tagBDSMFinding Myself at USF Ch. 8

Finding Myself at USF Ch. 8


The auditorium had filled up already for the most part and it took me a minute or so to spy a raised empty section behind the crowd. The floor of the auditorium was filled with rows of folding metal chairs, almost all taken already, but the area I headed to in the back had permanent theater seating -- and more importantly, was pretty deserted. It was situated on a rise, and had a short wall in front of it, as if to provide me with barrier from the rest of the crowd. I choose a seat about a third of the way over from the end, adequate to see and hear the speakers, but removed for the few others who sat up there.

I opened my notebook to take notes, should anything important be said, and started going through the welcome packet I had been given at the front. It contained a CD (OASIS - no clue what that is), an application for a parking permit ($125! They must be crazy), a Go Bulls! bumper sticker (dull school colors), a fall semester class schedule list, and some advertising for credit cards, etc. In the back of my mind, the thoughts of last night's dream had turned into a daydream, and it was progressing nicely...

We were laying in the bed, Him flat on the bed with me turned towards Him, my head on His chest as he rested. My leg was thrown across His thigh, my chest pressed to His side and I felt close. He hadn't gone to sleep, but instead held me tightly, one arm wrapped about my back and resting on my ass. Occasionally, he would turn and kiss the top of my head or my forehead softly, making me feel cherished, loved, adored. I turned to look at Him and was pleased by the contented smile on His face. I let my finger slowly draw across His body, pulling through the soft sheen that was drying as we lay there. As it circled His nipple, I saw His cock flinch involuntarily, and it both amused me and tempted me onward. I leaned forward and took His nipple in my mouth, suck, nibbling lightly, licking it fiercely while keeping it trapped between my teeth. Below, His cock twitched with His heartbeat, growing minusculely with each twitch.

"Aye, wench, will you not let a poor man have any rest at all? Are you trying to send Me to an early grave by wearing Me out, lass?"

Then He took my head in His hand and pulled me to His lips, kissing me. In my daydream, my nasty inner-voice had control, as it would have were the situation real. It responded to His kiss as a hungry child begging for food... I thrust my hips forward, grinding myself onto His thigh, craving more as He continued the kiss. When it finally broke, my areola were puffed up fully and my nipples pressed into Him.

"But, please Sir, I didn't get to feel Your cock in me. You teased and tormented me mercilessly -- it was so wonderful! But it just left me craving move... craving more so badly, I could scream! I want you to take me and mark me as Yours..."

The words were having the desired affect, and His cock thickened and lifted, still throbbing. My hand went to it, to feel the warmth, as I continued to grind my still engorged clit against His muscular thigh.

In the auditorium, I slipped off my shoes as the first speaker took the podium. I tucked one leg under myself, so that I could sit with my pussy pressing against the arch, my clit against the ball of my heal. Oh, how often since I had serendipitously discovered I could do that had I permitted myself to cum that way in study hall, trying to keep quite in a small alcove in the library? The speaker talked of welcoming us to USF (Go Bulls...), and how she was sure the school could offer us plenty of opportunities. I opened the course schedule on my lap, intending to use it as more of a shield than any form of reading material. My eyes glanced down and I realized for the first time how big the school actually was -- the catalog was 167 pages long, with each class listing consuming the equivalent of a single line! My head spun for a second. The speaker droned on, and I went back to Him...

"Oh, My dear little craven wench, were it not that you were irresistible, so that I might find calm."

I batted my eyelashes at Him and He sighed. He had about as much chance of withstanding my advances as chocolate has of staying firm in a fire. He grabbed me by the hairs at the back of my head and pulled me to Him, kissing me more, progressively more insistence with each kiss. I shifted my position so that I was atop of Him, my chest pressed to His, my thighs stretched across Him, and the kiss continued, endlessly as the fingers of His free hand roamed my skin. I shivered and groaned into His mouth, my hips trying to grind my heat against the base of His shaft. I could feel it throbbing and growing yet more erect.

Clapping from the crowd raised me from my reverie for a moment, and a new speaker took the stage, a short black woman in a police uniform. She spoke for a very brief moment in time and then the house lights dimmed and a prerecorded infomercial for safety on campus and the role of the campus police started. They immediately started with talk of date rape and sexual harassment being serious charges... My inner-voice chimed up: you can't rape the willing. And sexual harassment is just flirting to a nice slut like me...

The kiss had devolved us into animals, grabbing at each other, grasping, clawing, grinding. Whatever else was in the world, it was totally blanked out by the intensity of our ever-increasing passions. He pulled me forward, so that my breasts hung before His mouth and slowly started drawing circles about the aerola. He was driving me crazy. "God, You tease, will You please suck it, Master? Bite it even! Something; you're driving me - Your slut - mad with the torture of it."

My hands held His head and I tried to press Him forward into my breast, trying to force it into His talented mouth. His hands found purchase on the underside of my breasts, forcing the sensitive point forwards towards Him -- but not quite enough. I hadn't considered He might stop to respond to me. The muscles in His neck thickened as He pushed backwards just enough to keep me away... It just made the torture worse. I lay my entire weight on His hands, trying to force myself down to His mouth.

"But, my dear, you wouldn't have it any other way -- this is why you stay with Me, isn't it? Because I do torture you and make you crave, crave so badly..."

I gave in and shouted, "Yes, You cock-sure bastard, You make me feel loved and make crave like a bitch in heat! I am Your's, all Your's, do what you will with me, but please suck my..."

My voice turned into a gurgle of passion as His teeth lightly scraped across my aerola, trapping my nipple, holding it firmly, tugging, then His mouth closed and He sucked. The feelings of surrender raced through my body and through my mind. yes, He made me crave. And made me feel loved. God, is there really such a man out there, one who can exchange those feelings so quickly, taking me from one plateau to the other?

His hips canted upwards under me and I could feel the fullness of His head atop that long shaft, His gloriously beautiful head starting to part my inner lips. I needed Him in me -- now! I pushed backwards and down, feeling Him slide into me partially, only to be stopped as my breast and aerola stretched, the nipple still trapped in His teeth. Surely I was going mad...

The lights came back on and the police officer resumed the stage. I bit my lower lip and ground myself down on my heal, wishing that I had something deep inside of me to fill my need. She spoke a bit more about where the main police station was and where the sub-station was, of where to get your bicycle engraved and how the campus police were a real police force, not a security patrol. She then yielded the stage to the head of the security patrols, a lanky young male who I guessed was in his early 20's. I drank the last of my orange crush to wet my lips, which were feeling quite dry probably because all your moisture is leaking out of our cunt, slut.

The security man kept it fairly short. Where ever a blue flashing light was, there was a panic button and a telephone that would contact the police dispatcher -- they were in each parking lot and the lobby of most buildings, among other places. My clit throbbed and my inner-voice told me that I was ready to cum if I wanted it, that my body was ready. Hell, I knew my body was ready -- I knew it so damn well! But not right here, right now. I wanted to be in my daydream... I needed His cock deep in me!

He continued, saying the security patrols were the ones in golf carts (not be confused with the police, in marked cars and on bicycles), and they would be happy to offer you a ride to your car or to the edge of campus if you desired it as part of their services. The next speaker was an tall, thin, athletic male who came to pitch the school's sports activities and to say that just because they had a football team doesn't mean that they aren't serious about their other sports like cross-country running and golf. I got up and headed out to the lobby to find the bathroom, leaving my notebook and welcome packet behind, but taking my purse and, absent-mindedly, the empty bottle with me.

The bathrooms were big, institutional, and fortunately quite empty. I walked to the back, to the handicapped stall (I prefer the bigger stall, the private sink), checked to insure it was clean and locked myself in. Quick glance around -- private sink, but no trash can. What moron thought that up? I set the bottle and the purse on the edge of the sink, undid my shorts and let them fall about my ankles, then sat down on the toilet. I didn't have to pee; I wanted the privacy, since this was going to be another mind-blowing orgasm.

That's right, girl, it is going to be. I wonder what His cock is like... Gee, could you imagine if it were too big to fit you, or too long to take all of it in? I shivered momentarily, then closed my eyes and went back to my daydream as I touched myself all over, imagining it was Him. I could hear the patter of the athlete on the stage, carried by the sound system into here.

I had His cock into me, and it was a tie between heaven and hell, partially impaled, feeling the ridge at the back of His cock's head just slightly within me. I wanted to scream, but instead I moaned. In the bathroom, my fingers found my clit, still slightly raw from last night, and proceeded to touch it ever so softly.

I gasped. My mind flashed back to the dream where I was being thrust back and forth across His cock, wanting, panting, deliriously wanton but unfulfilled. Now, I was suddenly aware that it was happening again. He was in me in my daydream, but I felt the pangs of emptiness in reality, the craving.

Is my little slut's drippy cunt still feeling empty? Then reach out and take the bottle, I want to feel something hard deep inside...

I had totally forgotten about the bottle. I reached out and took it, wiped it quickly with a bit of toilet paper. Taking it in hand, I rubbed the cool, long, thin neck against my opening, coating it with the juices that leaked so copiously from me. I pulled one foot through the leg opening of the shorts to permit myself to spread my legs further. That's right, spread us open for that hard cock... I slid forward on the toilet seat to the edge and leaned back a little, spreading my thighs as far apart as I could -- almost 180 degrees. My fingers spread my labia and I slowly let the bottle sink into me. My hand pushed and I felt the widening of the bottle at its' shoulder; slowly I drew out and pushed again, bringing my other hand back to my nipple. The bottle was dragging across my clit with each stroke and I relaxed to try to take more of it.

His hands slipped down to my waist and his mouth released my nipple, then he slowly pushed downward with His hands, allowing me to slide down that incredible pole. I could feel the tissues inside opening up for Him, parting with His passage, and felt filled, incredibly filled, more so because I had craved this for so long. His cock feels wonderful, huge, thick, hard -- and it goes so deep! Are you sure you can take it all, slut? Help Him, push down yourself, force it all into you!

I pushed the bottle harder, going a little further with each stroke, my vaginal sphincter opening a tad with each assault. It wasn't a cock, but it was hard and thick and for now it would have to do.

He sat up on His elbows, His face finding my nipple again, and bit it. I pushed myself down onto Him, taking a little more of His length and girth with each stroke. I started to shake and He canted His hips back and forth, driving into me with short strokes, each one changing the angle at which His cock filled me. He lay back down and reached up, pulling me towards Him by my nipples. I came forward and His arms wrapped about me, pulling me ever onward, until my breasts dragged across His thick chest. I continued to move, stuffing that wondrous cock in me, whimpering, babbling incoherently. His mouth found my earlobe and started to lick and suck it; it was too much for me. His hands slid down to my ass and were guiding me in my strokes, using me as I needed to be used. Beg Him for it. You know you can't cum without His permission. Ask His permission, because we'll be in such trouble if we don't...

"Oh, God, Master, may your little slut come all over that huge cock of Yours?" panting, moaning.

He pulled His lips from my earlobe momentarily. "Do you want to cum now, little one?"

"Yes, please, may I??? Urrgggg..."

Whispering, he replied, "soon, little one, very soon."

"Now?!? I can't (ummhhh) wait (aaahhhh) much (ooohhh!) longer... Plllleeeeaasseee?"

"Imagine that you entire body is nothing but a huge pussy; your earlobe is your clit, all swollen and soft in My mouth..."

He took absolute control, holding my skin tightly, impaling me repeatedly on His stave. His lips sought out my earlobe again, and sucked as if to give it a hickey. I was incoherent, full, beyond this place, my entire being focused on where He touched me, where our skin met, and I bit into His shoulder to try to control my overwhelming lust. In this position, my clit was dragging against His shaft with each thrust. My contractions started and I felt fear in displeasing Him by cumming too soon, without permission. I wanted to slow down, to hold it off since He hadn't given His words of release, but His hands drove me onward.

Speaking while continuing to suck on my earlobe, He said "Do you like that, My sweet little cunt? Do you like how it feels when We are one, together, our flesh burning against each other?"

I moaned through clenched teeth, still biting His skin. My body was ignoring my attempts at trying to come away from the peak, the peak that was but a hair's breath away and yet getting higher with each passing second, my muscles contracting across my body as my will fled and was replaced with more animal lust.

"I can feel your cunt pleading with My cock for release; the muscle contractions, the spasms. I can feel your engorged clit rubbing up and down My length, pleading, begging. Tell Me what you are, slut... "

I couldn't think straight, but I knew I had to answer to be permitted release. One of His hands came away from my flesh for a second and then landed with a stinging sensation. "What are you?"

I pulled my mouth away from His shoulder (spank), and screamed "I am Yours, I am a slut (swat) - Your slut, a cunt (swat) - Your cunt, a slave (swat) - Your slave, a perverted little twat... (swat) (Aaaahhhhrrrr) Please, Sire?!?"

"Now, Karri, cum for Me, make that cunt feel what is to give itself to Me..."

The last part only registered in my brain slightly, because as soon as I heard the word 'Now' I started to cum. I screamed like a banshee and arched my back, then slammed myself down against His hard cock over and over, like a mad woman trying to pop a balloon. His teeth bit into my earlobe... My legs shook, my arms twitched, my stomach tightened, and the power of the wave ran over me, taking me, using me, ignoring whatever I wanted just to fulfill its' own needs. His fingers found my nipple and pulled, twisted lightly, tugged, drawing out that orgasm even further, not letting it end yet. My body turned into a huge mass of quivering flesh, vibrating on that golden rod. Everything else was obliviated; I was just a cunt surrounding His flesh and nothing more existed in the universe except the feelings within my cunt and the thickness it surrounded. My legs gave out and I jerked spasmodically on His cock, each jerk pushing my clit against His skin and starting another reaction. I collapsed upon Him, and twitched, the images of it all burned into my eyelids. His arms wrapped about me, lovingly, holding me, and when I would think it was pretty much over, He would flex His hips again, pushing Himself into me deeply, and run a finger across the back of my neck and then kiss my face. I was sated; I was woman and there was no doubt that this is what I was meant for -- to be His however he would have me.

Slowly, I came back to reality. The speaker was one I didn't recognize. I pulled the bottle, and it didn't want to come out at first, held in by suction. I pulled harder, twitching as its girth drew outwards against my clit. It finally released with a suction sound, and I squeezed my kegel muscles to force the air outward. When I did so, a great wave of fluid came out, undoubtably having been held in place by the bottle's tight fit. I slowly stood, dizzy, weak, and smiled.

Finally, I reached for my purse and placed it on the floor, then sat backwards on the sink and washed away the juices that covered me. Using a ridiculous amount of toilet paper, I patted everything dry and then flushed the paper down the toilet.

Slowly, I dressed, trying to make myself moderately presentable, in spite of the fact that I was sweaty and looked drained. Retrieving my purse, I was at ends about what to do with the bottle -- do I leave it here, do I take it with me and throw it away, or do I take it home and mount it in a frame, a trophy for Him at a later date to show Him how badly He made me need? Finally, I decided I would throw it away and at some later time -- sometime in the next few days -- I would find an adult store and buy a proper dildo that I could tuck in my purse.

I opened the stall door, and as I did, the black policewoman walked in, flushed, excited, posed for action. I looked at her, not comprehending. She spoke first...

"Are you OK? There were reports of screaming in here."

"Uhhh... yes, I'm fine. I'm sorry."

"Are you alone?"

"I think so." I started to think about suitable excuses, although it wasn't like me to use them for any reason -- this was just too hard to explain.

She quickly moved stall to stall, checking to see if there was anyone else (there wasn't), and then turned back towards me. "Do you want to explain yourself?"

A light bulb flashed on in my head. "No, not really, but I will anyway. The slide show in the auditorium was flashing at a particular rate, and I felt a seizure start to come on, so I came in here to take my medicine and lay down to help prevent injury."

I hoped she hadn't heard what was being screamed. The bottle picked that exact moment to drop from my weakened fingers and tinkered across the ground, fortunately not breaking. She eyed me closely, as if to examine me, and then noting my flushed and weakened state, accepted the excuse.

"You should have gotten somebody for help."

"I'm here for the first time and didn't know where to go. I didn't see any of the blue flashing lights the security personnel spoke of here in the lobby and didn't think I would have the time to leave the building to seek proper help."

"OK. I think we should get you to the clinic so they can make sure you're ok."

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