Finding the Truth

byDG Hear©

Bob went over and as he kissed her tits I stepped back and turned on the camcorder. "Holy fuck! I've wanted to do this my whole life." While he was rubbing and kissing her tits Brad started to rub her pussy. She spread her legs wider and Brad began to finger fuck her.

"You can't do this!" yelled Ray. "It's not right, Joan's our friend."

"You don't have to take part, Ray. Just stand over there and jack off. Hell we can see you have a hard-on already," said Tony.

Tony took off his pants and climbed on the bed. His black cock was at full mast as he rubbed it against Joan's white pussy. Up and down her clit he rubbed his black cock. Each time her pussy was getting wetter until he pushed it into her. She let out a moan. It scared Bob at first but then he began to go back and play with her tits.

Joan was bucking her ass against Tony. "God damn, she's as hot and good as I always thought she would be. Damn, she's fucking me back."

A little while later Tony says, "Oh fuck, she's starting to come," as he dumped a load deep inside Joan's pussy.

As soon as he got off Joan, Bob took his place. No foreplay here as he stuck his cock into Joan. She was still having an orgasm from the fucking Tony had given her. Bob just rode the waves till he shot his load in her.

Tony was rubbing his cock across her lips. He still had cum on his cock. She didn't open her mouth but it looked as though she was kissing the head of his cock.

Brad was a big black man and he did have a big cock. It probably wasn't any bigger than mine but sure was black. Ray looked worried when Brad began pushing his cock into Joan. She was moaning and spread her legs even farther apart to accommodate Brad's cock.

Joan had reached another orgasm as Brad fucked her pussy. After about five minutes Brad asked, "Can I come in her ass?"

"No!" yelled Ray.

"What's your fucking problem Ray? She's not your wife," exclaimed Brad.

"She's my friend and that cock would split her open," Ray said trying to make an excuse.

Brad told Ray to hold her legs up higher. Ray held one leg and Bob came over and held her other leg back. Her asshole was there for the taking.

"Don't worry Alex. I won't hurt her. I'm just going to put my cock head against her ass and shoot my load in her."

"That's fine with me," I told Brad. I then watched Ray as he looked on while holding her leg back.

Ray had a hard on. Hell, I even had one. Watching her get her due was working. "Well Ray, are you going to fuck her? You used to tell us how good she was when you were going with her," said Brad.

I looked over at Ray. He had always told me he never fucked her. Even Joan said they were intimate but that they never had intercourse. Needless to say I wasn't surprised to hear the truth on the tape the other day and again now.

Ray took his pants off and got between Joan's legs and began to fuck her. He didn't last three minutes before shooting his load. Even being drunk he couldn't hold off. Of course he was probably jacking off while everyone else was taking her.

When Ray got off of her he pulled up his pants. The other guys were ready to come again and shot their load on her tits, tummy and mound. I asked them to stay away from her face.

"What happens now Alex?" asked Bob.

"Nothing, no one ever needs to know. It's just between us five. As long as you can all keep the secret. To be honest with you guys, I'm probably going to divorce her as soon as I find out who she been fucking. Consider it a going away present from me."

"What about the mess?" asked Tony. "Maybe we overdid it."

"I'll clean her up. I'll just tell her I got excited after you guys went home. There's no one to tell her any differently. Just so you guys know, if she wouldn't have cheated on me you would have never been allowed to have sex with her. It was just my way of getting even with her."

The guys all thanked me and said they would never forget that night. "The night they fucked Joan Andrews."

They called a taxi and they all left. They took Ray with them but he wasn't talking much. I went upstairs and looked at Joan. I had turned off the camcorder. No one mentioned seeing it.

Even with cum all over her body since the guys came a second time and shot it on her breasts and tummy, she still was a knockout.

I gave her a sponge bath. As I was cleaning her pussy I got hard and decided to fuck her, which I did. She even had another orgasm. She sure was one hot woman; I would miss her.

When I was about ready to come I turned her over which wasn't an easy task and pulled her ass up to my hard cock. I was only able to get the head of my cock into her ass and shot my load. After that I did my best to clean up as much cum as I could.

It was running out of her ass and pussy. Good thing I had the towels under her. It sure caught a lot of the cum. I took the towels and put them in the clothes chute, which goes down the basement. She would find them soon enough.

After I cleaned her up the best I could I put the camcorder away and lay down next to her for the last time.


She woke up before me and I could imagine what happened when she went to the bathroom. When I woke up she was downstairs sitting at the table drinking coffee.

"What the hell did you do to me last night?" she asked me. "Damn, I've never been so sore and had enough cum come out of me for an army."

"When I went up stairs you were still dressed. I took your clothes off and you looked so sexy. I had taken a Viagra for the first time. I promised you a good night earlier in the week, remember? Maybe you drank too much, I don't know but I was horny as hell. I had already taken the Viagra so I fucked you silly."

"You fucked me in the ass too. You know you're too big to take me there."

"I only put the head of my cock in your ass. I guess I had too much to drink but your ass felt good. I see you survived. I promise not to fuck you in the ass tonight when we celebrate Valentine's Day with Sue and Ray."

She looked at me, wondering if I had told her the truth. She rarely passed out drunk and probably wondered why she didn't wake up. She did tell me she took three Advil before going to bed. She had a slight headache. I told her that and the booze probably put her out. I wasn't aware of her taking the pills.

I guess she wasn't too worried because her lover Ray was there. Maybe he could tell her why she didn't remember anything. She knows she didn't drink that much. At least not enough to pass out and not know she had been made love to.

While we drank coffee I took the phone and called Ray's house. "Who are you calling?" asked Joan.

"Ray and Sue to let them know we'll be at the Holiday Inn at seven. Do you want to talk to Sue?" I asked.

Sue answered the phone and I kidded with her about her husband not being able to hold his liquor since he was still in bed. I told her I would see her tonight. I handed the phone to Joan.

The two of them talked about girl things and I went down the basement with my camcorder. I ran through the tape and made photos of her being fucked by all the guys including Ray. I made sure that Ray was seen holding her legs up so Brad could come in her ass.

I wasn't in any of the pictures. It really didn't look like she was sleeping. Tony was rubbing his black cock on her lips and it blocked her eyes. Most of the other pictures were of her with her legs in the air while being fucked.

I did my best not to have any headshots of Joan. I made two copies of the pictures, ten in all, none showing that she was asleep or being forced. If she wanted to press charges she would have a hell of a time getting the guys to tell the truth. Hell, they could get charged with rape. No, she wouldn't go to the authorities or fight the divorce.

She got ready for our night out and I have to say she looked great. I even told her she never looked prettier in her short black dress that showed all her best assets. Why did she have to cheat on me? We could have had such a great life.

We were sitting at our table when Sue and Ray showed up. Ray gave me a pretty shitty look but I got up and gave Sue a big hug and kiss. Ray did give Joan a kiss but did look upset. We ordered drinks and I gave Joan a Valentine's card. Ray gave one to Sue.

I looked over at Sue. I felt so sorry for her. She was a wonderful person and deserved a hell of a lot better than a cheating ass like Ray. I often wondered what might have been if her parents wouldn't have stopped her from seeing me. Staring at her, I believe she was as pretty as Joan. Maybe she didn't push the sex angle like Joan but she definitely had the looks and personality.

She was the only one I felt sorry for in this whole mess. She was going to get blindsided and it would be my fault. I wished there could have been another way but it was too late now.

I got up to use the restroom and to meet my lawyer. I gave him the pictures and a copy of the audiotapes. He glanced at them and put them under his papers in the folder he was about to give Joan. I went back to the table.

After dinner we were sitting there talking when my attorney, Joe Lester, stopped at our table. Joan had met him before and said hello. I introduced him as my lawyer to Ray and Sue.

Joe looked at Joan. "I hate doing this Joan, but you have been served."

"What the hell is this!" yelled Joan.

"It's divorce papers." I said. "I've known about you and Ray for quite some time. I suggest you sign the papers and get them back to Joe as soon as possible. I'm using irreconcilable differences unless you fight it, then it will be because of you cheating on me with Ray and others."

"What are you saying Alex? That Joan and Ray are carrying on an affair?" asked Sue.

"Yes, I believe it started back after our reunion. She has been seeing him every time I was out of town. Also at work they would go have lunch together, but I have a feeling that what they were eating wasn't food."

"You fucking bastard!" said Ray. "You can't prove shit. Joan and I are not having an affair. Believe me Sue, I haven't been with Joan."

Joan was looking at the divorce papers when the pictures fell out of the folder and on the table. Sue picked up one; it was of Ray fucking Joan.

"You fucking lying bastard!" said Sue to Ray as she slapped him hard across the face.

Joan screamed out that the photos weren't real. She had no idea where they came from. "I never fucked Bob, Tony or Brad. These photos can't be real. Where did you get them Alex?" she asked me.

"Ask your boyfriend Ray. He was there holding up your legs while Tony fucked you." I lay down a tape player and told her she could listen to her and Ray having sex.

Everyone was yelling at one another as I got up and walked out the door. The last thing I heard was Joan yelling at Ray. "How could you do this to me? I thought you loved me."

I have no idea what transpired after I left. I drove home and got my bags that I had packed earlier that day and stored in the basement. I gathered up a few more things and headed for a motel. On Sunday I would be heading for Kentucky and my new job.

If Joan read my letter that was in the folder there wouldn't be a problem. I told her I would not show the pictures or tapes to anyone, but if she chose to fight the divorce or take me to court I would let the pictures and audio speak for themselves.

I left another letter at the house. I wrote I had moved on with my life. I loved her and hated her but could never trust her again. I explained that she could have everything that we accumulated. I had moved out of state and please don't try and find me. I never wanted to see her again. Also, that I had already canceled all of our joint credit cards.

I called Joe at noon on Wednesday and he said that Joan had already been in and had signed the papers on Monday. I would be a free man in three months. He did say that Joan burned the photos while in his office. She said it was in her best interest.

He told me after I left that the three people at my table argued. Ray was also pissed that he had to pay for our dinner. His wife Sue got up and called Joan and Ray cheating bastards and left in Ray's car. Sue had stopped in to see Joe on Tuesday and applied for a divorce from Ray.

Joe thanked me for referring him legal work, but please not to send him that kind any more.


It's been four months since I walked out of the restaurant. I've kept in touch with Joe, and he sent me the final decree a month ago. He did say he had no idea what Ray and Joan were doing now but he did tell me that Sue got her divorce and their house went up for sale.

I kept in touch with my parents from the day I left. They said they did get one call from Joan but told her they wanted nothing to do with her. I had told them that I had found out she was cheating on me with Ray. That's when I took the job in Kentucky and got the divorce.

I told them I would come and see them sometime and would let them know when I would be there. I didn't want to ever see Joan or Ray again.

I had a one-day sales meeting in Indiana and when I got home there was a knock on my door. I opened it and there stood Sue.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her. "How did you find me?"

"I went to see your boss and he told me you were transferred to Kentucky. I kept trying to track you down. I finally found you; you left without ever saying goodbye. You know you left me with a hell of a mess to deal with."

I apologized to her and said I was sorry but I couldn't let Joan and Ray know what I had found out. If I would have told her she would probably have killed Ray.

I smiled at her and invited her in. She asked if I could put her up for the night seeing she sold their house and was looking for a place to live. I looked at her; she was every bit as beautiful as I remembered. I took her out for dinner and we talked.

She said that Ray told her that I set up the photo session but that it really happened. She also said she heard the audio tapes of Ray cheating on her with Joan. Joe had given her a copy for her divorce if she needed it.

"Alex, I understand you wanting a divorce but why did you set Joan up like that? It just doesn't seem like you."

"Well, it was either that or I would have killed them both," I answered.

"We've all known each other for years and if Joan wanted to be with Ray then all she had to do was say so and we could have gotten divorced, but they had to go cheat on me and you. I couldn't let that happen without a little revenge.

"I'm just sorry you were hurt by this whole mess. You deserved a lot better."

I asked her what her plans were and she said she didn't have any yet. She just needed to get away for a few days after the divorce went through. That's when she came looking for me.

That all happened a year ago and she never left my place since the day she showed up at my door. I got her a secretarial position at my office and we got married two months after that. Her parents and my parents both came down for the wedding. Sue told her parents she loved me and they would have to live with it. She called them yesterday to let them know they will be grandparents in a couple of months.

One more thing. Joan has a hard time facing Tony, Brad and Bill. Their wives don't know about the incident at the card game. The guys didn't even know about the pictures and Joan destroyed them. They decided to deny the incident if it ever comes up.

The last we heard Ray still works in the same office as Joan but they are having a hard time. It seems that she can't forgive him nor does she believe that he tried to stop his friends from having sex with her.


Hope you enjoyed my story.

Comments are welcome and appreciated.

DG Hear

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/03/18

Didn't Go Far Enough!

The revenge was only taken in half-measure. In addition to having his skank of a wife gang-banged,he should have hog-tied Ray and had his friends spit-roast the shit out of him! After all,in for a penny,inmore...

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by Anonymous04/22/18

I give it a 5*

Best BTB I've read in quite a while. She raped the marriage, he just returned from favor.

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by Anonymous01/30/18

just a story

I should have seen it coming. All the comments about fucking Joan. But it wouldn't have happened without the drugs, and having your wife gangbanged while unable to consent or not consent isn't reallymore...

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by timriv01/19/18

Once he found out about Ray and Joan he should just have invited Ray and Sue over told them he knew about the affair, they could have swapped wives and worked out the details with a lawyer and moved onmore...

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by Anonymous11/16/17


This story would have worked far better if Alex had somehow video-taped Ray and Joan playing "Hide the Salami" and then used that to expose them.
No matter how pissed off he was at Joan,he had been inmore...

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