tagNonHumanFinding Meridian Ch. 02

Finding Meridian Ch. 02


What does Meridian do at Night?

While at dinner with Logan and Drake, Marcus could not get his mind off of her singing that song in his ear. Logan and Drake were saying something about enjoying taking over the London office. That damn song! He had to know the rest of it. Damn she was so hot.

"Marcus we were ordering drinks. What did you want?" Logan said.

"Sorry I just can't get a song out of my head but can't remember who sang it or the name. I'll have a Guinness." He told the waitress.

"I'm really good with at least modern songs do you remember any of the words? I know I hate not being able to remember a band or a song name."

"Something about ties me down with daisy chains.." The waitress cut him off and immediately started singing "M'aidez this is my m'aidez, open charms are lost on velvet M'aidez this my m'aidez, m'aidez. M'aidez." "The song is by the Sneaker Pimps. M apostrophy aidez is how it's spelled for the song title. The name is French for Help Me. It was on the Bloodsport album in 2002. I'll be right back with drinks." The waitress left singing "Painless chinese burns, ties me down with daisy chains, diamonds on her tongue and pleasure cuts and teasing." They all stared at her dumbfounded as she left.

"Ok Marcus what was that all about? When have you ever listened to a band called Sneaker Pimps?" Logan started laughing. Logan and Drake could see the scene in Marcus's head where Meridian was singing it in his ear.

"Ahh got it." Logan said. "Sexy song the way she sings it." Drake said. Marcus gave him a dirty look and started to growl. "Let's just order dinner" he said as drinks arrived.


As Meridian exited the subway she kept wondering what the hell she was thinking. She wasn't. She was going on impulse and basically attacked her boss. She didn't want to stop but knew she had to. She walked into her flat on the top floor of the building and grabbed a glass of wine. Focus on the band tonight.

Just then Ken walked in and gave her a nasty look. "So now you're going to become an alcoholic to annoy me before the marriage?"

"A girl's got to have a hobby and your ill attempts at sex and lack of enthusiasm to fix the situation aren't doing it for me" Meridian said viciously. Why is it he can bring out the worst in me?

"Do you have to work your 2nd job tonight?"

"Yes, I'll be heading out at 7:30, what are you up to tonight?" Bitch is working at that stupid Goth clothing store again. Damn excuses of needing extra money for the wedding and honeymoon. She's probably fucking some guy at work.

"I'm going out with the guys. You wanna have a quickie before you leave?" He started to grab her waist.

"Calling me an alcoholic turned me off, go use your hand asshole" she said with more venom. Damn, he can really bring out the worst in me. Next I'll end up getting drunk on tequila and waking up in Mexico if this shit keeps up. I need to get out of here before I turn into a complete nightmare and shove him off the balcony.

She quickly grabbed her prepacked bag and headed out the door early.


"Hey G, you're in early doll face." Jason had been her agent for 3 years now. The current gig was at a new venue in Chicago. Not as large as the auditoriums but still for a new venue she was game. Jason was a 6 foot 5 gorgeous black guy who looked like he came off the cover of GQ. Meridian was Genevieve (pronounced Jen-a-vive) of Genevieve's Revenge. Ken never knew this side of her.

"I couldn't take being in the flat anymore, can we head to the venue and go over everything before the show?" As one of the top alternative lead singers she never had the nerve to tell Ken. He can't even handle who I work for. I could see him handling me being a multimillion dollar rock star as well.

"G, I know the venue is a bit smaller than anticipated but I think you'll love it." Jason opened the limo door for her and she slid in. "Jason, I'd honestly anything to get on stage today."

"Ahh, G is jonesing for a fix" he giggled.

"You know me so well."

When they arrived she finished reviewing all the details and proceeded to go talk to the band. "Hey guys, have ya missed me?"

"Ah G, we were going through withdraw. It may be a smaller venue but getting onstage and rocking sounds awesome to me" David said.

David was the drummer of Genevieve's Revenge. David was 6 foot 2, 26 years old with sandy blonde shoulder length hair, he wore red contacts and was very pail always wearing Goth clothing.

The bassist was Billie was Hispanic at 6 foot 1 with jet black hair to his chin with curls and bright blue eyes. He was the youngest at 24. He dressed in jeans only leaving his perfect chest with a six pack for the ladies to look at.

The guitarist was Alex a 28 year old and 6 foot 5. He had shoulder length dark brown hair with a slight wave to it and green eyes. He always dressed in leather pants and a vintage t-shirt with the sleeves cut off showing off his many sexy tattoos. Most did not know that Alex was gay. Who was she to judge? She didn't care what they wore or their religion much less sexual orientation. The band was a family; they accepted each other as is.

"So G, you still going to marry the Ken, shouldn't he be marrying Barbie and they could drive off in her pink corvette to her townhouse?" David asked sarcastically. Everyone started laughing.

"I'm seriously rethinking this whole thing, he doesn't even know about the band and he can't handle my job. "Ok it's really my boss he has a problem with. If he can't handle my boss how is it going to go with the "Honey, I'm a rock star" speech?" "Honestly guys, all we do is fight. I'm to the point of bashing his manhood. Then something kinda happened with my new boss today" she said biting her lip and making a face.

"Ok, spill it doll, we all want to know. Explain, kinda happened?" Alex said looking at her with a devilish grin. He didn't like Ken from day one. The band was introduced as friends. Ken hated alternative and couldn't tell the difference between a CD and vinyl. Plus he hated gays. The man was truly an ass.

"He kissed me and I attacked him like he was chocolate cake and I had been on Atkins for 2 years. We didn't sleep together but when he moaned my name I ran out of the building like it was on fire. His office looked like it'd been trashed. My first and probably last paycheck will all probably go to office damages!"

All the guys started laughing. "G, I've seen a picture of him, he's fucking hot. Who could blame you when you aren't getting anything out of your relationship with Ken" Alex explained.

"Guys, I'm not like that. I'm in for the long haul and I am thinking if I am this distraught before marriage, I need to exit stage left from Ken before we get married."

Billie finally spoke up "Doll, toss Ken out on his ass. This isn't working with him. None of us need you getting cold feet and running away from the world for a month. I swear the next time we have to track your ass down because you are avoiding confrontation I'm going to stick one of those lost pet chips in you when you pass out from drinking." Everyone started laughing.

"I'll make a decision this weekend. Time to get ready and hit the stage guys. Thanks, I love you of course."

At 9 pm the band was on stage. The performance was outstanding. The entire crowd was screaming. Her singing was even louder than usual with an amazing range and melodic wailing. Tonight she was wearing leather pants, fuck me boots and a corset in red. She even pulled a guy up from the audience and had him sing a duet with her. Then things went horridly wrong.

Someone threw something at the guy singing a duet with her. They missed him and she was hit with something hard against her right cheek and forehead. She was hit hard enough she passed out. She started to fall forward into the crowd the guy who had been singing with her grabbed her by her upper arms. He picked her up and with the rest of the band surrounding them started to head off stage.

She came to hearing Jason yelling at the club manager regarding lack of club security.

"G, you're back, thank god! You look like a horror film victim with all the blood from the head wound bleeding down your face" Alex yelled. David couldn't handle blood and was in the corner of the room.

Everyone crowded around her while a doctor put a butterfly over the soon to be black and blue cheek and put 2 stitches in the head wound luckily under the edge of her hair. He gave her an ice pack to keep the swelling down on her cheek.

She looked up at the guy who had carried her off stage and said "thanks for catching me and getting me off the stage, make sure you give Jason your information so we can do it again but without violence". Then they both laughed.

"Guys, I'm fine, I've got to get home. Damn, why are all the cops here and all the ambulences? Isn't this overkill for me getting hit in the head with something?"

"G, a fight started in the crowd after you were knocked out. The club has done a piss poor job at security!" Jason said vehemently at the manager of the club.

"G, it might take a while for all of us to get out of here." Billie said while grabbing some glasses for all of them to do a shot.

It took forever to get home after having security rush her to the limo. She put up the window and changed as they pulled up a block from her flat. She rolled the dividing window down and said "Thanks Frank".

Ken was fast asleep, she changed and showered getting all the blood off her body then headed to bed.


Marcus, Logan and Drake were all stuck in their limo trying to get back to the hotel but traffic was a standstill.

"What is going on? Has this area been changed into a parking lot instead of a road?" Drake asked with annoyance.

The limo driver responded "Sirs, there was a new venue with a top band playing and I guess the lead singer got hurt then a fight broke out in the crowd. I'm trying to get you to your hotel as fast as possible."

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