tagNonHumanFinding Meridian Ch. 16

Finding Meridian Ch. 16


You'll need your tissues for this one, I did. Thanks Dawn and Meadow for suggestions. I wanted to thank everyone for reading. Don't forget to vote.



Bye Bye Love


Alex was in the middle of a great dream. She felt her nipples being suckled as hands ran up and down her ribs until they cupped her breasts feasting on them one after the other. She tilted her hips up to grind against the silken erection rubbing against her clit. She felt a hand slide down her back pushing her pelvis even closer to this dream lover's erection as his other hand kneaded her breast to feed on them with his mouth.

She felt kisses being ran up her neck until her mouth was devoured as he made love to her mouth. Her hands buried themselves in his hair. Her head went back as she cried out in an orgasm just from the rocking of his hard erection against her clit. This was the best dream she had ever had.

She heard a foreign language being whispered in her ear as she was brought down from the amazing yet unexpected release. "Tell me you want me, I want to be in you. I've waited so long." She thought she recognized the husky voice as Logan. It would make sense that he was in this dream. She wanted him but he didn't want her. She would take what she could get.

"Yes, please fuck me." She said in a low husky voice.

"It's not fucking, it's love. I love you. Be mine. Say you're mine forever." She felt her dream lover rock against her with his hard cock at her entrance teasing her. "Tell me!"

"I'm yours!" As she said it he slammed into her taking her breath away as he stretched her to her limits.

Her dream lover heard her whimpering and whining in both pleasure and pain. "I'm sorry, I lost control."

Alex instinctively tilted her hips up and cried out as she came again yet harder and she heard her dream lover Logan franticly begin to thrust in and out of her until he grunted while she was still pulsating around him. He sank his teeth into her neck and it jolted her from the dream as she finally heard words a few minutes later. "I'll take my time next time love. I just couldn't resist."

Alex realized Logan was licking her neck wound shut and still holding her close as he stretched her to her limits. "It wasn't a dream?"

Logan looked down at her in disappointment, "No."

Alex gave in when she saw the caring and disappointment in his face, "Good, I love you Logan."

"Then come for me again. Since I didn't take my time but you were rocking against me and had removed your oxygen mask. You were purring at my neck as you nibbled on it. Honestly, how could I resist that?" Logan rocked against her knowing he was hitting her g-spot. "Scream my name. Let me know your mine."

Alex came hard as her legs wrapped around his waist, "Oh fuck, Logan I'm yours. Love me Logan."

Logan growled in her ear, "I love you Alex. That's my girl keep coming. Feel my cock stretching that little pussy of yours. My pussy, my love, my little Alex coming on my cock. The only cock that ever gets to pleasure you. You're mine!"

Alex screamed Logan's name again loud enough for even the guest house to hear it. Her arched body collapsed back on the bed as Logan moved to the side and pulled her close as they fell asleep.


Drake had made love to Trinity over and over throughout the night. She felt the nudge in her brain from Meridian.

Telepathically Meridian contacted Trinity and Alex, "We need to hurry and do the chanting so we can get back to bed."

Trinity groaned at her in her head, "I'm not sure I can walk."

Alex laughed and then whimpered, "I feel like I've had the shit beat out of me."

Meridian responded to them telepathically, "You didn't get stung by a scorpion." She groaned back telepathically.

Trinity groaned, "I guess I'm the only one who didn't have a major medical disaster last night. Ok, let's go get this over with. I want to get back in bed."

Alex telepathically teased her back, "I wonder why."

Trinity taunted her back, "Have you rolled over? Is he sleeping on his side of the bed? The whole house heard you scream his name. About damn time too! I was wondering if he was ever going to man up."

Alex laughed back, "Ok, shut it. Get up and let's get this done."

They snuck out of the rooms and into the meeting room below the training room.

Trinity felt compelled to grab the top ancient sheet and they chanted the foreign language. A wind blew through the room and swirled around them. Meridian looked down at it again with groggy eyes.

"Hey brain child, wrong chant!" Meridian chastised her. She grabbed the right one and they repeated it and headed back to bed.

"Do you think I did any harm with that chant?" Trinity said fidgeting as they headed to the house.

"Well if the world explodes soon I'm getting laid before I worry about it. I've been feeling like a nun," Alex taunted.

"Ok enough chatter. I'm going to bed." Meridian growled at them as she headed to her room crawling in bed with Marcus.

Marcus rolled over and pulled her on top of him. "We have unfinished business." His hands went up and cupped her breasts. "You want to ride me cowgirl?"

"I want to but I feel a bit sick. Can we sleep a bit more first?" Meridian stared down at him with a guilty look.

"Of course little one, you had a rough night." He pulled her to his side and pulled her into his arms. "Sleep little one." He pulled her into his arms possessively holding her as she fell into a deep sleep.


The world had changed. Meridian felt it in the sleeping premonition. She and her sisters were walking into a great hall. An Ancient room with amazing carved walls. She went forward stepping up and sitting on a throne. Her sisters were all on their thrones each with their mates next to them. Another man was Alex's mate and not Logan. Then she saw they were all dead but her.

An Ancient man stepped out and as she screamed he spoke, "Calm my child. You can keep this from happening. I will visit you again and we must change the world to keep it safe; to keep them from this outcome."

"Who are you? Did you do this?!" Meridian was glowing red with fury.

"Easy child, I did not do this. I would never do this to those who are part of me. We will keep this from being. I need you to trust me." He stood before her, a huge man at least seven foot tall rippling with muscles and dressed as a warrior. His raven black hair and matching eyes should have scared her but she wasn't. She took his hand like a child taking their fathers hand. This was a man she could trust; an Ancient to save her beloveds.

"What do I call you?" Meridian stared up at him.

"I will tell you later, it is unsafe to tell you now. Go back to your mate for now. Be safe." He hugged her like a small child.

"I don't want to lose them." Meridian whimpered.

"Trust in me and you won't." Her hand let go of his and she slipped into a dreamless sleep.


Alex was smiling as walked into her room expecting to see Logan but the room was empty. Maybe it all was just a dream. She saw him walk out of the bathroom dressed in a robe drying his hair. Her smile slowly diminished.

He seemed distant now. He walked over to her giving her a hug, "I'm going to head back to my room since you're doing better." He kissed her on the head and left.

Maybe it was all a dream, but her body was sore and she knew it was not a dream. She lay back down and cried herself to sleep. She was woken a few hours later by Trinity. "Alex, oh shit Alex, I fucked up!"

Alex rolled over looking at her, "What is wrong?"

"You know that chant? Well it was to make us pregnant. Shit! We all have to head to the doctors house to see because it's supposed to be a fast pregnancy."

"Please tell me this is some nightmare and let me wake up."

Meridian walked in dressed and started throwing clothes at Alex, "No, we need to take an ultrasound and test."

2 hours later they returned after pregnancy was confirmed. Alex just sat there in shock. Pregnant, fucked, dismissed and now alone to be a strong queen. She wanted to talk to Logan.

"Alex, are you going to tell Logan? Earth to Alex!" Trinity said looking at her.

"I love you two, please don't tell anyone about me being pregnant. I think Logan was a mistake." Alex stared down at her feet.

Trinity and Meridian just stared at her dumbfounded. "A mistake?" Meridian stared at her. "What are you not telling us?"

"Please just don't say anything. I don't think he wants me like that." Alex started to cry, "He made it pretty clear this morning. Don't tell anyone I'm pregnant. I'm not sure where I go from here. I'm not sure if I'm going to have it. I don't know if I could do it alone." Her sisters just hugged her and made the motion of lips zipped up.

Neither noticed her go talk to the doctor before they left about terminating it. She didn't have much time to make the decision.


Logan heard the knock on the door and knew he had to deal with Alex. He had to be the sane one here. He couldn't let his emotions and feelings for Alex take over. It would be easier on them is if he was just cold and cut it right off. Before he was able to get out any words the speaker announced for everyone to meet in the library.

Meridian and Trinity announced they were pregnant and Marcus and Drake hugged them looking like proud expectant dads.

"I'm so happy for you." Alex said as she gave them all hugs.

Connor then spoke, "I wanted to point out to everyone something we keep ignoring. While we accept the sisters here are extremely powerful let's all remember they are human and we need to be more protective of them."

Everyone left but Logan and he put his arms around Alex. "I'm sorry about being cold to you this morning. I have responsibilities and I care for you but I need to be the sane one. You have no idea how relieved I am that you're not pregnant. Maybe after things settle down we could see how things go between us." Logan felt like an ass lying to the woman he loved. "We could still play around though."

"I'm sorry Logan, I want more." Alex turned and grabbed her keys to leave. She held her breath to avoid sobbing.

Logan just watched as she left the room. Connor walked in and looked at Logan, "You did not just push her away?"

"Someone has to stay sane and not let their emotions rule things." Logan said as he refused to look Connor in the eyes.

"So you're just going to ditch your perfect pregnant mate for some excuse that you can't balance your life and have a mate, child, and rule as a vampire? Maybe you don't deserve her." Connor turned and left the room.


Meridian felt the heartache from Alex. She spoke to her telepathically. "Where are you going?"

"I can't…I can't do this alone. He doesn't want me or the other. I'm going back to the doctor to take care of it. My fiancé left me because I was pregnant and it wasn't in his plans right then. I made it to six months and then I went into premature labor. Things went wrong and Alicia only lived two hours. She's buried in the family plot. I can't do this alone." Alex was trying to get the key in the ignition.

"Don't you dare drive; I am coming down right now. I will go with you. We're sisters, we don't suffer alone anymore." Meridian hurried to dress and run to the parking garage. She saw Alex slumped in the passenger seat with tears running her face. "Alex, I'm here for you no matter what. Are you sure this is what you want?"

"I can't do this alone. After the last time, I don't have the strength. I'm sorry." Alex started sobbing.

"You do what you need to do for yourself. We won't judge you. I'm here with you all the way." Meridian gave her a hug and pulled out of the garage.


The words hit Logan until he was a bit dizzy and confused. How could she be pregnant? Trinity would tell him, she was the more emotional one and would tell him. He walked to Drake and Trinity's room knocking and hearing enter.

"Trinity, I need to talk to you alone." Logan was pacing back and forth. Drake shook his head and walked out of the room.

"Is Alex pregnant too?" Logan looked at her.

"Logan, that's something you need to discuss with her. I can't answer that for you." Trinity was biting her lip.

"She is isn't she?" Logan kept pacing. "It's not that I don't love her. I just feel like right now is the wrong time. I love her but I need to make sure everything works with this meeting." Logan kept debating his feelings in his head.

"Logan, she said she was going to talk to you to make her decision. Where is she?" Trinity looked at him and shook her head. "Logan, you've gotten what you want. You'll have no responsibility to her or a child. I lied when I said she didn't explain things that happened between her and her ex-fiancé. He left her to build his business. She was pregnant, going through school and made it to six months before she lost it. She got to hold Alicia for two hours before her daughter died. She said she didn't think she could go through this alone. I think that's your answer Logan, you're free from any responsibility from her."

Trinity turned and cried for her sister as Logan left. Drake had heard the whole conversation and confronted Logan as he walked out. "For being an Ancient you are a dumbshit!" Drake went into his room to comfort his mate.


Tears ran down Alex's face as she was on the doctors table. "It won't take long Alex. Are you sure?" The doctor patted her hand.

"Yes, I can't do this alone. He made it clear." Alex started to cry. Meridian held her hand and wiped her tears.

"Sweetheart, let me get you some more medication so we get you calmed down first." The doctor held her other hand as the medication made everything blurry.

Afterwards the doctor carried Alex to the car and gave her instructions for the antibiotics and pain killers.

"I've gave you some anxiety pills too. I know this is rough on you. You call me for anything." The doctor gave her a hug. "Why don't I give you a nice pain shot so you can sleep after such a rough few days?"

"That would be nice." Alex was holding back the tears.

After the shot he kissed her on the cheek and left. Meridian drove Alex back and saw Stan as they drove up.

"Excuse me Stan? Can you carry Alex up to her room?" Meridian said as Stan walked over.

"Of course." Stan said as he lifted and carried her into the house and up into her bedroom. "Do you need anything else? Do you want me to notify the staff to bring in food for her later?"

"That would be great. Thank you Stan." Meridian tucked Alex into bed and brushed her back hugging her sister before going to talk with Marcus.


Logan heard Meridian get Alex settled in. He had been sitting with his head in his hands wondering what he had done. He had broken any chance they had. He expected to feel relieved that it was over but he didn't. He felt regret. As a human he had botched every relationship he had ever had and now he avoided them completely to the point that he destroyed his chance with his mate. He told her he didn't want her or his child. His child, he had no child now.

Logan walked into the room seeing the pills on the side table and Alex's tear stained face that soaked her pillow. God he was a bastard. How could anyone treat something so wonderful like just a fuck? He could, he was a bastard. He could tell she was completely out and he rested his head on her stomach. There was no heartbeat. His child was gone. His mate was gone. He had once again destroyed something good.

He had to make some choices. He didn't even know if he could ever make up something so horrible to her. Could he ever make her love him again? For the first time in a thousand years Logan cried as he rested his head against her stomach. He never realized how much he could want something after he lost it.

Logan stood up and stared down at Alex. He had hurt her so bad. The thought of life without her burnt him to the core. All he could do is talk to Marcus. Marcus would help him figure this out.


Marcus opened the door after he heard Logan knock. "Can we go talk somewhere?" Marcus noticed Logan looked like shit.

"Sure, let me tell Meridian and I'll meet you in the library."

They made it to the library as Logan sat putting his head in his hands. "I told Alex I didn't want her right now. I told her I was happy she wasn't pregnant. I pushed her away."

"Go fix it." Marcus looked at Logan. He had never seen Logan so distraught.

"I was too late." Logan said and it almost came out as a scream.

"What do you mean too late?" Marcus looked at him. "Oh shit, you told her you didn't want her or a kid. She was pregnant too due to Trinity's mistaken chant."

"Yes, key word being was." Logan's eyes were glazed over as he grabbed a drink and offered one to Marcus too. "After this morning, I told her I loved her and then acted like it meant nothing."

"All you can do is try to make it up to her but you might need to give her space and show her she can count on you. You've been hot and cold with her. You'll have to show you're there for her no matter what. Even after this." Marcus felt Logan's pain. "Maybe you should go talk to her?"

"The doctor gave her a shot and she's out. I checked on her. There's no baby's heartbeat. I was too late." Logan's words felt like they were torn from his chest as he downed another drink.


Alex was holding little Alicia. She was so tiny and barely cried. Everything seemed so surreal. The doctors had told her the baby wouldn't live very long. She had fought with this pregnancy to bring Alicia into this world just to lose her. She cried and cried as the nurse finally pulled the baby that had stopped breathing from her arms.

Jean didn't even show up for the funeral. It was such a tiny casket for a little baby. Alex just stood there staring through the funeral until she finally fell to pieces as her family had her taken home and the doctor gave her medications to knock her out. The world was so cold to her after that. It took her a year to even start enjoying life again. That one year seemed like a blur of walking through mud. She knew why she was unable to handle going through such a thing alone again.

Her dream changed, she saw two children running through a field as they were running to her but they didn't stop. They ran past her. She didn't exist to them. She turned and saw them running to Meridian's open arms with Marcus standing behind her. She stood up realizing she stood in the field alone. As she turned she saw the scenery had changed. She was at the cemetery staring at her little girl's grave. She was dressed in black and alone.

Meridian felt her pain in her dreams and saw the whole thing. She bolted from the bed and ran to Alex's room to see her sitting up crying. Trinity ran in afterwards and the sisters held her as she cried. After about an hour of crying Meridian looked at her, "The doctor gave me a few injections if you needed them. Do you want one to sleep? Sleep without dreams?"

Alex sobbed again, "Yes, I have to get myself back together for this meeting. I just need to sleep some without the memories and nightmares."

Meridian gave her the shot and the sisters held her until she fell asleep again.

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