Finding Love Pt. 05


They had spent three months together before things ended between them. Patricia had been too insecure and became jealous far too easily if Kate so much as talked to another girl.

Kate had ended it and shortly after had gone away to college. She had not seen Patricia again in many years until today at her restaurant. It seemed that Patricia wanted to pick up where they had left off.

"What are you doing, Pat?" Kate asked as she backed away from her.

"Just having some fun, Kate. You used to like it when I rubbed my body on yours."

"Pat, that was years ago, when we were teenagers. We're different people now," Kate said, trying to put her off without being rude.

"Oh, you don't like me anymore Kate? Not even a little?"

"You'll always be special to me, Pat. We shared something that was very beautiful, but that was in the past. We will never be anything more than friends now. I hope you understand," Kate said then walked away to the ladies room.

Meg watched it all. She saw Kate's expression and watched her leave the dance floor, leaving a stunned Patricia behind. Downing the last of her drink, she moved to the dance floor and to Patricia.

"Had a good time dancing with my Kate?" Meg asked as another song came on and she began to move, her eyes on Patricia.

"Your Kate huh, no wonder she spurned my advances," Patricia answered as she started moving lightly to match Meg.

"Yeah, sorry we didn't tell you before you made a fool of yourself in front of her," Meg said.

"Yeah, it would have been nice to know that beforehand. I'm an idiot to think that she'd want me or still be single. You take care of her; she's special, very special," Patricia said with a sad smile then excused herself and left.

For a moment Meg felt bad about lying to Patricia but then seeing Kate coming towards her, cutting a path through the dance floor, she wasn't sorry she ran a potential rival off. Not sorry one bit.

Kate came to Meg and looked around for Patricia.

"She's gone, had something important to do she said," Meg signed just as another slow song started over the speakers.

"Oh, well she was acting very weird anyway," Kate said as she watched Meg swaying gently. She synced her movements to match Meg's, moving with her though they weren't touching.

Meg smiled her sweet smile at Kate then she slowly moved closer to Kate. Meg locked her hands around Kate's neck as Kate's hands came up to Meg's waist.

They moved together, picking up where they had left off before Patricia's interruption. They became lost in each other's eyes, the rest of the club seeming to disappear as they focused only on each other. Kate could see the change in Meg's eyes and felt hope swell inside at the possibility that Meg could love her. Meg was seeing similar things in Kate's eyes. Love, lust, desire and longing.

The next song started -- this one had a very fast beat, the lights changing with it, breaking the moment they were having. Their nerves and doubts came rushing back as they broke away from each other.

They each had a few more drinks, danced, and had a good time. There were no repeat moments of closeness but both women were slightly buzzed and their inhibitions were weakening.

It was late when they left the club. Meg was more inebriated than Kate so Kate took the chance to drive them home. She had a hard time focusing since Meg was stretched out somewhat provocatively on the passenger seat, her dress riding up and revealing even more of her legs than when she had driven earlier.

When Kate stopped at the inn, the street was deserted, everyone else having gone in for the night. When Kate came around to helped Meg out of the car she was almost flashed when Meg lifted one leg to get out.

As Kate helped Meg up to her room door, her nose caught the scent of Meg's perfume, mixed in with her natural scent. It was playing havoc with Kate's senses, making her pussy cry out, wanting to make love to Meg. In her weakened state it might have even been possible, but Kate would never do something as despicable as taking advantage of Meg.

At her door, Meg searched in her wrist pouch for her room key. Finding it, she unlocked the door and leaned against the frame looking at Kate.

"Want to come in?" Meg asked, her eyes seeming to burn with desire; or was that Kate's imagination.

"No, I better not," Kate said reluctantly. She knew if she went inside she and Meg might do something they would regret in the morning.

"Alright. I'll see you tomorrow right?" Meg asked.

"Yes you will. How about I come by and take you to breakfast?"

"Yes, that sounds nice," Meg replied.

Kate lingered, wanting to kiss Meg but not daring to. Meg also stayed where she was, watching Kate.

Then things seemed to happen slowly, at least that's how Kate experienced it.

Meg pushed off of the door frame, stepped close to Kate, licked her lips, reached and caressed Kate's cheek with her hand, slipped the other to the back of Kate's head and brought her lips toward her own.

The kiss seemed magical and blew Kate's mind. Meg's lips were so soft and sweet. Her body molded perfectly to Kate's and, as the kiss lingered, Kate could taste the mint from Meg's earlier drinks as her lips parted slightly and their breaths mixed.

Kate would have liked nothing better than for that kiss to last forever but all too soon, Meg pulled back, blushed and smile shyly.

"Good night Kate." She signed and then closed her door, leaving Kate stunned and quite dazed.

Chapter 31

That one kiss had done so many things to Kate. It had shocked her to the point that she wondered if she were dreaming but pinching herself proved that she was well and truly awake and had indeed experienced it.

It also gave her a lot of hope about how things between her and Meg could be. There was really something there, something that was more than friendship.

The last thing it did was to drive Kate's arousal level to overwhelming heights. She rushed home; glad it was so late that her parents were already asleep. She was barely through her bedroom door and only just managed to lock it before ripping at her clothes.

She threw herself on the bed, her shirt open, her bra pulled down so her breasts were free. She pushed her jeans and boy shorts down to her ankles, not bothering to remove them.

With the taste of Meg's lips still on her own, her mind replaying every detail of that kiss, her right hand went to her pussy, her left to her breast. Her nipples were swollen and she pulled at the left one as her fingers glided through the wetness of her distended lips.

Kate moaned as she teased her smooth wet sex and tweaked both her nipples. Her fingers moved up to her clit, engorged and out of its hood. Kate rubbed it, slowly at first, savoring the bolts of pleasure that coursed through her entire body. Her mind went back to the dance floor, how sensual Meg was in her dancing. She thought of Meg's fluid, graceful movements, envisioned her naked, moving like that under Kate's touch. It all served to make Kate's fingers move faster, driving herself higher to the precipice of her lurking orgasm.

Waves of ecstasy rolled through her as she pictured Meg and the kiss. Her body tingled, starting low in her back and spreading throughout her limbs. Her hips bucked and her toes curled as she climaxed, calling Meg's name as her body surrendered to the pleasure that coursed through her.

Across town at the Highlight, Meg was in a similar state. That kiss, that glorious kiss with that sexy as hell Kate, was driving her over the edge.

Kate's lips were so delicious, her hair felt so sensual in Meg's hand, her body felt so perfect, so heavenly, pressed to her own. Kate was so soft, yet she was strong, a perfectly beautiful mix that excited Meg, made her hot and oh so incredibly wet. With three fingers buried inside of her, her thumb rubbing hard on her clit and her other hand playing with her nipples, Meg drove herself over the cliff. Liquid heat screamed through her body as pleasure assaulted her senses. She was blinded by it, her ears ringing and her lips parched as her body writhed and thrashed about on her bed. Meg cried out her rapture as her center contracted and she came hard

"Oh Kate," she uttered breathlessly to the darkened room when the tremors ebbed and her aroused mind cleared. She turned on her side and closed her eyes. She fell asleep wishing that Kate was with her.

The next morning Kate awoke feeling an inner joy she rarely felt. Her mind quickly went back to the events of last night. Yes she had gone out with Meg. Yes they had had a great time. And yes Meg had kissed her. Meg had kissed her, not the other way around. It meant that Meg had feelings for her, that once again her mother was right. Kate groaned at the last but grinned at the first.

A small trickle of doubt tried to creep in. Meg had been pretty hammered; what if she was just drunk? Then Kate remembered something she had once read about the effects of alcohol. It caused your true feelings to come out.

Kate grinned again. She bounded from bed and rushed to the bathroom. She had a breakfast date. And perhaps, if she was lucky, Meg would be on the menu as well.

* * * *

Meg awoke with a pounding headache. Memories flooded her as she sat up in bed.

"Oh God, did I really do that last night?" Meg asked the empty room. Her head swam. She had really kissed Kate and then she had masturbated to the memory of that kiss.

The kiss, Kate had to have known what it meant, unless she thought it was Meg being drunk. Meg wondered if the kiss let Kate know what her feelings were. It had been a spur of the moment, something she wouldn't have done if she hadn't been drinking.

In a way, she was glad the alcohol gave her the push to do it. Her feelings were threatening to overwhelm her. She had to get it all out in the open and tell Kate what was in her heart. Now that the buzz was gone, could she really do it, say what was in her heart.

She was mostly afraid that this would turn into just a roll in the hay instead of a loving, lasting relationship. As much as fear gripped her, she knew she shouldn't let that hold her back. Nothing in life was certain and by holding on to her insecurities she might be missing out on something worthwhile.

She remembered they had made breakfast plans this morning so she climbed out of bed and into the shower. Kate would be there soon and they had to talk. This was going to be it ― the make it or break it talk. After this, she would either start a relationship with Kate or go home alone.

* * * *

Kate was floating as she drove to Meg's inn. She rushed up the quaint staircase, and to room twelve. She knocked and when the door opened, Kate was greeted with the loveliest vision.

Meg was wearing a simple pink sleeveless top. There was no embroidery or sequences of any kind on it but she looked so beautiful in it! Her hair was loose and falling around her shoulders, much like it had been last night. She also had on simple black pants but her feet were bare.

She was just breathtaking and Kate couldn't help herself. She moved inside, causing Meg to move back in surprise. Kate closed the door and took Meg's face in her hands and kissed her.

Meg was startled at first, then relaxed and gave in, accepting the kiss and welcoming it. Kate couldn't help but moan at the sweet taste of Meg's lips on her own. She felt Meg's hand in her hair, then on the back of her neck.

It was sweet and sensual; neither wanted it to end but both needed to breathe and so sadly they had to part. Kate smiled brightly at Meg and she could see it clearly in Kate's eyes. There was so much love in her gaze.

Kate also recognized the look in Meg's eyes and gentle smile. It was love; complete and total love. Kate's heart leaped in her chest at the realization. Meg loved her, just like she loved Meg. They could be together, be happy with each other.

Kate leaned forward to kiss Meg again, her hands moving down from Meg's face to her neck, shoulders and caressing her bare arms. She felt Meg shiver as their lips touched and then Meg's lips parted slightly, then fully, and their tongues touched.

Both women moaned at the same time as they tasted each other's mouths. They became lost in the eroticism of their kiss. It was something both had longed for and now that it was here, they held on to each other, never wanting to stop.

After what seemed like eternity, just when both started feeling a little lightheaded from a lack of oxygen, they pulled apart, but did so reluctantly.

Breathing hard, Kate couldn't keep her eyes from following the rapid rise and fall of Meg's generous breasts. Like a movie reel, her mind instantly began playing images of her and Meg, her stripping off Meg's clothes; her face pressed to the divine valley that Meg's breasts made.

Meg was a little more grounded, though not by much. She saw the play of emotions on Kate face and could guess what Kate was thinking. A part of her ― a surprisingly big part ― agreed with Kate and wanted nothing more than for Kate to take her; hard and fast. She had dreamed of it, and wanted it, wanted Kate.

However, her rational side prevailed. Meg took a step back from Kate and when Kate moved toward her, Meg placed a hand on Kate's chest just above her breasts, almost between them, to stop Kate's advance. Kate grinned, thinking it was an invitation, and moved Meg's hand to her left breast.

Meg blushed as she felt the warmth of Kate's breast and the pointed nipple that poked at her palm. Meg's mind and body both sang at the feelings and emotions that the simple touch elicited.

"No, we can't, please," Meg said softly as she reluctantly pulled her hand away from Kate.

"Why, what's wrong?" Kate asked worried. Panic threatened to rise inside of Kate; worried that Meg was about to dash all her hopes.

"We have to talk. As much as I want to ... would love to go to bed with you, we have a lot of things we need to discuss. You know that don't you?"

"Yes, I do know, but you're just so irresistible. And you know I've wanted to be with you for a long time," Kate said. Meg was right; it was time to lay it all out in the open.

"I know and I want to be with you as well but we have to get some things, a lot of things, straightened out first. I know it's hard but please."

"It is hard, but I love you, and I've waited for so long, I can wait a little while longer. You're worth it."

Chapter 32

Kate's words caused Meg's already fast beating heart to speed up even more. She tried to calm herself, knowing she needed to; if not, she wouldn't be able to hold off her body's demands. She was already very wet from just kissing and she knew if Kate pushed just a little harder, she'd give in, abandon her senses and just let go.

"I think we should order in and stay here so we can talk in private," Meg suggested.

"Alright, that works just fine for me," Kate answered.

"What would you like to eat?"

It was a bad choice of words and it caused Kate to grin lecherously at Meg. Kate was about to answer but Meg saw it coming.

"No, please. Don't say it. If you say 'you' we're gonna have to go out for breakfast," Meg said seriously.

"Alright, I'll be good, promise," Kate said and held up her hands in surrender. Meg turned away from her and grinned. She kinda liked this, getting her way with Kate. She didn't realize that in turning, her face was reflected in the mirror on the wall and that Kate saw her grin.

It warmed Kate's heart. She and Meg had always had an easy going relationship and if their kisses were any indication, they would have a very satisfying sexual one.

Meg called and ordered orange juice, coffee, toast and bagels with jelly, butter and cream cheese from room service. They sat on the bed with enough space between them so they wouldn't be tempted to touch and tried to talk as they waited for the food to arrive.

"This has been very unexpected for me," Meg began.

"I believe that. You've never expressed an interest in me before in all our years of working together; so what changed?" Kate had to know.

"I've been asking myself that very question. Honestly I think it was how you looked the day you found out about Ari and Vivian. Something inside me just snapped I think. When I helped you to get home, you were so heartbroken and I felt your hurt and I started hurting for you and I wanted to take away your pain," Meg said and then blushed at her following thought.

"Okay what's that about, not that you don't look just scrumptious with that blush?" Kate asked.

"Well, it's just that you were drunk and I helped you to get to your bedroom. Do you remember that?"

"A little of it, yeah. I remember your eyes, so very beautiful and your lips being so close to mine."

"Well, you fell on the bed and pulled me on top of you in the process. For a second I thought you were going to kiss me and deep down I wanted you to... but then I fought the feeling and got up and off of you. I was so embarrassed by that thought, and then you started taking your clothes off. I almost had a heart attack; you looked so sexy and my mind saw that; really noticing it for the first time."

"Really?" Kate said; she liked that Meg thought that about her.

"Yup; I mean I've always thought you looked good, but never in a sexual way. And there you were, standing there in your underwear and I was having thoughts about how nice your muscles looked. Then you almost fell again and I caught you and ... well ..."

"What?" Kate asked as Meg's blush deepened.

"You smelled really nice," Meg signed, though she didn't admit to the extent of the scent she had caught from Kate.

"Oh did I now?" Kate said and grinned, causing Meg to lower her head, her blushing even more noticeable.

"So you liked what you saw and smelled but you left?" Kate asked after a few moments.

"Well yes, it scared me to be thinking and feeling these things. You've known you liked women for a long time; I had just had my first taste of it. I didn't know what was happening. At first I tried to deny it but it was constantly on my mind, almost driving me nuts."

"But you're here now so something must have changed?" Kate questioned.

"Honestly, I had no clue what to do. I was a wreck over that weekend and was worried what I would do come Monday when I saw you. Then you left the email for me about your leave of absence. A part of me was actually relieved, not only about having time to sort through my own stuff but that you'd taken the time to work through your own hurts.

"So I went about moving your appointments and all that. Then early Tuesday morning, Jade called me. She asked if we could have lunch, that she wanted to talk about you. I accepted and then she sprung one hell of a surprise on me.

"She maybe knew or suspected about my feelings. How she knew, I have no idea but she started telling me about her own life, how she fell in love with a woman and married her."

"Yeah, I know Terry; she is a beautiful woman, and very much in love with and devoted to Jade," Kate added.

"Yes and thanks to our talk, I began to look at everything differently. I thought long and hard about my feelings, my wants and desires, how I might be perceived by everyone now."

"And what did you decide, Meg?" Kate asked, as her heart beat sped up waiting for what Meg might say.

"I decided that things might not be so easy; that some people will judge me, but I know what my heart wants, Kate. I want to be with you. I love you and I think I've always loved you; I just never allowed myself to see it.

"I think I was afraid maybe to accept that the love, the life, and the person I've been searching for has always been in front of me. But I was blind to it because you didn't fit the package I thought I was supposed to be looking for," Meg said honestly.

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