tagBDSMFinding Tease and Denial

Finding Tease and Denial


This story illustrates my most recent tease, denial, and cuckold fantasy told from the woman's point of view. If you dislike stories where the women are strong and dominant and the men serve and are submissive, then go find another story to read and criticize.

As I reflect on the last two years, I realize that I'm lucky to have a man in my life that loves and worships me, and a man in my life that provides me with plenty of sexual pleasure.

Two years ago, I thought I was queen of the world. I had a nice apartment in Philadelphia. I had been with Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll for almost seven years. During the day, I was a dutiful, mousy legal assistant. At night, I teased the men I met, either in clubs or online.

I enjoyed teasing men and having men serve me. It wasn't too hard to find men willing to serve me. I'm attractive, and their willingness to serve me was how I determined which men I would spend time with.

The service could be simple and unobtrusive, like a man lighting my cigarette, opening a door for me, or pulling out a chair for me. The service could be more complicated. Other men, men I had more of a relationship with, would escort me to clubs or parties.

I would make my escort stay near me and watch me flirt. My escort was supposed to remain silent unless I signaled for him to interrupt my flirting and make an excuse for why we had to leave. I would signal if some man got too forward or aggressive with me. I not only teased my escort with my flirting, but I usually had the opportunity to tease several other men over the course of the evening.

The smoking and drinking helped me lose my inhibitions and relax. I flirted with any man I wanted. My low-cut dress usually kept his attention.

Most of the time, if he was a good boy, I would go home with my escort as his reward. If one of the men I'd flirted with was interesting enough, sometimes I would go home with him. If he was dominant, I would submit to what he wanted. It was relaxing, in that he directed the sexual activities and I could just let myself go and be swept up in the euphoric feelings.

If the man was more submissive, he would usually expect me to direct more of the bedroom activities. I would wind up on top of him, thrusting on his cock while he squeezed my breasts and played with my nipples. I enjoyed controlling the sensations in my nipples and pussy, deciding when and how often I wanted to orgasm. I would get angry if he came before I was finished, and insist he rub my nipples while I satisfied myself with my hand.

Even with my work and all the flirting and sexual activity going on in my life, I felt like something was missing. Now, as I'm writing this, I understand what was missing, but two years ago, I felt I was in control of my life. I wasn't. I felt empty, locked in the role that I created for myself, and didn't know what or how to change.

I remember looking through the Collarme.com listings one evening, reading the profiles of submissive and switch men. I received lots of messages through my profile on Collarme.com from men interested in meeting me, but almost all of the messages had the same theme. The men either wanted to serve me and fuck me, or they just wanted to fuck me. Rather than wait for interesting men to contact me, I looked through the profiles for interesting men. After all, I was a sensual domme, right?

I came across the profile of a switch man, and I did a double take. It was detailed, yet left a lot to the imagination. It was obvious that he had given some thought to his desires. It expressed the next level of tease, at least for me at the time. My fingers pressed against my clit while I read his desires over and over.

Seeking Tease and Denial

I'm looking for a woman that enjoys sexually teasing a man and enjoys sexually denying him even more. I'm seeking a live-in girlfriend to tease and torment me with her body.

I'm looking for a woman that would enjoy having a human sex toy to help her orgasm as much as she wants, as many times as she wants, while limiting my orgasms.

I'm looking for a woman that would enjoy locking up my cock, as well as restraining me at other times. I enjoy being bound and brought to the edge of orgasm several times before my cock is locked up for the night.

I have a preference for a casual or social smoker.

I'm not looking to act out a one-time fantasy. I'm not looking to meet with a woman every so often, or be her boy toy. I'm looking for a woman that would enjoy tease and denial for an extended period of time.

I'm looking for a sensual dominant. I enjoy being bound and teased by a woman. I would expect a dominant woman to be interested in various types of dominating, and she can have other play partners. She can also have other sexual partners, as I am interested in being cuckolded.

I looked at his profile picture. He looked rather plain, but then again, I wasn't planning to spend a lot of time looking at him.

I checked out where he lived. I didn't recognize the town, but a Yahoo maps query let me know he lived about two hours away.

I looked at his age. Damn, 44. 14 years older than me. Oh well, it was a fun fantasy while it lasted. The distance would have made it difficult to get together, but the age difference made it impossible. I shivered thinking about being sexual with someone that much older than me.

That night, sometime after I'd gone to sleep, I had a vivid dream. I woke myself up pinching my nipples. In the dream, I was lying on the bed while my sexual servant was eating my pussy. His face matched the face of the older man from Collarme.com. I recognized his body as the body of the last man I slept with.

I took out my Hitachi Magic Wand and held it against my clit as I thought about how nice it would be to have a sexual servant. I fanaticized about a nice twenty-something stud wanting nothing more than to satisfy me sexually as I vibrated myself to a couple of satisfying orgasms. I fell asleep again, exhausted and content.

The next couple of weeks were a blur of emotions. Public teasing no longer satisfied me. I felt like Eve after she'd eaten the apple. I knew now that there was more to teasing than displaying the top of my breasts, much more. I wanted a sexual servant to tease, but I wasn't willing to contact the man that introduced me to the idea.

I figured I would introduce the idea to the men I had grown close to. I picked George, the most submissive man I knew, to tell first. He was very interested when I called him and asked him to come over. I poured a glass of Sutter Home Moscato for the both of us, and sat down next to him. After a little small talk, and some hesitation, I blurted out that I wanted to tease his cock for a while, have him eat my pussy, and leave. I wanted him to sexually satisfy me and not expect anything sexual in return. I wasn't surprised at the shocked look on his face.

He let my request flow through his mind for a few moments, before he looked at me and slowly shook his head, no. I couldn't blame him, really. We'd had sex many times before, and I'm sure he was anticipating sex with me tonight. I took him into the bedroom, and tried to hide my disappointment as we cuddled and kissed. I let him pull me up on my hands and knees, get behind me, and pound my pussy with his cock.

Steve laughed in my face when I asked him to sexually service me. I was so embarrassed that I ran into the bedroom, closed the door, and flung myself on the bed crying. He was enough of a gentleman to let himself out of my apartment.

I dreaded asking any of the other men I knew. A week passed before I got the courage to ask Rick to be my sexual servant. His reaction was similar to George's. After we went to bed and kissed and cuddled for a while, he insisted on pounding my pussy in the missionary position. He held me down on the bed and took what he wanted from me. Even though we'd had pleasurable sex many times in the past, I felt violated when he finally came and rolled off me.

I spent two sleepless nights before I decided that I would have to contact the Collarme.com man to get what I wanted. I felt defeated as I typed the following message to him.

I read your profile with interest. You sound exactly like what I'm looking for.

I am curious, though. I see in your profile that you don't smoke. Why do you have a preference for a smoker?


He wrote back the next day. I trembled like a schoolgirl as I opened his response.

Hi Heather,

If I'm exactly what you're looking for, we ought to meet and discuss our mutual fantasy.

I have a preference for a smoker because I have a smoking fetish. I get aroused watching a topless or naked woman smoke. I also enjoy having a topless woman blow cigarette smoke in my face while she kisses me or lets me suck on her nipples.

Take care, Gilbert

I'd never heard of a smoking fetish. A quick Google search showed me lots of pictures and a few videos of smoking women. After an hour of browsing I was more confused than before. It seemed like the men had lots of rationalizations for their smoking fetish.

I decided it was time to write back.

Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for explaining your smoking fetish. I'd never heard of a smoking fetish before, but it sounds like something I'd enjoy satisfying.

You're right, we ought to meet and discuss our mutual fantasy. We live a couple of hours apart. My cell phone number is 555 829-1784. Call me, and we can make arrangements to meet this Saturday.


Gilbert called a couple of days later. We spoke on the phone, and he told me about a wonderful park on the Chesapeake Bay, with a really nice seafood restaurant. I almost choked when I saw on Yahoo maps that the park was more than an hour away, but he made the seafood restaurant sound very special.

As I drove to the seafood restaurant to meet Gilbert, I kept wondering if I'd made a mistake. While I wanted very much to have a sexual servant, I dreaded thinking about being sexual with someone so much older.

As I neared the restaurant, traffic stopped. Gilbert didn't tell me that the downtown was a fucking tourist attraction. After driving for an hour, the last thing I wanted to endure was bumper-to-bumper traffic. Finally, I found the right turn on South Cherry Street, and after a couple of blocks saw the restaurant on the left.

The restaurant parking lot was full, so I drove around the park looking for a parking spot. As I walked the two blocks back to the restaurant, I muttered to myself that this seafood restaurant had better be excellent, or I would be motivated to tie Gilbert to a lamppost and flog the shit out of him.

I saw Gilbert in the bar. He'd been waiting for a half hour, and he was perceptive enough not to say anything about my being late. He bought me a drink and we relaxed at the bar waiting for a table. His hair was much longer than in the picture, down past his shoulders. He didn't sound that much older than me when we talked, and knew some things about my favorite TV shows and bands.

I felt better by the time we were seated. It was an hour before dusk, and the view of the Chesapeake Bay through the huge windows relaxed me. After I got up and saw the 20 varieties of seafood available at the buffet, I decided that Gilbert had chosen wisely. I filled up my plate and made my way back to our table. I nibbled on Oysters Rockefeller and boiled shrimp while Gilbert talked about his drive and what he'd done that week. The restaurant was crowded, so we ate quickly and didn't talk much more. I was stuffed after three plates of seafood, and we decided to walk through the park so we could talk. So far, he seemed like a nice enough man.

We walked through the park until we found an empty bench facing the bay. We were far enough away from anyone else that we could talk about our fantasies.

I pulled out my cigarettes and lighter. I gave the Bic lighter to Gilbert, with these instructions. "I'm loaning you my lighter tonight. From now on, I want you to have a lighter with you whenever we're together. I expect you to light my cigarettes for me. Do you understand?"

Gilbert smiled and nodded. "Yes, Mistress."

I laughed. "You can call me Heather. I'm not stuffy about titles."

I put the cigarette in my mouth. Gilbert was awkward with the lighter. I guessed he hadn't had much experience lighting cigarettes.

I took a puff and asked Gilbert, "So, you outlined your tease and denial fantasy in your profile. Am I the woman you expected?"

He looked at my breasts and up at me. "Yes. You're much prettier than I expected."

I laughed. "You're letting me lock up your cock. You're promising me that you will service me sexually whenever and as much as I want. What are you getting out of this?"

Gilbert looked sheepish. A few moments passed before he answered. "Basically, I get the company of a beautiful woman like you. In return, as you say, I will service you sexually whenever and as much as you want. I also give you control over my orgasms."

"Ah, now I understand why you're looking for a live-in girlfriend." I looked out at the calm waters of the bay. "You're not really interested in having your cock locked up, are you?"

Gilbert looked at me. "I'm not sure what you're asking."

I took a puff of my cigarette. "Would you still want me if I said I didn't want to lock up your cock. If I said you could masturbate as much as you wanted, as long as you ate my pussy whenever I asked?"

Gilbert looked confused. "You'd agree to that? Of course I'd want you. I thought I'd have to give a woman as young and pretty as you control of my orgasms to get her to move in with me."

"That's what I suspected." I took a puff of my cigarette. "Don't be silly." I couldn't help myself. I silently laughed at the thought. "Of course you have to give me control of your orgasms before I'd even consider moving in with you. You consider it part of the cost. I consider it part of the payment, so it seems we're on the same page."

The look of dejection on Gilbert's face was priceless. I don't consider myself mean, but verbal humiliation can be fun sometimes. The sun was setting behind us, so I decided to play a little game in the twilight. I got up from the bench and straddled him. I put his hands on my waist, took a puff of my cigarette, and blew it in his face. He flinched from the smoke and ogled my breasts right in front of his face. I was curious to see if he would try and grab them through my dress.

I blew smoke in Gilbert's face until I finished the cigarette. He kept his hands on my waist the whole time. Satisfied, I got up and we walked for a little while. He walked me back to my car and gave me back my lighter. I let him kiss me goodbye, and told him that the next step would be for him to spend the weekend with me. He agreed, and I gave him the address to my apartment before I got in my car and made the long drive home.

My plans for the first weekend were simple. After Gilbert arrived, he would strip and I would lock a cock cage on his cock. He would spend the weekend servicing me, sexually and non-sexually. When it was time for him to leave, I'd unlock the cock cage and watch him get dressed. He was bringing the cock cage. I had a small luggage lock of my own in case he hid a spare key for his lock somewhere. He was staying locked the whole weekend.

I had a hard time concentrating at work. Emotionally, I couldn't wait for the weekend to get here. Even after getting home Friday, I had to struggle to keep from playing with myself while I waited for Gilbert to arrive. I was sexually excited, but I wanted my first orgasm to be somewhat easy for him and memorable for me.

Gilbert arrived a few minutes early. I gave him a huge kiss after he came in my apartment. I watched impatiently as he put the cock cage, rope, leather restraints, and other bondage toys on my bedroom dresser. I watched him strip and was trembling as he handed me the cock cage.

I'd wondered how a cock cage worked. This one was a metal cage about 2 inches long. Leather straps fastened to the metal cage went around the balls and behind the cock and balls to lock the cage in place. Seemed simple enough, but no, it wasn't. After struggling with the cock cage for a couple of minutes, I found that I had to squat on the floor behind Gilbert and reach through his legs to properly lock it on. Talk about a mood killer. By the time I'd finally snapped the lock, I was so aggravated that all I wanted to do was lie down for a while.

Gilbert helped me off the floor and sat on the bed next to me while I rested. After a few minutes I felt better. I stood up and took off my blouse and skirt. It was cute watching his cock get as hard as the cage would allow, which wasn't much. I pulled him up from the bed, gave him a long kiss, and told him to get in the kitchen and make us dinner while I finished undressing.

After a few minutes, I came out, sat at the dining room table, and watched while Gilbert made us a chicken salad. I'd already cooked the chicken beforehand, so all he had to do was cut the chicken and vegetables, shred the spinach, and put the salads together. Sitting at the dining room table, naked, in control, made me feel a whole lot hornier. After we finished dinner, I pulled him back into the bedroom.

I lay down on the bed sideways with my legs hanging off the side. Gilbert knelt down by the side of the bed, and started licking my pussy lips. I was so horny that I didn't need any foreplay, so I instructed him to nibble on my clit. Usually, it takes me a while to relax and enjoy the sensations, but I was more than ready. Not only did I cum in a few minutes, but I also felt myself squirting. He didn't flinch, but I could see how wet his face was when I looked up. I giggled. It looked like I peed on his face.

I got up and got a towel for Gilbert to wipe his face. I felt like taking a shower after squirting that much, so I decided to bring him in with me. I rubbed all over him with the soap, and after I rinsed off, he rubbed all over my body with the soap. He spent some extra time on my pussy, which needed it, and my breasts, which didn't. I could tell he enjoyed fondling me, but since he couldn't get aroused, I didn't care.

After we dried each other off, we went to bed. Gilbert kissed and cuddled with me for about an hour before I got tired. I went to sleep with him pressed against my back, his arm around my waist, and I felt a contentment I hadn't felt in a long time.

When I woke up the next morning, I was alone in bed. Groggily, I remembered that Gilbert had spent the night, and I wondered where he was. I got up, not bothering to put a robe on, and went downstairs. I saw that he had straightened up the living room. Smiling, I found him in the kitchen cleaning up the counters. A girl could get very comfortable with this much service.

I gave Gilbert a big hug. He kissed me, and I felt myself melting in his arms. I held him until I felt steady. "Could you make me some coffee, Gilbert?"

Gilbert grinned. "Sure."

"Great." I put Gilbert's hand on my ass, and waited for him to slap it, before I went into the living room.

I put the TV on and relaxed until Gilbert brought me my coffee. I took the coffee, and patted the sofa. He sat down, and I leaned against him while I drank my coffee. I lay down on the sofa with my head in his lap, and watched a movie. He rubbed my side and stomach. Except for the cock cage poking the back of my head, I felt so comfortable and relaxed.

After the movie I felt a little horny, so I led Gilbert upstairs. I needed more foreplay this time, so I directed him to lick my pussy lips and clit until I was totally relaxed. When he saw me grab my breasts and squeeze, he nibbled on my clit until I exploded in orgasm. At least I didn't squirt this time. He licked me until the sensations were too much. I put my hand over my pussy, and rested.

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