tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFinding Rebecca Ch. 03

Finding Rebecca Ch. 03


Rebecca's nightmare had begun. The remainder of the cruise aboard Alex's yacht had proved to be unending. Alex had violated her repeatedly on the cruise. Rebecca could only cry and beg him to stop, her vagina ached from the repeated penetration provided by Alex. Just two days ago she had been in her husband's arms, now she was in a living hell. She thought of Josh, what he must be going through right now. Nothing like she was experiencing she was sure, but nonetheless, he must be going through hell. She cried for her family, she wondered if the news had hit Florence, Kansas yet. The three times Alex had come to the stateroom to fuck her, she just tuned herself out. There was nothing she could do about it. She was naked and handcuffed to a bed. She really felt cheated too. She had saved herself for marriage. All those years of discipline, wasted. She was a mixed bag of emotions.

Alex saw that Rebecca was breaking down. Good, he thought to himself, good. He would have to "untrain" her from her previous life if she was to be any good to him. She was already starting her transformation into his pet whether she knew it or not. He would deconstruct the values that had been instilled in her throughout her childhood, and build up new values. It wouldn't take long, not if she was breaking already.

They were about twenty minutes away from home, so Alex started to prepare Rebecca for her arrival. First, Alex found Rebecca's cum stained satin panties that he took from her on board the liner and slid them over her ankles, up her slender calves, over her thighs and onto her hips. He pulled them up so they were snug on her. Then he rooted around in her suitcase and found the matching bra. They were beautiful, red satin and lace. Alex unfastened her handcuffs; her wrists were red where the cuffs were clasped around them. She just lay there, Alex pulled her up into a sitting position, Rebecca sat there, shoulders slumped, defeated. Alex pulled the bra straps over her arms, cups on her breasts, and fastened it behind her. Next, Alex found a light, short, summer dress. Alex told Rebecca to stand up. She complied wordlessly, and he slipped the dress over her head and down her shapely body, then he zipped up the back. The summer dress was almost see-through; Alex could faintly see her red lingerie underneath. After Rebecca was dressed, Alex led her to the sink in the bathroom. There he washed the sweat off her face with a damp cloth, and readjusted her ponytail so she looked presentable. Rebecca was tired. She didn't put up a fight. She let herself be dressed, and washed. By the time Alex was finished, his island was in sight. They went up on deck. Alex told Rebecca to sit in one of the deck chairs. Once again she complied.

Rebecca caught sight of her new home, and despite herself, she had to admit it was beautiful. The lawns were perfectly manicured, the walkways were lined with palm trees, and there was a circular garden surrounding a fountain. The yacht pulled up to a pier that jutted out into the ocean, there were two men on the pier ready to take the lines and secure the yacht to the dock. Rebecca had a glimmer of hope. Maybe these men could help her. Once they were secured, the men came aboard and started unloading the luggage. Rebecca looked at them, begging them for help with her eyes. They noticed her, but quickly looked the other way. Once again, Rebecca felt alone. Why wouldn't they help her she cried to herself? Alex motioned to Rebecca to follow him. She obediently stood up and followed. He led her to a waiting golf cart, and placed her in the passenger seat. It was hot and humid here. Rebecca could feel her dress start to stick to her. Her skin was starting to get a glossy look to it. The golf cart was being loaded with their suitcases, and when it was finished Alex slid behind the wheel. Alex drove slowly, and Rebecca just stared forward. As beautiful as this place was, she was still scared shitless, and she refused to be moved by its beauty. The golf cart crested a slight hill, and Rebecca finally got a view of the house. It wasn't as grand as she thought, but she had to admit it was nice. It was on a slight rise that brought it above the trees, and gave it a beautiful vista of the Caribbean waters that surrounded them. Alex hit a button on the dashboard of the cart and a garage door opened in front of them. Once they were inside the garage, and the door was closed, Rebecca was relieved to feel the coolness of air conditioning on her skin. Alex helped her out of her seat, and ushered her through a door from the garage to the main house. Inside, the house was extremely well appointed. The floors were a dark red hardwood, there was mahogany trim throughout, and exotic pieces of art were everywhere. Rebecca stopped, Alex ushered her on deeper into the house.

"Are you hungry, Rebecca?" Alex asked.

Rebecca just nodded.

"Say something Rebecca." Alex prompted her.

"Yes." she replied weakly.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes... Sir?" Rebecca answered, unsure.

Alex sighed, "Rebecca.... You're pushing your luck."

Rebecca was exhausted, her body was sore, her wrists hurt like hell, and her vagina felt like it had been hit by a bus. She had forgotten what he made her call him on the yacht.

"I'm sorry. Yes, master."

"That's better, don't worry, you'll get used to it." Alex opened the door on front of them.

There in the middle of the room was a dining table set for two, with a delicious spread of food that made Rebecca's mouth water.

Rebecca just stood there famished. The sight of the food made her stomach growl.

"Before we sit down, come here." Alex ordered.

Wordlessly she obeyed.

"Turn around." she did as she was told.

When her back was to him, Alex reached up and undid the zipper, them he slid the straps of the dress off her shoulders and spread the back of the dress open. He could see the back of her red satin bra, he slid the straps down her arms so that her arms were free, and then he slid the remainder of the dress down her hips, so that she was standing there in just her bra and panties. Alex stared at her beautiful ass. Through the panties he could see the shape of her two cheeks. He ran his hand down her back, and over her ass. He ran his finger up and down the crack of her ass. He inserted his finger beneath the elastic at the top of her panties and felt the smooth skin of her ass cheeks. He pulled the rear of her panties away from her back and looked at her nice shapely ass. It made him hard, looking at his new property like this.

"Shall we eat?" he asked.

Rebecca nodded, "Yes... Master" she replied.

Alex took Rebecca by her hand and led her to the table. He pulled out a chair and she sat in it. Alex sat in the chair at the head of the table, which was next to hers. Alex looked at her bra clad breasts, and said.

"Help yourself."

Reluctantly, almost shyly, Rebecca started taking food from plates in front of her. The food was delicious. She ate slowly, and deliberately. Alex watched her.

Such poise, he thought to himself. Look at how she eats. Even when she eats she's beautiful and classy. They both ate for a while, and then Rebecca started to cry.

"What's wrong Rebecca?" Alex asked.

"Nothing, this reminds me of my wedding.

"Ahhh, I see. In time that memory will fade. You'll see." Alex said almost sympathetically. "All memories fade."

That did nothing to ease Rebecca's sadness. She didn't want to forget. She didn't want to forget anything, her wedding, her husband, her family, nothing! She was still wearing her wedding rings; she wondered why he didn't ask her to take them off. Well, she wouldn't anyway. So here she was, seemingly a million miles away from home, in her bra and panties eating with the man who had taken her.

"Something's been bothering me Rebecca."

Rebecca looked up.

"How was it I took a married woman's virginity? Didn't Alex find you attractive?" Alex asked nonchalantly.

Rebecca didn't answer.

"I mean, you had two or three days to at least consummate your marriage. You didn't even do that."

"Why is that?"

Still no answer.

With a sigh Alex said. "Come now Rebecca, you're being extremely rude not answering you new master."

"It was just that we had such long days before and after the wedding. That's all." she replied waveringly.

"Really? Is that the best you could muster?" Alex asked. "Was your husband, and I use that term very lightly, even able to get an erection?"

Rebecca slumped down. No, Josh couldn't. She had briefly wondered why at the time.

"Didn't he find you beautiful enough to make love to?" Alex persisted. "I mean, you saw the effect you had on me. I don't think I've been that hard in a long, long time."

Rebecca just stared at the table.

"Obviously Rebecca, I've wanted you for a long time. Why else would I go to such lengths to get you here, alone with me?"

Alex stood up from the table and moved behind Rebecca. He placed his hands on her soft, smooth shoulders. He began rubbing them, moving into a light massage.

"You can have a good life here Becca. It's all up to you, what you make of it. You have to believe me when I say I want you to have a good life, I don't want to hurt you or your family. But believe me when I say, I will do what it takes to make you mine." Alex whispered in her ear.

Alex stopped massaging her back. His hand still resting in her shoulders moved down the front of her over her satin and lace bra. He gently squeezed her breasts, and started caressing them. He put his hands down her bra and fondled her beautiful, firm breasts. He caressed her areolas with his fingers, played with her nipples. Her nipples responded almost immediately, hardening to his touch.

"Really Rebecca, it not such a bad thing being my plaything. I can certainly think of worse things in life. Here, your only duty is to satisfy my needs, when I say. "

"But for now, you must be tired. You've had a long day today. I think we should retire for the evening."

It was only nine o'clock at night, but Alex was tired, it was a long day for him as well. He took his hands off her breasts, and started undoing her bra from the back. The bra popped open; he slid the bra straps over her shoulders and peeled it from her breasts. Alex sniffed the bra; it smelled faintly of her perfume, he dropped it on the floor by her chair. Then he took her hand, and helped her up from the table. Holding her hand, he led her through the dining room door into a sitting room with a door on the far end. They walked across the room and through the door into a lavish hall. At the end of the hall they entered an enormous bedroom with an ensuite.

"Before we retire for the evening, maybe you would like a nice bath?" Alex asked.

Rebecca just nodded. A bath sounded good. She was sticky from the repeated violations on the yacht, and the humidity didn't help.

Alex opened the door to the ensuite. The ensuite took Rebecca's breath away. It was huge, completed in white marble, with a fireplace on the far wall, and in the center was a large tub. There was also a glass enclosed shower with a shower head built into the ceiling. On either side of the fireplace were two floor to ceiling mirrors. Rebecca caught her reflection in the mirrors. There she was just wearing her red satin and lace panties with Alex's cum stains on them.

Alex flipped a switch on the wall and the fireplace lit up. Next Alex went to the tub and started drawing her bath. It was a different tub than Rebecca had ever seen. It was a tub that re-circulated and kept the water fresh. Alex turned to Rebecca.

"Come here Rebecca." he ordered.

Rebecca obeyed, and stood in front of him. Alex reached up and started pulling her panties off. As he was pulling them off they rolled around the sides, and he could see her pubic hair come into view. When they were down by her ankles she stepped out of them, and stood in front of her master, nude and vulnerable. The tub was full now. Alex motioned to her to get in. She did. Alex produced a sponge and soap and began bathing her. He started with her back, and moved around to her front. He soaped up her beautiful neck, her chest, and breasts. He took the soap, and moved down into the water, where he washed her stomach, hips, and vagina. Moving around the back again he washed her ass, and then legs and feet. He rinsed her off, and let her sit in the tub to relax. The water remained clear as it re-circulated.

Rebecca started to relax a bit. Her guard was melting away, and she was getting sleepier. After ten minutes, Alex told her to stand up. She did so; she didn't want a fight tonight. As she stepped from the tub dripping wet, he met her with a soft warm towel.

Alex started drying Rebecca off. He dried her body and led her into the bedroom. Alex went into her suitcase which was delivered to their room during dinner, and found a nice, thin, black, see through nighty with a matching pair of thin, see through panties. Alex dressed Rebecca in the sexy lingerie that was meant for her husband to see and enjoy. Fuck she looked hot. Don't worry Josh, you'll see her in it, eventually, Alex chuckled to himself. Alex pushed her gently through the door to the bedroom, where he opened a drawer in the nightstand and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Once again he laid Rebecca down, and handcuffed her to the bed. Then, Alex undressed, and climbed into the bed, nude. The handcuffs were intentionally tight on Rebecca's wrists, and made for a very uncomfortable sleep. Alex slept soundly that night. Rebecca hardly slept at all.

Next morning Rebecca awoke lost. She didn't know where she was. Then the fog lifted and she realized the awful truth. She had dreamed that she was with Josh last night. They had made love, and all was well. But now, the nightmare returned. Alex walked into the room, he was naked and fully erect. Alex calmly walked over to Rebecca and sat down on the bed beside her. He just looked at her, and calmly caressed the inside of her smooth thigh, moving slowly up her thigh to her crotch. Alex fingered her flimsy panties, looking like he was pondering something. Alex reached up and pulled her panties off and spread her legs. Rebecca slammed them shut. Alex spread her legs apart much more forcefully this time. This hurt Rebecca, and she let out a little yelp. Alex mounted her and forcefully penetrated her vagina. Rebecca started pleading with Alex, begging him to stop. This only empowered Alex. He fucked her harder, faster. Her breasts were flailing violently up and down. He didn't care if Rebecca came or not. This was for him. Rebecca did come though. It felt good on Alex's cock, the feeling her vagina contracting around it in orgasm.

Rebecca was once again ashamed that her body had betrayed her. Her wetness spread like wildfire, the bed was soaked beneath her with her juices. She felt Alex explode inside her. Alex was covered in sweat, and collapsed on top of her. She could feel Alex pull out of her. She was still handcuffed to the bed, her wrists hurt, and she was scared and humiliated. She began to cry softy, to herself.

Alex rubbed his hand over her moist vagina; he brought up his hand and held in front of her eyes so she could see.

"This is all you Rebecca." he said slyly.

"If you didn't enjoy it, you wouldn't be this wet."

Rebecca wouldn't open her eyes.

"Open your eyes! Look at it!" Alex yelled.

Rebecca refused, this infuriated Alex, he took his glistening fingers and smeared her juices under nose, and on her lips.

"If you won't look at it, then at least you can smell and taste yourself." Alex said smugly.

Rebecca tried, but couldn't wipe it off. She could only smell her juices, and got a taste of herself too.

This routine happened for the next five days. Sleep, fuck, eat, fuck, sleep. Every time, Rebecca broke down a little more. At the end of the fifth day, Rebecca pleaded with Alex.

"Please! Alex, I'll do whatever you want. Please, just no more." she was crying.

"You can't call me Alex! What right do you have to call me that?"

"I'm sorry, master; I'll do whatever you wish! Just please stop." she was begging him to stop the nightmare.

"Ok Rebecca, I want to believe you, really I do. So, you are going to have to prove to me you mean it." With that Alex undid Rebecca's handcuffs for hopefully the last time.

"What would you like me to do master to prove my loyalty?" she asked hesitantly.

"Hmm, I want you to crawl over here on all fours, and suck my cock." Alex ordered.

Rebecca obeyed; she got down on all fours and crawled to her new master. Once there she confessed.

"Master, I've never done this before."

"Well there's a first for everything Becca. Just do what comes naturally."

Hesitantly, Rebecca took Alex's cock in her hand. She had never held an erect cock in her hand before, she as amazed at how smooth it was. Rebecca played with the erect penis with her hand, slowly stroking while she was trying to decide what to do with it. She had seen pornography before where a woman had given the man a blowjob. She thought about giving one to Josh a couple of times, but no she was saving herself for marriage. She looked up at Alex while stroking his cock, he was watching her. He looked pleased enough she thought.

"Am I doing ok?" she asked quietly.

"Oh, you're doing quite well, keep going. Put my cock in your mouth Rebecca."

Rebecca looked at his cock and wondered what it would taste like, what it would feel like on her mouth. She bent her head down to it, and wrapped her lips around the shaft. It filled her mouth, she sucked on it a bit, and she was trying to remember what the girls in the porno did.

Then she remembered. She started moving her head up and down the shaft, slowly. She looked up at Alex again. She must be doing it right. She took her mouth off his swollen member, and ran her tongue up the shaft.

"Play with my balls, Becca." Alex breathed.

Rebecca moved her hand to his balls, and fondled them in her hand while sucking his cock. The strange thing was she kind of liked this. She liked the smell, taste and feel of his crotch. Alex gasped; she felt his cock swell in her mouth. Then suddenly, Alex shot a load of cum into her mouth. She wasn't prepared for that, and she spit it out. Alex was breathing heavily and was stroking Rebecca's hair.

"Very good Rebecca, you did very well. I think I made the right decision back in Kansas, I definitely picked the right girl."

Rebecca was done. She had given up, her spirit broken. She just couldn't take the daily forced sex or the odd slap anymore. If she just gave in and submitted to him the pain would have stopped a while ago. She was sad that she wouldn't see her family again, or Josh. But at least she was still alive, if you can consider this living.

Alex was pleased. Rebecca seemed to be breaking, she wasn't there completely, but she was close. In just under a week he broke her will, something to be proud of to be sure. Oh sure, she gave him a blowjob at his request, but Alex wouldn't be satisfied until she was doing things automatically.

That night Rebecca slept without handcuffs, and nude. She slept soundly, again she dreamed about her life back at home. The life she would have had. In the morning she awoke to find Alex still beside her. Alex was awake, staring at her. As soon as she was awake, Alex started. Alex slid his hand up her flat belly to her breasts, he caressed them and gently squeezed them, all the while staring at her. Alex's other hand moved onto her hips, this hand slid down to her crotch, and played in her pubic hair. Her pubic hair was damp with sleepy sweat. Alex ran his fingers through her pubic hair all over her pelvic area, and his fingers finally found their way to her vagina. She really had to go to the bathroom.

"I really have to pee." she said.

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