tagNovels and NovellasFinding Home Ch. 07

Finding Home Ch. 07


She sat in her room, her whole body was quivering, her hair and teeth freshly brushed. Oh god, should she be wearing her uniform? But the Professor was coming up too. She wasn't sure what to do. She wasn't at home, the rules were all different. She decided to follow the clinic rules for now.

Cassy logged onto her computer, not sure exactly why, just restlessly looking for something to do. The strange nervous energy she had be dealing with all afternoon still buzzed and shook her. She opened to assignment of what she would like to do.

On impulse and still feeling silly she wrote; I want to get laid. I want to get my brains fucked out all night long. I want to stop thinking. I want to come so hard I scream. I want to just have fun. I want to laugh more. I want... fuck it I want everything. You talk about fate, I want to talk about karma, goddamn it you are right I deserve to feel good, to feel love, to feel pleasure. I never want to feel afraid again. I never want to be quiet again.

Cassy's hand froze on the keyboard when she heard the knock. Her voice squeaked and jumped, "Oh god, oh god." She darted to the door and yanked it open and he was there and the world stood still.

He was wearing a soft black silk suit that showed off his broad shoulders and narrow hips. His perfect white hair was tied back with a black band at the base of his neck. He wore his dark glasses, they were thick prescription and she knew they were tinted as much to hide the fact that their thickness distorted his eyes as to block out the light.

They stood there gazing at each other, neither moving, neither speaking. The Professor's voice was soft and amused. "I can see why you two might need some help with your communication skills. Cassy, if you keep standing in the door, we can't come in." She squeaked in alarm and backed up abruptly and then once in the center of the room she knelt and looked down at the floor, retreating into the familiar.

Her Master remained standing in the door. Still gazing, apparently oblivious to the Professor's words. The Professor leaned close to him, gently laid his hand on his shoulder and whispered in his ear. Then he pushed her Master into the room and followed him in. "Go on."

Her Masters voice was rich and soft, resonating with deep base tones, "Get up Cassy, kneeling is for home, not for here. Here we are both students of the Professor. No more rules for now."

Cassy looked up in confusion, and slowly pulled herself to her feet. She started to say something, her lips opened and then closed. He smiled and nodded, "Go ahead say it. I want to hear what you have to say."

"What... what should I call you, sir?"

"How do you talk to the others who are students here at the clinic?"

"We just talk to each other by our first names, sir."

"Then call me by my name. Call me Nathan."

The Professor spoke up. "Nathan had hoped to take you out of the clinic for the evening but I have decided that you are grounded. You have been a bit too... um... overwhelmed all afternoon. I spoke to Nathan about this and he understands. We will send a tray of Thai food up when it gets here."

The Professor looked at her Master, "Nathan, I have not talked to Cassy about your visit at all. You have to take the lead here. Remember she has had a huge amount of emotional crap to deal with today. She needs soothing and reassurance not a ton of decision making." And he turned and left them alone.

"Nathan." Her voice was soft and wondering.


"Nothing, I am just saying it. I have never said it before."

"I like hearing you say it. What do you want to do?"

"If you don't touch me soon, I think I am going to go crazy. I just need you to hold me please."

He held his arms out to her. "You don't have to ask Cassy. Just come here." She flew into his arms and snuggled up to his chest. His cologne smelled of exotic spices and myrrh, she burrowed her face into his chest and inhaled.

"You smell good. Oh god, hold me tight. I have felt like I was going to fly into a thousand pieces all day long."

"I wish that there was something I could have done that would have made it easier for you."

"You did. Oh my god, you did so much. Every test you put me through taught me how to endure, taught me to be strong, taught me that not only can I survive, I can embrace and transcend anything, not matter how impossible."

His voice was soft and full of emotion. "You are so amazing. You are so beautiful, so tiny and fragile, and yet you are so strong and brave. I love you so much."

Cassy felt a rush of panic. He had never said anything like that to her before. She shied away from the intensity. "I got in a fist fight today. Well not much of a fight, more like I attacked her."

"The Professor told me. It was one of the reasons we have to stay here."

"I am sorry about not being able to go out but I am not all that sorry it happened. I think I needed to know I could fight back if I needed to. All my life I ran away. Today I didn't run away. I didn't hide inside myself. It felt very good. Windy and I have talked it out and we are cool now. I promised the Professor I would be good now."

"Not too good I hope."

Cassy leaned back and looked up at his face. "I think the Professor said for you to take the lead here." His lips were warm as they touched her forehead and traced down her nose and stopped hovering just out of reach of her lips. Cassy stood up on her toes and gently pressed her lips to his. They stood still their lips barely touching for many seconds before he pulled her to him and leaned in, spreading her lips, opening her mouth his tongue curious and demanding. She reached up and ran her hand over his back, pulling him tighter to her, a soft audible sigh rose in her chest.

He broke the kiss and held her close, his hands stroking her hair and her back. Her voice was soft and shaky, "I love you too."

"Can we lower the lights, little one. I would like to let my hair down." She knew that he meant he wanted to take off his glasses but at the same time her mind went back to the Professor speaking in the metaphor of how sometimes feelings could be too intense, to bright. She touched his lips and smiled.

She turned down the lighting in the room, letting the computer monitor and the bathroom light dimly light the room. "Better?" She walked over and gently reached up and removed his glasses and put them carefully on the table next to the computer. He blinked and rubbed his perfect ice blue eyes.

"Much better, come sit with me. I feel like I need one of those tight hugs myself." He led her to the couch and sat down, pulling her into his lap. Cassy sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck. She found her lips tracing along the angle of his chin, planting dozens of soft little kisses from his ear to his chin, savoring to soft rasp of his freshly shaved skin against her cheek. He held her gently, one arm cradling her strong and safe the other gently stroking her smooth stockinged legs from knee to ankle.

Soon his hand on her leg began to explore higher but the tight uniform skirt barred his movement up to her thigh. "This wearing clothes is sort of new. The naked rule sort of made it easy for me to avoid learning how to get you to take off your clothes."

Her voice was soft and dreamy, "You will find me very cooperative. All you have to do is ask."

"Take off your skirt, just the skirt. And let your hair loose."

"I thought you'd never ask." Cassy slipped off his lap and stood close to his knees and slowly unzipped her skirt. She slowly slipped it down her hips and to her feet. His hands reached out and stroked the length of her legs, running down the outside and then and slowly tracing up the inside of her leg. He felt the dampness and heat of her sex and softly ran his finger tips across her silky smooth outer lips and moved away. A long trembling shudder shook her legs.

"No panties. What kind of clinic is this?"

"Now that is a good question. Here I have been walking around with no bra or panties all week and nobody has noticed except you." Cassy pulled the band from her hair and shook the soft waves loose over her shoulders.

"Hmm... no bra either? You better show me."

Cassy began to slowly unbutton her blouse, his hands followed hers, touching her neck and fingers, pushing the fabric apart. His fingers warm and soft against her skin tracing down as she went lower following down between her small breasts, down her trembling stomach and once more ending up gently stroking between her legs.

His hands gripped her hips and pulled her to him. "Sit on me, straddle my legs. I want you closer." Cassy knelt straddling his thighs, her spread thighs exposing her cunt, forcing it down on his crotch, the soft fabric of his pants rubbing on the sensitive shaved lips of her labia.

"Mmm." Cassy hummed her approval and softly ground herself against the swelling hardness under her. "This is nice." He pushed open her blouse, leaned her back and took a nipple in his mouth. "Ooh and it keeps getting better." Her voice was breathless. "Nathan please, let me take off your shirt. I want to feel your skin against mine."

His voice was deep and warm. "I would like that." Cassy slid back and stood her legs still spread on either side of his knees. Slowly she pulled of his suit jacket and then began to unbutton his dark silk shirt. His hands were busy and curious, touching her breasts, running up her back under her shirt. As she reached the last buttons on his shirt he pushed her blouse down and off her shoulders. "Take it off. Take off everything. I want you naked."

Cassy stepped back and dropped her blouse. It took a second to push down the garter belt, stockings and kick off her shoes. Nathan stood and pulled off his shirt. Cassy reached for his waistband and helped him push down his pants and boxers. His erection bobbed up tall and swollen, red against the white of the hair around the base. Cassy could not resist rubbing her cheek against the silky smoothness. A wave of excitement shook her as she inhaled his musky scent. She could feel a flood of warm dampness well up in her cunt.

Nathan pulled her up and pressed the length of his body against hers, trapping his cock between them. Cassy felt a rush of need as his skin touched hers. She need to feel him on all of her. She had an almost irrational thought of wanting to just lay on him and luxuriate in the silken warmth of his body, to wallow on him, wiggling and purring like a kitten. "Take me to the bed. Lets lie down together."


Cassy impatiently stripped back the blankets and threw them down on the floor and fell back onto the mattress pulling him down with her. She pressed herself to him, rubbing the length of her body against him in a slow sinuous movement. She could feel the hot tip of his cock bumping blindly against her cunt and she began to rub up against it, letting it touch and kiss against her. "Yea, I like that. I want you against me." He pulled away from her and she felt a wave of panicky need. "No, don't stop."

"Lay back, let me take the lead for a while." Cassy whimpered in frustration as he pulled away from her, her hands reluctantly falling from his back. "It will be OK little one, lets just slow it down. We have all night." His lips traced down her neck and again he took her hard pink nipple into his mouth, sucking and pulling harder this time. A sharp pang of pleasure shot from her breast to her throbbing cunt.

Cassy let out a soft moan as he moved to her other breast, holding and squeezing her other breast firmly, his fingers digging into her flesh. She tensed as his lips moved down and he lay between her legs, his breath hot on on her sex. He had never put his mouth on her before. She had never had anyone do this before. "Spread you legs for me. Show me your cunt. Take your fingers and spread it out for me." Cassy reached down and spread her tender flesh wide and open. "Cassy I want you to help me with this. Tell me what is working right for you. Use your hands to guide me if you want. I need you to tell me how this is feeling for you."

"You don't have to."

"And if I decide I want to?"

"I'm sorry. I guess I am nervous."

"Just relax, its something I want us to be able to do together and I want to learn how. I am under the impression that done right it can be quite pleasant." He leaned down and gently ran his tongue along the length of her slit. Her hips flinched. He began to run his tongue side to side along the length of her slit and then licked firmly across her clit.

Cassy felt her whole being lurch toward the touch. "There, oh Nathan there, do it there." His touch was soft, but the rhythm was good. "Do it a little harder." Cassy felt her whole body lifting and moving as the sensations built. As she approached her finish the need to be close to him became more than she could stand. "Oh, oh god Nathan please fuck me, I want you to fuck me."

Cassy let a deep groan of fulfillment as she felt him sliding into her. "Oh yes, I need it. I need you deep inside me." The feeling inside her was amazing. She felt like she was flying and then as he began to move in slow deliberate thrusts she arched and tensed in a trembling arc. Another deep groan tore from what seemed the very center of her as she exploded under him, long spasms of her climax shaking her. As she slowly relaxed under him, he gently kissed her and raised her legs up over his arms and rose to his knees and began to move more forcefully, his need driving his pace. Thrusting hard and deep he looked down at her, a smile of satisfaction on his face as he savored the sensation of her on his cock. His brow creased in effort as he buried himself deep in her and shuddered with his finish, his cock twitching deep in her as he came.

Cassy's voice was soft and dazed, "That was wonderful."

"My pleasure little one, literally. Lie still, I will be right back." Cassy felt a pang of sadness as he gently pulled his softening cock from her and got out of the bed. He padded into the bathroom and got a dampened washcloth. Coming back he gently washed her face and then her sex. As he gently wiped off her pink flesh, he leaned down and kissed her tenderly on her clit, sucking it into his mouth and flicking his tongue across it. Cassy squealed and her hips bucked. "There?"

"Oh my god. Thats crazy intense."

"Its been part of my homework, how to be a more attentive lover. The Professor seems to think I have been focusing too much on tests and neglecting the rewards."

"It shows. Tell him I give you an 'A'." Suddenly serious Cassy touched his face. "You have always been wonderful. I don't know if I would have been able to accept this kind of attention before. I could handle tests. I don't think I would have known what to do with a reward. I was so lost."

Both of them jumped as a crisp knock on her door interrupted them. Windy's voice called clearly through the door. "Room service."

"Oh no, not her." Cassy knew that Windy would not be able to resist any kind of wise crack that occurred to her. "Windy just leave it outside the door."

"You have to eat sometime you guys. Its delicious."

"Just leave it and go away, please."

"OK, its out here if you guys ever decide to come up for air."

Cassy pulled on a robe and peeked out the door. There was a tray with several white cartons of to go food on it and two plates and silverware. There was a big pitcher of ice water and two glasses. A black leather overnight bag sat beside the tray. She brought the tray in and put it on the coffee table by the couch. She held up the bag, "I see you were hoping to stay the night."

"A guy must be prepared."

"Did you bring a robe?"

"No, but I have pajamas." His voice was a comic mixture of pride and a little of embarrassment. He never wore anything like that at home.

"Pajamas?" Cassy squealed in laughter. She tore open his bag and pulled out a pair of rich dark brown silk pajama bottoms. "Ooh these feel nice. If you don't like them maybe I will wear them."

"They would be too big for you tiny girl."

"I have nighties to sleep in here. Want to see?"

"Would that be like a game of I will show you mine if you show me yours?"

Cassy padded into her dressing room and pulled one of the soft white night gowns over her head. "You make it sound so sexy."

He had put on the pajama bottoms and was looking through the food. "Jammies the new kink."

"Jammies? Now that sounds completely nasty." Cassy came over and began to read some of the writing on some of the boxes. One had the Professor's writing, "not too hot." She put some on a dish and took a bite. It was noodles with chicken and spices, it was good.

"Thats what my Mom always called them. Good boys wear their jammies to sleep."

He reached over and took a bite off her plate and nodded. He put a number of things on his plate and began to eat. As they talked they shared bites. Cassy did not like many of the things because she found they were way too hot but she really liked the salad rolls that were like egg rolls only cold with fresh vegetables and a sweet peanut sauce.

"Tell me about your mother."

"She was an amazing woman. She was a brilliant musician. She taught me everything I know about the piano. She was very strong. I think the Professor would maybe say dominating. I think she loved me very much but at the same time I feel like I was a disappointment to her."


"I never pursued a musical career. I dropped out of college with only a semester to go. I never enjoyed the company of people like she did."

"What about your father?"

"He was a cypher. He was there but never played a part. He ran his bookstores. He had his own set of rooms in the house and rarely spent any time with either of us. I think my parents blamed each other for my being different. They hated that I was albino. They taught me to hate it too. I am learning now that maybe it is not such a horrible thing."

"I always thought you were the most beautiful man I have ever seen."

"My whole life I have felt like a freak. I hate it when people stare at me."

"I know. But maybe they are not all thinking that you are a freak. Maybe some of them are admiring you. You look different but you look exotic, magical, like an angel or a demon."

He smiled bitterly, "A creature of the night."

"The Professor says I can spend my whole life dwelling on the things I have lost or spend it focused on what I do have. I think it is good advice. The night can be the most wonderful of times. I love the stars and the solitude."

"Lets both try and follow it. And right now I have you and I have not gotten to practice all my homework assignments. Time for some studying. I was hoping you would consent to being my lab partner."

"Ooh it sounds so scientific. Did the Professor tell you about my first day when he hooked me up to all the machines?"

"No he didn't tell me much about what was going on with you except for what he said was public record."

"It was scary. I was trying to be so good. I had some crazy idea if I could be really good then I would get to go home sooner. He took me into the medical wing and hooked me up to some machines. I have a video if you want to watch."

"Just tell me."

"He did all kinds of things to me and then he gave me a shot and I got all stoned. He masturbated me until I came and kept looking at all the machines. It was the weirdest thing."

"Did you like it."

"I was so stoned and scared, I didn't remember it very clearly. Like it? No, it was too weird for me. He was this big tall scary stranger and he had me tied down to this table under a ton of bright lights. He even wore a white coat. But I kind of liked watching the video but its not as sexy as the time he had me tied up and whipped me."

"That is one I would like to see."

"I can turn it on. Windy had lied and said I had done something I hadn't. She really gets off on getting whipped and other pain things and if she is good the Professor gives her pain for a reward. He had her tied up so she couldn't hurt herself and then pretended to whip me while she listened. Well he really did whip me, but not hard at all. I had to pretend to be in agony. It totally made her crazy.

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