tagNonHumanFinding Meridian Ch. 04

Finding Meridian Ch. 04


A Bad Day in the Office: All Hell Rains Down

Since she was alone at her desk at noon she started singing and finishing work. Before she knew it 1 pm had approached. She started to close down her computer when she heard noise near the front of the office.

It must just be security; everyone else is gone right now except for the security in the office. Then she saw him, an armed gunman.

"And I was thinking this was going to be a boring job, I get a hot piece of ass along with a payday" as the armed gunman approached her.

Instincts kicked in as she ran to the door to her office to lock it. Meridian was thrown back and slammed into the back wall of her office.

Damn this guy must be on PCP she thought as she hit the floor. There's only one, I have a chance.

Before she knew it he was on top of her. He ripped her blouse and skirt off leaving her only in her lace bra, thong and garter with stockings. "Damn you are one hot piece of ass, you are going to be sweet to fuck raw until I'm ready to kill you, and you won't need these." He ripped her bra and thong off of her.

"Oh hell, nipple and clit piercings, we are defiantly going to have some fun." She kicked and fought until she realized this guy was like pushing against a solid rock. He grabbed her pierced breasts and bit them while squeezing them hard enough to leave hand prints. He gripped her hips so tightly she was sure he was going to rape her right then. He roughly shoved a finger in her and she was ready to scream in pain.

Oh God, he's gonna rape and kill me. Panic set in, and then her training set in from her early days. Make him think you'll do anything, play the innocent frail female. You only need to get your gun. She saw her purse on the floor next to her under the desk. I just need to get it out.

"Stop please, I'll do whatever you want just don't kill me. I promise. I don't want to die. You can do anything to me you want me, just tell me. I just want to live. I can make it more fun for you if you let me pleasure you" she said while batting her eyelashes and biting her lower lip.

"Now that is more like it, I bet you can suck some mean cock, don't you dare bite me bitch" he said while moving to stand up with the gun in his hand by his side. He smelled of cheap cigars and cheap whiskey.

She started to crawl up from the floor while sliding her left hand under the desk to grab her gun from her purse all the while running her right hand up his leg to keep him distracted and using for balance. Keeping her head back and the gun hidden behind her back.

She kept thinking she didn't need to disarm him just distract. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock while she ran her right hand over his cock. "Oh yeah baby, is that what I do to you? Is that big cock for me" she said. He didn't notice the touch of evil in her eyes or that they had changed to a dark gray color that of bad thunderstorms.

NOW. Do it now. She kicked out her left leg kicking his hand with the gun. She aimed her left hand while falling backwards shooting him in the head. She saw him fall on her knocking her head into the floor. Everything went black.


Drifting towards consciousness she realized someone was on her, flashes of this morning and the coffee cup ran through her head. Just then she remembered the gunman, he was collapsed on her.

Fuck, oh fuck. She finally was able to push him off her. What the fuck do I do now? Oh Fuck! Sure a normal woman should be screaming and crying and I'm here analyzing technicalities….just chill out. She always had a tendency to use the F word too much when stressed and pissed.

Yep and I'm completely nude except the damn garter and stockings. Shit. Screw it, pull yourself together damn it. Suck it up she told herself. Grabbing the flask from her backpack she took out her cell and took a few drinks. OK think damn it. She could just run away, oh yeah that'll fucking work. Damn it. First check the dead guy's pockets. She found a usb drive and a written note. She used a tissue to wrap both in. She hid them in her secret purse compartment.

Connor, Connor O'Brien is on the police force here and I can have him help me. He'll help, we used to work together. She hit speed Dial.

"Hey M babe, how are you? I've been meaning to meet you for lunch and we could talk about your new job, how's the big guy at work? How's Ken?" as Connor rambled.

"Fuck Connor, shut up. I need help! I need to call in a favor big time! This is bad." she screamed softly.

"M what the hell is wrong, breath, what happened? Whatever it is I'll be there for you just say the word. It can't be that bad, oh shit, you are freaking out, it has to be that bad, tell me" he finally stopped talking.

It all came rambling out of her mouth fragmented pieces gunman, going to rape her, her clothes all ripped off, her shooting him, losing her job and the need to relocate.

"Ok calm down M, are you at your new job in the new building, 27th floor right?" he asked in a worried tone of voice.

"Yes, but if you just come crime scene it I'll lose my job have to change names and relocate all over. SHIT! " she screamed softly.

"M, take a xanax, stay exactly where you are. We'll handle this together. Doll face, it'll be fine. We'll work it out so your life doesn't fall apart" Connor soothed her.

"OK, hurry please" she pleaded.


Connor arrived 10 minutes later. Fuck this has got to be bad if she's freaking. At the front desk of the building he showed his badge and they let him up to the 27th floor. He walked into the office.

"M, where are you doll?" Connor's voice tensed as he spoke.

"In here, the office to the left, the door is open" her voice seemed steady.

She was sitting in her chair, drinking from the flask, legs crossed and basically nude other than the garter and stockings. The dead guy and her bruised appearance killed his hard on.

"Didn't happen to bring me anything to wear did you?" she asked.

"Here you go doll, it's just a blanket but we gotta do this right. M, you OK?" he said.

"I'll be fine what do we need to do, let's get to it. What needs to be done to do this right?" she said sternly.

Connor thought to himself while looking at her "damn, when she locks down like this I know we're in trouble. I'm used to dealing with females crying and sobbing but this ice princess shit scares the hell out of me after what she's gone through". She's not even fazed by the dead guy on the floor other than complications on her personal life.

"M, we have to get others I work with in here. The whole 9 yards doll face, don't worry. I'll take care of ballistics and the gun. No worries doll. My men will be here anytime now. Now, hit me here and remember you hit the gun from him but don't remember anything after being knocked out until you woke up. I shot him is what you assume, got it. I was coming to take you to lunch to discuss your worries about your upcoming marriage. Don't worry doll with the government record you have they won't want you having anything to do with a shooting, any discrepancy will be erased" Connor said easily. She slugged him.

"Ok, fuck, you're sending me to the hospital with this whole 9 yards shit right? Damn I hate the hospital. Call the band and tell them I'm so sorry but I'm sick" she said.

"Damn woman, you don't hit like a girl, give me your gun and anything else I need to hide" he said while rubbing his jaw.

"You said hit you damn it, you want convincing don't you" she once again bitched.

"They're here, here we go doll" Connor said as convincingly as he could.


Across town Marcus had finished lunch and they headed back to the hotel to rest and then go to dinner. He had known Logan and Drake so long this was just formality really. Straighten out a few contracts and such.

Cool, I've got time for a nap. Nights are so much easier but this was all for the sake of impressions to others. I'm gonna really miss all the time I've had to spend with Meridian if only she were here with me.

He woke to Drake almost beating his door down.

"Damn it Drake, I was sleeping, what is so damn urgent" an irritated Marcus spat out while getting to the door.

"Turn on the damn news. We've got a huge problem. Your office was broke into. Logan is on his way up" Drake said irritated.

Logan walked in and right then all their cell phones went off.

"Security breach, 1 dead, 1 injured, 1 male, 1 female" was said to all 3 over their cell phones.

"We'll be right there" each managed to say at the same time.

As they arrived at the building it was surrounded by barricades and police. Damon Bryant from the security office walked up to them.

"Damon, what the hell is going on? I want up to the floor now, it's our building, our office damn it" Marcus said angrily.

"Sirs, we are not allowed to enter until the crime unit is finished. I've done all I can and they won't let us in yet. Someone broke in around 1 pm; it was right at shift change for security. No one noticed. I'm having video pulled and all info we can from our people in the police station. Data was stolen off the server; it looks like a list of all employees of the company, just the ones with seniority sirs. So far I know we had one employee on site when the person broke in. I don't know if it is our employee who is dead or just injured" Damon was hoping that Marcus didn't ask who. He had seen the way Marcus stared at Meridian. Damn it, please don't let him ask.

"Do we know who the employee is?" Marcus looked at Damon knowing he was hiding something from him.

"Sir umm it was Ms. Hayden" stepping back as he said it. Just then Damon's phone rang. "Excuse me for a minute….Yes, 2 hours and we will have access? Anymore details? Ms. Hayden? No, I understand get it done as fast as possible" Damon said swiftly.

"Sirs, we will be able to enter in 2 hours. No more details are known. In the meantime I have a mobile control center for us to go to." Damon said to the group of very angry looking men. Marcus looked like he was going to break through the barrier. He started to follow Damon.

"Marcus calm down, we don't know if she was hurt bad or killed yet, calm down" Logan said to him telepathically.

"Damn it, I left her there, she's human. What are the chances they sent a human to steal from us? Even at that she probably weighs a whole 110 lbs completely wet. Damn it. If she by some miracle made it, what is the chance the bastard didn't hurt her badly?" Marcus growled telepathically back at Logan.

Drake knew better than to say anything until they had more news. This was bad and he had never seen Marcus so angry in a good century. Damn he must have it bad for the human girl. She's just human damn it. Marcus just growled at him. Ok an amazing human.

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