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Fine Time: Hollywood Remix


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.

This story is a loosely based sequel to 'Fine Time' and 'Fine Time: Bollywood Redux', as well as 'She Wants To Be In The Business'. If you liked those stories, I hope you enjoy the next part in Lucy's journey. Consider this the third installment to complete a trilogy, with the other story being a spin off that connects off to the side.


Los Angeles, California

The wind rustled through the trees, sending ripples of water to move in a current of small waves. A swimming pool sat outside a mansion, the marble stone tiles were a color of white bordering around the pool with the occasional chairs and a table outside. Nothing seemed to bother a woman with brunette hair sitting by the pool with a cellphone in her hand. Her legs were crossed, her eyes shielded by a large pair of sunglasses as she sat alone near the pool. Slight winds continued to blow, but nothing was going to distract her attention from communicating with an old friend via text messages.

Lucy Pinder sat alone, almost chuckling in a laugh as she read the text message flashing over the screen of her cellphone. The former glamour model of England had been striving in the past few years to launch a career in films. At thirty-three years old, she could've easily went back into the modelling industry and made better money, but she wanted to do something different after retiring. With some help from friends in high places, Lucy was able to travel to India and star in a Bollywood film. It was a small role that focused almost entirely on her sex appeal with a dance scene. The movie itself wasn't a smash hit and Lucy soon left Bollywood before more opportunities could arise.

Since moving back to Los Angeles, Lucy had starred in a few low budget films, but nothing of serious potential. She spent a brief amount of time with a B movie company known as Dream Attack Studios. With a short contract, she only starred in a few horror films as sex appeal with brief nudity where her famous large natural breasts were seen on screen. The deal lasted a year and then she opted out of her contract, as the money simply wasn't good enough to keep starring in the trashy films. Lucy had dreams of bigger ideas, as she would've took any role to star in a real Hollywood film. After what she went through to get into Dream Attack Studios, no one could argue that she wasn't brave to push the limits. She really wanted to be in the business, even at the cost of tapping into her seductive side.

She had been sending text messages back and forth with Mark all day. An old friend of hers who she occasionally would spend time with on vacations. Mark had helped Lucy a few years ago by introducing her to a powerful friend who had connections that led to her starring in a film back in India. These days however, Mark was working in Hollywood as an agent. Gone were the days when he worked in management for models, he had found a new career with a similar job managing in Hollywood. He had promised Lucy that he would try to find an opportunity for her with a big budget film, even if it was something as a small role. He worked as her agent part time while he was handling other actresses. Lucy always liked Mark for his company, as a man who seemed to have feelings for her but never tried to control her.

Time had slowly passed by and she was desperate for any chance to make it in a movie where her name could get out there. Starring in low budget cheesy horror movies was boring, but it may have been better than nothing. Mark occasionally would speak of directors he heard of looking for talent, but no possible opportunities had come up just yet. Lucy sighed as she glanced over the swimming pool. The mansion itself was a on lease that was difficult for her to pay off. She had no romance in her personal life at the moment. Occasionally, Mark would come over and they would get wild but there was never anything serious of passion to develop between them. They were still just friends after all these years, though she wondered if they could become lovers one day.

She set the cellphone down over the patio table, just after telling Mark that she would talk to him later. Lucy stood up and then pulled off her silver robe, revealing her voluptuous form in a white bikini. It didn't seem like it had been long since her modelling days in Britain. She pulled her hair out of the ponytail and then stepped forward to the rail of the swimming pool. Her large breasts bounced and shook with each step before she climbed down into the water. Without a care in the world, she let the stress on her mind dissolve and fade away while sinking into the cold water and embracing it's refreshing feeling. Lucy smiled to herself as she began to swim forward, enjoying every second alone in the pool all to herself.



Music played through the speakers inside the house as Lucy found herself in the bedroom going through old clothes. Synth keys played over looped drum machines as she was listening to an old New Wave song from back in the day. It was music like this that made her feel back at home sometimes. She bobbed her head, listening to the beat of the song while digging through her closet. She had come across some of her old dresses and shirts that she had worn years ago, pieces of such attire that brought back nostalgic memories. Her cellphone began to ring from the bed. Lucy moved out of the closet, turned the stereo down and then grabbed her phone. It was Mark calling, she pushed the button and brought the phone to her ear upon answering.


"Hey Lucy, it's me. Are you busy right now? I need to talk to you, this is important."

Mark's tone of voice had a sense of urgency. Lucy looked around the bedroom while she answered him back in her thick English accent.

"No, I'm not busy at all. Just sitting here at home, chilling out."

"I just spoke face to face with a director who needs a busty model for a film. This could be a good chance for you."

She wanted to roll her eyes after hearing his spoken words. Mark had brought her hopes up in the past only to send them crashing down in disappointment. He was at least blunt in his words without sugarcoating things, so maybe there was a chance.

"Are you serious, Mark? You know, the last time you told me something like this, it didn't go so well."

"Of course I'm serious!! This is for real this time! Get dressed up nice for a meeting, I can come over and pick you up in the next hour and take you to meet him. This isn't a joke, I swear!"

Lucy wanted to doubt his sincerity, but she couldn't with the enthusiasm he displayed from his voice just now.

"Alright, you're on Mark. I'll get dressed and you can come pick me up."

"Excellent, I'll be there soon."

Clicking to hang the phone up, Lucy let out a long sigh as she stood there for a moment. The music from the stereo could still barely be heard in her ears. Mark didn't tell her many details, but the least she could do was hope this was going to be a real opportunity and not a false promise. After stepping away from the bed, she returned to the closet to dig out one of her fancy dresses. If Mark was telling her the truth, she wanted to dress to kill with whoever this mystery director would be.



True to his word, Mark had picked up Lucy and drove her across town to a small diner where they were to meet with the director. Michael Benson was the director meeting them both. He was an older man, obviously in the elder ages of his life with faded grey hair and many wrinkles over his clean shaved face. Lucy had no idea who he was, or anything about his films. On the way to the meeting, Mark had explained to Lucy that Benson was a director who specialized in raunchy comedy flicks. The old man was far past his prime in directing. The 80's were his era of directing comedy films, where he had made a good deal of success for himself to become a household name. Times had changed in recent years, mostly riding off the nostalgia of the 1980's, Benson was able to surge with a comeback late in his life. He rarely went by his first name, preferring simply to be called 'Benson' or 'Mr. Benson' at all times.

During the drive, Mark explained all of this to Lucy. What he failed to explain however was what opened the door to such an opportunity to begin with. The film was already in the shooting process when the previous actress chosen for the small role had decided to leave due to scheduling conflicts. Benson had informed Mark that he needed an actress right away to fill in the space so the production and filming process would not be postponed in the absence of the their former actress of choice. Lucy sat across the older man, dressed up in a fancy black dress that she had not worn in a few years. Heavy eyeliner was around her eyes and her hair fixed up neatly. Mark sat next to her, assuming the role as her agent. By now, they had been discussing the film as the old man explained that he needed an actress to fill in the spot right away.

"I can't wait any longer. I need someone to fill in the space for these small scenes. We're already in the process of filming and I need a girl who can do just a handful of scenes and say a couple lines with a man."

"That won't be a problem for me. I just need to know if I am going to get paid and my name placed in the credits."

Michael Benson glared back at Lucy before chuckling.

"Are you kidding? This is a big business we've got here with the studio. I'm not a cheap director, so yeah, of course you will be getting your name in the credits! I wouldn't risk my reputation to screw you over, if that's what you're thinking."

Mark spoke up trying to save the moment. He feared Lucy's comment may have brought a negative impression to the older man.

"Mr. Benson, Lucy here is actually quite famous over the pond back in Britian. Her name alone, Lucy Pinder, should be enough to generate some buzz for your film. She was a very famous glamor model over there."

"Is that so?"

She laughed, speaking ahead of Mark and directly to the man himself.

"Yes, it's true. If you've never heard of me, you should look me up online. I was in several magazines and Page 3 over there. I'm famous for...well, my boobs."

The old man cracked up laughing as Lucy caught his eyes glancing down at her cleavage. Her dress offered quite the view of her large natural breasts.

"I'll have to take your word for it, Miss. Pinder. I haven't heard of you before, but I will definitely do some digging when I get home and can get on my laptop."

His response almost had a tone of sleaze with his voice. Lucy could've guessed that this old man probably had many secrets behind closed doors. She simply smiled at him and then spoke once more.

"I would like to have this role. If you are looking for someone with big boobs and plenty of sex appeal, I have no problem playing my part for this. It was part of my job for years back in England with glamour modelling."

"You will only have a handful of scenes in the movie. You'll have a few lines of dialogue. You are correct in your assumption, Miss. Pinder. The camera will be focused pretty much entirely on you as eye candy for the audience."

Mark and Lucy glanced back at one another, subtly smiling as the old man continued to speak.

"We originally had Charlotte McKinney marked down for your part, but it was most unfortunate that she had to leave. I could postpone the production and filming and wait for her to return, but it would be a lot of trouble with re-scheduling scenes that are already set for filming."

Lucy thought to herself for a moment. She was aware that Charlotte McKinney was a rising star in the American modelling industry. Now Lucy had the opportunity to assert herself into a position where she could use her name alone to make a breakthrough in a Hollywood film.

"I would love to have this part, Mr. Benson. If you want to audition me, I definitely want to do this."

The old man smirked and looked back at Mark. So far, Mark had no say so whatsoever. Lucy was in charge making her own decisions here. After a moment of thought, the old man nodded his head and offered his hand for her to shake.

"I would love for you to audition for me, dear."

Their eyes connected while the palms of their hands rubbed together upon the fold. Lucy let go of his hot fingers, shifting back in her seat while Mark was studying her facial expressions. One look over Benson's face was enough to tell them both that he was impressed with this meeting.

"I will audition you myself, if you want to do it all in one day. I'll take you both back to the studio and we can get it done all in one day. I've got a good feeling about you, dear. I think this will go over smoothly and we will be working together in the near future."

Lucy smiled greatly before she answered him back.

"Sure, I think that would be great!"



A hot day proceeded as usual beyond the back of the mansion near the swimming pool. Lucy found herself sitting alone as she liked to do when relaxing back at home. A few clouds hung high to offer a bit of shade while wind was completely nonexistent for today. Lucy felt proud of herself today as she sat alone in one of the fold out beach chairs, almost as if she were tanning. The audition had went over just fine and all wrapped up within a 24 hour span to satisfy Benson with his new actress for the small part. No longer did the old man feel the pressure of having to re-schedule filming or delay anything to wait for the other model to return and do her small part. Lucy filled in the gap just fine after a decent audition.

Mark offered to take Lucy out last night to congratulate her and share a celebration. She couldn't have been more grateful to him for his aid with finding a role in a film, but Lucy wasn't up for any drinks last night. She usually would go out to the club with him and have some drinks while enjoying some dance music, but last night was a rare moment where she wanted to go to bed with her satisfied thoughts to ease herself into a nice slumber. The afternoon hours were washing over the day now, but she had good reason to expect Mark to surprise her with a little visit. Lucy left the front door unlocked to the mansion, as she figured he could simply invite himself in. Before she had went outside, she prepared herself by putting on a little makeup of black eyeliner that she knew he loved.

She wanted to spend some time with her old friend, as Lucy felt she kinda did owe him a bit of fun. After all the failed attempts in the past, Mark had finally pushed through and delivered with a great opportunity for her. As she sat alone over the fold out chair, Lucy moved her hands over the string holding her silver robe together. Underneath would be a busty surprise for when he arrived. She had her expectations for his arrival, coming from years experience of knowing Mark and how he liked to drop in on her. Years ago back in Britain, they had quite the number of steamy affairs. Such events were always memories they would share forever, even if they were just friends with benefits and not passionate lovers. Maybe some day eventually, she thought to herself.

After waiting another ten minutes, she heard a knock coming from inside the glass door. Lucy smirked to herself and then got up from the chair, pretending to be surprised when she seen Mark standing on the inside wearing a casual blue T-shirt and some jeans. She bit her lower lip while stepping over the stone tile to reach for the door and invite him outside with her. Lucy knew him all too well, as his appearance without an invitation was to be expected. She hoped that she could surprise him soon as she opened the door and smirked to him.

"Don't you know that it's rude to enter someone's house without knocking on the front door first?"

When she raised her eyebrow and pretended to be serious, Mark just laughed and stepped outside with her.

"I tried knocking, but you weren't there. The door was unlocked anyway, so I figured you wanted me to come in."

"But I know you all too well, Mark."

"And I know you pretty damn well too, Lucy."

His American accent sounded so different to her ears as he replied back to her strong English tone. Lucy stepped behind him to shut the door and then Mark turned around to face her. She smiled at him softly before leaning in to kiss his lips. There was no use in uttering any meaningless words as desire overtook both of them. Mark slipped his tongue past her lips, turning the short kiss into one of flaming passion. They may have just been good friends with benefits, but when the heat was turned up, they seemed like a pair of lovers. Once their kiss ended, Lucy stepped back and glared into his eyes while loosening the silver robe over her body.

"I didn't get a chance to thank you last night for helping get me the role with that film. How about now, Mark? After all, I think I owe you a fine time..."

She stepped forward and allowed the robe to fall to the stone tiles underneath their feet. Lucy stood in just a white bikini, the top obviously too small to contain her large breasts that almost wanted to pop out. Mark scanned over her body, gazing into her huge tits for a minute before looking down her perfect toned stomach and seeing the strings tied to hold her bottom piece together. He slowly grinned as Lucy stood up on her toes to make her breasts shake around for a bit. She gave him and turned around to walk towards the patio table where two large beach chairs were extended out. Mark ran his hand through his short brown hair, feeling his clean shaved face before he remarked about the pool in front of them.

"I didn't bring my swim trunks, so I know I can't get in the water in these clothes."

"We're not going to waste our time swimming, honey."

Mark recognized that tone of her sultry accent. Lucy knew how to put on the seductive words when the time was right. She smirked at him and raised her hand, motioning with her fingers for him to approach her. The ultimate 'come hither' look that no other glamour model in the world could replicate. He unbuttoned the front of his jeans while stepping over to her. Lucy was seated on the chair, but it was large enough for him to join her in seating right next to the beautiful model. She moved her hands to cup the back of his head, leaning in to kiss him while her giant breasts swayed to brush up against his shirt covered chest. Mark responded by kissing her back and reaching one hand up to grope her right tit. She suddenly broke the kiss and then leaned back over the chair, as now both of his hands were pushed over the small bikini holding her breasts in a tight prison.

"Take it off and squeeze 'em, honey."

Lucy spoke while gazing into his eyes. Her tone was low, almost in a whisper as she poured on with her sultry, seductive accent. She knew how much he loved her breasts and wasn't about to forget to tease him with her most famous assets. Beyond the distance, birds could be heard chirping among the ambiance of sitting outside the mansion. Mark broke eye contact to look down at her massive tits as he slowly pulled the strings of her bikini top free and then watched as her large breasts bounced free. He pushed the palms of his hands up against her nipples, feeling the hardness as he began to squeeze and slowly massage them. She took a deep breath while still starring back into his eyes. Lucy gritted her teeth, giving him one of her most famous slutty faces that she was known for in modelling pictures. Mark had other cautionary worries on his mind before they were to truly get down and dirty.

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