tagInterracial LoveFinding His Mate... Ch. 04

Finding His Mate... Ch. 04


Dante looked over at Madison and sighed. He knew this time would come, he just hoped it would be under different circumstances. Taking in a deep breath, he turned on the engine and pulled away from the cliff. As he was turning onto the highway, he saw the cars from his pack pull up and nodded his head. Turning further away from the city, he looked over at Madison. "I'll tell you everything when we get back."

Madison looked into his green eyes and saw that he was fighting with something. Although she was still fidgety about what just happened, she nodded her head and looked out her window. She thought back to the white wolf that she saw and felt that there was something familiar about his eyes when it looked at her. There was something in his eyes that called to her memory, but she couldn't place it. Sighing, she thought of the night and laughed. Of course all of this would happen to her. She would be the one who would meet a guy who changed her life in a matter of three days. Although she didn't regret meeting Dante, she just wondered why all of this would happen to her. So lost in her own thoughts, she didn't even notice they were pulling up outside of steel gates. She looked out the front window and watched as they slowly opened, as if knowing they were approaching, letting them through. She watched as they slowly pulled into what she could only describe as being a little village and looked over at Dante.

Pulling up in front of his home, Dante turned off the engine and closed his eyes. He knew that there was so much he had to explain to Madison right now, but he didn't know where to start first. He couldn't tell her that he killed her best friend, but had this feeling that she would hate him if he didn't. He couldn't tell her that he had to mate with her soon because a pack of Weres may attack, but he had another feeling that he would regret not telling her. He was relieved that she wasn't freaked right now, but that didn't mean she wouldn't be running to the woods once he disclosed everything to her. Taking in a deep breath, he opened his door and got out. Walking over to her door, he helped her down and clasped her hand. He looked down at Madison and sighed. "This is my home."

Nodding her head, Madison followed Dante as he led her up a flight of stairs that led to the front door. She was surprised when they automatically opened and looked at the two girls who had their heads bowed. 'Why the hell are they bowing their heads like we are royalty?' she thought. Shaking off that feeling, she felt Dante tug her along. She looked around at her surroundings as Dante led her to their destination and noted that the whole log cabin felt like it was manmade from the bottom up. Looking down the hall, she saw that they were approaching tall, wooden doors.

Dante looked down at Madison before he opened his office doors and sighed in relief when he saw his sister and Gino in the room. Clearing his throat, he watched as they both rose and turned to look at him. Walking over, so that they were all standing in front of each other, Dante cleared his throat.

"This is Madison; Madison, that's my sister Alexandra and that is Gino. You may remember him from the club."

Lightly smiling, Madison acknowledged them both then looked up at Dante, who seemed to be nervous all of the sudden. She never saw him this nervous before and wondered what was bothering him. Clearing her throat, she watched as he looked into her eyes and saw uncertainty in their depths. She felt a pang go through her, but shock the feeling off.

Dante looked down at Madison and knew it was time. Although he didn't want it to be this soon under these circumstances, he couldn't fight fate. Turning around, he led them over to the couch on the far side of the room and motioned for Madison to sit down. Looking over toward Alexandra, he watched as she nodded her head, motioning for him to continue. He turned back around and looked down at Madison. Bending down to his knees so that he was eye level with her, he clasped both of her hands between his. "Promise me that you will forgive me?"

Madison felt anxiety rise within her at what was to come. 'Please tell me he's not breaking it off with me.' Although she knew Dante would never break it off with her in front of other people, she still had this nagging feeling of déjà vu. Yes, Dante was different from the others in her past, but men will be men. Nodding her head, Madison watched as Dante took in a deep breath and prepared herself for the worse.

"You asked me what I am early after our encounter in the woods and I am what humans consider a wolf; a Eurasian Werewolf to be exact." Looking into her eyes, he waited for her to leap off of the couch and run for her life and was surprised when she didn't. Letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding, he continued. "When I saw you at the club, something called me to you. Sure, you are sexy, but it was deeper than that. When I saw how you were dancing with Dylan, I instantly became angry and followed you when you went to the bar. It may be creepy now, but something came over me; something told me to claim you. After our encounter at the club, I knew I couldn't lose you. I knew I would never be sane if you were not in my life." Taking in another deep breath, he looked into her eyes. "I don't know how much you know of Weres, other than what you see in movies, but every wolf has a mate. That one person who they would die for; that one person they cannot life without. You are my mate."

He watched as her eyes widened and immediately continued. "I know this may be sudden for you, and trust me I wanted to reveal this to you slowly, but you have to believe me when I say that I can't live without you. I know you are not used to moving this fast and I am not going to force you into doing anything that you do not want. I want you to think about this. If you will accept me as your mate as I you, then we will continue on." Feeling his heart cringe about what he was going to say next, Dante looked down at their hands. "But if you will not accept me, I will let you go so that you can move on with your life," he said quietly, not wanting to give her the option of leaving him. He felt his wolf howl in protest, demanding that he just claim her, but couldn't. Yes, it would be devastating if she decided to leave him, and go against the Fates, but he wasn't going to force her into something that she would resent for as long as she lived. He wanted her to be happy and if giving her up would give her happiness, he would just have to live with it.

Madison looked down at Dante's bent head and was surprised by what he said. Yes, it scared the shit out of her that she was supposedly his mate and that he basically proclaimed his love for her, but the raw emotion that she saw in his eyes was too real to be fake. She was even surprised that he gave her the option to leave him, already knowing that it would kill him if she did choose to. Although her rational side was telling her to take a step back, evaluate the situation and leave, her heart was telling her to tell him that she felt the same way; to tell him that from the start, there was something about him that called to her like nothing else.

Taking in a deep breath, she opened her mouth to speak, but stopped. How could she tell him that she would be with him forever when she didn't even know anything about him? She just met his sister right now and probably wouldn't have met her so soon if it wasn't for what just happened.

Hearing her head start to over think the situation, she tuned out everything and thought of what her father would say. She smiled when she thought of him chasing after he first date and remembered him telling her, 'I want you to marry a man who thinks with his brain, not his dick.' She thought back to all of the days she spent with Dante and realized he never once pushed her into doing something she didn't want to do. She gave him plenty of chances, and at first it confused her as to why he never once took one of those chances and now she knew why.

He was waiting for her to choose him willingly. He was waiting for her to become comfortable and know all she had to know about him so that she could make the decision as to whether she wanted to be with him or not. Sure, he probably didn't think he would have to show what he was so soon, but this could only be Fate. 'Listen to your heart', she remembered her father always telling her. Choosing her heart, she lifted his head so that he was looking at her and smiled.

"You know, you should never give a girl the option to leave after she just saw something that happens out of a horror movie before her eyes. Yes, I should be scared shitless right now and possibly acting like one of those screaming girls that you see on movies, demanding to be taken home, but I'm not. Surprisingly, I am very calm and Tiffany would be proud that I am not overreacting. And although I am fighting with my mind right now to not start over analyzing and tell you to go to hell..." Pausing, Madison thought back to what she has been trying to tell herself to do for the past years after her father died: let go. She really wanted to let go in this situation, but found herself scared. She didn't want to let go and have everything thrown back in her face because she didn't protect herself, but she didn't want to end up lonely either because she never took a chance. Taking in a deep breath, she looked at Dante and continued. "My heart is telling me to trust you and take a risk with you and that scares me to be honest. But, I'm willing to do that." Smiling, Dante raised his head and gently grasped her cheek. Bringing his mouth over hers, he plunged his tongue deep inside, swallowing the deep moan that was ushered from her throat. Bringing his body closer to hers, he ran his fingers through her short hair, pulling back to bite on her bottom lip momentarily before wrestling with her tongue once more again. Pulling back when he realized the kiss was getting heated, he placed a small, lingering kiss on her lips before looking into her eyes.

"Was that just your way of telling me that you choose me?" He watched as she nodded her head and rose up from the floor. Taking her hand and helping her up, he gently grabbed the nape of her neck and deeply kissed her lips again. Although he knew his sister and Gino were in the room, he couldn't control himself when it came to Madison. Kissing her once didn't satiate the hunger he had for her especially after she confirmed that she was choosing to be his mate. His wolf was happy to say the least, considering she chose him after learning everything in a few minutes. Releasing her lips, he placed a few innocent kisses on her lips before he looked into her eyes again. "Thank you."

"For what?" Reaching up, he placed the palm of his hand against her cheek and rubbed his thumb against it.

"For letting go." He saw confusion cross her eyes and shook his head. "There is so much I have to tell you." Taking her hand, he turned them around so that they were both looking at the others.

Clearing his throat, Gino took a step forward. "Well, now that that is done, I believe we have matters to discuss." Nodding his head, Dante turned to his sister who had a smug smile on her face.

"What Alex?" Shaking her head, Alex put her hands up in a defenseless gesture.

"Nothing, it's just that... I really wish I had a camera with me just moments ago. Never in my life have I seen you on the ground pleading and I have a feeling I will never see it again." Laughing, Dante shook his head.

"Yea you won't so you better keep that in your memory for the rest of your life." Looking down at Madison, he cleared his throat. "I need you to take Madison and show her around, answer any questions she may have and get her situated." Walking in front of Madison, he bent down at kissed her lips again. Pulling back, he looked into her eyes. "I will come for you after I talk with Gino, ok?"

Nodding her head, Madison looked over at Alexandra and followed her out of the door. Dante waited until the door was closed before he turned around to Gino. Looking at the smirk that was on Gino's face, he walked over behind his desk. "Now what are you smiling about?"

"Nothing it's just... I really like that girl. She has a lot of spunk and she got you down to your knees. I will never let that go." Shaking his head, Dante ran his hands down his face and scratched his head.

"Yea, she does." Rising up in his seat, he looked at Gino. "What's going on with the attacks? I haven't heard anything from Carlo."

"Yea me neither. I tried to set up a meeting, but he was acting weird like he wouldn't be able to. Actually it was like he didn't want to." Sitting back in his chair, Dante processed what Gino just told him.

"And you tried again, but he still acted weird?" Nodding his head, Gino continued.

"And as far as the attacks go, no word has been sent from the Alphas in the Midwest. We don't know what's going and can only hope from the best. As far as I know, more rogues have joined this movement and it seems like they are getting stronger by the second. It's like they are on steroids or something and I don't mean that in a joking manner." Turning around in his chair, Dante looked out his window. Something wasn't right about this. Never, for as long as he has been Alpha, has Carlo never had the time to meet up with him, especially about pack matters. Scratching his chin, he turned back to Gino.

"I'll call Carlo and see what I can do about meeting up with him. Look back over the map and try to come up with some strategy that the rogues may be executing. They can't just be sweeping the nation without having a plan." Sighing, he ran his hand down his face again. "In all my years, never has an attack left me so confused. It's like they are playing with us; trying to catch us off guard so that we will be defenseless when they attack." Shaking his head, Dante looked at Gino. "Do that and come back to me in about an hour with Rich so that we can go over some things."

Nodding his head, Gino rose up from his seat and left the room. Dante watched as Gino left and turned back around to look out his window. What is really going on? He didn't understand why these attacks were happening in the first place and certainly didn't understand why someone would want to attack packs. Yes, he knew there were rogue Weres in the States, but for there to be so many was just unrealistic. It was unnatural. It was especially unnatural for someone to want to kill off all of the Alphas in the nation just so they could take over. If it was really that serious, all they had to do was challenge the Alpha of the pack they wanted and go from there. To kill off innocent people just to leave a man defeated was just cowardly. Shaking himself from his thoughts, he turned back around and looked over the papers on his desk. He had things to do.


"So you are Dante's sister?" Madison followed Alexandra down the hall and looked around as they passed countless numbers of doors. She noticed that not many people were in the home and the ones who just seemed to be maids and always avoiding eye contact with them. Looking ahead, she noticed they were approaching dead end.

"Yes. That's my brother alright; as stubborn as a mule." Laughing, Madison looked over at Alexandra.

"I don't think he is that stubborn, but then again I only saw a few sides of him. I wouldn't be surprised if stubbornness was one of his many moods." Alexandra looked over at Madison and could see why her brother was head over heels for her. Anyone could obviously see that Madison was a very beautiful girl, but she could tell that she had some substance to her; that she would be a good Alpha bitch. Smiling, she looked ahead.

"I guess you would see the many moods of Dante since you have been spending more time with him than I have." She looked over and watched as Madison started to blush and couldn't help but smile. "I'm just kidding. It's cute that I find him humming sometimes. He never hums." Turning down the hall she didn't even know was there, Madison watched as they approached a set of double doors and looked over at Alexandra quizzically. Watching as Alexandra opened the doors; she stepped inside and couldn't hold in the gasp that escaped her. She looked around at the floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with millions of books and felt as though she was in the New York library. Walking further into the room, she spun around and looked up at the ceiling, noticing that there was some kind of painting on it.

"What is that?" Madison asked, pointing up toward the ceiling. Walking over toward Madison, Alexandra looked up at the ceiling and sighed.

"When my father was Alpha, before he passed, he had a painter come and make a moral of pack history in here. At first my mother protested like crazy, saying it didn't make since to make a picture of what everyone knew, but my father was just as stubborn as Dante. That's where he gets it from. So, with that being said, the artist came in and depicted what he read of our history through painting. It turned out quite beautiful." Madison looked at the wolves that seemed to dance across the ceiling in awe. Walking around the room, she watched as history unraveled itself before her eyes. Stopping, she looked over at Alexandra who seemed to have been looking at her this whole time.

"Follow me." Madison watched as Alexandra turned and walked over to a bookshelf and followed. Pulling a book off of the shelf, Alexandra turned around and motioned Madison toward a set of chairs by the fireplace. Sitting down in one of the chairs, Madison watched as Alexandra sat down in the chair opposite of her and flipped through the pages of the book. "What all do you know about Werewolves?"

Startled by her sudden question, Madison looked down at the floor. "Nothing really. Just what you would see in movies, which I assume is completely wrong." Nodding her head, Alexandra looked up at Madison.

"Werewolves were derived from the Moon Goddess, Luna. It was said that the Moon Goddess created us out of sadness. They said that one day she became so saddened by the fact that the sun always had people to talk to each time she woke, but each time Luna woke up, she had nobody. So one day she decided to make animals who would talk to her at night. They said that she chose the wolf because of its fierceness, its ability to hide when needed, but also protect itself. When she created the wolf, she realized that although the wolf would howl at her, it was a howl of sadness. Realizing that the wolf was alone, she created another wolf, this time a female. She found that they were happy together, but they would still howl out to her out of sadness because they were only able to come out when she was in the sky. Although she didn't want to share her prize possession with the sun, she granted them with the ability of turning into humans whenever the sun was in the sky. After she granted this, she noticed that each time the wolves howled out to her, it was out of happiness. It was their way of thanking her for giving them the best gift anyone could give." Alexandra looked over at Madison and could see all of the questions that were swarming through her head. She watched as Madison looked back up at the ceiling.

"That explains a lot." Looking back over at Alexandra, Madison frowned up her face. "Do you still worship her? Luna?" Shaking her head, Alexandra closed the book on her lap.

"Worship her? No. Thank her? Yes. Each time you hear a wolf howling out to the moon, they are thanking her for the good in their life. A wolf will howl at the moon if a child is born or if they have found their mate. It happens every day." Leaning back into her chair, Madison wondered if Dante thanked Luna when he found her. 'Who are you kidding? You just met him.' Shaking herself, she looked over at Alexandra who was looking at her with a smile on her face.

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