tagNonHumanFinding Meridian Ch. 15

Finding Meridian Ch. 15


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Powerful but not Invincible


Drake sat Trinity in the chair after making her a plate of food. She ignored the fact he was bent down. He slowly pulled a box out from behind his back. Holding her hand he stared up at her. "Trinity, would you give me the honor of becoming my mate and wife?"

Trinity stared down at him completely confused. "I'll cherish you, take care of you and keep you safe."

The nagging voice in Trinity's head was reminding her of how bad a relationship could go. Her sisters sensed it too. She was on the verge of a panic attack. That's when Meridian and Alex stood on opposite ends of her. Meridian spoke first, "Trinity, you have to leave the past where it is. The only thing you should be concerned with is do you love and trust Drake?"

Trinity stared down at Drake with big doe eyes, realizing it was the truth. "Yes."

Everyone around the table congratulated them. She noticed Meridian whisper in Drake's ear. Drake took the chair next to Trinity and pulled her onto his lap. "I would like to have the mating ceremony tonight, we will plan the wedding later. I just want you mated to me when we have the meeting. Meridian, can explain the mating ceremony?" Trinity motioned for them to go in another room.

Only Meridian noticed that Alex looked ill. She wasn't eating much and her face looked sad.

"Speaking of prophecies, I have to go read through some of them." Alex excused herself from the table.


Drake followed Trinity out. After the door closed Trinity hugged Drake. "Meridian mentioned a bit of the mating ceremony before."

Drake ran his hand over her cheek. "I understand if you need time."

"I'm nervous about having Marcus and Logan feeding from me. I'm nervous about how you will look at me afterwards." Trinity started to tremble and tears started to fall. "Will you still want me afterwards?"

Drake pulled her close kissing her face, "Oh sweetheart, they will just feed from you. I will want you even more after the mating. Meridian can go over the details."

"I feel silly." Trinity laughed. "I thought I had to sleep with each of you."

"No sunshine, we will feed from you twice each and at the end they will be there while I make love to you. The tradition is when we come together and the three of us will feed from you. It makes the bond strong. I will be taking care of you. I will keep you safe. I know it's intimidating but we will take care of you. Now the first feeding will be down here." Drake ran his hand over her clit. "But I will take care of you the entire time. I'll answer any questions you have and your sister can explain it to you. It's a onetime thing."

"You'll take care of me? They'll feed from me but they won't have sex with me?" Trinity was chewing on her lip. She was feeling stupid for asking the same questions.

"Sunshine, I love you. I will take care of you and no, Marcus and Logan won't be having sex with you. We can wait if you are nervous." Drake cradled her face in her hands. "I do not want you to feel pressured. This is done to ensure we are bonded and Marcus and Logan will be your protectors."

"No, I can do it if you take care of me." Trinity buried her face in his chest. "Can we do it tonight? So Marcus and Logan are ok with being my protectors?"

Drake was cussing at himself. He hadn't asked them yet. They had to say yes. "They will be fine. Now why doesn't my fiancé go relax?" Drake kissed her on the cheek.

Drake walked up to the library where everyone was working. "Marcus and Logan can I speak with you alone for a few minutes?" Everyone else got up and left the room. "I would be honored if you would be protectors to Trinity. I have our mating planned for tonight. I would hope you would accept joining us and being her protector."

Marcus was the first to speak, "I'm concerned about…"

Drake immediately got upset. "She's going to be my mate, my wife. I'm not giving her up for anything. I've stood behind you for so many years and for many things. I'm asking for this one thing and you're going to back out?!" Drake let out a frustrated breath as he paced the room.

"Drake, you didn't let me finish. I am not saying no. I'm concerned with her past about how we do this without making her feel restrained or trapped. I don't want her to panic or to feel like she's being used. Hell, I was scared how my mate would take it and your mate…she's been victimized. The last thing I want is to do anything that would make her feel that way. Damn Drake, she's gone through so much. I know my words didn't help her but I want to make sure we do this right. I am honored and accept being her protector."

Logan motioned for them to sit down. "Drake, of course I accept. Let's figure out a way to make this enjoyable for her without scaring her. I recommend absolutely no restraining her. We can help direct her, guide her and help her out. I just think if we force her down it will bring back horrible feelings."

Marcus then chimed in, "I think we need to remember not to grab her ankle or her wrists to restrain her. We may not think anything about it but she's sensitive to that."

"I appreciate each of you accepting and being willing to work with my little one. I appreciate your concern for her. What if I get her to come and feed then I'll have her sit on my lap using my legs to hold hers open while each of you feed? It would keep her close and safe with me." They shook their heads.

"Sounds like a good plan and we deal with any problems that come up from there." Logan then looked at Drake, "Are you going to shave her?"

"No, she has just a little bit of blonde curls and they stay." Drake started looking off into the distance thinking of her spread nude before him.

"Let's let Drake go see to Trinity. He looks a bit flustered." Marcus laughed after he said it.

"Like you get to tease me when you are on Meridian every chance you get." Marcus's eyes glazed over.

"I'm leaving! I'm the only single person here left to see the two of you lusting. Wipe the drool off your faces!" Logan said agitated as he got up to leave the room.

"What about Alex? You had her in bed with you last night."

"I was a gentleman. I refuse to be ruled by my emotions. One of us needs to keep a sane mind."

Marcus looked at Logan. "If you want her don't wait too long. When we have the meeting there will be many available suitors there. Unless you're not interested, then I'm sure there will be some other vampire or even werewolf willing to strip that little body of hers down just to sink into her. That is if she's anything like Meridian."

Logan just growled and slammed the door shut after he left. Marcus just looked at Drake, "He needs to decide before someone else steps up to the plate."

"It took me almost losing Trinity to realize it."


After a nap they gathered for lunch. Meridian felt tension in the air.

The three sisters spoke together, "Company is coming. We are going into the kitchen to prepare. Lock and load! 15 minutes and counting."

Meridian noticed Alex had dark circles under her eyes highlighting her complexion.

"Nightmares of demons and monsters?" Meridian said looking at her.

"Yes, but I don't want to talk about it." Alex stared at her sister.

Meridian pulled her sister over and hugged her, "I grew up with demons and monsters; I know how they can affect you. Trinity is lucky to have Drake to escape them."

"Meridian, don't be dim you have Marcus." Alex said hugging her back.

"I'm selfish; don't tend to share my demons and monsters. We are not all open enough to share our dirty laundry. If mine doesn't include bullets and a body bag I don't tend to share. Besides what do I say, Marcus this asshole pissed me off, can you be a love and bury him for me?" Meridian laughed. "I feel evil, I want to play. I sound like I'm in AA- My name is Meridian and I haven't killed in 5 days. Leave the guys in the dining room."

Alex started laughing and she pulled a couple drawers out and sat guns with clips on the counter. "Sweets for the sweet!"

"How did you know my favorite candy? Has anyone ever told you that you are an awesome sister?" Meridian said with enthusiasm. She locked and loaded a clip slipping a second clip in her.

Alex raised an eyebrow when Meridian responded, "Let's make it interesting. Let's lure them to the kitchen." All three women stripped to their bras, garters, thongs and heels. "Five minutes and counting!" then Meridian yelled in the other room, "We have incoming in 5 minutes. The bait is set up in the kitchen so stay in the dining room." Trinity laughed.

Connor shouted back "Locked and loaded. Let's play!"

Alex looked at Meridian and noticed she looked different. Her eyes turned thunderstorm gray and the whites of her irises turned blood red. Her body was emitting a vibrating energy that gave off a feeling of evil and emitted a red glow around her. Her lips were the color of dark blood despite not wearing lipstick and king cobra appeared curled around her tiny waist with its head ready to attack.

Fifteen men stormed through the back patio door entering the kitchen.

The three sisters walked towards them. The men stood in shock staring at them but fear was emanating off them like a thick fog. Trinity then spoke, "Stay boys we want to play. You don't want to hurt us."

Meridian laughed, "They can't move because the fear has frozen them." She looked at three of them and walked up as they shook. "You will bring your boss to me." She walked up running her hands seductively over their shoulders, "You want to make me happy don't you?" She licked the side of one of their faces and the three kneeled in front of them.

"Yes Mistress. We will bring him now." They stood and hurried to leave.

Marcus, Logan, Connor and Drake had easily killed the additional ten men who stormed in the front door and walked into the kitchen. Connor's eyebrows raised, "Nice view!" Drake hit Connor's shoulder, "Stop staring!"

Meridian tilted her head to the side ignoring their presence. "Now, I want to play. Her hand petted the angry cobra curled around her tiny waist. "I think he's angry and wants to play too."

Meridian, Alex and Trinity each walked up to one of the men frozen in fear as they spoke in unison, "We are the Triadic. We know your crimes and as Queens must judge you."

Meridian's eyes turned a darker red, "Daniel step forward; let's first review your crimes." Meridian circled him like an angry predator. Suddenly she stopped and her hands went out as she held his face in her hands, "Some things can never be forgiven. What you did has earned you punishment." She removed her hands as her tone turned from taunting and scary to horridly evil, "ON YOUR KNEES!"

"You led these men to kill villages of women and children. They were innocent women and children that you raped and killed. For your crimes I sentence you to death. STAND!" She lightly stroked the snake as it uncurled from her waist and slid across the floor. The beautiful iridescent olive king cobra rose to meet stare the six foot man in the eyes its neck expanding into a hood showing the beauty of its cream colored throat. Its forked tongue came close to his face and violently sank its half inch fangs over and over into Daniel before the snake shimmered back to Meridian and around her waist.

The man collapsed and his eyes closed as the venom seeped into his system as the venom suffocated from the affects. His heart and lungs began to slow.

Meridian moved back as Alex moved forward. "Josiah, stand in front of me and face punishment for your crimes." The man slowly walked forward shaking in fear but walked as if he was being forced to face her. He stood before her as her hand went out and stroked the side of his face. "What could ever make you kill your entire family? They did nothing to you. They were good to you. What could a six month old child have done to deserve suffocation?" Alex removed her hand. "For your crimes I judge you guilty and you shall burn." His body was covered in flames yet he was unable to move as the flames finally extinguished his life.

Trinity moved forward as Alex stepped back. "Fagan come stand in front of me. You are to be judged and punished for your crimes." Fagan felt her pull and walked forward forced to stand for his punishment. Trinity's body illuminated a bright gold as she closed her eyes in sadness and a tear of blood ran down one cheek. Trinity opened her eyes. "For your crimes I feel it is only fitting that you shall die the way your victims died. You kidnapped and killed 23 people. You stole mothers from their children, children from their mothers and fathers from their families all of them had committed no crime against you. You just chose to kill favoring the innocent. You savored the innocent kill against all else."

Trinity stepped back and took a deep breath. "Your punishment is special. You shall be transported by the gods to the desert and every wound you inflicted on them will be inflicted on you. For every death they felt you shall feel until the final one kills you. Each time you die you will be brought back to life to suffer your punishment until every wound and death you inflicted has been inflicted upon you." Another tear ran down her cheek as she waved her hand and he was gone.

The sisters then spoke in unison, "The rest of you are sentenced to death." Their hands joined and each screamed as they burned and turned to dust.

Marcus, Logan, Connor and Drake just stared in amazement and odd pride.

Marcus finally spoke up, "Meridian, as my mate and soon to be wife I would appreciate if you would do this with all your clothes on."

Drake chimed in, "I agree."

Connor mocked them, "I'm fine with what they are wearing other than that damn snake."

Marcus talked to Meridian in a calm voice, "I like red but can you lose it and the snake?"

Meridian turned giving him an evil smile, "If you insist. We will go get dressed and discuss the prophecy with you. Meet us in the library."

Marcus walked into the bedroom as Meridian was dressing, "Can you promise me to tell me if you feel you're losing control? This is new to you."

"I will. I forgot can you and the guys take care of the leader and the three men bringing him back while we dress?"

Marcus walked behind her and hugged her, "Of course, see you shortly."

Marcus called the rest of the men telepathically as they rushed the four men coming through the front door and violently ripped their jugulars out.


They all sat around the table in the library. Meridian laid out the prophecies and started to explain.

"I wanted to explain this so everyone understood. It first started with Greek mythology of the three sisters Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. I am not sure if you are familiar with it. They were the daughters to Zeus and Themis. Clotho was considered one of the three fates; she was responsible for birth and spinning the thread of life. Lachesis was life; she decided how long each person was allowed to live. Atropos was considered the oldest; death was her assignment and she cut the threads of life and was inevitable. I could go into this a lot more but that's not what we are here in the end to discuss."

Meridian took a deep breath, "There were missing prophecies saying the three would be reborn but as the world changed so would their roles. They each had the powers of birth, life and death but they were also given the ability to share them with each other. The prophecy foretells a meeting of all the major councils: Vampires, Weres, Witches and loosely all other non-human groups. Loosely translated it says the Triadic Council will unite the groups and be a hierarchy that will rule over them. We'll be like a court over the other groups to handle disputes that are unresolved and enacting laws that rule everyone. 'The three triadic will rule with their three mates and three other members will be chosen for a chosen number of nine to rule as the Triadic Council. They will bring equality and justice to all non-human groups.' It will be like a merger uniting the groups but not taking them over. It is meant for peace and unity but will have to deal out justice to those who ignore the authority. "

Marcus, Logan, Drake and Connor sat there for over an hour reading over the prophecies.

Marcus looked at Meridian, "You know this will not go over well. You are talking about Ancient Vampires, very old Weres, and Witches. There will be fighting and rebellion over this."

"I understand that and what I have not mentioned is the fact that there will be a major battle uniting them during the meeting to secure the Triadic Council. It will be a battle that will unite the groups and the formation of the council."

"How bad will the battle be?"

"It's still in motion but no matter what lives will be lost. There will be deaths on all sides." Meridian was hesitating from giving the final piece of the puzzle. She took a deep breath, "Now due to the loss of life before the council is formed and after it is formed another part of the prophecy has to do with death. 'Should one of the Triadic Council die their mate will continue to rule with a vote to be made to fill the position. When or if the mate finds a new mate that elected official will give up their position. They will be given a position of stature afterwards.' For example Alex is unmated and there will be voting and an individual will be elected to rule by her side."

Marcus looked at Logan and saw the agitation in his face. Alex spoke next, "The person who rules by my side will be a Triadic member but not considered my King by my side." Alex tried to keep her face as blank as possible. It figured she'd be the only one left alone.

"So when does this meeting go into motion? When do we all meet with all the groups just to have a group of pissed off people wanting to kill the idea." Logan was clearly showing his irritation in his attitude.

Trinity spoke up, "It is already set up, the invitations have been sent and in three days the meeting begins. Meridian will be the individual addressing the groups in the beginning."

Marcus looked at her, "What about me? I'm supposed to just stand by your side and keep my mouth shut?"

"Marcus, understand that the beginning of this meeting will have to be me discussing what I have done so far for the groups. I have to help remind them we are almost already joined."

Logan looked at her, "You are kidding me? You are not revered in the Vampire community. I think you are highly overestimating your abilities and this is just a death sentence!"

Drake looked at Trinity, "You are not immortal! They are not going to take you seriously."

Marcus looked at Meridian again, "I need you to leave us to discuss this."

Meridian acted cool and unaffected despite feeling like she had been kicked in the gut, "Discuss all you need."


After they left the room Meridian looked at her sisters, "Well that went well." They all laughed. "What's the worst that can happen they dump us, we have the meeting and die?"

"Thanks Meridian for cheering me up!" Alex said laughing at her. "Let's go to the meeting room in the training building. There's something we have to discuss."

Once they sat at the table Alex pulled out a missing piece of the prophecy. "I left something out. It's a piece telling of a chant to enable us to be invincible but only for two weeks so we can have the meeting and not die but there is a drawback. It is possible we won't be able to have children afterwards."

Meridian snorted, "I'm mated to a vampire. I don't think children are on the menu for me. Oh, menu was a bad choice of words."

Alex gave her a sad look, "I know this pertains to me but it's my duty as a Queen to do this so I'll accept it. We have to wait until after the mating ceremony for Trinity so let's plan on tomorrow." Just then Alex's phone rang and she walked off to take the call. "I have to go have a meeting with my attorney and I'll be back afterwards. I don't know how long it will be but have fun Trinity. I'm happy for you."

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