tagNovels and NovellasFinding Home Ch. 11

Finding Home Ch. 11


Cassy walked to Jesus and took his hand and led him to Nathan and took his hand. "Sirs, I hope you will forgive my impertinence. If you choose, I will accept any consequences you deem appropriate."

Cassy took a deep breath and for the first time in her life began to yell. Her voice shrill and loud. "You two big stupid fucking idiots. How dare you hurt each other with such horrible hateful words. How dare you raise your hands to each other in anger. How dare you attack the very thing you love about each other in a mindless attempt to destroy it. How could anyone be so evil as to try to destroy their love. You broke each others hearts over and over again. You broke Cam's heart. I will not fucking tolerate this childish, fearful, stupid, evil, hateful, ridiculous, idiotic, thoughtless bullshit anymore. If you try any more of this crap, this bullshit, this evil, I will personally kick both your asses."

Cassy stopped and took a few deep breaths. "I want you both to apologize to each other. I want you to promise to be honest with each other and stop mindlessly hurting each other. For gods sake you better say I love you along the way or I will... I will..." Cassy's voice faltered.

Nathans voice was soft and full of emotion. "What will you do little one?"

"I guess I will keep on loving you both no matter what." Her voice was hoarse and shook with emotion. She dropped their hands and walked toward the kitchen. "If there is any justice in this world there will be a diet Coke in the refrigerator."

She could hear them in the hall.

Jesus said, "She is right you know, we have been pretty stupid."

Nathan's voice was amused, "I would hate to have her kick my ass."

Jesus's voice shook a little. "I do love you. I have always loved you. I think that was what made me craziest of all. You were so open and comfortable and I couldn't be. I could face wanting you sexually but I couldn't face how much I loved you. I tried so hard to destroy you. Every time I hurt you it was like cutting my own heart out. Oh fuck Nathan I am so sorry."

Cassy smiled and sat down in the kitchen and sipped her soda.

Nathan's voice was soft. "I tried to make you be something you weren't. I thought if I loved you that you would have to somehow change to fit into my world. I had no flexibility. I expected you to do everything my way. I was jealous and cruel. I had always hated myself and you were everything I wanted to be. Yet I tried to change you. I tried to destroy everything that you had that I could not have. Cassy is right you know, it is ultimately evil to try to destroy the very thing you love. I did some pretty evil things.

"Where to we go from here?"

"I guess we forgive each other, like the little lady tells us to do and move on."

"She was impertinent."

"She was wasn't she."

"What do you think we should do about that?"

"I have some ideas if you would care to help me out."

Cassy looked up from her Coke and stood as the two men casually walked into the kitchen. Nathan looked at her with a raised eyebrow. He shot a meaningful look at the floor. "It seems like you have become lax in your discipline."

A delighted grin flashed across Cassy's face and just as quickly she calmed her features and dropped to her knees. Nathan's voice held a hint of steel. "I have mixed feelings. This impertinent little slut has such a crude and strident way of speaking. Yet her words reflected great wisdom. She brought me a great gift but, my such a potty mouth. Her tone was so... unattractive. I am not sure if I should reward or punish her."

Jesus chuckled a deep menacing laugh. "She deserves both. Have you trained her to serve others?"

"Alas no. Her training is seriously lacking. She is most innocent. You know she was a virgin when she came to me. She is delightfully... inexperienced."

Nathan turned to her. "Tell me about Cam. Did you fuck him?"

Cassy shook her head. "No sir, but we did share pleasure. He pressed his cock against my cunt but he did not enter me. He held me close until I orgasmed."

Jesus shook his head. "That Cam has amazing restraint. I would have fucked her until she was walking funny if she were rubbing her cunt on my piston."

"May this girl please speak?" She felt the familiar beloved tap on her shoulder. "This impertinent girl would gently remind her master that she is not on birth control and if her master would choose to share her with his friends she might be at risk of getting knocked up."

Jesus laughed a long laugh. "Girl, this shrub hunter never goes anywhere without a big pocket full of condoms."

Nathan smiled knowingly. "Ah yes, custom made, if my memory serves me right. You will be her second my good friend. You will make a pretty pair."

Cassy could tell that the conversation had somehow gotten away from punishment. She decided not to remind them. She was beginning to sense that these two men were finely attuned to each other. In many ways, the sum was greater than the parts. If they were working on something together the results would be... what did Cam say?... epic. She felt a shiver of anticipation. She loved Nathan so much and deep in her heart she knew that soon she would feel the same way about this huge irreverent black man. A fleeting thought crossed her mind. She wished Cam could be here.

Jesus rumbled, "I will be her second? That is a fine gift you give to me. I would suggest if she pleases me I will choose her punishment."

"Don't be too easy. She is pleasing already."

Jesus knelt behind Cassy and breathed in her ear. "Is it true that you are pleasing already? You look pleasing. You smell pleasing. Close your eyes little one. Close your eyes and keep them closed." As she lowered her lids she thought how he used the same words her Master did.

She felt him pull her arms behind her and grab her upper arms in a huge hand, pinning them together so her elbows almost touched. Her back arched and she leaned her head back, her small breasts held high and proud. Again the deep voice rumbled in her ear. "Not a lot of meat on these bones."

"But it is so sweet." She felt lips on her breast, sucking and nibbling. "Yes very sweet." A soft gasp of pleasure escaped her lips. Jesus turned her head, forcing her to twist and contort to kiss her, his mouth wet and smooth, forcing her jaws wide apart. His tongue reached deep into her mouth, almost filling it, exploring her mouth deeper and more intimately than she had ever felt before. Nathan continued to suck and pull at her nipples. A soft whimper of excitement rose up in her throat.

Jesus released her mouth. "Yes, very sweet. I would like to see her spread out on your bed. I would taste her more." He released her arms and stood. Cassy found herself lifted like a rag doll and laid across his shoulder. His hand exploring her ass and then sliding between her legs, stroking her slippery wet folds. She heard him sniff noisily. "Smells delectable." She heard him smack his lips noisily. "Yummy. You know Nathan you should get over your squeamishness. This girl is very sweet."

Cassy giggled and said, "He is not so squeamish."

"None of your impertinence slut. All I want to hear from you is screams of ecstasy." His hand slapped her ass firmly. The swat shook her and stung like hell. Cassy yelped and wriggled on his shoulder.

Cassy shrieked as he threw her on the bed, but she kept her eyes shut. "Open your eyes girl. I want you to see whats coming." Cassy slowly opened her eyes, the lights were dimmed but she could see clearly. Both Nathan and Jesus stood at the foot of the bed looking down at her.

Nathan's hand was slowly stroking up and down Jesus's back as he looked at her. "Spread your legs for us Cassy. Show us your pretty cunt." Cassy slid closer and spread her legs, raising her knees to tip her hips up. "Good girl."

Jesus unbuckled his belt and pushed his pants and and leather chaps down slowly. His erection stood tall and thick. Cassy felt her eyes get wider as she looked at the massive cock swaying in front of her. Jesus chuckled a deep predatory rumble. "I love the way their eyes get big, the disbelief and then the fear."

Nathan laughed softly and let his pajama bottoms fall to the floor. He went to the side of the bed and leaned over, his hands grabbing and spinning Cassy to lay with her head hanging over the side of the bed. He slowly rubbed his cock over her face. "Open up little slut." Cassy happily grabbed his hips and opened her mouth. He slowly pushed himself deep into her mouth, a growl of pleasure rumbling deep in his throat.

Jesus crawled up on the bed and took a firm grasp of her hips, his thumbs spreading her wide. He breathed a long hot breath over her and then took her whole cleft into his mouth. It felt like a huge hot wet vacuum had clamped on to her. Cassy's hips bucked and fought against his grasp and she let out a loud gargling sound around Nathan's cock.

Nathan laughed a deep growling laugh and continued to slowly sensually thrust into her mouth. "Fuck, I love it when you make them to that."

A tiny corner of Cassy's mind was aware that for the moment she had become a just conduit for the two men. That in many ways they were more aware of each other than of her.

Cassy was trying to focus on breathing and giving Nathan her attention but the sensations coming from her cunt were irresistible. She could feel Jesus's tongue massaging against her clit while he held her whole cleft trapped and warm in his mouth. Loud moans bubbled around the flesh in her mouth.

Cassy held onto Nathan's hips like he was the only solid thing in this sea of sensation. His hands were tight on her head. Jesus held her hips locked down tight to the bed. Cassy began to shudder with her building orgasm. She felt that wave of irrational need to be fucked that always signaled her pending explosion. She could feel her hips struggling to move. Nathan's voice was soft and hoarse, "Good, make her come." He pushed himself deep in her throat.

Cassy made a long gargling grunt and exploded. Jesus eased the intensity of his mouth on her, his hands massaging her hips and thighs, easing her down slowly, soothing her shuddering flesh. He raised his face, his lips shining with her wetness and grinned at Nathan. "Come fuck her handsome, I want to watch you stick your pretty white cock in this cunt."

Nathan pulled his cock from her mouth and moved to kneel between her legs. Jesus knelt behind him, hugging up close behind. Nathans voice grated, "Hold your legs up wide and high pretty slut." Cassy put her hands under her knees and held her legs up. He lifted her hips and slowly slid into her. Cassy let out a soft happy cry, reveling in the first sensation of being filled. Nathan began to slowly thrust into her, Jesus moving with him, their movements perfectly synchronized.

Every time Nathan would push into her Cassy could feel the force of Jesus's hips adding to the thrust. She tried to wrap her legs around both of them and she felt a thrill when she felt Jesus's big warm hands grab her calves. He began to pull on her legs as they would surge against her.

Cassy could see both of them over her, Jesus's face watching her over Nathan's shoulder. She arched and moved her cunt in a slow grinding rotation on Nathan's cock as he began to tense and speed up the tempo of his lunges into her. Cassy's whole body was tingling and she began to pant and whimper. She went rigid and froze, trembling for what seemed an eternity of building ecstasy. Nathan was being slammed into her by the force of Jesus lunging against him. With a soft strangled scream Cassy began to convulse and shudder. Nathan plunged deep and growled deep in his chest as his essence pumped from him.

Cassy could feel Jesus still rubbing himself against Nathan, pulling her legs and grinding his cock against Nathan's ass and back. He groaned out, "Fuck, oh fuck yes, Nathan." She could feel the force of his spasming vibrate through Nathan into her.

Cassy reached up and touched Nathan's face, gently wiping away a single tear that stood sparkling on his cheek. "Epic. Would it be possible to untangle this love knot and let this girl visit the bathroom?"

Jesus helped her ease her legs down to the bed and wrapped his arms around Nathan. "Come on lover lay down with me while Cassy makes a pit stop." Cassy slipped out of the bed as they settled down in each others arms.

Cassy took her time in the bathroom, carefully washing herself and then getting a basin of warm water and a wash cloth she came to the bedroom door. She could see the two men stretched out on the bed, face to face, talking softly, Nathan's hand gently stroking Jesus's face.

She hesitated, not wanting to disturb them but Nathan turned his head. "Cassy what took you so long, we were talking."

"I was getting some water to clean you guys off."

"Mmm... yes that would be nice."

Cassy carefully washed her two lovers working on one and then the other, starting with their faces and ending with their feet. She took advantage of the chance to take a closer look at Jesus's big cock. It was big, no arguing with that, but it was in proportion to Jesus's massive body. It was dark and had a rich purple brown shade to it. She pulled his foreskin back and looked at the head. It was even more purple. She washed carefully around his glans and giggled when he sucked his breath in and flinched. Impishly she ran her tongue around the sensitive corona.

"Damn girl. And here I was worried about wearing you out too early. You like that big lolly pop?"

"I am not the only tasty one around here."

Cassy put away the basin and came back to the bed. She climbed on and deliberately wriggled in between the two men laying on the bed. "I like it here in the middle. I feel so safe surrounded by love."

Nathan gently stroked her hair, carefully smoothing it away from her face. "I was talking to Jesus about how I wanted him to come home. How that this was his home. He seems to think he would be somehow be an intrusion, an inconvenience. He said something like he did not want to get in your way?"

Cassy turned and half climbed onto the broad chest of the big man. "OK you, get up. Get out of this bed and bend over." Her voice was deep and threatening.

Jesus looked puzzled. "What?"

"How the fuck am I going to kick your ass if you are laying down on it?"

"What did I do?"

"You have to be honest, damn it. None of this not wanting to be a bother, bullshit. We love you. What are you really afraid of?"

"You, I am afraid of you. You look at me and see right through me. I can't hide from you."

"What are you trying to hide from me?"

Jesus tried to get up from the bed but Cassy put a single finger on his chest. "You can use your strength to push me away big man. You could break me in half with a glance. Is that going to be your answer? You speak of seeking answers. Give me your answer. What are you hiding from me?"

"None of this seems real. I am so afraid I am going to do something stupid and hurt you like I have hurt everyone else in my life. Cassy I love you and I could not bear to see the hurt in your eyes."

"So you are going to be a big stupid jerk on purpose so I won't find out that you are a big stupid jerk by accident? Brilliant."

Nathan could not help but chuckle. "Better let her kick you in the ass. It may be a lot easier than this."

Cassy turned, "Please Sir, no offense but you could be next." She turned back to Jesus. "Funny loud man, we love you. Nathan has taken your worst and he loves you madly. Cam loves you. I love you. Do your worst, we will survive. Just don't run away from us. I don't think we could survive that."

"I won't wear no leash."

"Jesus, love is not a leash it is wings. If you want to fly, we will be here when you want to come home to us. Just let this be your home." Cassy grinned. "Anyway I am the only one that gets to wear a leash around here. You try wearing a leash, you will really be a bother."

Nathan protested. "I have never made you wear a leash, you impertinent slut."

Cassy giggled and then schooled her face to its calm expression, her tone to its trained cadences of respect, "Well spoken my master, leashes are such a public demonstration of ownership. You always leaned toward private demonstrations of obedience and devotion." She tipped her head toward Jesus. "Beloved friend of my Master, have I been pleasing?"

Cassy could tell that Jesus was struggling with the his uncertainties and this change of tone had him reeling. "Pleasing? You make me crazy. You look at me and see through every one of my defenses. You see my weaknesses and yet you promise to love me in spite of them."

Cassy interrupted, "Not in spite of your weakness. Because of your weaknesses, your fears. They are part of you. All of us have flaws. We all have scars. This world is harsh, it breaks us. We are all like perfect glass vases that have been shattered and then carefully reassembled. Never again the same but somehow the more beautiful with the light refracting through the cracks, stronger for the glue binding the pieces together. We are all more beautiful, more strong, because of the scars."

Cassy pouted, "I am so sick of ranting at you. Jesus I ask you, have I been pleasing? Or should I be more direct? This girl wants you big idiots to stop talking so much and pay attention to her. Reward her or punish her."

Nathan spoke up, "I, for one, am tired of speeches. Less talk Jesus, more action. Lets give this slut something to occupy her mind."

Cassy touched Jesus's full lips. "I distinctly remember this big man bragging about being a good kisser. I think I may need some more demonstrations." She crawled up onto his broad chest and pressed her lips to his. She could feel Nathan move closer and felt his hand stroking her back.

Jesus groaned softly, a small almost defeated sound and his huge hands gently cradled her head. His mouth opening and pulling her in. Kissing him was like slowly sinking into mindless pleasure. She closed her eyes and let herself float, a happy hum trembling in her throat.

Holding her close to his chest Jesus turned to his side and faced Nathan, trapping her between their two bodies. Cassy sinuously writhed between them, reveling in the sensation of being completely surrounded by skin. She could feel their hands on her, stroking, exploring, each touch setting her skin on fire.

Jesus's cock pressed hard and tall against her stomach. Cassy ground her cunt against the length of it. Jesus lifted his lips from her mouth, "You want some of that don't you slut." Cassy whimpered and thrust her cunt at him, wordless. Jesus's big hands turned her to face Nathan, "Keep her busy good friend." Cassy made a whimper of protest as she felt him move away from her, the air cooling her heated flesh.

Nathan wrapped his arms around her and took her mouth with his. His lips hard and demanding, he took her lower lip in his teeth and gently bit and pulled. She could feel in fingers in her cunt, probing spreading. Her hands reached and found his cock, sliding her hand over the head in the way she knew he loved best.

Soon Jesus's voice rumbled, "Bring her to the edge, hold her for me." Cassy felt Nathan turning her and lifting her legs. He slid to sit on the edge of the bed and held her in his lap, pulling her legs to her chest. Cassy opened her eyes and blinked. Jesus was standing close. He knelt and pressed his face to her cunt, his tongue and lips busy. As the waves of sensation built Cassy's hips she began to struggle to move.

"Oh god, fuck me, please fuck me." Cassy felt like the words were torn from her. Jesus looked up, his smile almost a snarl of lust.

"Oh you sweet little slut, you are going to get fucked. Don't worry." He stood and slowly rolled the condom down the length of his cock. He reached for a tube of lube and rubbed a generous handful up and down his shaft. He grinned and wiped his hands on her cunt.

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