tagNonHumanFinding Meridian Ch. 23

Finding Meridian Ch. 23


And Life Continues On

I would like to thank everyone for staying with me. Also, thank you MSNJ for not only editing but acting as my muse! Thank you everyone for reading!


Reardan O'Brien – Prime Alpha of UK, Werewolf.
Alice Grandy-Young island female whose parents were killed and uncle tried to rape. Uncle attacked Queen Trinity and was sentenced to death.
Hermes Trismegistus- Ancient Egypt spiritual leader whose name means 3 times great.
The Blue Priestess – Magical daughter to Hermes and her powers are yet to be shown.
Meridian – Lead singer of Genevieve's Revenge and One of the three Triadic Queens. Mate to Marcus and has telekinetic powers.
Marcus – Vampire leader that mated with Meridian
Trinity – Triplet sister to Meridian and Alex. Mated to Drake. Powers of hypnotic voice.
Drake – Vampire leader that mated with Trinity.
Alex – Triplet sister to Meridian and Alex. Now mated to Logan.
Logan – Vampire leader recently mated to Alex.
Zeus – Ancient Great Great (you get it)...Grandfather to Meridian, Trinity and Alex.


Marcus and Drake had taken a small break away from their families to visit the celebration. It was more of a somber occasion with individuals toasting the ones that were lost.

King Douglas kept his speech short and sweet thanking everyone for having the courage to take this step towards change despite their losses.

Marcus and Drake just stared at each other in shock of all of the changes that had occurred in such a short time. "We have families now," Drake announced. "I never thought I could stare down at a little face and fall so in love immediately."

"I'm still in shock. Other than this brief break I wonder how I will manage if they are not at my side continually." Marcus said as he took a sip of his drink.

"You just had to mention work and duties." Drake snorted at Marcus in agitation.

Logan walked up and laughed, "It's not a big deal; it will all work out."

"Oh, you just wait until Alex goes into labor, then we'll see how cool and collected you are!" Drake taunted him knowing Logan would know soon enough.

Marcus and Drake started laughing as they turned and saw Alex. They immediately saw Logan turn and his face fill with possessiveness.

"You should be in bed resting." Logan continued to hold the look on his face.

"I just came to make rounds and then I will go and lay down. One of the Queens needs to do this." Logan could tell he was beat as soon as she stared at him.

Alex slowly made her way around the room thanking the many different groups. Her appearance did cheer up the crowd and help them form a stronger bond.

Logan had thought he had only looked away from her for a few minutes when he was unable to find her. Marcus and Drake had long since retired back to their rooms to their new families.

Logan frantically searched the room as several guards assisted him. The longer it took the more frustrated he became.


Alex leisurely walked through the garden. She understood Logan's possessiveness but it was getting very irritating. Her back was aching and she just wanted to sit by the fountain with her feet in the water.

She failed to hear the noise behind her until arms were wrapped around her.

Connor laughed as he caught her before she fell in. "You know Logan is right. You should be in bed."

Throughout the battle and trauma along the way Connor felt he had gained three sisters.

"How are you feeling Alex? You look bigger than your sisters." Connor let her lean against him as he noticed her exhaustion.

"Thank you for the fat comment. I'm just exhausted and my back hurts and obviously my feet but I can't see them." Alex finally giggled trying to see her feet.

"Who knows, they said the ultrasounds are not real accurate with these hybrid births. You could be having six babies." Connor teased her knowing she needed to relax.

"Oh, hell no! I am not having a litter!" Alex finally started laughing. "Though, couldn't you see Logan's face...one, two, three, four babies."

"You sound like the Count off of Sesame Street." Connor mimicked her accent, "Five and six babies for daddy Logan."

They both started laughing. "You know I always felt the Count reminded me of a bad pimp."

Connor laughed when he noticed her start to rub her back. "Alex, did you ever think that you might be in labor with those back pains? How often are they?"

"About every five minutes. They are getting worse. Can you help me to the house?"

"Help you to the house? I'm carrying you directly to the doctor. I am not pretending I know how to deliver babies. So if you were hoping for a water birth in this fountain you can count that as one dream that will not come true." Connor swiftly lifted a giggling Alex as he ran her into the house and directly to the medical facility.

Reardan was busy checking Alice's injuries to make sure she was healing properly. He finally turned his head to see Connor carrying in Alex.

Connor immediately looked at Reardan, "She's having back pain. Where is the other doctor? I think she's in labor."

"He was examining the other sisters and babies. I'll page him to get here. Where is Logan?"

Alex gave a guilty look, "I had to get away from him. He's smothering me."

Reardan just looked at her, "And now we understand why he is smothering you. You were shot and we are unsure how dangerous this birth is for you or the babies."

Alex immediately thought of the gunshot wound and started crying.

"Now hush, everything is going to be fine." Connor soothed her as Reardan started hooking up all the medical equipment to Alex.

Reardan was unwilling to wait for the doctor so he began her exam. "Connor, I am going to need your help."

"Why my help? What the hell do I look like a doctor? Sure I've been a field medic but helping birth a baby?" Connor paced back and forth with a look of fear in his face as he saw Reardan's head disappear between Alex's legs to examine her.

"Suck it up Connor. Alex, sweetie, please don't push. The baby looks breech. Connor will start the IV and we'll do a C-section. Everything is going to be fine just relax."

Reardan moved her to another room for the C-section. The doctor finally arrived and hurried to prepare for the C-section.

Reardan finally looked at Connor, "We can handle it now so if you would go find Logan that would be great."

Relief flooded Connor's face as he hurried to find Logan.

Logan arrived several minutes later to be told he had to wait outside the room. He immediately stared at Connor. "So why were you with my mate?"

"I saw her slip out of the room and wanted to keep her safe. She was having back pain and I rushed her here. They are doing a C-section since the baby is breech."

Connor just stared at Logan as he paced back and forth.

In the other room Alex was arguing with the doctors. "Just give me two minutes. Two minutes and if the baby doesn't move I promise you can put me out and do the C-section."

"We need to put you out now!" Reardan announced with a determined look.

A look of anger came over Alex's face, "Two fucking minutes!"

Both men backed away but paid attention to the fetal monitor. Reardan looked at her, "OK then, two minutes as long as the fetal monitor doesn't show distress." Both of the men stared as Alex calmed down.

"Hey babies, I know there isn't much room in there but you need to move around so the doctors don't have to cut mommy open to get you out." They stared as she lightly rubbed her stomach soothing the children.

"Ok, Alex it's been two minutes. I need to check."

Both were amazed to notice the baby had shifted. "Ok Alex, it's time to push. They moved for you!"

Logan heard shouting from the other room and became even more agitated.

"Slow down Alex...shit!" Reardan rushed to catch the first baby as she gave birth and immediately the other doctor had to rush up to catch the second child. Reardan worked with the children as the doctor finished up the birthing with Alex.

Alex looked over at Reardan who was hovering with nurses over the babies. "Why aren't they crying? What's wrong with them?"

Reardan turned his head slightly, "Relax Alex, they are just happy."

Reardan cleaned up the children when the doctor called him back over to Alex.

"Alex, how are you feeling?" Reardan looked at her concerned.

"Tired and I think the babies can still talk to me because I'm hearing a voice. He's tired too."

The doctor pulled over the ultrasound machine as Logan barged into the room.

"What's wrong? How are the babies?" Logan's voice tensed as he stared at an exhausted Alex.

"The babies are fine. We have just a bit of a complication." Reardan said as he stared at the ultrasound.

"Complication, what kind of complication? What is wrong with Alex?!" Logan had sat down next to her and was holding her hand as she was drifting off. "Baby, I need you to stay awake."

"Logan, it's a rare occurrence and we told you the ultrasounds where incorrect with hybrids."

"Just tell me! Alex baby keep your eyes open for me." Logan said as he frantically looked at a pale exhausted Alex.

"Well she's not hemorrhaging and the labor has stopped. How do you think we should go forward Reardan?" The doctor said trying to ignore Logan's panic.

"Well it's smaller so I say we keep her in bed and just wait." Reardan announced ignoring Logan completely.

"Wait for what? Someone tell me what the hell is going on!" Logan said staring at Reardan.

"Please be calm Logan. You had your mating ceremony after the battle correct?" Reardan finally addressed Logan to get the situation under control.

"Yes, did I hurt her? What is wrong? Just answer me!" Logan stared down at Alex's face noticing her eyes were starting to close again, "Alex, I need you to stay awake."

"No, you did not hurt her but something rare happened. I am unfamiliar with the Vampire mating ceremony. I know it involves your two close friends. There is no polite way to ask this. Did everyone get to physically have intercourse with Alex?"

"Hell no. I am the only one allowed that privilege. The other two prepare her and feed from her." Logan glared at Reardan.

"I just needed to know. Now let me explain that in humans this is highly rare. But of course the whole hybrid birth is rare within itself."

Logan interrupted Reardan by panicking again when Alex began to close her eyes. "Baby stay awake for me."

"One of the babies said you're keeping him awake so can you just let us sleep?" Alex yawned and tried to turn on her side as all the men refused to let her.

Logan stared at her dumbfounded, "The children are still talking to her?"

"First, let Alex sleep. Second, one of your children is talking to her. According to the ultrasound if you look here, your third child was probably conceived during the mating. It's very rare. Now since the baby has decided to not be born today we are going to keep her under constant watch and the fetal monitor will immediately notify us if there are any issues. We have it set up to notify our phones. Logan you are going to have a third child when it decides to arrive. In the meantime, since Alex is sleeping, why don't you come and see your other two children."

Logan just stared at Reardan dumbfounded. "Wait! There are only two children over in the incubator. What do you mean there is a third?"

"Fucking figures I get the first vampire to go into shock." Reardan announced to himself. "Logan, you knocked up Alex again during the mating. Baby three is still in her. See look at the ultrasound. It is less developed than the other two and not ready to be born. Soon both of you will be the parents of three children and not two."

They heard Connor laughing in the other room. Reardan just smiled. "Logan, can Connor come in so he can explain what is so damn funny?"

"Yes, Connor what is so damn funny about this?" Logan stared at him.

"Well when she had her feet in the fountain I teased her saying she could be having more than two. I think she might kick your ass after the next birth. OK, mine too. She said she refused to have a litter." Connor smiled mischievously at Logan. "But you get to tell her."

Logan's attitude suddenly changed as he looked over at the ultrasound and started to pay attention to the fetal monitor. "My amazing Alex," he leaned down and kissed her gently. His hand possessively went over her rounded stomach. "Do we know, not that it matters, is it a boy or a girl?"

"Before she dozed off she said she thought the babies could talk to her because he said he is tired too."

Logan just stared at Alex and then her stomach in awe.

Connor looked at Logan, "Doc do you think I need to smack him so that he will go look at his two newborn children?"

"Is she ok? Do I need to stay here?" Logan looked concerned again.

"It's a rare thing for a human but of course this whole thing is a miracle in and of itself. She is fine. I have all the monitors hooked up. She just gave birth and she's tired. Let me introduce you to Caleb and Gabriella."

Logan reluctantly let go of Alex's hand and walked over to stare at the amazing infants in the incubators.

"The incubator is just a precaution. You are fine to pick them up." Reardan picked up Caleb and placed him in Logan's arms.

"Caleb, I'm your daddy Logan. Your mommy and I love all of you so much." Logan stared in awe down at the tiny child who had the same Greek features as him with olive skin but a tiny bit of bronze hair. His face looked even more shocked when the tiny child opened his eyes to reveal brilliant steel gray eyes.

Logan stared at the beautiful face as he played with the child's clenched fist. "You act like you are holding something little man?" The tiny fist opened and a bullet fell into Logan's hand.

Reardan stared in shock, "Is that what I think it is?"

"The bullet, our little man here kept his sister safe and assuming Alex is correct, his other brother too." Logan handed Reardan the bullet to clean and save for him.

He gently place Caleb back in the incubator and then Reardan placed Gabriella in his arms.

Reardan and Logan were shocked at the light mocha skin tone the baby had. He stared down at the little face that looked just like Alex but with a mocha hue. Just as he noticed the small tuft of mahogany hair with cinnamon highlights she opened her eyes to reveal the same eye color as her brother.

Connor looked at the child and then at Logan, "Amazing, absolutely amazing. Now who wants to notify the couples they need to use birth control or that they might already be pregnant again." Connor laughed as he said it and screamed, "Not it!"

Reardan smiled as he looked at the doctor, "You're the doctor here...go deliver some news."

Alex finally opened her eyes and went to get up. Logan raced over with baby Gabriella in his arms. "Stay in bed baby. You have to be on bed rest."

"I'm fine Logan." Alex said in a determined voice.

She went to get up when Reardan lightly pushed her back down, "There is something we need to tell you."

"Something is wrong with the babies?" Alex said as she began to cry.

"No sweetie, no the babies are fine. Here hold little Gabriella." Logan lightly placed Gabriella in her arms.

Reardan looked at Logan as they were trying to decide who was going to tell her she was still pregnant.

Logan looked down at her glowing face and decided he would tell her, "Alex sweetie, something really rare happened during our mating. The reason you have to stay in bed is you're still pregnant. It happened during the mating and the baby isn't ready to be born yet."

"OK everyone you have had your laugh now let me get up to go see our boy." Alex's face filled with determination as Logan kept her from getting up.

"Alex, can you hear the fetal monitor? And here's the ultrasound. Sweetie, you have blessed me with three children. You just need to stay in bed until the third is ready to be born. Now why don't I take little sleeping Gabriella and introduce you to our son Caleb?"

Alex placed her hand on her stomach with shock in her eyes. "Logan? Lucian said he loves you as do I."

Logan turned to look at her completely stunned, "That was my father's name."

"He said he should be named after your dad." Alex smiled at him like there was a secret she wasn't going to share yet.

Thank you for reading only a few more chapters to go and I promise they will come much quicker! Thank you for staying with me only a few more chapters left. Don't forget to VOTE!

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