Finding Home Ch. 10


"I will be gentle with her, but she will always love me best after I have had her. All the girls do. Every time you mount her she will think wistfully of her time with me."

Cam got out a helmet, it was way too big for Cassy and felt odd and wobbly on her head. "Wear this until you get to the store. Jesus make sure to get her a better helmet while you are dressing her up like a biker chick."

"She is going to be a hottie thats for sure."

Cassy interrupted. "No tattoos."

"Spoil sport, I was thinking of Praise Jesus on your butt. Come on sweet thing this is going to be almost as good as your first time with me."

He swung his leg over the big bike and made an audible groan as he lowered himself to the seat. "Oh my fucking god, this is so good." He slowly rolled the big bike out into the sunshine and pushed a button. The engine caught and began to hum. He grinned and crooked his finger at Cassy. "Come here girl, get a taste of this." She walked up and he wrapped his hands around her waist and picked her up and instead of putting her behind him he carefully sat her down in front of him. "One of the advantages of long arms. I can keep you up here where I can cuddle you." Cassy found she fit snuggly in between his legs, his chin resting on the top of her helmet. "You fit me like you were custom made."

"What do I hold onto?"

"You have lots of options little one. My legs, my belt or maybe my big boner thats poking you in the ass."

Cassy could not resist slipping a curious hand behind her and feeling the massive bulge pushing against her butt and back. She snatched her hand away like she had been burned. "Oh Jesus." She said it with a hard "J".

"Its pronounced Hayzoose girl." Cassy squealed with laughter. "You have to forgive him. I haven't had two such beautiful girls between my legs at the same time in fucking ages, maybe ever. He's just a naturally excitable guy."


"Yea baby. My little friend, joystick, piston, black mamba, gear shift, gristle missile, torque wrench..."

Cassy was screaming with laughter, "OK, OK I get it."

"You will be getting it soon enough you tasty thing."

"You are so bad."

The motorcycle was amazingly smooth and there was none of the loud roar that Cassy had anticipated. She was intensely aware of the powerful engine vibrating between her legs.

Jesus pulled the big bike into a parking lot of a big store that had murals of motorcycles all over the outside and neon signs in the windows of all kinds of motorcycle manufacturers. Cassy recognized Honda, Harley Davidson, and a lot of others. Jesus pulled up on the sidewalk in front of the front doors. "Cam would kill me if he knew I left her where she could get a door ding. Anyway I can keep a close eye on both of you girls if I park her up here." He lifted her up and set her on the ground.

"Come on lets get you decked out."

A shaggy man with a huge stomach came out from the back of the store. "Jesus you monstrous bastard. How long you been in town?"

"Got me a new momma, need her decked out nice. Jeanie here?"

The man turned and roared. "Jeanie, Jesus is here. Get your jiggly ass out here."

A delighted scream came from a back room and a tall red haired woman in spandex came bouncing out from the back. She was voluptuously built with huge breasts and butt. "Jesus, baby, have you finally come to take me away from all this?"

"I will have to take a rain check on that one Jeanie. Anyway I could never make you as happy as Jack does."

The richly endowed red head spied Cassy peaking out from around Jesus. "Jesus, you have a baby girl with you? What play ground have you been hunting in. This one can't be more than twelve. I knew you were a kinky bastard, but kids? Jack, I think we should call the vice squad."

Cassy stepped around Jesus and tried to stand taller. "I am not a little girl."

Jesus laughed. "Watch out Jeanie. This one is feisty. We need to dress her up right. Nothing slutty, just good road leathers, boots and a good fitting helmet. Oh and Jack, check out my ride."

"A Valkyrie? That is an amazing bike but a little smooth for your taste and I thought you kind of had an emotional attachment to your Harley."

"Lets just say I am breaking her in for a friend."

"You have amazing friends. That is a sweet custom job."

Jesus looked suddenly thoughtful. "Yes, I do have amazing friends."

Jeanie beckoned to Cassy. "Come on lets get you looking like that kind of girl that you would expect to see on a sweet ride like that."

Cassy came out of the bike shop wearing a pair of form fitting black leather pants and a leather jacket. They had baby blue piping and tons of zippers. Cassy loved the smell and creaky sound of the new leather. A pair of little black boots with cool buckles and a baby blue helmet finished the outfit.

Jesus whistled and nodded. "Nice, exactly what I had in mind. My own little motorcycle momma. Thanks Jeanie, you always have the best chick leathers in town. Put it on my tab, package up her old clothes and the helmet. Send them to this address." He wrote on the bill. "We got places to go and people to do."

Cassy got out her cell phone and called Nathan. "OK, I am just leaving town now so I should be there in a little while." Nathan told her he would listen for the cab. Cassy did not correct him. Somehow she wanted this to be a surprise.

The ride was a rush. The bike glided effortlessly down the road and Cassie felt completely safe tucked between Jesus's massive legs. She found that she did not have to hold on to anything. Once they were out of the busy parts of town and onto the freeway, Jesus began to speed up. Jesus hollered into her ear. "Baby, lean forward." He took her hands and stretched her arms to reach the handle bars. She had to lay almost flat on the gas tank to reach. He leaned down over her, his hands clasping hers and suddenly they were flying.

Cassy could hear Jesus whoop in triumph. She shouted in excitement. The power of the engine thrummed up through her. She could feel every subtle movement of Jesus's massive body as he kept perfect control of the machine. The world sped by in a blur. It seemed like they were at the drive to her Master's house too soon. As they cruised slowly up the narrow road between tall overhanging trees, Jesus sat up and pulled Cassy to lean against his chest.

In the afternoon light Cassy felt her eyes drawn to the huge empty mansion as they slowly rolled by it. It was a beautiful building but she could see that it was starting to show neglect. Nathan had not lived in it since he was a teenager, preferring the smaller more manageable carriage house.

Jesus parked the bike and they pulled off their helmets. Cassy shook her hair out. As they stretched their legs, Cassy turned to Jesus. "You were right that was amazing. Thank you for bringing me."

Jesus was looking toward the carriage house. She could tell from his face he was struggling to control his fear. Cassy could hear the sound of Nathan's piano. He always turned to the piano when he was in a thoughtful mood. At least it was not the crashing music he chose when he was angry.


"What will I say?"

"Tell him you love him. Tell him the truth."

"I have never told him that. I could hardly admit that to myself forever. It was only after he was with you that I could not longer deny it to myself."

"Tell him that. Tell him everything."

Together they walked up the walk and Cassy pushed open the door. "Nathan!" Cassy knew with his vision that Nathan kept the house nearly dark and did not like to have anyone startle him. The music stopped and she heard him close the piano cover.

"You got here fast."

"Yea, Cam loaned us his Valkyrie. That thing flies." Jesus's voice was soft and deep, filling the room. Nathan stepped into the room. He was wearing the pajama bottoms he had shown her Friday night. He did not have on a shirt and his ivory skin shown in the shadows of the hall. His hair fell around his shoulders. He did not have on his glasses.

Cassy could see that Nathan was distracted by Jesus's mentioning the motorcycle. "You conned Cam into loaning you his bike? You devious bastard."

"I couldn't have done it without Cassy's help. He would never had trusted me without having Cassy along to keep an eye on me."

Nathan looked at Cassy and said, "He has got you all dressed up in leathers? You look cute." Cassy grinned and unzipped her jacket and pulled it off. Under her jacket she wore a tiny leather bikini top, matching the black with blue trim of her pants and jacket.

Jesus cocked an eyebrow. "I told Jeanie nothing slutty."

"It was a set and I decided I wanted something just a little bit slutty."

For all the light banter Cassy could feel the tension between the two men. Jesus stood just inside the door. Cassy moved to him and unzipped his black leather jacket, "Come on take off this thing. Come in and get comfortable." Jesus let the heavy coat slide down his arms. He wore a perfectly white undershirt on under it and his black skin gleamed on his arms and shoulders.

"Which of you two guys is going to help me pull off these boots." Cassy sat and held up her little feet. Both Nathan and Jesus moved toward her and then stopped looking at each other. Jesus stepped back giving ground to Nathan. Cassy spread her legs wide, a leg pointing at each of the men. "I have two feet guys, I guess if you want, you could both help me." Nathan grinned and took hold of one of the little boots. Jesus laughed and took hold of the other. "Go easy guys, I am not a wish bone."

The two boots slipped off her feet at exactly the same second. "Thanks." Cassy stood and took the boots and put them in the closet along with her jacket. She unzipped her pants and slid them off and pulled off the bikini top as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Cassy sighed and stretched. "Clothes are OK, but this is so much better." Cassy walked to Nathan and gracefully dropped to her knees. "My Master, this girl wishes to speak." Nathan looked a little startled but gently tapped her on the shoulder as he had trained her so long ago. "My Master, this girl is overjoyed to be home. This girl begs permission to speak freely tonight." Once more he tapped her on the shoulder.

Cassy smiled and gracefully rose to her feet. "Thank you sir. I love the structure and beauty of our world. I missed it so much. No matter how our relationship may grow or change, I will need this beauty."

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