tagNonHumanFinding His Mate... Ch. 06

Finding His Mate... Ch. 06


Special thanks to my editors. They are the best! Enjoy!


Madison felt her head swimming and tried vainly to open her eyes. Pain immediately shot to her head and she gritted her teeth to stop herself from screaming out. Bringing her hand to her head, she breathed in deeply before once again trying to open her eyes.

"Oh God..." Madison moaned, feeling pain rock her consciousness. She blinked her eyes rapidly, trying to clear her vision and looked up at what she assumed was a ceiling. She observed the intricate design and realized she was in a bedroom. "Dante?..." She silently prayed that everything was a dream and that Dante was really beside her as she slowly rose up from her position.

She looked around at the red furniture and felt her stomach turn as realization kicked in. She was not in her bedroom. Dante was not just sitting beside her, giving her one of his goofy smiles, and she was really captured by Giovanni. She felt tears start to roll down her face as she thought of what he could possibly want with her. Clearly he wanted to do more than just kill her and that thought alone caused her to leap off the bed.

"I have to get out of here" she muttered to herself quietly as she made her way over to the door. She was about to open it when Giovanni burst through, causing her to quickly scurry back.

Giovanni looked as Madison tried to hurry back to her place and smiled. He loved when he smelt fear emit from her body. It was like an aphrodisiac to him, spurring him on. Closing the door behind him, he looked around at the room he put her in and smiled. "Beautiful isn't it?"

Madison watched as Giovanni surveyed the room as if he has not seen it before and looked at him wearily. "What do you want Giovanni?" She watched as he quickly made his way over toward her and jumped on the bed, hurrying to the other side. She looked at him from across the bed and waited for what he was to do next.

Giovanni smiled at her and found it adorable that she really thought she could stay away from him. Chuckling, he sat down on the bed and patted on the spot next to him. "Sit down." He watched her for a minute, seeing if she was really going to sit down and smiled when she didn't. "Fair enough."

Before Madison had time to react, Giovanni was immediately upon her, pinning her down beneath his weight. She tried to fight him, bucking her hips in attempt to get him of her. She felt his member against her and immediately stopped. She looked up into his eyes, swirling with lust and saw a sinister smile creeping across his face, instantly feeling bile start to come up from her throat. This was turning him on!

Narrowing her eyes, she looked deep into his. "You are one sick fuck you bastard!" She felt pain hit her as her head whipped to the side.

Giovanni looked down at her now red face, marked with his handprint, and felt his cock twitch. Bending down, he licked her neck up to her face and bit her cheek between his teeth. He growled when he heard her scream and lapped up her tears with his tongue. "You see, I love it when women fight me. If you haven't noticed it really turns me on." He moved down to bite her neck and stopped when he saw a bite mark. He tilted his head to the side and looked closer, realizing what it was. Feeling anger rise within him, he wrapped his hand around her neck, cutting off her air way. How could this bitch mate with someone! Why would she mate with another man that was not me?! He felt his wolf start to emerge, begging to show Madison a few lessons.

Madison looked up into his eyes, which were rapidly changing from green to amber with each breath he took, and realized he was a Were. How she did not notice this before, she had no clue. She focused back on her breathing, trying to not pass out, and groaned when it was a failed cause. She saw specks start to form in the backs of her eyes and knew she was about to faint. She fought to maintain her consciousness, realizing he was not going to let go of her throat. Looking into his eyes, she forced a moan from her throat. "Please..."

Giovanni heard her plea for him to stop and snapped from his anger. He looked into her fearful brown eyes and licked his lips. She was so sexy when she begged for his mercy. He elongated his claws and sunk them deep within her skin just to the point where there was blood seeping out. He listened to her blood curling screams and rubbed his hips against hers, moaning at the sweet friction that he missed so much. Bending down, he licked her sweet skin once again and rubbed harder against her body. "You know...although that bitch Dante fucked you, I'm sure he did not bring you the great pleasure that I can bring," he said harshly into her ear. He heard a small whimper escape her throat and smiled. Licking his lips, he elongated his fangs and sunk his teeth deep into her neck.

Madison screamed as she felt Giovanni bit her, trying to keep herself from passing out. This is not happening to me right now. This is not happening, she silently chanted to herself. She felt her body start heating up from his bite and once again gritted her teeth as pain started to arise deep within her stomach. She felt her muscles clench, fighting to keep her alive. She felt her world start to go black, but willed herself not to go under. She couldn't pass put. She couldn't leave herself vulnerable to his ministrations. Fight! She heard someone calling in her head.

Giovanni ripped his teeth from Madison's flesh and marveled in the sweet taste of her blood. She was so decadent and rich. Now he knew why Dante kept her hidden. Feeling his need start to grow for her, he rose up from the floor and started unbuckling his pants. "You know I'm going to have to fuck you?" He watched as her eyes slowly rolled to the back of her head and tsked.

"No. No. You can't miss the show." Bending down, he grabbed her roughly by tie of her robe, ignoring the sound of her seam ripping and looked down at her plump lips. Those lips that he claimed over and over when he had her for himself. Those lips that he pummeled mercilessly over and over again with his cock. He felt his cock get harder at the thought and was about to stake his claim on her lips once again when he felt a sharp pain in his groin. Releasing her, he bent down and grabbed his cock. "You bitch!"

Madison wasted no time and ran for the door, looking for the nearest exit. She felt pain grip her insides with each step she took, but ignored it, only focused on getting out of Giovanni's house. Taking the steps by twos, she heard Giovanni scream for someone to catch her and went out the front doors. She felt the cool air hit her skin and ran full speed for the trees. She felt her legs get heavy as the pain increased to inferno and slowed down. Don't stop!

Feeling newfound strength within her, she picked up her speed, looking behind her as she heard howls fill the air. So focused on what was behind her, she forgot to look to the front and yelled out in pain when she tripped on a branch. Falling down to the forest floor, she held her ankle, gritting her teeth together. Rolling over, she placed her hands on the ground and tried to push herself up, crying out when she couldn't. She heard the howls get closer and cried. I'm so sorry Dante, she said in her mind. So, so sorry. She felt bile start to come from her throat and leaned over, spitting up blood on the ground. Her stomach clenched in protest, the pain increasing with each spasm of her body. She didn't know what was happening to her. Closing her eyes, she silently said a prayer as she realized she was about to die. She opened her eyes when she felt something above her and looked up into a white wolf that had bright amber eyes. That looks like the wolf from the woods, she thought before her world went black.


Daniel looked down at his brother's mate, who was breathing heavily, and sighed. If it wasn't for him catching her scent, he was sure that she would have been dead by now. Although it may have seemed strange, he felt the need to protect her whenever his brother was not around, even when they did not know. Ever since he saw her at the club he felt pulled to her. Of course it wasn't in a mating way, but instead in a brotherly way. It was like he would kill anyone who dared to hurt her. He was snapped out of his reverie when he heard her whimper and was immediately at her side.

Madison moaned from the pain she was feeling and opened her eyes. She looked around and immediately clashed eyes with amber ones. Where the hell was she and who was he?

"We are at my safe house and I am Daniel." Madison tilted her head to the side. Did he just read my mind?

Daniel smiled at her and ran his fingers through his hair. "I did not read your mind; you projected your thoughts to me." Madison cleared her throat and looked into his eyes.

"Are you Dante's brother?" She watched as he slowly nodded his head before he turned around. She heard him grabbing something from a nearby table and slowly rose up from where she was lying, ignoring her body's plea to lie down. Standing up, she tested out her ankle and tried to stretch her tight muscles, clenching her teeth together from the pain.

Daniel brought a cup full of alcohol to her and put it up to her lips. "Drink. You need it." Madison put her lips to the cup and gagged when the liquid hit her taste buds. She let the liquid run down her throat and pushed the cup away when she felt her stomach churn. Bending over, she placed her hands on her stomach as she spit up blood, feeling beads of sweat form on her brow.

Daniel watched as she lurched in front of him and realized she was worst than he thought. Whatever Carlo gave to her, or more like did to her, was causing her body to react. Putting the cup down, she walked over and grabbed a towel, putting it under the sink for water. He turned and caught Madison before she lay down in her own blood and picked her up. Walking over to his bed, he gently placed her down and put the cool towel on her forehead. He grimaced when he felt how hot she was and knew he had to get her to Dante before her condition worsened.

"Am I going to die?" Daniel looked down into her sleepy eyes and saw sadness lurking in them. Although he wanted to tell her everything was going to be ok, he honestly didn't know. Rubbing her brow, he watched as a tear leaked from the corner of her eye and felt his heart breaking.

"You're not going to die little one. I'm going to get you to Dante real soon." Picking her body up, Daniel settled her comfortably against his chest and draped a cover over her body. He walked over to his front door and opened it, feeling the cool air hit his skin. He looked back and took one last look at his home before racing through the woods.


"Dante. I understand that he took her, but you have to think logically here. Clearly Carlo is behind all of this, but rashly attacking without a plan will only make matters worse." Dante stopped his pacing and looked at Gino as if he had grown two heads. Was he seriously telling him not to attack Carlo for his mate? Tilting his head to the side, he felt his wolf growl and stepped closer to Gino.

"I hope you are not telling me to sit here idly as my mate could be getting tortured right now under the hands of a man who clearly wants her dead? I hope that you are not telling me to sit and wait to see if he will return Madison to me in one piece. I really hope, that you are not telling me all of this." Gino looked into Dante's now murderous eyes and bowed his head. There was no getting to him. Dante had his mind set on attacking Carlo without a plan. Shaking his head, he waited for what Dante was to do next.

Dante turned away from Gino and walked over toward his window. Looking out, he thought of how he failed to protect his mate and felt his heart call out to him. He really hoped she was ok right now and something inside him was telling him she was. He turned and looked back at Gino. "Gather everyone and prepa-" He stopped when he was hit with a fresh pine scent and stood stock still. It couldn't be? Smelling the air once again and looked over at Gino who seemed to recognize the scent as well. Racing out the office door, he made his way down to the foyer and ripped the doors open, feeling his senses fill with the sweet smell of vanilla.

Daniel raced to the front doors of his brother's home, ignoring the stares of the many surprised pack members and was surprised when he saw the doors open. He watched as his brother's startled eyes took in his appearance and then his mate's.

"Dante." Dante looked into his brother's eyes and felt relief wash over him; relief that his brother was ok and relief that his brother found his mate. He looked down at her battered face and immediately took her in his arms. He felt how hot she was and looked at Daniel.

"What's wrong with her?" Ushering Dante inside, Daniel called for someone to alert the pack doctor that they were in need of his services before following Dante up the stairs. He felt Dante's worry rippling off of him and wished he could say something that could calm his erratic feelings.

Walking inside his room, Dante took the cover off of Madison's body and realized she was still in his robe. Turning around, he watched as Daniel moved to the bathroom, leaving him to uncover his mate. He looked back down at Madison and pulled his robe from her body, making sure that he was gentle. He surveyed her flesh, seeing if there were any serious wounds on her body. He traveled his eyes up to her neck and growled when he saw deep claw marks and a bite mark. Bending forward, he licked the talon marks clean first, watching as they immediately started to heal. He leaned back up and moved to clean the bite mark, but stopped when he smelled a foul odor emitting from it. What is that? Leaning closer, he sniffed her wound again and grimaced when he smelled the same scent once again. What is going on? Putting her under the covers, he heard his name escape off of her lips and bent forward, cradling her head between his hands.

"It's ok sweetheart. I'm here now. I'm here." She said his name once again before she dozed off in her own consciousness. Dante stepped back and ran his hands through his hair, looking up when he heard Daniel leave the bathroom. "What's going on with her?" he asked, gesturing towards Madison's motionless body.

Daniel looked at Dante and was about to speak when there was a knock on the door. Looking back over at Dante quickly, Daniel made his way over to the door and was surprised when he saw a brunette burst through.

"Oh Dante. I am so sorry. I heard that Madison was kidnapped and immediately came up here to soothe your troubled soul." Alessia said as she ran over and wrapped her arms around Dante's torso, ignoring his rigid body.

Dante looked over at Daniel, who was looking at Alessia and sighed. Reaching behind him, he unlatched her hands from around his body and gently shoved them into her chest. He watched as her eyes widened and took in a deep breath. He closed his eyes and counted down from ten before he looked back at her. "I do not know how many times I have to tell you that you are not my mate, but soon you will get that message when my mate comes to rip your head off. I am not saying that as a threat, but a promise. I would advise you to stop coming onto me and go out and look for your true mate. Now. Please leave so I can tend to my mate. Thank you." He watched as Alessia huffed before she stomped out of the room.

Daniel looked back at the closed door before looking at Dante and put up his finger. He was about to open his mouth to speak again and growled when there was another knock at the door. Turning on his heels, he ripped the door open. "What?" He looked down at the startled doctor and moved out of the way so that he could come inside. Dante held back his laugh at his brother's anger and greeted the doctor.

"Dr. Ovine. It's good to see you." Dante guided the doctor to Madison's sweating body and looked down at her.

"She was captured and came back like this. It seems that she was bitten, but when I went to clean it, some foul odor was emitting from it. Can you look to see what it is and if there will be any harm to her body?" Dr. Ovine quickly nodded his head and went to work. He looked down at his Alpha's mate and felt her head. He winced when he felt how hot she was and looked back at Dante, who was standing close nearby. "Can you fill a bowl with cold water and bring it to me?" Turning back around, he moved back to Madison and tilted her head to the side so that he could get a better look at her wound. He looked down at the oozing bite mark and put his glasses on the bridge of his nose. Reaching into his bag, he took out a scalpel and a syringe before moving to her wound. He heard a growl from behind him and looked behind into his Alpha's angry eyes.

"My Alpha. I need to get a sample of this substance that is oozing out of the wound before I can clean it. It seems to be some kind of poison and I would like to get a better look." Dante hesitated before nodding his head and watched as the doctor continued. He heard Madison grunt when the cool metal touched her wound before her eyes popped open and frantically searched around. Clashing eyes with hers, he felt pain run through their bond.

"It hurts." Dante was at her side of the bed at once and rubbed the opposite cheek from where Dr. Ovine was working while looking into her eyes.

"It's ok. I'm here." Madison looked into Dante's green eyes and, although happy to see him, she couldn't believe him. There was no way that it would be ok right now. Not when her body was on fire and she felt as though the side of her neck was slowly burning off. She felt tears run down her cheek when another wave of pain washed over her. She tried to focus on his eyes and keep in her grunt of pain but couldn't.

Dante looked into her face and growled. What was the doctor doing that was causing his mate so much pain? He looked up at the doctor, who was concentrating on Madison's wound and seemed not to hear her grunts of pain and growled louder.

"What are you doing?" Dr. Ovine looked up into his Alpha's eyes and sped up his process, doing his best to clean up her wound efficiently. Taking the last bit of poison out of her, he wrapped her neck and put the fluid into a tube. He pulled out another syringe and looked over at Dante, who was trying to calm his mate down.

"This will help the pain and hopefully push everything that is inside of her out." Inserting the needle into her arm, he watched as Madison slowly started to calm down before closing her eyes. Looking back up at his Alpha, he closed his bag. "Feed her many fluids. Do not be alarmed if she starts to throw up, that is just her body getting rid of the foreign fluid in her system. I will return to you when I find out what this is. She is a strong woman." Turning around, Dr. Ovine walked out of the bedroom, heading to his headquarters.

Dante looked down at Madison's body, watching as her chest rose and fell at an even pattern and sighed. He felt guilt start to pass over him at his inability to protect her and bowed his head.

"Don't blame yourself brother. There was nothing that you could have done better that would have changed this situation." Dante looked up at his brother, forgetting that he could read people's minds and dropped his shoulders.

"I left here alone when she should have been at my side. I knew there was a threat to her life and I just dismissed it because I believed the guy was just human. Little did I know that it was an Alpha from a pack near me. I overlooked the simple clue that Carlo is sometimes called Giovanni when he does not want anyone to know his first name. That simple mistake almost cost my mate's life. There is no excuse for why my mate is sitting right here in pain. It is my fault." Daniel looked at his brother and shook his head. He was still the same. Stubborn and trying to save the world. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he looked at Madison.

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