tagLoving WivesFine! Ch. 04

Fine! Ch. 04


Hey Fuckers

My email is still fucking whacked. Can't seem to get that fixed.

Yep. Another short chapter. Yep, still working on Chapter 8 of "What Kind of Man I Am, but I'm close to finishing. Yep, I need someone to fluff my sexual interludes. Yep. No editor besides myself. Beware!

The Cast

Alex- Husband

Alyssa- The soon to be ex wife

Lisa - Ex girlfriend, dated right before he met Alyssa

Tammy- Waitress at Paddy's who Alex hooked up with Friday night.

Bruce- Alex's friend - works with Alex

Joe- Alex's friend - Real Estate Agent

Bill and Barb - a couple that is friends with Alex and Alyssa.

Lauren- friend, works with Alex


It's better to read the previous chapters, but here's what has happened so far.

In Chapter One, Bruce called Alex because he saw Alyssa making out with another man at the pub. She was supposedly out on a girl's night with friends. Alex decided he was done with the marriage and would go out as well. He thought of a game and his buddies decided to actually do it. The game was, that Alex would do as he pleases and see how long it takes for Alyssa to get upset. Bruce would sell squares for each day. The person who bought that square of the day when the conversation happens, wins the pot with 20% going to Alex.

At Paddy's Pub that same night, Alex flirted with Tammy (waitress) all night and was heading out to eat with her after her shift, or so he thought.

In Chapter 2, Alex hooked up with Tammy at her place.

In Chapter 3 Alex met with his ex Lisa on Sunday and ended up fucking her in his truck. When he went home later he told his wife he was still upset with her and she needed to figure out when she would figure it out.



I was in my office reading my email when she came in.

"Hi Alex." she said grinning like ...

Holeeee shit! She was stunning. She had my favorite long, white, ass hugging skirt on. I got up and walked over to her. I've always thought she looked a little like Gwyneth Paltrow but with larger breasts.

"Good morning Lauren. You look... absolutely... just...stunning today." I said awkwardly, finally getting it all out.

I took her hand and kissed it. I could smell her perfume, which in turn started the blood flow to my little head. Mmmmmm. Her hair and face? I don't know...but WOW! Wait. She... she looked? Happy!

"Why thank you sir." she purred.

"Wow. I think I am going to have to sit by your door all day." I said.

"Why?" she asked.

"To keep all the guys away from you!" I said.

"Oh please! Ha ha. Oh! Umm, thank you again for lunch yesterday." she said locking eyes with me.

The sexual electricity was so fucking intense. At least it was for me.

"My pleasure." I said.

"Maybe I'll see you later today?" she asked as she swept her long leg out from the slit of the skirt.

Her eyes went to her leg which drew mine as well. I was momentarily distracted thinking about said legs intertwined with mine in a very naughty way. I came to when she moved her leg back under the skirt.

We looked at each other again. She had the tiniest smirk going. Oh, I see.

"Maybe? I have a lot of work to do. Two projects and a spreadsheet to finish. Doing some online car shopping too." I said nonchalantly.

"Uh huh. Bye." she said with an eye roll as she dragged her left hand across my chest.

I really need to hydrate right fucking now.

Look at that ass sway.

"It's nice. Isnt't it?" she said walking away.

That it is.

Why do I feel like I woke in Lauren? A sexy blonde one!

I thought about Lauren all fucking day. My hard on was perpetual, as I fantasized about her body. With all the day dreaming, I came up with a great idea that I thought would give us both something we will remember the rest of our lives.

At three on the dot, I called her.

"Hello. This is Lauren Burnett." she said in a sing song voice.

"Lauren. You have caller ID." I said chuckling.

I heard her giggle.

"Who is this?" she said.

Little vixen.

"Hey, do you want to grab a coffee with me?" I said.

"Oh yes. That's sounds great." she said.

"You're okay with having coffee with me? I could be that guy that always seems to have TP on the bottom of his shoe." I said smiling.

"I dated him. Your voice is different. You sound kinda cute and I'm bored." she said and giggled again.

"See you in two minutes." I said.

I picked her up and she tickled my neck as we walked toward the elevators. That made me smile.

"We're going to the 8th floor? Do they have coffee there?" she asked with a questioning look and then gently bit her finger.

Damn that lipstick looks great on her. I placed my hand behind her low back as we entered the elevator. Before I removed it, I slid it to her hip and squeezed her. Blood meet cock. Cock, blood.

"Maybe? There's something you need to see." I said.

"Really?" she said and then bumped my shoulder.

"Yep. You'll appreciate the view. Seriously. Then we'll get coffee." I said and bumped her back.

We walked down a corridor that was being remodeled, but it was presently abandoned. I knew this project was on hiatus for a couple more months.

"They were remodeling this area." I said matter of factly.

We went through a couple of work areas and approached another door at the end of a make shift sheet rock hallway. I took out my key and opened it. A so so office with a desk, a small meeting table with three chairs and a matching love seat. Bare bones stuff.

"This was my office about a year ago. We relocated to the 5th floor. I still have my key and come up here once in awhile when I need to think." I said.

"Just to think?" she said grinning.

She walked over to the window. It was a cozy little office with large floor to ceiling window.

"Nice view." she said.

"It's real nice from back here." I said.

I approached her from behind and I could see her smiling in the reflection. I put my hand on her waist and I used my other one to move her hair away from her neck. I started to kiss her ear and whisper.

"You are so sexy and beautiful. I could not stop thinking about you." I breathed.

I caressed her hips with both hands while I kissed her exposed shoulder.

"Oh Alex." she said.

I ran my hands up her body and caressed her breasts which were more than a hand full.. She grabbed my hands and directed me to squeeze. Fuck, they felt so good. She turned her head and we started to kiss furiously. My cock was now smashed up against her ass.

Lauren somehow faced me with out breaking the lip lock. I eased her back against the glass window. I bent my knees so I could wedge my steel between her legs. She was grinding her crotch on me and lifted her leg so it that it wrapped by on my calf. God it felt so good.

I reached down to snake my hand under her skirt and check what kind of panties she had on. I was hoping for lacy and small.

What the? No panties!

She pushed me away with a big grin on her face. She pushed me again until I hit the desk. She laid a scorcher of a kiss on me and grabbed my cock with her right hand.

"Oh Alex. I want this." she said as she squeezed my cock.

Lauren started to undo my shirt. Kissing my chest while she made her way to unbuckling my belt. She gave me one last kiss on the lips and then squatted while she ran her tongue down to my abs. She lowered my pants and boxers just enough to free my manhood. She grabbed the base of my shaft and licked the precum off my knob. A glimmering thread of cum stretched from my cock to her lips.

"Did you ever fantasize about me giving you a blowjob in your office?" she asked as she looked up at me.

"Oh yes. But this... Uhh! Fuck!." I said as she engulfed my helmet.

She looked up at me with half my cock in her mouth. Then she went to work. Licking my shaft and rubbing her lips up and down it. Thank god she didn't stroke me, I would have blown my load.

"I want to just suck this big throbbing vein into my mouth." she said and traced her tongue along its path.

She still tried. Oh yes she tried.

Lauren then got serious and started throating as much as she could while she tugged on my balls. I could feel my cock pleasurebly vibrate as she moaned around it.

She started using her hand to stroke me. Oh fuck, here we go. I was going to cum and she just kept going up and down. Even the noise of her sucking my cock was sexy.

"Lauren?" I groaned.

Her eyes went wide as my first shot slammed into her mouth. i grabbed her head and tried really hard not to skull fuck her. She struggled mightily with my second burst. This was usually my biggest, based off stroking one out solo. She pulled back some, swallowed and coughed.

But she came back strong with a forceful stroke and my pole never left her lips. She looked determined to finish me. She kept looking at me while I recoiled inside her mouth.

She completely drained me and I released her head. Lauren smiled and then broke into a big grin, but went back to slurping and licking.

"God. I just want to bite your cock so bad." she said playfully gnawing on me.

She had some cum dribbling from the corner of her mouth. Unbelievable erotic. I can just imagine how hot to have her bouncing on my cock in that squat.

"Come her sexy." I said as I helped her back up.

I wiped the cum from her mouth. We joined again at the lips. I turned her around and put her on the desk. I wanted to... better yet.

"I want to rip this dress off you and taste every inch of you Lauren." I said my breath heaving.

I undid her top revealing a white lacy bra. I didn't try to undue the bra. I just pulled the straps down her arms and unveiled her spectacular breasts.

I ravaged her. I sucked on and squeezed her breasts. She had large dark glossy red areoles and her nipples were like miniature round door knobs.

"Yessssss." she groaned.

I pulled her skirt up and spread her legs with my hands. I sucked her entire left nipple into my mouth and let it pop out. I playfully bit her luscious nipple.

"Oh yes, bite them like that." she whispered.

I bit the other nipple and flicked it with my tongue. I then turned around and pulled the chair up to sit in. After I sat down, I pushed her skirt back up again. My eyes were captivated by her gorgeous pussy. She had only a little blond triangle of trimmed hair.

Her pussy lips were almost the same color as her nipples. The dark red contrasted with her pale skin and blond curls was like nothing I had ever seen.

As I kissed her thigh, I took in the mixture of her scent and perfume. This kick started the rebuilding process in my groin.

She put her feet on the arms of the chair and then gently tussled my hair. I felt her pull me closer, encouraging me to taste her.

I attacked her sex. I licked and sucked her lips into my mouth.

"Yes. Oh god! Oh Alex." she whispered.

I grasped her thighs and continued to lick and suck at her lips and clit. I felt her body tremor as I continued the assault. I mixed in some deep licks as my nose was grinding on her.

Once I began sucking continously on her clit, it took only a couple minutes for her to cum loud and hard.

"Ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhh, uh, uh, fuck, uh, ughhhhh!" she yelled and lifted her ass of the desk to keep her pussy connected to my face.

She tasted exquisite. I sat up and admired the state I put her in. She had on a lopsided grin and the disheveled look of "i just fucking came." God I love that look on her.

My cock was hard again. I stood up and we kissed, sharing her juices. I entered her and just slowly pumped my head in and out while we continued to make out. She was grabbing my ass trying to get me to pound her.

"Not yet baby." I said.

I pulled my glistening cock out of her. She looked down and pouted. I shook my shoes off and took off my pants and underwear.

I took her hand and walked her over to the window. I put her hands above her head on the glass so that she was bent over slightly. I directed her with my hands while I kissed any skin I could reach.

"Alex?" she said.

I went to one knee behind her and spread her legs apart and moved her right leg forward a step. I lifted her skirt and took a second to worship her beautiful ass.

Look at that inflamed pussy between those cheeks. My god. I kneaded her cheeks in my hands and growled. I licked up and down her sweetness and even rimmed her rosebud.

"Of fuck. So good Alex. But I want you back inside me!" she growled.

I pulled her skirt down to her ankles and stood up.

"I want and need you naked Lauren." I said

She quickly assisted me getting her shirt and bra off.

"I can't believe you're going to fuck me in the window." She said and ran a finger tip down the length of my cock.

She started to turn back around to face the window, but I got another steamy kiss in.

I spread her sweet ass cheeks and entered her pussy slowly. As I drew back out I looked down. My cock was pulling her pussy walls back out.

Something in me snapped. No more slow seduction. I had to take her. I hit her with a dozen hard strokes, I went as deep as I could and tried to fuck her out the window. I pulled her ass open and ground into her. In my fit of lust, I attempted to lift her off the ground with my cock.

"Ow!...uh... Don't stop baby!" she said.

I didn't want her to hurt, so I dialed it back a little and I was working my way to cumming again. We started to get into a rhythm. She would slam her ass back on my piston stroke and she would grunt "yes" on impact of our bodies.

I pulled myself out, watching her pussy try to keep a hold of my cock. I twirled her around and kissed her hard. While we entwined tongues, I grabbed her waist. She wrapped her arms around my head and I licked and sucked on her neck.

"Mmmmm." she said.

I straightened up and grabbed her ass to lift her. She was in sync with me and quickly wrapped her legs around me. I eased her back against the glass. As we kissed, she snaked a hand down to guide my cock back into her channel.

Once I was in, I started to do short pumps into her. As I got a little more comfortable, I did longer strokes.

"I love your cock Alex." she said.

We smashed our lips together. I could already feel my balls completely saturated with her love.

"I want you on my desk." I growled as I nibbled her chin.

I took her to the side of the desk and laid her down on it. I pulled her to me so her ass was on the edge. I didn't want my balls to slap the desk. She propped herself up on her elbows. I couldn't help it. I bent over and licked her pussy again and sucked on her clit.

"Oh god Alex. Mmmmmmm." she purred.

I slid my shaft back inside her warmth again. I closed my eyes and just focused on how exquisite her pussy felt stretching to swallow my cock.

"Pound me. I want to feel you explode inside me!" she said.

I pumped with forceful strokes and started to feel my release building. I spread her legs wide in a v formation and fucked her with a renewed energy.

"Oh fuck Lauren. oh fuck yeah." I said as I pumped slower to feel my cum blast inside her on the down stroke.

"Oh yes. I can feel it." she said as she laid down squeezing her nipples.

I slumped over her, truly spent. After a minute, I pulled her up to me and kissed her deeply. We pressed our bodies together, trying to keep my deflating cock inside her. Once I fell out, my cum poured down the side of the desk.

"I would just like to say. I made very good decision wearing that skirt today. That was by far the hottest and most passionate sex I have ever had in my life." she said and caressed my chest.

"Very good decision. I'm afraid between loving you as a friend, I'll easily be addicted to your body." I said as gave a little more love to her breasts.

"You can give me your big friend love anytime." she said giggling.

We seperated and I helped her off the desk. She walked a little gingerly to her cloths. I smirked and she saw it.

"Stop. You could help me." she said smiling.

"If I helped you? You would stay naked." I said.

I had my underwear on and went over to her. She shimmed her skirt back on and I was treated to a sexy jiggle. I pulled her skirt back down just over her butt.

"Alex." she giggled.

"Do that again." I grinned.

This time she did with a wanton look on her face.

"Oh baby." I said and grabbed my package.

I saw her bra and picked it up.

"Where are your panties Miss Burnett?"

"In my purse, why?" she said and smiled.

"I would have liked to take them off you." I said.

Once we were done getting our cloths back on, I thought I should tell her what was on my mind.

"We never talked about ummm, you dating. Anytime you want to call a stop to this, just tell me. If you start dating someone you like, I can't do this any more. Same goes for me. But I don't plan on dating anyone for a long time." I said and shrugged.

"Okay." she said.

Didn't know how to read her response.

"Ready?" I said as I gave her juicy ass one more squeezing caress.

"For you to do me again? Yes. For work? No. I'm still aching for you." she said and leaned into me for a sensuous kiss.

That lead to more kissing and fondling. Which lead to my cock starting to try to get hard. I slowed our kissing down and finally we had one final lingering kiss.

"I do love surprises." she whispered said as we parted.

"I know." I grinned.

"Alex?" she asked with her head still nestled in my chest.

"Yeah?" I said.

"Can we still get coffee?" she said.

"Mmmmm. Sex and coffee. What a fantastic afternoon." I said.

Back at my office, part of me was jacked about all the hot sex I was having. Part of me also felt guilty and sad.

My mind wandered back to Alyssa's behavior after her first official date. All the signs were there that she had sex with him. No doubt in my mind. I know my wife. Looking back I can see the guilt and far off looks. Bitch was probably going over pros and cons about replacing or keeping me. Fuck her. I need to get my shit mentally squared away.

It's okay to feel sad about the marriage and I am. But I'm not going to feel bad about what I'm doing now since it's over.

Now the girls? Tammy? No worries at all right now.

Lisa? Can she stay in the friend zone?

Lauren? I'm totally mixed up about her. Hell, none of them want to be a rebound, so maybe it will be okay. But they will definitely not be happy with me having some sort of sex rotation.

I was up front with my friend's speech. I guess If something comes up, I'll deal with it. Otherwise...Tammy is at the plate, Lisa is on deck and Lauren is in the hole. I guess I need someone for cleanup.

Fuck. I hardly got any work done today. Sex addled brain!

Lauren came by my office at five.

"Hey. Alex? Walk me to my car?" she asked.

"Sure!" I said.

As we walked, I decided to be honest and tell her about Tammy and Lisa. I told her in detail what had happened. I continued the story as we sat in her car. She really didn't say much, but she did look... aroused?

During the Lisa and the truck quickie part of my story, I reached over and slid my hand up her skirt. Happy to find no panties still.

By the time I finished my tale, it was 530. Lauren was panting as I was sliding my fingers around her wet clit.

"So you want me to be in your? Your Fuck Squad? Harem?" she said laughing and groaning with her legs spread.

I plunged two fingers into her pussy.

"Oh gawd. Not fair. I can't think. Except. I want to fuck you in your truck too." she squealed.

"Okay, stop for a second. Ohhhh." she said as I pulled my fingers out.

I rubbed her juices on her exposed left breast and started licking it.

"Alex?" she giggled.

I relented. She looked me in the eyes and grabbed my bulge.

"You keep being honest with me about everything..." she said.

She kissed me and flicked her tongue on my lips.

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