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True Story:

I met this girl at church and this story happens directly after a really big church convention. We were driving about 3 hours home to her house and our conversation turned sexual. At the time I was still a good boy, but even good boys and girls like to be bad. We were contemplating dating each other at the time and were both actually relieved to find out neither of us were virgins. It made us feel less guilty and more comfortable around each other.

So during this trip, our convo gets more and more intense until she said she had something to tell me that she knew I'd like. But when I asked her what it was, she said she couldn't tell me. Of course that just wasn't right, so I convinced her to spill it. She said she hadn't packed enough panties for the trip and didn't have any to wear for the ride home. So, she was currently commando. AND she had just shaved her pussy bare that morning. mmmmmmmm. The fact she was wearing a skirt didn't hurt.

Of course that turned me on like crazy, but I didn't understand why it was such a big deal that she didn't want to tell me. Then she said that all the sexual talk was working her up and making her so wet that she was sure there would be a big wet spot on the seat when she got out of the car. That was why we had to go through a drive through instead of eating in earlier. At that point, I thought I was going to bust through my pants and couldn't possibly get her home fast enough.

When we finally got to her apartment, she was right. There was a pretty good wet spot on the seat. She was embarrassed, but I told her not to be. It was very arousing. We didn't have time to fool around because her family was expecting her. Plus, her roommate was supposed to be following right behind us from the same convention. However, when we finally made it up to her apartment, we started making out like crazy. We fumbled our way across the living room, really getting into each other.

I started kissing her neck and feeling her breasts and ass. She was rubbing her hands across my chest and eventually into my hard cock that was busting through my pants. I worked my way under her skirt and couldn't believe what I felt. Her pussy juices had leaked all the way down her legs at least to her knees where my hands were. Her legs were so slippery and wet, I almost couldn't help sliding my hand up to her hot cunt. Her burning cunt was so hot, it felt like she was on fire.

I've never in my life felt a pussy more slippery and wet than that night. All the prolonged arousal had us both about to explode. I rubbed her pussy and she shuddered and moaned in my ear. My two fingers easily slide to the knuckle right into her slippery slit. I turned my hand palm up and started making the come hither motion in order to stimulate her G-spot. At that point she was still standing. I sat on the couch and hiked her closest leg up on the couch with me. This opened her up and gave me better access as she leaned into me, panting and moaning.

Well, she was extremely worked up and it didn't take long that she was moaning without abandon. Her juices were freely flowing out her pussy soaking my hand and her legs. She was silky smooth. Her pussy was so warm and wet as it convulsed around my probing fingers. She wrapped her arms around me and practically squeezed the life out of me as her climax hit her hard. Her legs were shaking fiercely and I thought for a minute I had hold of a jackhammer. Finally, her orgasm subsided and she couldn't bare her own weight anymore. She fell onto me and we laid together on the couch catching our breath. I hadn't cum yet, but the excitement definitely had my heart racing.

Just then, her roommate came busting in the door! We jumped up and acted like we were on our way out. That was probably the worst night of blue balls in my life! grrrr. haha. But it was super hot nonetheless. But to make it worse, we spent the rest of the night and next day with her family I had just met. She felt really guilty about it after we finished, but apparently not too guilty since the next weekend when she came to see me, I spent all night inside her on my dorm room bed.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/29/17

Church girl's finger fuck..

Liked the oral sex you did with that Christian girl.
You said she told you she wasn't innocent.

How many times did she have sex before she let you nail her "innocent" Christian pussy?

Would like to knowmore...

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