tagNonHumanFinding Meridian

Finding Meridian


Hi Everyone! This is my first story. It will be quite a few parts but I am fairly quick with writing so I hope to not make you wait years between each installment. I hope everyone likes it.


Another fight with her fiancé, soon she would go from Meridian Hayden to Mrs. Meridian Emerson, wife to Kendall Emerson. Isn't a girl supposed to be happy? Meridian was 5 foot 7 blonde with a skinny strong sculpted body. Her body was very lean and almost too skinny. It was not an intentional thing. She had been hit with a rare genetic disease that kept her very tiny, something she kept from almost everyone.

Her face was framed by long platinum blonde hair to her waist with bangs. Her eyes were blue like the turbulent ocean that seemed to have hidden depths to them. Her skin resembled that of a pale porcelain doll. Her eyes were brilliantly accented with thick dark lashes.

She was gorgeous in her own right yet not stuck up about it. She never completely understood how beautiful she really was.

She was the girl who made everyone comfortable and made them laugh. Meridian was sarcastic and funny with the ability to charm. Meridian was the girl who was different depending on the person or group she was with. Those she let really get to know her always felt there was something hidden because each person only got to see one side of her. No one knew everything. She was a chameleon in her own right.

She felt there was something inherently wrong with her upcoming marriage. Instead of happiness she focused on the foreboding doom she felt. She was supposed to somehow settle down. Yeah, what a laugh that was. She was marrying a guy who had no clue who she really was. No one really did. They constantly fought over her working a night job along with a day job, the never ending jealous accusations and picking a fight with her before work was wearing her down. She hid her night life and night career from him.

Kendall Emerson was very handsome 28 year old with a very reserved demeanor and a lack of excitement other than horrid spouts of jealousy (especially over her new boss now) and emotional outbursts. He was 6 foot tall with short blonde hair and a thin build. They had been getting along up until the last 2 months when he had begun to rush their wedding. Things were at a comfortable lull beforehand but not exciting.

Her friends had continually asked her why they were engaged and getting married. Now she was second guessing it.

Meridian had been working for Marcus Benedict for about 1 week. He is the International CEO of Benedict Imports and self made billionaire.

It was Monday and he normally worked nights but he wanted to be able to work out Meridian's work schedule. Who was she to complain about working as a 2nd assistant to a man who liked to work nights? She would be working by herself most of the time. He would be working with the first assistant at night.

He was a very attractive man which Meridian's fiancé was sure to remind her of continually in rages of jealousy. Marcus was a good 6 foot 3, dark black hair to his shoulders that he kept tied back neatly, olive skin tone, nice build and of course she couldn't miss his emerald eyes. He was always pristine in his appearance and wearing very expensive Italian suits. He came off as commanding as she was sure the position called for. She was still figuring him out.

She had trained with the night assistant during the first week. This was the first week they had worked exclusively together. The night assistant was quite charming, Cynthia Le Vain, yes even Cynthia had laughed and said "you know if my husband wasn't so cute I'd have never taken his last name".

The office employees were a bit odd but she'd take odd any day over working in a boring office of drones. She had noticed the normal smells of food that most offices get during lunch and breaks was not evident there. The office had more of a metallic smell. She liked that the office had a very high amount of security to the building and constant guards walking around.

Monday was a normal day and she was able to finish quite a bit of work that had been put on hold until she was hired. Today Mr. Benedict wanted to go over her coming up with proposals for a new client welcome party towards the end of summer. They were scheduled to meet at 3 pm to go over the details of what he wanted to accomplish.

She knocked on his door and when he said enter she asked if he was ready to go over the New Client Welcome Event.

"Can I call you Meridian? I'm sorry I'm running late."

"Of course Sir, Meridian is fine" she replied.

"Meridian, call me Marcus. I'll come get you when I'm finished. Would you have a problem staying late so we can make some headway on the project?" he asked.

"Not a problem. There's plenty of other work to be done" she said.

"Hopefully this won't take long; I'll come get you soon."

He walked around at 4:00 looking for her finding her reorganizing the supply closet. "Hi Meridian, I'm ready now. Sorry for the delay. You do know you could have the receptionist reorganize that or one of the other assistants?" giving her a puzzled look.

"Ok so you've found out my problem, I'm a bit Obsessive Compulsive and one hour reorganizing the closet will save me hours later and avoid a possible mental break down" she said.

She grabbed her folders and they went to his office table to go over the objective of the event.

He kept losing his train of thought. Damn, she smells so good what is that roses and Egyptian musk. The musk reminded him of his vacation to the pyramids in Egypt. The roses reminded him of home. His mother had roses outside of their home in ancient Greece. It reminded him of his childhood. The smell of her was that of sex, vacation and home. He couldn't imagine a better smell. It was obvious this was not some perfume from any store. It was unique to her.

He kept thinking how he'd love to pull play with her hair; wondering how long it was and wanting to run his hands through it. She always wears intricate buns and up styles with very little hair hanging down. He could see his hands removing the hair pins and running through her hair. He kept thinking how he'd love to run his hands over her waist to see just how tiny she was. Then his thoughts really got away from him.

I'd love to pull her on my lap and kiss those beautiful full lips of hers. I'd pull her skirt up having her straddle my lap and put my face in between her small but pert cleavage. And of course I look down now and see she wears garters with stockings.

I could just see that tiny body of hers on top of me sliding up and down my thick cock. God, she's so tiny I wonder if I would fit. I could slide my finger over her clit and rub while using my other hand to guide her up and down. I bet she has gorgeous pert breasts with nipples the color of pink roses against that porcelain skin. I could cup her breast with my palm, clamp my teeth over one of her hard nipples and run my tongue against the tiny captured bud. Then I could bend that tight little ass of hers over this table, with one hand on her lower back and rub her clit with my other hand while I fuck her from behind.

Damn being that small she's got to be so unbelievably tight. Oh god, I could lay her back on the table. I can just imagine working my thick cock into that tiny pussy; rubbing her clit as I ease into her. Looking down and seeing her tiny pussy stressed out around my thick cock. I'd have to run my fingers around her stretched pussy touching her lips where they stretched around my cock. Then I could easily hold her against the wall with her long thin legs wrapped around my waist.

I wonder if she's loud, I'd love to hear her cry and shudder as she clenches and spasms around my cock as she comes. I'd love to lay her back on the table, push her skirt up and finger fuck her hitting her g-spot while sucking her clit till she screamed my name. I bet she tastes divine. Oh hell where did all that come from she's getting married for Christ's sake...what the hell am I thinking.

"Marcus, did I lose you? I was wondering know how many people you were anticipating?" she asked. Damn if he could be less sexy that would make it so much easy with these close meetings.

"Sorry, I'm not used to working early morning hours. Normally we have about 200 attendees but I'd like to increase to 350" he said. Damn man; get your head back in the game. If I get any more turned on I'm going to lose it. I'll have to let her leave the office before I stand or I'll have to explain the huge hard on I have. Here I am with a raging hard on like a teenager. I'm 3,000 years old, one of the few ancient vampires and I can't control my lust for this woman.

"Great then let me work on this and on Wednesday we can meet and go over the options. I've come up with ways to increase attendance, just let me know what time. I think you have time in the afternoon but confirm there are no other more urgent priorities" she said.

"I'll confirm with you tomorrow morning, it's already 6:30 and it's been a long day. You should just shut things down and head out" he said. Damn, I'm going to need to jerk off in my bathroom here after she leaves so I don't have a painful hard on the entire way home.

She left his office. She shut down her laptop and swore she heard a moan of "Meridian" as she headed to the elevator.


It was Tuesday afternoon and she hadn't seen him much due to meetings.

"Hi I'm Mark Seagle with security. So you're the new day assistant?" He said as he sat down in the chair next to her desk in her office.

"Hi I'm Meridian Hayden. Yes, I work for Mr. Benedict. Nice to meet you."

"Sweets for the sweet?" He said as handed her a box of milk duds.

"Thanks" she said. "So how long have you been with the company?"

"Over 5 years. How do you like it so far?"

"I'm really enjoying it."

Just then Marcus Benedict walked in. He had seen Mark walk in and start talking to Meridian. He felt a huge surge of jealousy overwhelm him.

"Mark can you stop by my office to discuss security for Friday?"

"I'll see you soon Meridian, have a good day" Mark said as he left. They walked into Marcus's office and he shut the door.

"Mark shouldn't you be doing your job instead of flirting with my assistant?"

"I apologize sir. It won't happen again." Mark left Marcus's office.


On Wednesday Marcus got caught up in another meeting and said they should meet at 3 pm on Thursday. She was having a problem getting him out of her head. She was constantly wet when he was near. They got along and he was so sexy. He did seem to have a bit of an evil side he hid. She had seen him sternly reprimand several employees but that didn't scare her. She didn't think anything about him calling Mark into his office. Marcus was actually very considerate to her. With the way her relationship at home was going this was refreshing.

Ken was always too busy to touch her.

If she weren't getting married she'd love for Marcus to do anything he wanted with her. I bet he would touch me she thought. She kept thinking that Ken thought pussy was actually a cat and that clit was some kitchen appliance he wasn't familiar with. Someone seriously needed to draw him a diagram.

Thursday at 3 pm she realized Marcus had been staring at her for a good 5 minutes saying "Meridian".

"Oh sorry, I got lost in thought there." She said smiling and looked up at him.

Damn, those eyes remind me of the deep ocean. She is sex, vacation and home all wrapped together. "Penny for your thoughts" he said chuckling.

"They weren't worth a whole penny. Honestly, I was wondering which approach would work better for Ken to remember I was still in the room A. toss his X-box off the balcony while screaming "Fly Be Free" or B. pretending to be a tree until he notices but I might be there for a long time" she said while laughing.

Damn what an ass this Ken is. Her or X-box, I wouldn't let her leave my room for a good week to start off. To see her blonde hair spread across my black silk sheets with her in my bed. "Just stand nude in front of the TV" he said before realizing he said that out loud.

Meridian smiled and laughed saying "didn't work". He just laughed. Ken had to be a complete tool. She should be his, just his...did I actually just think that?

"Ok let me grab the proposals for us to go over" she said.

"I'll meet you in my office" he said. Sitting at his table he kept telling himself to get it under control. Damn I'm acting like a teen with a crush.

When she walked in his phone rang. "One second Meridian. Hi Damon. Is that what you found on the background check?" She was thinking, damn I hope this isn't about me. "Ms. Hayden is in my office so go ahead and handle talking to him but be sure to also terminate his employment....Thank you Damon."

They spent the next 2 hours going over proposals and he agreed with her choice and ways to expand the event. Being this close to him was killing her. She wanted to launch herself onto him and attack him until they both couldn't move any longer.

They finished the last few details and when she licked her lips and looked over to him he lost it.

As she stood up to leave and turned her head to smile at him, he knocked over his chair standing up. He cradled her face in his hands and before he even thought about it he was devouring her mouth. Neither paid any attention to the destruction they were about to create.

She jumped into his arms putting her legs around his waist. Damn, even sweeter and hotter than he thought. She broke her lips away and started nibbling and licking the side of his neck up to ear while pulling out the tie that held his hair back. She then moaned in his hear while digging her hands into his hair. He grabbed her hips and sat her on the table. She slid her legs down from his waist. He had one hand cradling her head and the other hand was on her ass pulling her closer. He was nibbling at ear whispering in a language she did not understand but turned her on. He tilted her head and her lips opened as he slid his tongue into her mouth again. He was grinding against her. Her moaning and whining the entire time was driving him insane.

She moved off of the table and it turned into somewhat of a tug of war make out session. He grabbed her hips pushing her against the wall. His hands were firmly on her hips lifting her as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He looked down seeing her skirt pushed up to her waist. Her long legs with garter and stockings were around his waist. Her tiny thong was pressing against his erection making him even harder. He moaned. He slid his hands up to her breasts massaging them with a hand on each side pushing up her cleavage through her low cut sleeveless top. He kissed and nibbled down her neck then ran his tongue around where her cleavage was trapped in her top. She started to whine and he kissed her deeply their tongues darting back and forth into each other's mouths.

She lowered her legs, looking up him giving him an evil smile. She pushed off his suit jacket while running her hands over his shoulders. She ran her hands up into his hair pulling his ear near her mouth and nibbled on his ear and then started to sing a song in a beautifully soft voice. "Painless Chinese burns, ties me down with daisy chains, diamonds on her tongue and pleasure cuts and teasing." She then started pulling him by his tie. She pushed him back against the desk. His hand had pushed everything off of the desk. He was lying back on the desk when he realized she had removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Just then he moaned as she started licking and nibbling from his navel to his nipple. Then she clamped down her teeth on it.

"Oh fuck Meridian" he gasp. That brought her back to reality. Shit what was she doing?

"I'm sorry, I've got to go I'm going to miss my trains. I'll see you in the morning. Everything is set for your meeting" she said rushing and leaving quickly.

"Damn" he said as he ran his hand over his face. I really screwed that up. Royally! Now I want her even more. She's hotter than I thought and the moaning and singing. Ugh. She's getting married you dim whit. Married to a moron. OK, now he knew he was in serious trouble. He was having a fight with himself in his head.

Logan and Drake both exited the elevator on the 27th floor to see a hot blonde say "Excuse me" as she rushed into the elevator. She looked tussled with her hair starting to fall down. Logan was the newly appointed CEO for London and 6 foot 1 with black long hair tied back and chiseled Greek features and warm bronze eyes. Drake was the newly appointed President for London and 6 foot tall with matching long hair but in a warm bronze, lighter coloring and brilliant hazel eyes. Putting the 3 of them together at any one location looked like a meeting of the gods. Logan and Drake walked into the office and headed to Marcus's private office.

Logan just started laughing seeing the destruction. The table had been knocked over along with the chair. The painting near the table had been knocked off the wall and the glass was broken. Marcus's desk was completely clear because everything had been pushed onto the floor haphazardly. Marcus was standing there with his jacket lying on the floor, the tie was hanging off a plant, shirt unbuttoned to the waist and his hair all disheveled and loose.

"It's good to see you old friend. I'd ask you how your day was but it's kind of obvious at this point" Logan said while laughing.

"Plus, I see you've changed your image, what is the term? Freshly fucked look? Was this all the destruction from that tiny blonde?" Drake said in a teasing voice.

"She's my new assistant damn it. I don't know what happened, shit." Marcus was running his hand through his hair.

"I can explain what happened if you need me to Marcus" Drake teased.

"Enough" he yelled as he started buttoning his shirt and said "Let's go get a drink". He dialed security and had them send up someone to clean his office.

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