tagNonHumanFinding His Mate Too: Daniel

Finding His Mate Too: Daniel


Tiffany didn't know how long she sat by the door and prayed that she didn't send her best friend out on a suicide mission. She thought back to what Dante specifically told her not to do and prayed that he wouldn't try to cut her head off...if he was still alive.

She was knocked out of her internal battle when she heard the faint footsteps of a person coming up to the room. She heard them punching in numbers to the first door and felt her stomach drop when the sounded notified that it was the wrong password. Daniel or Dante would have known the correct code, right?

Quickly getting to her feet, she looked around and ran to the mini kitchen to grab a pot. She felt her body shiver when she heard the first door open and footsteps approaching the second. Running over beside the door, she closed her eyes as she heard the numbers being punched. She felt her breathing quicken when the intruder gained entrance into the room and tightened her hold on the handle. As soon as the door opened, she swung, not looking to see who it was.

"Fuck!" Daniel bellowed when he felt something hard hit him in the back. He came up to get Tiffany down since the battle was over, thinking that she would be happy. Now he was starting to get second thoughts. Trying his best to dodge her hits, he missed a few, but her strikes were too quick. "Wait! Tiffany! Goddammit it's me!"

Tiffany stopped her strike in midair and opened her eyes, trying her best to control her breathing. She looked up into Daniel's eyes and sighed heavily in relief. Dropping her hands to her side, she ran her free hand through her hair. "What the fuck?! Why didn't you tell me it was you when you were at the door? I could have killed you!"

Daniel watched as her face contorted in anger and couldn't help but smile. He took a few steps towards her, hesitant at first, and reached for the pan that was in her hand. "Yea. I see that. You have a mean swing."

Tiffany looked up into his amused eyes with narrowed eyes. "This is not funny. You're lucky that you are Amazon size or I would have taken you head off. And why couldn't I smell your scent?"

Wrapping his hands around her waist, he bent down and nuzzled her neck. "I hid my scent so that any wolves that may have been hiding would not follow me here. It was a trick I learned while I was away." He felt her relax against his ministrations and lightly placed kisses along her exposed collarbone.

Tiffany felt her body slowly turning to putty beneath his hands and felt her body start to heat. 'Damn. This man sure knows how to make my bodyfeel goodood.' She heard his muffled chuckle and felt her face heat in embarrassment.

Daniel heard every idea she was thinking and although he wanted to survey her body thoroughly with his hands, he knew there were matters that needed to be addressed. Bringing his head back, he placed a gentle kiss on her lips. He looked deep into her eyes and saw the slight swirl of amber that was so faint that if it wasn't for his heightened senses, he wouldn't have even seen it.

He wondered why her wolf was not trying to break through, when his was more than willing to get this mating over with. He knew that her wolf was there, being as though his wolf spotted her, but it seemed as though she was dormant for some reason. Taking note of this, he placed a smile on his face.

"I believe that there is someone you must talk to." Tiffany huffed in agony and reluctantly let Daniel lead her out of the room. She knew that Dante was going to scream her head off and prepared herself for what was to come. 'Hopefully he doesn't take my head off.' She heard Daniel chuckle once again and wondered why he always seemed to laugh each time she thought of something. Great, I just said that out loud.

"No. You didn't." Turning around, Daniel looked down at her confused face and laughed. He turned back around and continued leading them to Dante's study. Once they were outside the door, he brought Tiffany to his side and looked at her. He shook his head when she still had the same confused expression on her face.


"I'll explain everything to you later." Tiffany looked into his amber eyes and saw that she wasn't going to get any answers out of him. He had the same stubborn look that Dante got when he wanted her to shut up and drop the subject. Sighing, she nodded her head and prepared herself to face Dante.

Daniel took one last look at Tiffany before tightening his hold on her waist and leading them both inside. He watched as his brother's head immediately looked up at them and walked in front of his desk. He looked over at Madison and offered her a faint smile before looking back at his brother.

"Sit." Tiffany looked at Madison before following Dante's order and sitting down in the chair behind her. She felt Daniel grasp her hand as if supporting her and gave him a faint smile. She looked back over at Dante and waited for what he had to say.

Dante looked at Tiffany, observing how she was on edge waiting for what he had to say to her. He knew that she probably thought he was going to yell and, although that is what he initially wanted to do, he had a lot to thank her for. It if wasn't for her letting Madison out, he would have been dead.

Leaning back in his chair, he motioned for Madison to come toward him and brought her down on his lap. Nuzzling the side of her neck, he smelled her sweet strawberry scent and the faint scent of the forest underneath. He couldn't help but feel the warmth that spread through his body in knowing that he was practically holding his child.

Sighing, he looked back at Tiffany. "Although I really want to yell and curse you out right now, I have to admit that you did one thing that I cannot be annoyed about. You saved my life when you let Madison out and, although there are still questions that needed to be answered for why she turned in a matter of days after we mated, I am forever in debt to you."

Tiffany watched Dante closely, seeing if he was sincere about what he just said and narrowed her eyes. "You're not fucking with me are you?" She watched as Dante shook his head with a smile on his face and sighed. Slumping back in her seat, she ran a hand down the front of her face. "I really thought you were going to scream at me. You just don't know how relieved I am right now." Shaking her head, she leaned forward with her elbows on her knees.

"Now that this is over, what are we going to do about girly over there? You don't know how scared I was when I turned around and saw her sitting on the bed in wolf form. Especially when she was sitting there snarling at me." She heard Dante chuckle and sat back in her chair. "I'm serious Dante! You and Daniel both think I'm not serious in situations when I am really serious and that shit annoys me." She folded her arms across her chest, silently muttering to herself.

Daniel looked over at his mate and couldn't help the chuckle that escaped him. He had to admit that she was a hot head with an attitude, but he would be lying if he said that it didn't turn him on.

Licking his lips, he looked back at his brother, who was thoroughly enjoying his mate's neck, and cleared his throat. "I'm guessing this meeting is over?"

Dante nodded his head before turning his attention back to his mate. Although he really wanted to discuss Madison's condition at the moment, his wolf wanted to re-establish himself with his mate after nearly losing her. He turned his head and watched as his brother escorted a still angry Tiffany out of the room.

Turning back to Madison, he wrapped his hands around her waist and hoisted her up effortlessly onto his desk. He caught a brief sniff of her musky sex as he was placing her on his desk and couldn't help but growl.

Standing up between her legs, he bent forward and captured her sweet lips between his. "You don't understand how much my wolf wants you right now."

Madison looked in his lust filled eyes and felt her wolf begging to be brought forward. Kissing his lips, she trailed light kisses to his ear, gently tugging it in between her teeth. She felt his body shudder and smiled.

Kissing down his neck, she brought her arms around his wide shoulders and ran her fingers through the silky hair at the nape of his neck. She smelled his unique scent and licked her lips. Rubbing her nose against his throat, she gently bit at the place where his shoulder and neck met and growled.

Standing it no longer, Dante gripped the back of her neck and brought her lips to his in a gentle, but commanding kiss. Reaching in between their bodies, he quickly unbuckled his pants, roughly pushing them down off of his hips. He ran his hands over her smooth thighs and moaned when he felt her bare sex under her dress. Breaking the kiss, he looked into her eyes. "No panties?" He watched as a cute blush covered her cheeks and kissed her nose.

Reaching back down in between them, he grabbed his cock and stepped closer to her. Running himself up and down over her slit, he watched closely at the expressions on her face and smiled when she huffed in frustration from his teasing. Leaning forward, he kissed her deeply as he entered her slowly, groaning when he felt how tight she was.

He watched as she bit her bottom lip in between her teeth, smiling when he heard a small moan escape her lips. Grabbing her ass in between his hands, he lightly kissed her neck as he slowly started to thrust inside her, making sure she felt every ridge and vein on his cock. He felt her grip tighten on the back of his neck, silently urging him to move faster, and picked up his speed.

Bringing his head up, he looked down into her lust filled brown eyes and smiled. "You like that baby?" Madison couldn't find her words. So overwhelmed with pleasure, all she could do was let out a silent moan and tuck her head in between his neck and shoulder.

She felt him pick up his speed and tightened her legs around his waist, bringing him closer to her body. She could feel his hot breath tickling her ear and felt her body shudder.

"Oh god..." Dante felt her tighten around him and tightly closed his eyes, willing himself not to come just yet. He wanted to feel her tighten around him one more time. Pulling out of her, he looked down at his glistening cock and felt his wolf emerge.

Madison felt him firmly turn her around and gently press her torso flat against the surface. She knew that his wolf was out at the moment and smiled. Wanting to entice him, she slowly grinded her ass against him in slow circles, moaning when she heard a gruff moan escape his lips.

Placing her palms flat against the surface, she rose up and turned around, looking him deep in the yes. "You like that baby?" Dante was rooted where he stood, not able to form the proper words to respond to Madison's question. He felt her push back harder against him, her hot sex coating his cock even more with her juices and could only moan. He knew that his little kitten could be a freak when needed, but seeing her dominate him, almost bringing him to his knees was pleasing to his wolf.

Grabbing hold of her hips, he met her gentle thrust with a thrust of his own and leaned forward to place kisses on her spine. He felt her body quiver against his and smiled. "You thought you were going to tease me didn't you?"

Biting her bottom lip, Madison turned around and gave him a sloppy kiss, silently begging him to make love to her. Reaching down behind her, she gently grabbed his cock, stroking it a few times, before placing it at her entrance.

Dante heard her soft whimper and slowly brought himself to the hilt inside of her. Luxuriating in the close moment with his mate, he reached around her and fondled her breasts through her dress, lightly pinching her nipples through the fabric. He returned to kissing her upturned lips as he slowly trailed his hand down her stomach to the apex of her thighs.

He bunched up her dress to her waist, keeping it in place with one hand as his other found her clit. "Oh goodness..." Madison moaned, breaking her mouth away from the mind blowing kiss Dante was giving her.

Dante slowly circled her clit beneath his fingers while he started slowly thrusting into her body. He felt her try to push back on him and tightened his grip around her. "Nope. Not today love. You're going to take what I give." He heard her frustrated groan and he pulled out before quickly thrusting back into her pussy.

Madison felt the air leave from her lungs when she felt Dante's cock stab her insides. She felt her body start to heat and heard her wolf howl in her mind to let her loose. She kept hearing 'mine' over and over as Dante stroked within her and turned her head to him. "Please..." Dante looked down into her now molten brown eyes and smiled.

Slowly pulling out of her, he spun her around while he leaned back and sat down in his chair. "Come ride daddy."

Madison burst out into laughter at his comment and smiled seductively, running her hands to the bottom of her dress to take it off. She saw Dante start to take his shirt off as well but quickly stopped him. Leaning forward, she placed a long sensuous kiss on his lips. She ran her fingers through his hair and bit his bottom lip. Kissing up to his ear, she gently bit it between his teeth.

"You know. My wolf doesn't like it when you tease me." Running her hands down his shoulders, she raked her fingernails down the front of his chest, enjoying the feeling of his muscles jumping beneath them. She felt her pussy start to heat and quickly took his shirt off, her wolf no longer patient.

Pushing his shoulders back with her hands, she straddled his lap. She reached between them and ran his cock between her pussy lips before sinking down on it. She felt Dante's hands grip her waist and started rolling her hips.

Dante sat back, eyes hooded, as he watched his woman ride him into oblivion. He watched as her breasts bounced with her, a thin sheen of sweat starting to coat her. Removing his hands from her waist, he reached up and pinched her nipples between his fingers, causing her shut eyes to snap open.

Madison looked down at Dante and felt her wolf call to her. Leaning forward, she grinded deeper on him in slow circular motions. She felt him shudder as his hips met hers and knew he was about to come. Feeling her orgasm approaching she licked the side of his neck, her mouth watering at the prospect of making him hers forever.

Dante felt her walls tighten around him and gripped the side of her face so that he could look into her eyes. "Bite me love." Thrusting into her one last time, he roared as he felt pleasure run through his body from both her tight walls and her bite. Spilling his seed deep within her, he turned his head and kissed her lips, not caring that he barely had his breathe back yet.

Breaking away from the kiss, he sighed heavily and sat back in his chair, holding Madison tighter against him. It still amazed him that she turned so suddenly and made a mental note to contact Dr. Ovine as soon as he was done with Madison.

He was knocked out of his daze when he felt Madison shift on top of him and looked down at her face. Bending down, he kissed the top of her nose, smiling when she giggled in return. He felt his heart swell when she kissed the place where his heart would be.

"I love you." Although she knew that he probably knew this already, the moment that they just shared minutes ago solidified what she already knew in her heart, but was too afraid to say out loud. She looked up when Dante commanded her too and felt her heart swell from what she saw in his eyes.

Looking down at her, Dante placed his forehead against hers and closed his eyes. "Thank you." Madison already knew what he meant when he said thank you and kissed his lips before resting her head on his heart. **

Tiffany followed behind Daniel, still angry over the fact that both he and Dante took her as a joke just moments ago. She didn't know where he was taking her, but wherever they were headed, he would certainly hear a few words from her. She looked up when she noticed they were in front of a door and watched as he opened it, nodding for her to enter.

Glaring up at him, she walked inside and looked around. Wow. This is huge. She felt her eyes bug out of her head as she surveyed Daniel's 'room'. She scuffed at that thought. More like an apartment. From his dark blue walls to the huge bed centered to the back of the room, the room screamed masculinity. She felt her insides quiver as his scent wafted to her nose and fought the urge to turn around and jump his bones.

Clearing her throat, she turned her attention to the intricate art pieces that were hanging on his walls, especially the one right above his bed. It looked to be a man with his arms wrapped around a woman's body. One of his arms covered her breast while the other was wrapped around her waist with his hand in between her thighs. His head was dipped in between her neck as if he was urging her on and her head was thrown back in ecstasy.

There was something so primal about the painting that called to her and she fought the urge to moan out loud. Looking closer, she realized the woman vaguely reminded her of herself and felt a shiver run up her spine. Shaking her thoughts, she turned her attention to the rest of the room, suddenly embarrassed that she was looking at the picture for so long.

Daniel didn't miss how intrigued she was by the painting and felt his cock stir in his pants. He hoped to have her in that same position soon. Realizing he was still in the doorway, he walked into the room and closed the door behind him.

"This is my room." Daniel watched as she continued to survey his room and smiled when he smelt the musky scent of her arousal. He knew she was still bothered by the painting and licked his lips.

He heard his wolf call and urge him to take a little sample of her, but pushed him back in his mind. The last thing he wanted was to attack her like some untamed animal before they even got a chance to know each other.

Running his eyes over the back of her, he looked down at her plump ass. If he had his way, he would have her faced down, balls deep, but something told him that there was more to her than what she led on.

Fixing himself in his pants, he walked up behind her. "What do you think?" Tiffany turned around, looking up into his eyes and smiled.

"What am I supposed to think Daniel? This is your room. I have no say in how it should look." She watched as his face contorted in confusion and shook her head, walking over to his dresser where pictures were placed on top . Running her eyes over the different frames, she smiled when she saw a picture of Daniel, Dante, and Alexandra.

"You know Alexandra is going to cut Dante's head off since she hasn't met Madison yet. You make sure you call me before she does it too. Wouldn't mind seeing Dante knocked down a peg or two." Daniel smiled at her, watching as she continued looking at his pictures. Although he didn't show it, he was starting to become irritated at her for saying things as if they were not mates. Clearing his throat, he watched as she turned around to him.

"What?" Tiffany knew what he was going to say next and for some reason, a part of her was anxious. What if he had been mistaken and she was not really his mate? What if she had been mistaken in thinking that he was her mate? She knew there was a low possibility of this being true, but a part of her was scared to be mated, seeing where that led her parent's relationship.

Suddenly feeling hot, she clenched her hands together, trying to find something in the room to look at, but failing because of his imposing size.

Daniel knew that something was bothering her and felt his wolf growl because he couldn't help her through it. She wasn't even projecting her thoughts anymore and he wondered if she was doing this on purpose. Sighing deeply, he ran his fingers through his hair and walked over to the edge of his bed to sit down. "Come."

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