saying hello to the lobbyist, Madison and Tiffany get into the elevator and ride it up to Tiffany's floor. Quickly walking through the door, Madison breathes a sigh of relief once she was inside. Walking over to the couch, she plops down and takes her shoes off, giving each foot a slight rub. She likes to feel sexy but she is starting to question if she would continue to sacrifice her feet for the sake of beauty. Leaning back, she runs her fingers through her hair and closes her eyes. Feeling the couch dip beside her, she opens one eye and groans when she sees Tiffany staring at her with an expectant face.

"I don't know what you want me to say. Nothing happened." Madison lies. She watches as Tiffany gives her a skeptical look and groans at her own inability to lie.

"Bullshit! You know you can't lie to save your life! So I don't even know why you try! Spill the beans." Rolling her eyes, Madison looks up at the ceiling and sighs her defeat.

"I met this guy-" She flinches when Tiffany's high shrill squeal fills the room.

"Yay! You got laid. Finally! I was starting to think you would be some forty year old virgin or something." Getting up from the couch, Tiffany walks over to the kitchen and grabs two spoons and a pint of butter pecan ice cream. Walking back, she sits down and hands a spoon to Madison. Opening the lid, she takes a big scoop and looks over at Madison. "Continue. I want to hear all of the juicy details."

Laughing, Madison takes a scoop of ice cream and stuffs it into her mouth. "There's nothing to say. We didn't have sex. At all..." Although we were close, she thinks to herself. "We're going out to dinner though." She jumps again when Tiffany's screams. Covering her ears, she looks over and scowls. "Jesus Tiff. You have to warn me when you're going to scream like that!" She watches as her friend jumps up and down like some kid at a candy shop and can't help but smile. "It's not that big of a deal."

"Not that big of a deal?! My little baby is growing up and about to get laid and you're sitting here telling me it's not that big of a deal?! Eat shit bitch!" Tiffany laughs. Madison looks over at her, attempting to be angry, but just can't help but smile. "I'm just saying. You sit around here far too much. You need to get out there in the social world and explore. But never mind that. Who is he? What does he look like? What's his name? Wha-?" Holding up her hand, Madison stops Tiffany before she gets carried away with questions.

"One question at a time Tiff. He's that guy that I practically ran into this morning." Reaching over to get some more ice cream, Madison practically chokes from laughing when she sees Tiffany's face. Smiling, she asks, "What's the problem? You look like you just saw a ghost."

Closing her mouth Tiffany looks over at Madison with wide eyes. "You just don't know do you?" Seeing that her friend was utterly confused, Tiffany puts her spoon down on the coffee table and grabs her friend's hands. "Honey. You have the finest man in New York City chasing after you. Do you know how big this is? Dante Marino is not that nice of a character. Trust me. He fired my sister for wearing red shoes and being out of dress code." Madison looks into her friend's eyes and smiles. She didn't think Dante was that bad. Aggressive, yes. Mean, not really. At least he wasn't mean to her. The thought of his kiss made her shudder and she mentally kicks herself when she notices Tiffany staring at her.

"What was that?" Tiffany asks. Turning away sheepishly, Madison takes another scoop of ice cream and stuffs it into her mouth.

"Nothing. I was just thinking of something." Tiffany eyes her suspiciously before she dropping her hands.

"So when are you and Mr. Dante going out?" Madison mentally slaps herself when she realizes she didn't even give him her number. Groaning, she closes her eyes and leans her head back. Of course he hadn't asked for it. That was probably his way of slowly placing her on her feet instead of ditching her. She wants to slap herself for thinking that she could actually attract someone like him. Everything made sense now. He probably hadn't looked at her so she wouldn't see the regret in his eyes. Hell, he practically killed someone because they walked in on him about to have sex with some black girl on his desk. Mentally kicking herself so much, she didn't even notice that Tiffany was talking to her...again.

"Hello? Girly I'm going to need you to stop thinking about that hunk of a man that you have throwing himself at your feet and start listening to me. I hate it when you zone out like that. It creeps me out." Tiffany says, scrunching up her face as if she just tasted something sour. "Anyway. When are you and Mr. Man going out? Because we're going to need to get you something sexy so that you can just get la-"

Holding up her hands, Madison gets up and walks towards the kitchen. Putting her spoon in the sink she grabs a glass and pours herself something to drink. "We're probably never going to go out. He doesn't even have my number." Drinking her juice quickly, she places her glass in the sink and walks back to the guest room. She hears Tiffany's footsteps behind her and prepares herself for the lecture she was going to get from her.

"What do you mean he doesn't have your number?" Tiffany asks as she walks up behind Madison and helps her unzip her dress. Groaning, Madison quickly peels off her dress and walks over to the dresser. Grabbing one of Tiffany's huge T-Shirts, she puts it on and turns back around to face Tiffany.

"Exactly what I said. He never asked for my number." Walking pass Tiffany, Madison goes into the bathroom and grabs a washcloth. Wetting her face, she quickly grabs the face wash and squeezes a dollop of it into her hand.

"And exactly why didn't he ask for your number?" Shrugging her shoulders, Madison quickly washes her face and dries it with the rag. Looking over at Tiffany, she can tell that she was trying to figure out this whole situation and can't help but smile.

"Don't rake your mind over it Tiff. There is no way he could possibly be interested in me anyway. I don't mind that he did the polite thing and not ask for my number at all instead of asking me for it and never calling." Pushing pass Tiffany, Madison walks out of the room and out to the living room. Looking for her purse, she reaches in and grabs her phone. She turns back around and sees Tiffany still standing there perplexed. "Just let it go Tiff. This isn't the first time I got stood up." She sees pity run across Tiffany's face and feels herself get angry. She hates it when people took pity on her for something as stupid as getting stood up. Walking pass Tiffany again, she goes back into the guess room and sets her phone on the end table beside the bed. She watches as Tiffany slowly walks into the room.

"I didn't mean for you to think I was taking pity on you Maddy. It's just that, Dante wouldn't ask a girl out on a date and not get her number. Hell, he barely asks anyone out on a date except for his sister." Madison watches as Tiffany makes her way over towards the bed and sits on it. How the hell did Tiffany know so much about Dante? As if reading her mind, Tiffany put up her hands in defense. "Don't worry. I never messed with him. Ever. He practically hates me." Giving her a weird look, she watches as Tiffany becomes flustered. "Me and his sister are basically best- friends. We know each other from way back when." Tiffany rushes out in one breath. Releasing the breath she didn't realize she was holding, Madison leans back against the plush pillows. Sighing, she looks over at Tiffany.

"What am I doing Tiff? He is clearly out of my league. I feel like I'm just wasting my time wishful thinking right now." Tiffany moves up to the head of the bed and climbs under the sheets with Madison. Looking up at the ceiling, she sighs.

"Maddy. I don't know if you know this or not, but you are gorgeous." She hears Madison gruff and quickly continues. "You are Maddy! You don't give yourself enough credit. Yes it may feel like he is out of your league, but trust me. Dante doesn't just ask anyone out. That much I know. Just have fun with this." Madison looks over at Tiffany and smiles.

"I knew I always liked you for some reason?" Laughing, Tiffany throws a pillow in her face and quickly snuggles under the covers.

"Yea, Yea. Don't think I am going to be nice to you all of the time. This is just a one-time thing. Now turn off the light so I can go to sleep." Tiffany ends with a yawn. Laughing, Madison reaches over and turns off the lamp. Snuggling under the covers, she closes her eyes and can't help but picture Dante's face. Almost asleep, she is awakened by Tiffany's sudden gasp. Quickly, she reaches over and turns on the light. Turning to Tiffany she asks, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Nothing. I just forgot to ask you. Why was Dylan so frustrated after he went looking for you?" Rolling her eyes, Madison falls back against the pillows.

"Geez Tiff you scared me there. I don't know. He didn't like the fact that I was with Dante. He practically called me a whore because of it." She watches as Tiffany's eyes widen, amber flecks suddenly appearing in their depths, and can't help but laugh.

"This isn't a laughing matter! I knew he was obsessed with you! That explains why he is always on your ass or looking at your ass. That kid is weird. Thank God you came over here. Who knows what sick shit he would have tried to pull if you went home?! I can't believe this shit. Damn weirdo! You better hope Dante doesn't find him because when he claims something that he believes is his, he definitely protects it. He almost knocked this guy out becau-" Holding up her hands, Madison stops Tiffany from going on. Dante? Claiming? What the fuck? Trying to find the right words to say, Madison looks over at Tiffany.

"What do you mean claiming something that is his? You make me sound like his wife or mate or some weird shit like that." Madison watches as Tiffany's eyes widen, as if she'd said too much. Turning around, Tiffany quickly ducks under the covers and yawns.

"Goodnight!" Looking at Tiffany's body under the covers, Madison scrunches up her face. 'What was that?', she thinks to herself. Shrugging her shoulders, she flips the light off and slides back under the covers and closes her eyes, dreaming of his deep green eyes. She can't help but smile.


"All clear boss. She is safely inside the house." Dante let out a sigh of relief. He has been irritated the all night, thinking of the things he would do to Dylan if he touched his woman. He smiles at that thought. His woman. It sent a little flutter to his heart thinking about her. From her deep brown eyes, to those pouty, kissable lips. He just can't help the tightening that he feels in his jeans from the thought. He can only imagine what those pouty lips would feel like wrapped around his... he stops that thought when he hears Gino clear his throat. Sheepishly smiling, he had forgotten that Gino was a werewolf who was mentally connected to him.

"TMI my friend. T...M...I." Dante smiles over at Gino and leans back in his chair.

"Thanks man." Dante said, running his fingers through his hair. "You don't know how relieved I am right now."

"Oh no problem. Although it was funny thinking about you pacing your office like a mad man. The fact that you have found your mate is just astounding to me really. Dante Marino. A taken man. Now that's going to be something telling Alexandra that." As if on cue, Dante looks up when his office doors opens. Smiling, he gets up from his chair and walks over to his sister.

"Tell me what?" Reaching down, Dante pulls his sister into a bear hug, his cheek resting on top of her head for a moment. Stepping back, he looks down into her beautiful green eyes.

"Just how beautiful you are of course. How are you sister?" he says with a grin. Rolling her eyes, Alexandra looks over at Gino.

"What is it that he has to tell me Gino? I know you can't hold anything from me." Gino feels his cheeks start to flush at her seductive tone and moves around in his seat.

"Come on Alex. You have a husband. Remember?" Smiling, Alexandra turns back to her brother.

"Yeah and I don't want that big guy coming to rip my head off because he thought I was flirting with his mate." Gino says nervously. Looking down at his sister, Dante sighs, running his fingers through his hair.

"I've...I've found my mate." He watches as his sister squeals, bouncing up and down. Now comes the hard part.

"Goody! Where is she? I demand to meet her right now." Turning around, Alexandra was about to walk out the door when she feels Dante grab her wrist. Turning around to look at him, she frowns. "I hope you're not kidding with me right now Dante. You know how I don't like games." She says, poking his chest. Dante can't help but laugh as he watches his sister, who is about half his size, try to bully him. Walking around his desk, he plops down in his seat and watches as Alexandra takes hers. Looking over at Gino, he watches as a smile slowly spreads across his face and can't help but groan. 'Lucky bastard. He doesn't have to face his sister's wrath.' Looking back over at his sister, he watches as she waits there patiently.

"Well...are you going to tell me who she is?" Alexandra snaps. 'Maybe not as patient as I thought', Dante groans to himself. Leaning forward, Dante takes a deep breath.

"My mate...is a human." He waits for the yelling that he knows is about to happen and is surprised when she laughs instead.

"Ok. What does that have to do with anything?" Alexandra asks, wiping the tears from her eyes. Dante looks over at her perplexed and doesn't understand why she isn't angry right now. "I'm not angry because I'm not the one who is prejudice with mating with humans. That was dad's problem." Dante leans back in his chair and sighs. At least this is one weight lifted off of his shoulders. The next was convincing Madison about what he is and who she is to him. He can't help but smile as he thinks of her sweet face. Shaking himself from his trance, he looks over at his sister, who is looking at him with sparkling eyes.

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