tagNonHumanFinding Meridian Ch. 14

Finding Meridian Ch. 14


I know this chapter may be a bit complex so I'm hoping I don't lose anyone. Thanks Dawn and Meadow for suggestions. I wanted to thank everyone for reading. Don't forget to vote.



Let the training begin


Amazingly, everyone gathered the next afternoon to eat. It was one small sense of normalcy that prevailed out of the hail storm of disaster that was surrounding them.

Drake had Trinity perched on his lap as he refused to let her sit on her own or feed herself.

"Drake really, I'm full." Trinity looked up at him when he looked at her with a mischievous look on his face. He slid his hand in between her thighs and slid a finger in her. Trinity let out a gasp and opened her mouth as Drake put the fruit in her mouth.

Drake whispered into her ear, "Don't forget to chew. No more starving yourself." Trinity went to speak as Drake slid his finger out of her and back in making her gasp and open her mouth. Once again, he placed a piece of fruit in her mouth. Drake whispered again, "Cat got your tongue?"

Meridian stared with a wicked smile at her like she knew what was going on.

Logan looked at Alex as she leaned over the table next to him to grab a pastry. Logan found his thoughts straying. I could strip her right now and claim her in front of everyone. What the hell? I'm the sane one here not running on hormones. Logan had to push the thoughts away.

Alex then began to speak, "It's time that training with my sisters began. After we finish eating we can change and practice. Later, we'll let you guys come in and practice with us." Her voice was unusually curt and cold.

Trinity looked at Drake, "Couldn't we wait a few hours?"

At the same time, Marcus had Meridian sitting on his lap and tried, not so discreetly, to slide his hand under her blouse and cup her breast. That's when the plate holding the pastries flew off the table and hit Marcus in the head. "Damn, what was that?" Marcus asked confused. Meridian gave a slightly guilty smile and looked away.

"That is why we don't need to delay training. I believe that was Meridian telling you to behave. Wouldn't you enjoy a more subtle way of telling you?" Alex said. Meridian sensed something was off with Alex today.

"Not having to duck flying stray objects would be nice." Marcus said laughing.

Meridian slipped something under the table into Trinity's hand. Trinity dangled it in front of Drake's face. "I vaguely remember something about a promise to eat my crack cookies? Yummy crack cookie right here with sauerkraut just for Drake!" Drake growled at her.

Meridian laughed and taunted him, "Eat up vampire man! We want to know if vampires are immune to crack cookies!"

Everyone in the room started chanting, "Eat the cookie, eat the cookie, eat the cookie."

"Fine!" Drake started to eat it and made a disgusted face as he hurried to swallow it.

"Now what am I going to wash it down with?" Drake growled and pulled Trinity's head to the side as his fangs elongated. He sunk his teeth into her and a display meant to tease her was quickly going out of control. Shit! He was losing his control right here and now. He wanted her right here and now. Drake picked up Trinity while his teeth were still in her neck as she cooed and carried her out of the room.

"Well then I guess we have a few hours." Alex said as she left the room.


Drake finally gained control when they were in the guest house and removed his teeth from Trinity's neck and licked the wound closed. He placed her on the bed and growled as he started ripping her clothes off. Trinity had never seen a man undress as fast as Drake had.

Before she realized what was happening he had her in front of the mirror holding her back to his chest in front of the mirror. "Look at her Trinity. Don't you ever underestimate how amazing you are!" Drake ran his hand down her flat stomach and slowly rubbed her clit. "Look at her Trinity. She's strong, she's sexy, she beautiful, she's smart and I am so in love with her." Drake kissed her deeply slowly running his tongue over her bottom lip as he sucked on it lightly. He kissed and nibbled on her neck.

Drake held her securely, as if she weighed nothing with just an arm around her waist. "I want you to watch her. It's so much more than that amazing beautiful body. Her laugh can make the dark clouds leave and brings out the sun after a disaster has hit. She's so amazing with her compassion and loving. She deserves only the best. And I want you to watch how beautiful she is when she is overloaded with passion and falls apart in my arms."

Drake gently slid two fingers into her sweet folds. He watched as her mouth that was swollen from intense kissing lips opened slightly as she threw her head back and her eyes were barely open. Drake used his thumb to flick her clit as he slowly slid his fingers in and out of her stroking her g-spot. "To think that I was the first to ever make such a sweet seductive little one comes apart in my arms. I'm going to be the last." Drake nibbled on her ear as he seductively told her, "I'm not letting her go and I'm going to spend forever showing her how cherished she is. Forever my love, to show you how wonderful my little sunshine is. Forever to watch her glazed look as she moans and whines until she comes apart in my arms."

Drake looked at her in the mirror and could tell she was close, "Come my love, I'll catch you so you won't fall. Come for me sunshine." Drake's words sent her over the edge and she began crying and screaming his name as she came harder than the first time he made her come. He held her securely as she bucked and pushed her hips forward. He kept stroking her as she moaned and started coming. Her arms went up and back around his neck as she slid her fingers into his hair and her body arched. As he held her back against his chest watching her cry out and come again he could swear he had never seen such a beautiful sight in all his years.

As she turned her face towards his he kissed her deeply. "My sweet Trinity, my own sunshine." She cried out again and he felt her spasm around his fingers. Then he felt her become limp in his arms realizing she had passed out. He gently tucked her into bed and while propped up on one arm he stared down at her wondering where such a beautiful creature came from. He brushed the hair away from her face. He whispered in her ear, "I meant it. Every word. I am the first and last man to give you an orgasm and I will more than take care of that need." He watched her for a while longer until her eyes finally fluttered open and she smiled at him.

"Are you strong enough and well enough to go practice with your sisters? There's no rush. I have to go run an errand soon but will be back shortly. Do you need to rest some? You were hurt pretty bad so it might take you a bit longer to recover." Drake ran his fingers over her cheek.

"Can you tell them I'll be ready in 30 minutes?" Trinity said looking up into his eyes with her lips parting slightly.

Drake devoured her lips with their tongues meeting. She started moaning and whining again. "No more of that or I won't make it out of the room for a few weeks. I'll be back before you know it sunshine. Be careful training." Drake devoured her lips again and then pushed back to stare at her. He didn't even notice he was lightly growling during the kiss. "Mine," he said. He finally got up and dressed. He gently kissed her. "I love you sunshine, be careful during training."

"I will be. Drake, you're amazing." Trinity ran her hands down his shirt as he sat on the edge of the bed.

"You're more than amazing sunshine. No more of that or I won't be leaving the room," Drake said as he gently grabbed her hands and kissed each one and left the guest house.

She finally forced herself to get up and get dressed in the small black leather shorts and tank top with calve high biker boots and leather gloves to practice. Her head was still spinning with everything that had happened over the last few days.


Trinity went up to the house and saw both Meridian and Alex come down from the stairs. Connor's mouth dropped open as he looked at the three. Connor had seen Meridian in a sexy outfit but this one beat them all. She was wearing low riding dark blood red leather pants with red leather half corset and black/red biker boots to finish off the outfit.

Logan came out of the side office after he finished a conference call as he saw Alex descend the stairs and he stopped immediately. He immediately felt himself becoming hard looking at her outfit. She was dressed in a white leather sleeveless cat suit with a zipper in the front accentuating her cleavage and hugging every curve of her body. The belt with daggers on each side accentuated her tiny waist.

Each of them had their hair held up with oriental chopsticks.

Logan and Connor didn't realize they had said, "Shit!"

Tarrin looked at them, "You can close your mouths boys."

Alex looked at Tarrin, "We'll be in the back building practicing. Remember if you bring any of the guys out later keep them behind the glass."

Connor and Logan just stared as Meridian took the lead walking out the back door.

Tarrin turned to them, "Hey, close your mouth. Where did Drake and Marcus go?" She waited and repeated herself until Logan snapped out of it.

"They had to run errands." Logan had the vision of Alex stuck in his head.

"Snap out of it, when they return I want to go over details with them." Tarrin just laughed and walked away as both men stood in the same spot looking like their feet were glued to the spot.


Trinity laughed as they walked towards the practice building. "Alex, I think you got a rise out of Logan."

"He doesn't think of me that way." Alex just shook it off and clenched her teeth.

"Keep deluding yourself. What's up with you? You're cold and something is wrong." Meridian said.

"Just a bad day another bad day," Alex said as she lit a cigarette. "Give me a minute."

They had entered a round building, the gymnasium was in the center and surrounded by an outside ring. The outside ring was surrounded by safety glass so spectators could watch the training safely.

Meridian reminded Alex, "I've read through what we're supposed to have powers to do just don't forget we have to recite the prophecy spell first."

"Thanks Meridian, I almost forgot."

Meridian held out the spell and the sisters started to chant. As they chanted in an ancient language, the air around them became heavy. A mist of yellow surrounded the sisters and the air felt charged. As soon as they complete the chant the air crackled and each of them felt a shock.

"Well that was interesting." Alex said trying to shake off the left over static electricity, "Trinity, I'll work with Meridian if you want to go work on the balance beam and also throw on some music."

"I'll set up a mix of heavy alternative. Some Seether and so on?"

"Sounds good," Alex said. Alex took Meridian to one side while Trinity started stretching on the other side. The entire room had drawers of weapons stored around the inside circle of the gymnasium.

"So how do we start this training Alex?"

"Why don't we work on your telekinesis first Meridian," Alex said and Meridian nodded. "Remember there is no spoon."

Meridian gave her an evil look.

"Just kidding," Alex chuckled with Meridian. "I've had some items brought in for our 2nd stage of training for the first let's start over here." There was a table with numerous objects on it. "Start by looking at the barbell on the table just look at it and see it moving in your mind to the floor."

There was a swift thud as it flew off the table and landed on the floor. "Good job but we also have to make it so you can do it with complete control. Let's go to the next object a plate. Now in your vision see the speed and how it will sit down so that you don't break it." The first one went smashing into the floor. "Try again." Five plates later she was able to move it with her mind and not break it.

"Great job! OK, next one is going to be moving the glass of water." Alex watched as Meridian moved it from the table to the floor with ease.

"I have an idea, watch this." Meridian said before Alex saw the water rise out of the glass, the glass floated to the table and the water flowed into it.

Trinity had seen it. "Ok that was cool!" Meridian looked over to see Trinity doing flips on the balance beam.

"Next step is to stop something. I set up an automatic tennis ball launcher. I'll go start it and you need to freeze the balls so you don't get hit." Alex turned the machine on and gave a motion to start. At first, Meridian could only stop a few as they came at her. What happened next no one expected as Meridian froze the entire room. Trinity was in the air mid flip. Meridian decided to go with it. She concentrated as the entire building started to lift. She lowered it and the ground quaked shaking the main house.

Inside the house Drake and Marcus had just returned. "What the hell was that?" Marcus said as they all rushed out back.

They rushed into the building and from the outer circle saw that everything in the room had froze. Meridian's eyes resembled a thunderstorm. She waved her hand and Trinity landed from her flip. Alex looked at Meridian, "Let's try it again."

"You missed part of it; I froze you and Trinity. So watch this." Meridian swirled her hand and the tennis ball machine froze then her head lowered and her eyes turned even darker. The building began to rise about a foot off the ground and then she lowered it back down.

Marcus was the first to speak, "Damn!"

With dark eyes she looked over at Marcus, "That's just the beginning. Watch this."

She looked at the barbell and moved it with her mind so it was floating a foot in front of her. "Back to dust," Meridian said as the barbell turned to dust and fell. "From the dust back to form," Meridian said as the barbell turned back into a solid object and no longer dust.

Meridian's head went back and ancient words came out of her mouth as they watched her start to levitate in front of them. Alex's head went back and she spoke the same words and levitated. Trinity then followed in the same fashion.

Connor looked at them, "Oh fuck, what the hell are they?"

The three sisters looked at them. All three spoke at the same time. "We are the Triadic."

Trinity then spoke, "Life."

Meridian was next, "Death."

Alex said, "Rebirth."

Then they spoke together, "From nothing, to chaos and then to form. We can control the elements. We can weave and unweave time. We are…"

Trinity said, "The beginning."

Alex said, "The journey."

Meridian said, "The end."

Drake was becoming concerned because they were still rising. With one swift move all three landed on their feet with Meridian in front and Trinity and Alex on the other sides.

Trinity spoke in her melodic hypnotic voice, "Come out come out come out and play."

Marcus, Logan, Drake and Connor walked into the training room as if forced and in a trance.

All three sisters tilted their heads to the right, "Come at us. Attack us."

Their fangs elongated and they went running with a blur to attack the sisters. Meridian put her hand out as a motion of stop and they were frozen.

Alex spoke next, "Back to normal."

Logan was the first to speak, "Fuck, you froze us."

All three spoke together, "You think that's scary check this out."

Meridian conjured a fireball in her hand. Trinity levitated four bottles of water and directed each one to the guys. Alex then spoke in a melodic hypnotic voice, "Drink."

After they took a drink Connor started shaking his head. "Fuck!"

Trinity giggled, "You think that was good, watch this!" Trinity ran her hands over her head and looked just like Ophelia; she did it again and looked like Cleopatra. Each sister followed suit changing their appearance. Then they ran their hands over her head and once again looked like their original self.

Drake then said, "I need a damn drink."

Marcus ran his hand over hair, "I agree but look at it this way, what a way to role play!"

The sisters spoke together, "Let's go."

Connor shivered, "That still freaks me out. Creepy!"

Meridian, Alex and Trinity looked at each other and spoke together, "Don't run Connor, we won't hurt you." They levitated him into the air with him stuck in the middle as they held hands in a circle around him.

"So not funny! Let me down." Connor actually looked scared.

Meridian took his hand and they all lowered back to the floor. "You shouldn't worry; you're not the one who deserves payback." Meridian let off an evil laugh.

Marcus and Drake spoke together, "We apologized."

Marcus shook his head, "Now we're speaking together. Shit!"

Meridian giggled, "Don't worry love, we'll be gentle."

They went into the house and went to have a drink in the library. As they walked in Meridian waved her hand and drinks were sitting out on the table for everyone.

"Can you guys stop that shit? You're honestly freaking me out." Connor said with an edge of fear on his voice.

All three spoke together, "Sorry Connor."

Logan noticed Alex was unusually quiet and closed off.


After a few drinks and changing they joined for dinner.

"I think we need to talk tomorrow about what happened today. It changes a lot of things. We were slightly prepared for it to happen and where it goes from here but we need to discuss it tomorrow." Alex said before turning to pour another drink. Alex was clenching her teeth. Her mind was still stuck on this horrid day every fucking year. She lost her concentration and started to become upset. Her glass caught fire and exploded.

Logan looked at her and walked over, "Everything alright fire starter?"

"Just peachy, just a surge of power," Alex said.

Logan looked at her and noticed her hand was bleeding from a cut in the palm.

"You're hurt. Let's call the doctor and get you fixed up." Logan said noticing the tension in her face.

"It's unnecessary," Alex used her good hand to form a small fireball. She directed the flame across the wound cauterizing it. "I'll wrap it when I get upstairs."

Logan looked at her with concern. Getting cut and then her burning the wound seemed out of character.

Telepathically Meridian said, "Alex?"


"Are you ok?" Meridian asked telepathically in a concerned tone of voice.

"Not really but I'll make it through. Just a bad day," Alex exhaled and actually enjoyed the pain from cut and burn to seal it. At least the pain would distract her from how much she hated today.

"If you need to talk I'm here." Meridian hesitated a moment and then told her telepathically, "I've decoded the prophecy. I know Trinity cannot block like we can. It's probably due to her injury but I need to discuss it alone with you."

"After dinner say 9 pm, go to the training room but go to the back and put your hand on the glass. There is an elevator to a basement room. We'll discuss it then. I'm not sure bringing it up with the men is a good idea right now. As long as we are prepared, we can prepare them right before the meeting."

As they finished dinner so much was going through Meridian's head; prophecies, death, leadership and all of the responsibility that came with that.


"I'm going for a walk Marcus, I'll be back later. I just need some air."

"Do you want company?" Marcus hugged her.

"I just want a little bit of alone time. I have so many things in my head right now."

"Don't stay out too long and be careful." Marcus nipped at her neck. Meridian laughed as she walked out of library.


Meridian had the prophecies spread out as Alex walked in smoking.

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