tagErotic CouplingsFinding Lust In The Chatroom Ch. 08

Finding Lust In The Chatroom Ch. 08


Romeo and RoseBud70 meet for drinks at a local high priced steakhouse, him ordering a top shelf Long Island Iced Tea, and she orders a Patron Mango-Rita. They sit admiring each other for a few minutes before talking.

Romeo stares her down in her scarlet red low cut blouse frilled with lace along the neckline sleeves and covering her back, her breasts heaving forward, almost bursting out over the lace. She is also wearing a short black nylon skirt with black tight weaved fishnet stockings underneath. On her feet are some designer stiletto styled high heels that are open toed showing off her freshly pedicured toes with dark red polish adorning each nail. Her hair is pulled up for now and held in place with black chopsticks with a red design painted on them. Her make up is simple, just the bare minimum, a little pink eye shadow, ruby red lipstick, and a light mascara. From her ears dangle gold tear drop earrings, around her neck is a thin gold chain, on her left wrist a gold tennis bracelet, and on her right ring finger a gold Celtic wedding band showing no promise or intentions of being with anyone.

RoseBud70 stares Romeo down as well, noticing that he has had a fresh haircut recently, with his hair short on top and shaved down along the sides and back, his beard trimmed to be an inch wide strip that traces his jaw from his ear to his chin, with a thin mustache above. He is wearing a Freshly pressed lavender dress shirt with a lavender and silver necktie, His Black pants pleated and snug, fitted to hug his hips and ass are freshly pressed with a sharp crease centered on the front and back of both of his legs. His black leather dress shoes are not quite designer shoes like hers, but they are also not cheap. His socks are plain nylon dress socks that shimmer in the light when he moves. He is not wearing any jewelry, just a gold tie clasp to hold his tie back when he leans forward.

After they have nursed their drinks a few minutes, Romeo asks, "So how was your day?"

RoseBud70 replies, "Besides this morning, not very eventful. It has been a good day, especially right now."

"So what do you want to talk about? Is there anything in particular that you would like to know about me?" Romeo continues.

RoseBud70 responds, "Do you know why you are single? I mean you seem to be a very genuine guy who sounds remarkable. Usually guys like you are taken!"

Romeo blushes a little and replies, "I could ask you the same thing, but I am single because I have not met a woman who is mature enough to meet my needs, intelligent enough to keep my attention, creative enough to surprise me in good ways, and sexy enough to make me keep my eyes on only her. That is until right now I believe."

RoseBud70 smiles while blushing a little herself, and then responds, "Thank you, I am flattered. As far as why I am single, I was cheated on by my ex-husband, with a younger thinner woman, and that was about a year or so ago. Since I haven't really looked for someone to be with, and honestly wasn't when we met online. I just happened to be struck by your opening line, and thought that if I were to try to start dating I needed to at least try to get the one great sounding guy I have met in years to be interested in me if I could."

Now Romeo is really blushing, she thinks so highly of him and it is all because he was being him self. Then Romeo responds back, "I don't think I have told you how stunning you are right now, I mean it looks like you went above and beyond to look even better than what you did in your photos. You were hot in them, right now you are smoking hot."

RoseBud70 holds back from yanking him in close and kissing him, and instead touches his hand with hers and says, "Honey, this is nothing. I am just going casual here, and I clean up even better when I need to, but thank you for the compliment."

They sit and sip on their drinks while chatting about their various backgrounds, their life experiences, and other small talk, then ask for a table for two for dinner. Before the table is ready Romeo orders a second round of drinks, with their current ones being nearly gone. The drinks are set down and he pays the bartender for their drinks as the hostess arrives to take them to their table.

He picks up their drinks, hands RoseBud70 hers, and takes her arm as they walk over to their table, where he pulls out her chair and moves it in under her as she sits, helping her adjust to be close enough to the table, and then takes his seat across from her. They knew what they wanted, so they ordered, Romeo a medium rare top sirloin steak with a baked potato loaded and a zucchini yellow squash snow pea medley, and RoseBud70 a medium filet with a baked potato with sour cream and chives and some green bean almandine.

As they wait for their meals they sip on their drinks and chat some more, this time about politics, current events and music. Their ideals being almost identical, but slightly different enough that there is always something to talk about. When their meals arrive, Romeo notices that their drinks are almost empty, so he asks RoseBud70 if she would like another.

RoseBud70 replies, "I think I will actually switch up to some coffee, light and sweet."

Romeo agrees, and orders for them both a cup each of coffee, hers light and sweet, his dark and strong. They sit and eat their meal, chatting some more throughout. Then Romeo notices that there is something rubbing his cock from under the table, he looks down, seeing RoseBud70's pretty little foot barely in his lap moving back and forth on the growing bulge.

He looks over at her and smiles. Then he notices that their plates are nearly empty, so he looks at her and asks, "Do we want to order dessert?" Knowing that her answer will most likely be no, he still asks.

She replies with a huge devilish smile, "I do want dessert, but what I want for dessert is not on the menu here."

Romeo nods, and then raises his hand and calls for their waitress, notifying her that he needed the check.

Before the waitress returned with the check, Romeo had already figured the bill to be about fifty dollars, and pulls out two twenty's and two tens from his wallet, dropping one of the tens on the table. He gets up just as the waitress arrives, helping RoseBud70 by pulling her chair out and offering his hand, then thanks the waitress and takes the check, glances at it to make sure that his calculations were right then hands it back to the waitress with the fifty in his hand, telling her there was ten on the table and she could keep the remainder of the change from the fifty. The bill only being about forty-two dollars, the waitress smiles and thanks Romeo as he almost rushes to leave with RoseBud70 close at his side.

They get outside and Romeo yanks RoseBud70 to him and starts to kiss her passionately, as RoseBud70 pulls him closer with one hand and grabs a handful of his ass with the other. They break their kiss and agree that they need to figure out whether they were going to his place her place or a hotel, and decide fast. They both agree that a hotel is best for the moment, and they go over to and get in Romeo's late model black Mustang, peeling out and speeding down the road to a nearby hotel.

Romeo goes in and books the room, comes out and escorts RoseBud70 to their room. He opens the door, allows her to enter then closes the door with a do not disturb sign on the handle, and locking it with the deadbolt as well as the security bar. RoseBud70 stands by the bed, with one finger just in between her lips, sucking on it softly.

Romeo walks up to her and grabs her, pulling her close and kissing her hard on the mouth, fumbling while trying to unzip her skirt. They stop a second and Romeo says, "Okay, lets slow down a second and relax just a little, and then we can continue."

RoseBud70 smiles and shakes her head no, and then almost miraculously her skirt drops, she lifts up her blouse and pulls it free of her heaving chest, then unfastens her bra and lets her breasts free, and then she moves to start removing her stockings.

Romeo just realizes that they are not full hose, but stop just shy of her bare pussy, and Romeo stops her from taking them off., by dropping to his knees and burying his face deep into her bare wet pussy.

She gets the idea and pulls the one she started to pull down back up, then slowly lowers herself to the bed as Romeo begins to really devour her hot wet pussy. RoseBud70 is so set back by this that she nearly begins to cum, so she lays back and props her legs up onto Romeo's shoulders and lock her legs behind his head, pulling him in closer and deeper. Then RoseBud70 grabs the back of Romeo's head and pulls it in tighter, wanting to have her pussy explored deeper.

Soon RoseBud70 starts to orgasm hard, squirting her juices all over Romeo's face as he tries everything to drink down as much as he can while sucking on her clit. As RoseBud70's orgasm subsides and finishes, she lets loose on Romeo's head, unlocking her legs and pulling him up to kiss her. She loves the taste of her own juices, just learning its flavor; it tastes so good to her.

She releases him from her embrace and pushes him over onto the bed himself, and starts to undo his trousers while remarking to Romeo, "You have had your dessert, now I get to have mine." Then she pulls his cock free of its prison, pre-cum glistening on the tip, she starts to lick the pre-cum away, then starts to lick all the way around the head, and then begins to suck on the head. Before too long she is sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, working more and more of it in with each pass. She gets almost all of it in, massaging his heavy balls while she sucks hungrily on his stiff cock. Then all of the sudden, she stops bobbing, working the last bit in then sucking hard while lifting her head from his lap. You hear a loud "POP" when she separates her mouth from his cock, then she starts to suck hungrily on the head again, running her tongue all around it and tickling the opening at the tip. Then she takes his cock out of her mouth and starts to suck on his heavy balls one at a time then trying to fit them both into her mouth at the same time, tugging at them and squeezing them tight in her mouth.

Romeo lets out a light groan of pleasure, and RoseBud70 see's his body begin to tense up, so she releases her grip on his balls and swallows his cock deep into her mouth, sucking hard as she strokes it with her full lips. As Romeo comes closer to his orgasm, he starts to inform her, "I going to cum, oh my god! I am going to cum!"

RoseBud70 doesn't stop, she keeps going, she wants to taste him, she wants to feel his cum in her mouth, fell it squirt wildly down her throat. Then it happens, he shoots a thick sticky load right in her mouth, over and over the streams squirt down her throat, coating it thickly. She sucks and sucks making sure to not leave a single drop, she wants it all.

When Romeo is done feeding RoseBud70 her dessert, she slides up next to him and asks him if he enjoyed it.

He replies, "You have no idea how much."

They lay there for a moment and cuddle, holding each other tight, kissing.

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