tagIncest/TabooFinding Out About Father & Myself

Finding Out About Father & Myself


I’d just gotten back from class. It had been a crappy afternoon. The prof had been his usual sarcastic and smug self and he had been extra critical of everyone’s class work. To top it off, I had to walk back to my apartment in a soaking rain. I had just hung my dripping coat up over the tub when the telephone rang. I grabbed a towel as I went to answer it.


“Hello, Ray. This is your Dad. Is everything o.k.?”

“Hi Dad. Uh, sure. Why?”

“You sound kind of muffled.”

“Oh, I’m trying to dry my hair. It’s raining here and I got soaked walking back from class.” I used a toe to pull a chair close and I sat down to take off my wet shoes.

“Well, it’s snowing here and everyone is a little crazy with cabin fever. What’s your class schedule look like Friday?”

“Friday is a good day. Just a couple of morning classes.”

“Well, your Mother and your Aunt Liz and Cousin Sue and Becky and Fran are going to take the motor home this weekend. They plan on driving south until they find some sunshine.”

Becky and Fran are my sisters-in-law. Becky is married to my oldest brother, Lee, and Fran is married to Randy, my middle brother. Aunt Liz is Mom’s younger sister. She’s a widow. Uncle Hal suffered a fatal heart attack several years ago while he and Aunt Liz were vacationing at a swinger’s resort in the Caribbean. Cousin Sue, Liz’ daughter, is about Lee’s age. She’s a childless divorcee, but that hasn’t seemed to bother her since caring for a child would cramp her lifestyle.

“Anyway, Randy, Lee and I are going to meet at the cabin at the lake. If the ice is still good we may get in some ice fishing. If it isn’t any good, we’ll just kick back and enjoy being out of the city. Ray, we wondered if you might be able to meet us there and stay for part or all of the weekend?”

“Sure. After this afternoon, it would be good to get away for a couple of days. I don’t have any pressing assignments. I can meet you there late Friday afternoon.”

It was raining again when I drove away from my apartment after lunch on Friday. I thought that It would be snowing at the lake and cabin but as I got nearer the rain continued. It was a rain and snow mix at the lake. I parked my car behind Randy’s suv. Dad and Lee apparently drove together in Dad’s pickup. I got my backpack out of the back seat and let myself into the cabin.

Actually, it started out as a cabin and it grew into a rather large log house. It seemed like we made additions and improvements every year as we stayed at the lake. As I entered the main room - the “Great Room” - the three of them were sitting in front of a roaring fireplace. Their chairs were arranged in a half circle.

Lee looked up. “Hi, Ray. Get comfortable, get a brew and pull up a chair.” They were all wearing t-shirts and sweats or scrubs.

After changing into a t-shirt, scrubs and sandals, I got a beer then pulled a chair into the circle. “How’s the ice look?”

“Terrible. It’s pretty rotten because of the rain.”

Dad laughed, “Well, I guess we can just kickback and not feel guilty about not bringing home any freshly caught fish.”

Randy grinned, “That actually sounds better to me than freezing our butts while waiting over a hole in the ice”

We drank a couple of beers and talked about school and work and family. Dad stoked the fire once in awhile.

Lee got up. “I’ll check the hot tub. I turned the heater on high and it was really cranking a while ago.” He returned in a couple of minutes. “It’s ready to go.”

Dad stood up and stretched, “I think I’ll go soak before we think about dinner.” He walked into his bedroom. When he came out he was nude except for a pair of flip-flops on his feet. He was carrying a towel. I looked at him as he walked over and picked up his beer.

Ralph whistled, “Looking good.”

Dad did look good. He and Mom golf, walk, swim, and ride bikes. He’s in his mid sixties. He still had a full head of hair and his chest and pubic hairs were mostly gray. His stomach was smooth and free of hair. I couldn’t tell for sure, but as he turned to walk away, it looked as if his penis and scrotum were shaved.

The three of us watched as he walked out to the hot tub. Randy emptied his beer and stood, “I think I’ll join him” Randy is tall and slim. He runs and swims a lot. When he came out of his bedroom he was nude also. You couldn’t help but notice he was deeply tanned all over and all of his body hair had been shaved off.

We watched him walk out of the room. Lee shook his head, “Randy and Fran are something else.” He stood. “Are you coming, Ray?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” I walked into my bedroom and stripped. I looked at myself in the mirror. I run and work out at the college gym. My hair is sandy brown from head to toe. I found a towel. Lee was waiting in the Great Room. Like me, he was nude and barefoot. He had a bit of a paunch and he was covered from neck to ankles with thick, dark curly hair. His fat looking penis poked out of a dark curly pubic thicket.

As he turned to walk away, I noticed he had the same kind of hair on his shoulders and lower back. Now I knew why Becky called him ‘her big cuddly teddy bear’.

Dad was seated in the hot tub. Randy, who had his back to us, was stooped over a cooler. Ray paused, “You’re looking good too, Randy.” All I could see was Randy’s butt and his scrotum hanging between his thighs.

Randy straightened up and smiled at Lee. “Help me move this cooler next to the tub.”

I put my towel on a bench and slipped into the tub. Lee and Randy dragged the cooler up next to the tub then they both got into the tub. Randy handed each of us a beer before he settled down into the warm water. I looked around the room. It had been a deck originally, but after the cabin had been remodeled so it could be used year around, Dad decided to enclose it so the hot tub could be used in comfort during the winter. A new deck had been built at the same time.

We drank a couple more beers as we talked. Dad pushed himself up onto the edge of the tub, “Man, that’s warm. I’ve got to cool off.” He was sitting with his knees apart. His relaxed scrotum hung low and it definitely looked like it had been shaved.

Randy set his beer bottle up with the other empties. Then he moved over between Dad’s knees. I watched in amazement as he kissed the head of Dad’s penis then picked it up and sucked it into his mouth. “Ahhhhh,” Dad smiled and winked at me.

Lee smiled at me also as we watched our brother suck our Father’s cock. Lee stood. He held his erect penis in one hand. Moving close to Randy, Lee began to rub it against Randy’s back. Randy moved around so his butt was out of the water. Lee began to rub his penis against Randy’s butt and up and down his butt crack.

Dad looked a t Lee, “Come here.” Lee got out of the tub and stood next to Dad. His penis was fat and, as it jutted out of his mass of pubic hair, it looked pretty long. Dad took it in his hand and guided it to his lips. Lee placed one hand on Dad’s shoulder as his erect penis slipped deep into Dad’s mouth.

Randy didn’t interrupt his sucking on Dad as he reached up to fondle Lee’s scrotum. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but it gave me a massive hard-on. I stroked my cock underwater as I watched Lee’s penis disappear into and then reappear from Dad’s mouth.

Randy released Dad’s penis from his mouth as he sat back on his knees, “Let’s get more comfortable.” Lee pulled his shiny wet penis from Dad’s mouth and helped Dad to his feet. Randy got up out of the tub. His hairless penis was hard and standing erect against his flat stomach. The three of them walked over to a towel covered chaise lounge.

Lee sat down on the lounge. He put his feet on either side of the lounge, adjusted his position and lay back. He stroked his hard penis as Dad got a couple of small cushions from another lounge. He dropped them on the floor. Randy moved one to the end of the lounge then got down on his knees between Lee’s knees. He turned to Dad and Dad held his penis so Randy could suck him some more.

Lee waved his penis, “What about me?” Randy stopped sucking on Dad and turned to Lee. He took Lee’s fat hard penis in his hand. “Nice.” Then he positioned his mouth over the big crown. Lee closed his eyes as Randy’s mouth slipped down his cock shaft. Randy pushed his lips almost all the way down Lee’s shaft.

Dad unfolded a towel and picked up a bottle. He squirted something into his hand then began to rub it on his penis. He got on his knees behind Randy and began to apply the stuff to his butt. I watched as he used first on then two fingers to work the liquid into Randy’s butt hole. Randy seemed to suck harder and faster on Lee as Dad worked his fingers in and out of his butt hole.

Dad got up on his knees close behind Randy. I couldn’t see from the hot tub, but Randy stopped sucking on Lee and looked over his shoulder. “Fuck me! Fuck me good with your hard cock.!” Then he took Lee’s penis back into his mouth and resumed sucking. Dad’s hips and butt were moving back and forth in a steady pumping motion.

I had a pretty good idea of what was going on, but I had to see more. Lee was holding his penis upright as Randy ran his tongue around the head. “That’s it, keep licking my cock like that.” Randy was smiling as he swabbed Lee’s cockhead all over. Lee grunted as Randy lowered his head. I watched Lee’s cock disappear into his brother’s mouth. Lee hunched his hips up. I expected Randy to gag, but another inch of Lee’s cock disappeared.


“Yes, Dad?”

“I’ll bet Randy would like to have his dick rubbed. Wouldn’t you, Randy?” A muffled gurgling sound came out of Randy’s cock stuffed mouth and throat. “Why don’t you get down and rub his dick.”

“Sure, Dad.” I got on my knees beside them and reached under Randy. His smooth cock filled my hand as I grasped it. I moved my hand to his scrotum. The skin was soft and smooth. I cradled his balls in the palm of my hand for a minute then I rubbed and rolled his balls around in their sac. I moved my hand to his cockhead. It was wet with pre-cum. Using my fingers, I spread the pre-cum over the head and around the cock shaft. I watched Dad’s hard-on slip in and out of Randy’s ass as I began to stroke his cock.

With my other hand, I touched Dad’s cock then slid my fingers down by his ball sac. He stopped fucking his son as my fingers touched his sac. It was smooth like Randy’s. “Gently roll my nuts around, Ray.” I did. “That feels good.” Dad began to fuck Randy again. I moved my hand. Dad quickly went to short hard strokes. Randy pushed his ass back as Dad buried his cock balls deep in him.

Randy threw his head back and shouted, “Oh, yeah! Fill my ass with your hot cum!” Dad grunted as he pumped Randy’s ass with long fast cock strokes. He pulled his cock out of Randy’s asshole with a pop. Dad shot a stream of cum onto Randy’s back and ass cheeks then he stood up and sort of staggered back and sat down on the other lounge.

Randy straightened up on his knees. He moved behind me. I felt his hard-on press against my back as he reached around me to grip my own hard-on. Lee pushed himself to his feet and stood in front of us. He used his hand to hold his cock straight out and pointed at us. Randy leaned over my shoulder and opened his mouth. My big brother wiped his cockhead across my face. I watched as he fed it to Randy. Randy closed his lips around the cock shaft as Lee began to fuck his face.

Lee pushed my face against his crotch. I tried to find his balls through all his tangled hair. His cock shaft was almost against my lips so I extended the tip of my tongue. It slid against his cock as he face fucked Randy. Lee’s voice was hoarse, “Here comes a hot load for you to eat, Randy.”

Except for the cockhead, Randy let all of Lee’s cock slip out of his mouth. I tilted my head back so I could see. Lee’s cock pulsed three or four times. Randy’s eyes were closed as he swallowed. It must have been several big wads because cum was oozing out of the seal between his lips and the cockhead and running down his chin.

Lee pulled his cock out of Randy’s mouth and shot a wad on my face. As I tried to lick his cum off my lips, Lee pushed his cock against them. I opened my mouth as he shot a second wad. It was followed by his cockhead. I closed my lips around his cock shaft as Lee pushed himself into my mouth. Randy watched me, “Doesn’t his cum taste good?”

Randy and I cleaned Lee’s cock. After Dad and Randy cleaned up, we worked together to fix dinner. Randy remained nude during dinner. He just put a towel of the seat of the chair. Lee and I had slipped on shorts. Dad had a towel around his waist, but he took it off and sat on it when we sat down to eat.

Lee looked at me, “Ray, have you sucked dick before?”

“No, Lee. Yours is the first.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Well, you were cumming so I didn’t get to suck you very long.”

“That’s true, but if you’re interested, the three of us can show you a lot.”

“Uh, how did you get into this, uhh.”

Dad broke in, “ How did we get into homosexual incest?”

“Uh, yes.”

Lee laughed, “Dad got me jerking off and joined me.”

“Uh, Lee, Let me start at the beginning.”

“Sure, Dad,”

“Your grandparents had a big house when I was in high school. My Uncle Albert and Aunt Sara lived with us.“

“Uncle Albert?”

“Yes. My Mother’s brother and his wife. He would be your great uncle. Anyway, one Saturday afternoon I had been chopping weeds in our garden. The hoe was getting dull so I went into the garage to get a file so I could sharpen it. The files were not in the tool box. There was an old shed out on the back of the lot. Dad had been doing some work on it. He had an idea that he could make it into a shop so he could get his power tools out of the basement and garage.”

“I thought maybe he had used the files out there and had left them there. I walked out to the shed. When I got there I heard what sounded like groaning. I pushed open the door and looked inside. No one was there, but I could still hear the groaning sounds. The door to the back room was ajar. I walked over and looked in.” Dad Paused.

“Who or what was in there?”

“Well, there was a mattress on the floor. “Uncle Albert and my Father were lying on it. They were both naked and they were giving each other a blowjob.”

Randy smiled, “They were in a 69?”

“Yes. The good old 69.”

“What did you do?”

“I wanted to run. Father, Mom and I had skinny dipped before on vacation so I’d seen my Father and Mother naked. But I’d never before seen him with an erection and I had certainly never, ever seen him with another man’s erect dick in his mouth. I’d seen pictures of a woman giving a man a blowjob and I heard that some guys gave blowjobs too, but I’d never actually seen anyone giving or getting a blowjob.”

“I was fascinated. I stayed to watch. Father was on the bottom. His head was towards the door. As he sucked Uncle Albert’s dick, he seemed to be rubbing his butt hole too. I was getting a hard-on. I must have moved or something, because Father tipped his head back and saw me.”

“What happened then?”

“My Father stopping sucking Uncle Albert and said, ‘Hello, Phillip. Please come in and close the door.’ I did as I was told. Uncle Albert moved around on his knees. He didn’t stop sucking Dad. He just moved around on his knees and continued the blowjob. Father sat up, ‘I suppose you’re disgusted by what you’ve seen?’ No, Father, actually, I’m interested.”

Uncle Albert stopped blowing Father. “Did you hear that, Harry? Phillip is interested.”

“I heard, Bert.”

“Uncle Albert crawled over in front of me. ‘So you’re interested?’ He put his hand on the front of my jeans, ‘I believe you liked what you saw. You’ve got a huge boner, don’t you?’ I nodded ‘yes’. Before I could move, Uncle Albert had my pants and underwear down around my ankles. I couldn’t have run away if I had wanted to. And to be honest, I didn’t want to.”

“When my pants were pulled down, my hard dick popped out of my shorts. Uncle Albert put his hand on it, ‘You look as big as your Dad.’ The he opened his mouth and swallowed my dick right down to the root. He sucked me hard for a couple of minutes. As he sucked he unbuttoned my shirt. He stopped, “Get your clothes off. I want to suck you off, but I’ve got to finish something first.’ He crawled over beside Father and began to blow him again. Father picked up a can of something, scooped a bunch out with a finger and began to rub around Uncle Albert’s butt hole.”

“Did your Dad say anything else?”

“Not until way afterwards. He didn’t say a word while Uncle Albert sucked my dick. Father put the can down as Uncle Albert got back on his knees. He folded his arms and put his head down. His ass was up in the air. Father rubbed the stuff from the can on his hard-on then he got on his knees behind Uncle Albert. ‘You’d better be ready, Bert. Here it comes.’”

“Uncle Albert said, ‘Stop yammering and fuck my ass, Harry.’ I watched as my Father pushed his hard-on up my Uncle Albert’s ass. Uncle Albert wiggled his ass and squealed as Father cornholed him. “Oh, Harry! Fuck me hard. Your hard cock feels so good up my ass.’ Father braced himself with a hand on Uncle Albert’s back, ‘Just as yours feels good in my ass.’ I was astounded as I watched my Father butt fuck another man.”

“It didn’t take Father long before he drove himself deep and flooded Uncle Albert’s ass with cum. After Father pulled out, Uncle Albert looked at me, ‘You still have some of your clothes on. Get them off so I can suck you off.’ I finished undressing and I was led to the mattress. I lay down on it and Uncle Albert immediately began to suck my dick. I must have closed my eyes because the next thing I knew Uncle Albert was rubbing his dick against my face, but my dick was still being sucked.”

I looked down. Father was sucking me. His ass was up in the air like Uncle Albert’s had been. Uncle Albert pressed his dick against my lips. ‘Open your mouth, Phillip, and join your Father and I in the Cocksuckers Fraternity.’ I opened my mouth and his dick slipped in. ‘Suck it like it’s a big tit, Phillip.’ I sucked. ‘Oh, that’s good. I think you’ll go a long way in the Cocksuckers Fraternity, Philip.’ He pulled his dick out of my mouth and got behind my Father who sucked my dick while Uncle Albert butt fucked him.”

“After Uncle Albert blew his load they took turns sucking me until I shot my wad. They alternated between sucking and swallowing. After that, we cleaned up and walked back to the house. There was a bucket of water and towels and soap in the corner.”

I looked at Dad, “How long did this go on?”

“All through the summer after high school and the first two years of college. My Father and I sucked each other off the next day after Sunday dinner. Uncle Albert called it ‘smoking the skin cigar.’ He told me to call him Bert and Father said to call him Harry. The following week I butt fucked both of them and then the week after that Father, er, Harry, took my anal virginity. After that, we regularly sucked and fucked each other.”

“What happened after two years of college?”

“I quit school and went into the service. I trained to be a meteorologist and ended up being posted to an isolated weather station with seven other guys. I replaced a guy who had started to crack up because of the isolation. It was supposed to be a one year tour. After I was there about two months, I was in the head, er, toilet,, jacking off. The commanding office caught me.”

“What happened?”

“He said, ‘Son. You don’t have to do that. Come with me.’ I followed him to his quarters. I thought I was really in trouble. Two others of the crew followed us. I figured he would tell them and I would be called a faggot. Instead, once in his quarters he said, ‘Phil, here, has a problem and I think we need to help him’ One of the crew said, ‘The problem is what?’ ‘Hard rocks.’, said the C.O., ‘He was trying to break them by hand.’ Both of these guys had undressed while C.O. was talking. Both of them sucked me and I popped my rocks in one of their asses.”

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