tagBDSMFinding The Beast

Finding The Beast


She looked up at a dirty tile ceiling. The room was 12 squares by 10 squares. She would leave but the chains wrapped around her wrists and ankles kept her lying naked on the table. She wasn't cold, or hot, or thirsty, or frightened. She was just... there.

It was a dream. She knew it was a dream. She couldn't wake up.

She counted the ceiling tiles again, and then the chill swept over her. Tiny goosebumps raised over her flesh and He was there. Fear rose with the goosebumps. The chains were tight but she struggled anyway. She had to struggle. What kind of wolf would she be if she lay there willingly letting a dead, cold, vampire touch her?

And he did touch her. His fingers ran over her skin, her breasts, her face. She turned away from the monster, closed her eyes tight against it but the feeling was all. His cold fingertips were on her lips, her chin, her neck. He could kill her with a twitch...so why didn't he? Why did he do this to her and let her live to tell the tale of her shame every day for the rest of her life?

She cried. He caressed her, her nipples stiffening under his stimulation. He pulled and the tug went straight to her groin, making her ache and smolder. He pinched and she moaned, her pussy aching and wet. Tears rolled down her cheeks and into her hair. A cold hand slid over her belly, nails scratched slowly down to her thighs. Long, tapered fingers, smooth and pale, slid up and down her slit, teasing her. She whined and cried. Her legs were useless, she couldn't close them or open them or kick the monster away. Iron chains bound her to a stainless steel table. She should be cold, but she wasn't.

She was hot, and aching, and her body wanted to writhe and squirm. Her hips wiggled, a poor excuse for a fight, and the fingers slipped into her body. One finger, and she moaned aloud. His finger explored inside of her, pushing the walls, tugging the folds, touching her where she had never known she could be touched. He stroked inside of her, slowly at first, kindling for the fire. Two fingers and she sighed and whined, her swollen pussy lips soaked. She was not to blame, he had tied her down and was manipulating her body, she was helpless to resist. His fingers were the wicked ones. They pumped into her and her body moved in time with it.

Her eyes closed tight against herself, she did not see him bending over her, black eyes taking her body. The feel of his lips on her breast shocked her, chilled her to the bone and her body stilled as he penetrated her. The bite was torture and she loved it, screaming and crying and exploding with orgasm, while the monster drank her dry.

She escaped the dream, muscles locked and stiff from sleep. The cries would not stop, she could not stop sobbing, and she turned into the pillow to muffle the evidence of her shame. Afternoon light drifted in the window on dust motes. Tonight would be hell, for her.

The lights and the crowd and the noise all served to keep her mind unfocused. The summer air was thick and heavy and her shorts and tank top weighed on her, making her skin feel sore and itchy. Her feet were bare, and the marble tile was a cool refuge against her soles. For a moment, all she could do was stare at her toes, freshly pedicured and painted a soft shade of pink. It was meant to be soothing, she thought, but instead it seemed so odd against her skin, her toes seemed dirty compared to the bright pink polish. She wanted to take another bath.

She looked back, toward the staircase that she had just come down. There were too many people there, too many people everywhere. It was a party for some reason that she had forgotten, and the whole pack was there, along with a neighboring pack. It was an unusual event, and she was sure that it was important...to someone. It wasn't important to her. She could push her way up the stairs.

The touch fell upon her shoulder and she shrieked, jumping away, knocking into the others nearby in her haste to get away. Talking stopped and everyone looked from him to her, watching her closely. Her face burned as she looked into the eyes of her best friend. Dismay was plain, and hurt, but he also showed sadness, perhaps pity. She looked down at the ground, her shoulders hunched and hair falling over her face. "I'm sorry, Kane." The apology was for the spectators' benefit more than his.

"I'm sorry, Kiri." He reached for her, palm up, fingers relaxed. She had nothing to fear from him. "I just wanted to show you something."

They were all watching, disapproving, waiting, and she took his fingertips. She kept her eyes on the floor as he led her through the foyer to the back patio doors. Outside, the night was moonless and fireflies danced about the manicured garden. Tables with umbrellas invited guests to sit and talk, sipping their drinks and simply happy to be together. She knew the feeling, remembered it, but didn't feel it now as she followed Kent past the tables and down the garden path. She didn't question him, though she normally would. She simply followed, her palms sweating and her heart racing.

This was Kane. He would never hurt her. He was like an older brother, teasing her when she blushed and showing her how to tie a knot. He was her best friend, as no female could be. She wasn't the girly type. She was a warrior.

She had been a warrior.

He stopped in front of the old gardeners cottage. Every guest and pack member preferred to stay in the main house. It was safer there, more comfortable. The cottage had been left empty, used for storage more often than not. She had no idea why he had brought her here. She watched, her mind blank, as he took the key from his pocket and held it out to her. "Surprise." He said, his voice gentle and soft, yet so deep and strong that she couldn't feel afraid. Who could harm her when he was near?

"I don't understand. Am I in trouble?" confusion lit her face.

"No, no, don't think that. We just thought you would prefer it. Its only if you want it." His face was kind and earnest, his handsome eyes so deep and consoling. She had wanted to marry him someday. He would be the next Alpha, everyone was sure of it. But now, she was tainted. She could never be with him. Tears filled her eyes at the thought and she looked down at the ground, soft under her feet. "Ok. I appreciate it. Just for a little while, and then I will be ... better."

Doubt twisted his smile a bit, but she stood straight and showed him determination. She had some left. She would use it before the night was through. Jaw set, chin up, she looked at him again. His lips were set in a sad smile. His hand reached out to her again, palm up, and she stared at his fingers for a moment. They were thick and strong, callused and rough. He was warm to the touch. She wanted his touch.

It happened again, the heat inside of her, the aching want for something she didn't understand, and she gasped softly, dropping the key in the grass. He would never do that to her – would he? Tears came hot and she searched with one hand for the key while she stared up at the man that she would have given her virginity to, if it hadn't been taken by a monster.

"Kiri, please, let me help you." He knelt beside her, their hands touched as he reached to pick up the key. A flash of hot desire lit inside her and her face reddened in the dim glow of the porch light. "Kent." The whisper was barely audible. "Im sorry."

He took her hand and stood, pulling her up with him, not so gentle this time. He stood his ground and held her hand in his, looking down at her. She could feel his warmth through his shirt, though she wasn't touching him. Not quite.

"Stop apologizing to me. You've been telling me youre sorry since you came back from your hunt and no one will tell me what happened to you. What happened to my girl? Tell me that, don't tell me youre sorry."

His face was so handsome. She had trusted him once. Why shouldn't she trust him now? He might hate her. He might be disgusted, turn away from her forever. Still, wouldn't that be better than leaving him wondering forever, letting her wish that she could make things right forever?

"I ... he captured me." It came out, but nothing more would, and she fought the screams that wanted to follow the words. She waited there, muscles clenched to run, teeth clenched to keep her silent, eyes on his face as he took it in. She saw the confusion. Then shock. Then anger, soon to become rage.

She had felt them all too. Then came the loathing, disgust, and shame. Soon he would look at her with those feelings in his eyes. She pulled away from him, using the key to unlock the door to the cottage.

"Thank you, Kane." She looked at his back, eyes memorizing him, and closed the door.

Morning saw the she-wolf, running through the garden. North, she ran and never looked back. She left behind everything she had ever know to keep safe the one thing she had ever wanted. She didn't see him follow. She didn't consider the chance.

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