tagNonHumanFinding Meridian Ch. 08

Finding Meridian Ch. 08


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the support. I know this one is longer than usual but I couldn't seem to find the right cut off point. Hopefully you won't be discouraged since there is no cliffhanger in this one.



"Where the fuck is Drake?!" Marcus was starting to pace across the street from the cloud of debris that was keeping anyone from seeing the rubble.

Just then Drake was seen coming out of the cloud of dirt and debris. He was carrying a small dark haired female unconscious in his arms.

"Figures you'd pick up a girl instead of just leaving the building," Marcus said sarcastically but with a smile.

"Our people should be trained better than just to trample over each other leaving people collapsed. Lucky I got to her when I did. If anyone blows up anything else I'm going to start killing people!!" Drake was speaking in a highly agitated voice and called for Damon. Damon immediately came over taking the female to an ambulance that had just arrived.

"You know, I'm feeling really left out here. Marcus makes out with a hot blonde. Drake gets to carry out a cute redhead, looking like a hero and I get absolutely nothing. Nada." Logan teased.

Marcus, Drake and Connor just turned and gave him a perplexed look.

Just then a dark haired female walked up to Logan with an attitude and complete confidence. She reached up placing her hands on his shoulders and jumped up wrapping her legs around his waist. At the same time she grabbed the back of head pulling him forward to French kiss him with all she had. She then unhooked her legs and lowered herself. "There! Are you going to stop bitching now?" She said as she walked off. Connor started laughing with everyone else.

"Now that is a feisty one. Connor, is she single?"

"Yes, she's a hellion. If I were you I'd be careful. She could be the death of you. Her name is Ivy Diego. The guys at the station have nicknamed her Poison Ivy."

"I'll buy calamine lotion." Logan said with a wicked smile on his face.


It was 2:45 pm at Navy Pier and Cyrus was getting nervous. "Fuck!" He said with agitation as he left.

All he received was Jamison's voicemail. "I'll kill him. I'll kill the bastard!"

Jamison was sitting in a hotel room with a drink laughing. "Bastard actually thought I would just hand it over." Jamison plugged in the usb drive to find it was empty. Just then a skull came up on his laptop laughing at him. With a demented eerie voice it announced, "Self destruction has been activated." A timer came up on the screen showing 15 seconds and started counting down. He heard a loud pop and after 2 minutes reentered the room. His laptop was on fire.

"I'll kill that bitch!"


"Connor, can you work remotely with us? With the bombs, I'm not sure the police station or your place is safe." Drake asked while brushing off his clothing.

"You're probably right. We should probably head out. Let me grab my stuff and have someone take my SUV to the station to be safe."

Connor grabbed his bag from his SUV. He headed to the limo and they all headed back to Marcus's place. Security had been tripled outside of Marcus's estate.


Cyrus yelled continually at his security officer. "I want Jamison found and found now!" "I want his head on a stick and the usb drive damn it!"

"Sir, we are searching now for him."

"Find him by nightfall or I will have you killed and replaced."


After a brief rest Meridian, Alex and Trinity met in the office.

"Ok, it's time start step one. Who wants to do the honors?" Alex waived the cell phone at her sisters.

"It's my mess, I'll do the honors." Meridian grabbed the cell phone and sent the message.

"Do you think you could have today NOT resemble a season of 24?" Trinity teased with an evil grin.

"No guarantees. No guarantees," Meridian in a teasing tone.


Connor's phone buzzed and he read the text message, "Confirm the following code." "Which came first the chicken or the egg?"

Connor sent a text back, "who cares, make scrambled eggs and fried chicken!"

Marcus's phone buzzed with the following text, "What's the name of the song?"

Marcus sent back, "M'Aidez". He received back, "Hey shugga, follow Connor."

Connor received a text, "Limo 1 hour…pack for trip…all must attend…Gelo."

"Marcus, I'm drawing a blank on my foreign languages here. Can you refresh my memory on what the following word means?" Connor asked while trying to figure out its meaning.

"Ice in Portuguese," Marcus said.

"Guys, we're taking a trip." Marcus told everyone to pack and get ready to leave. Marcus called Damon to come to the location with a security crew and back up security crew.

An hour later a limo arrived. After being checked by security four females exited the car.

"Sirs, each of you will be introduced to your escorts shortly. I will get you checked in and then your personal escorts will ensure your safety to your destination. I am Mrs. Montgomery feel free to call me Mrs. M. I must request the first person I meet with is Mr. O'Brien." Mrs. M was dressed in a spotless expensive suit. Her accent had a commanding British tone to it. They each gave off an air of danger to them. Her three female associates stood behind her dressed the same in a military stance with their hands behind their back.

"I'm Mr. O'Brien," he said.

"Sir, can you please place your hand on the scanner," she said to him. "You are confirmed. Is there a Mr. Benedict here?"

"I am Marcus Benedict."

"Ah, Mr. Benedict, please place your hand on the scanner." The machine confirmed his hand scan. "Is there a Mr. Tiernay and a Mr. Gaudet available?"

Marcus telepathically told them, "Be ready just in case something happens."

Marcus nodded and Logan and Drake had their hand scanned.

"Thank you for the confirmation. Mr. O'Brien, I was sent with a package for you. Don't worry it was scanned by your security already."

Mrs. Montgomery handed Connor the package with a note attached to the top labeled "Read Me First". Inside was a simple piece of paper with the words "Square Dance Before You Begin" typed on it. "Mrs. Montgomery, we will need to go into Mr. Benedict office to open this in private."

Marcus then said, "My security will also rescan the car while we look at the package."

"Of course Mr. O'Brien and Mr. Benedict, we would expect nothing less. When you return, I will introduce you to each of your personal escorts."

Marcus motioned to Connor, Logan and Drake to return to the house. Marcus secured the doors behind them.

"Are we sure this is safe and not a set up? I'm a bit worried this is a set up." Logan's face was one of concern.

"The contents of the box will confirm it. Right now I have no doubts. Everything is way too odd to not be her. Portuguese give me a break! She knows my Portuguese is horrid, that alone is her teasing me." Marcus read the note in the envelope Connor handed him.

"I don't know what that means Connor."

"Here, watch just in case she would use this in the future."

Connor placed the box on its side. He then placed his thumb on each square securing the tape to the package. "Always remember to use your thumb from your primary hand." The paper released from the package and he opened the box. He handed Marcus a usb drive and note in a baggy.

Marcus looked at the usb drive and the note in a baggy. Marcus's face relaxed as he said, "It's her." Drake took the note in the baggy to security and Logan handed him the usb drive.

Drake hooked in the usb to confirm contents. "Marcus the contents are confirmed. Just what we thought."

Connor started laughing. "Oh, it's her all right," he said as he removed the last item from the box. "How the hell does a woman get a cracker jack box with a decoder ring inside in this day and age?"

Drake started laughing and said, "You know as old as that stuff is it could easily take out an eye if you throw it!"

"Death by petrified cracker jacks. Please…don't give her any ideas. I can easy say it has to be her." Connor said while putting the cracker jacks in his bag.

Logan gave him an odd look and said, "Connor, why are you taking it with you?"

"I might get hungry or need it for self defense."

"You could be known as the only vampire in existence to need dentures. I could see you now with those plastic fake vampire teeth they sell at Halloween!" Marcus started laughing at Logan's comment.

They all left the office and headed back to the limo.

"Let me introduce you to your escorts. Mr. Benedict your escort is Ms. J. Mr. Tiernay your escort is Ms. K. Mr. Gaudet your escort is Mrs. L. I am of course Mr. O'Brien's escort."

They confirmed their security staff and left in the limo.

Upon arrival at the airport Mrs. Montgomery, rolled down the window. She pulled out a package. She then spoke directly to the head security officer. "You will note each individual is confirmed with diplomatic immunity and we are going straight to the plane."

The head security officer replied to her. "Thank you Mrs. Montgomery. You are confirmed and the extra security was dispatched as requested. Please have the car follow the armed escorts to the plane." Armed escorts surrounded the car and escorted it to the plane.

She then handed each individual their packets of papers for diplomatic immunity. "Please keep the paperwork with you. We will be accompanying you on your flight and to your location. We will be departing after you arrive safely and all is safe at your new location."

Marcus spoke up and said, "Thank you Mrs. Montgomery. Can you tell us our destination?"

"Mr. Benedict, I am not at liberty to disclose that information until after our flight has taken off. Due to the dire situation, possibility of double agents, I was advised by my employer the package would confirm the identity of who you we're going to see. The individual was highly concerned with your security and safety."

One of their security officers spoke telepathically to Marcus, Connor, Logan and Drake telepathically.

"Sirs, I have scanned each of their thoughts extensively before we left. They are not deceiving us."

All four just nodded at him. They boarded the plane and got ready for takeoff.


"Meridian, my private doctor is on his way over," Alex said with a concerned voice. "I want him to just make sure you're OK. There's nothing we can do until they arrive. You should change. There are clothes in the closet."

"I'm fine. I don't need another doctor."

"You will see him or I cancel everything!"


Meridian showered and changed into a deep emerald green empire waist gown with loose flowing sleeves. Antique looking but she liked it.

The doctor arrived with his nurse later and examined Meridian. Her sisters entered after the doctor had finished.

"I want you on an IV for the next 24 hours at least, you've broke another rib and you're dehydrated. I suspect the rib was fractured before and cracked the rest of the way with exertion. I want you to rest after that. I'm sure you'll complain though." The doctor sent his nurse to the car to pull up all the needed items.

"I'm fine, no IV. Stop treating me like I'm hurt!"

The bickering started between the sisters, "You are hurt! Yes! IV!" Her sisters chimed in at the same time.

"NO! I don't need an IV! I'm fine."

Alex glared at her, "Fine then, I won't let anyone see you when they arrive."

"Fine, give me the damn IV."

The doctor finished the IV. He set his nurse up in the spare room. "I'll check on her tomorrow and we should be good to remove the IV. You must rest."

Alex looked at Meridian, "Don't bitch. I'll wake you as soon as their plane lands. Get some rest while we wait." Alex had agreed with doctor to inject her with painkiller without telling Meridian so she would sleep.


Once the plane took off Mrs. Montgomery slipped a sealed note to Connor, Marcus, Logan and Drake. Destination: Seattle. Need to know only!

"When you finish reading your note, please place it back in the envelope and into this bowl so I can burn it." Mrs. M said to them. She proceeded to light them on fire.

They landed hours later. Each escort escorted them to the limo and they took off for the mansion.

Once they arrived at the gate, Mrs. M scanned her hand and confirmed her identity.

"Miss Montgomery, I assume the trip was successful?"

"It's Mrs. and yes it was. Thank you for asking. Please alert them we have arrived."

The limo stopped in front of the mansion and Mrs. M escorted everyone inside.

Tarrin Miller came up to greet them. "Hello, I am Tarrin Miller, Ms. Alexandria Henderson's assistant. Should you need anything while you are here then call me directly. Feel free to just call me Tarrin." She handed out his card to each of them. They were standing in the entry way with the double staircase on the right and left with the top landing overlooking them.

"Is Ms. Henderson coming down? Are we supposed to meet them somewhere?" Mrs. Montgomery asked Tarrin.

Just then Alexandria walked to the landing on the top of the staircase to stare down at them.

Marcus was the first to speak. "Meridian?"

She descended the staircase and approached Marcus. Marcus noticed that she smelled differently. "You're not Meridian are you?"

"No, I am her sister Alexandria."

Just then Trinity walked out onto the staircase landing. "And I am her other sister Trinity." The four men stared at the other two women in awe.

"Please just call me Alex. Welcome to my home. Meridian is resting after my private doctor checked her out. I'm sure you have many questions you would like answered but I feel our order of business is to let you see Meridian. She may be asleep though. Please follow me."

Alex spoke up, "We're sisters in response to your confused looks; triplets to be exact."

"We didn't have the heart to wake her. From the brief information she's told us we wanted her to rest." Trinity led them up the stairs and down the hall. They entered into a bedroom; she moved to the left side of the room.

Marcus then entered the room. He saw Meridian sleeping in the bed. Her hair was in long blonde ringlets down to her waist over the burgundy comforter. She was unconscious hooked up to an IV but looked like a pale angel.

Marcus and Connor had worried looks on their face. Marcus was the first to speak, "What's wrong with her? More than what was wrong yesterday?"

Alex stepped over to speak with them placing a hand on each of their arms. "She's fine. I had my doctor look her over. She cracked another rib. The doctor wanted her hooked up to an IV and extra medication to heal. The painkiller knocked her out. Honestly, we didn't have the heart to wake her up. Her nurse is in the next room."

"She looks so tired and frail. We left her to rest." Trinity said while smiling at the four men.

"How did you get her to agree to the IV? Or painkillers? She's so stubborn." Connor asked while walking close to the bed next to Marcus. Marcus took her left hand to hold it, not wanting to disturb her IV.

"Blackmail of course!" Trinity and Alex chimed in at the same time. The joint response snapped Connor and Marcus out of their trance.

"Please, don't become uncomfortable when we speak in unison. It is a trait we have had since childhood. Don't be surprised if Meridian starts speaking the same thing as we do at the same time. It seems to be a psychic link. We blackmailed her into the IV and I didn't tell her about the painkiller but authorized it with the doctor." Alex told Marcus directly.

"I should make introductions. We've been searching for our sister for a long time. I am Alexandria Henderson and this is our sister Trinity Henderson. You've already met our sister, Meridian and yes her last name should be Henderson, not whatever she's been going by."

Marcus introduced the rest of them and shook hands. He returned to the bed to hold Meridian's hand.

"Would everyone like to join us in the library for a drink? We could let her sleep until dinner. It'll be in about an hour."

Marcus looked torn standing there staring down at Meridian.

Alex walked over to Marcus to talk to him. She placed her hand on his shoulder. "We are just going to get to know each other a bit. Security has been tripled but I could put a guard outside the door if you like. We'll go over strategy tomorrow. I can have a drink brought in for you if you'd like to stay with her until dinner."

Logan walked over and talked to Marcus telepathically.

"Marcus, I can easily scope out the situation and fill you in afterwards. There would be no harm with you staying with her. If there would be any trouble, I'll telepathically tell you." "Don't worry Marcus, I was able to scan both of them and it's true. They're on our side. I'll fill you in later with details."

"Thanks Logan, I'm going to sit with her until dinner."

Marcus pulled a chair over to the bed and sat down. "Thank you Alex. Logan, could you pick me out a scotch for someone to bring into me?"

"Of course, you are needed here. I'm sure we can keep Alex and Trinity entertained." Logan put his arm out to escort Alex out of the room.

Everyone exited except for Marcus who ran his fingers over Meridian's cheek. Tarrin returned a few minutes later with a brandy for Marcus. "Call me if you need anything. My extension is programmed into the phone."

After taking a drink, Marcus placed his glass on the side table. He ran his fingers through a lock of her hair. There was makeup covering the bruising but it was still visible. He couldn't help but stare at her. Seeing her so frail and tiny made him feel possessive remembering everything that had happened. He slightly growl with possessiveness. Seeing the video of her being hurt and wondering if she was dead had tore at his soul. If she wouldn't have killed the vampire who attacked her he would have torn him limb from limb. He stared at this tough little creature wanting her to never leave his side. Seeing her like this reminded him she was human despite her strength.


At dinner time Logan walked into Meridian's room, Marcus was staring down at her with worry etched on his face.

"Marcus, she'll be fine. We're having dinner in the dining room. We can wake her up and all go downstairs."

"No, I'll come down for dinner. Don't wake her." He kissed her on the forehead and pulled the cover up to tuck her in.

Logan telepathically filled Marcus in on the conversation they had with Alex and Trinity on the way to the dining room.

The dining room was a huge round antique cherry room with an oval dining table that seated at least 40 people. It was reminiscent of the 1930's and delicately carved cherry woodwork was everywhere. Everyone had just sat down when Meridian walked in.

"If you pulled out your IV we are going to kick your ass!" Alex and Trinity said while standing up. Everyone stood up when Meridian entered 15 minutes later.

"The nurse just unhooked it. I'm fine and decided to come for dinner." Everyone shifted so she could sit between Connor and Marcus. Marcus stood up to pull her chair out and kissed her on the top of her head once she was seated before he sat down.

"Oh, where are my manners. Meridian mentioned you were vampires and we are unaware of what you eat and such." Alex said with a flustered look on her face.

"Just don't eat us or the staff. Now the neighbors…are horrid so you are welcome to snack away on them. They are the neighbors on the east side of the house. Stuck up cads if I may say so myself. I do have to ask, how do you get your hair so perfect if you have no reflection?" Trinity said snickering. Alex and Meridian almost spit their wine out.

Marcus, Connor, Logan and Drake started laughing.

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