tagIncest/TabooFinish What You Started

Finish What You Started


My mom and I had always been close. After my dad died, we became more like friends than mother and daughter. I came out to my mom on my eighteenth birthday, which my mother took very well. Soon afterwards I meet Sharon. I thought Sharon and I were going to be together for the rest of our lives, so when I found her in bed with one of my male friends, I was heart broken. I packed up all my stuff and moved in with my mom until I could get my own place.

My mom was in her early forties and looked damn good. She was always working out, so her body was always tight and in shape. She had 36 C cups, and did very little to conceal them. She had let her hair grow out since I had graduated from high school, so now it kissed her ass very nicely. If it wasn't for her emerald green eyes and my typical dike hair cut, we could have been mistaken as twins. The first couple of weeks being back home were awkward. I was going through the regular break up scene of sweatpants and ice cream, and my mother was trying not to play therapist, so neither one of us really talked. After about the second week, my mom got tired of waiting for me to come out of my break up coma and decided to pull me out instead. She got dressed on Friday night and came downstairs and told me to get dressed, we were going out.

Her tone told me this was not a negotiable decision and the way she was dressed, nothing would have kept me home. She had on a shin tight blue dress that seemed to he panted on. Her breast were teasingly pushing up from her diving cleavage line, almost as if they were begging to be released. Her outfit was completed with a pair of fuck me heels the matched her dress. Her hair was lose and framing her face making her look even sexier. I jumped up and took a shower. I walked into my room and saw that my mom had already laid out clothes for me to wear as well as a pair of fuck me heels. My dress was similar to my moms, but it was black. I got dressed and fixed up my hair and applied make up to my already pretty face. When I finally came down stairs, I was greeted by a wolf call from my mom

"Damn when you get out of sweats, you're pretty sexy."

I laughed and thanked her.

We left out and went to a local club. I didn't know if my mom knew that this was the local lesbian bar, but something told me she did. We walked in and immediately turned heads. My mom grabbed my hand and lead me to a table. She sat down and ordered drinks for us. I looked around and got very excited. All around us, women were grinding on women or doing body shots off of each other. In one corner, two women were making out and the flush on one of them said that her pussy was getting a nice fingering as well. I looked back at mom and saw her staring at me with a sexy smile.

"Everything okay Skyler?

"Umm... Yeah mom. Just taking everything in."

"I wanted you to feel comfortable on your first night back in the human world." I laughed at moms joke.

"Thanks again for this mom. You don't know how much i needed this."

"I think I got the idea. Let's dance." She grabbed my my hand and lead me to the dance floor.

I tried to keep some distance between us, but mom wasn't having it. She turned with her back facing me and began to grind her body against me. Instinctively, my hands held on to her waist, which allowed her to rest her head on me as she moved; pressing her body closer to mine. It was hard to tell over the music, but I could have sworn I heard her moan. The fast pace of the music and having mom's body grinding against me made my heart race. Everyone was watching as mom and I danced like old lovers. I forgot she was my mother and started rubbing my hands over her body. This time, I defiantly heard her moan. This shook me into realization that I was dancing with my mother. I told her that i needed some air and i walked outside. The air helped clear my head. I couldn't believe what I was feeling for my mom. What was I feeling?

"Why did you stop?"

My mom's voice came from behind me. I turned and found her leaning against the wall, blocking my way to escape inside. I mumbled something about being dizzy and needing air. She walked up closer to me until she was just a breath away.

"You know i could always tell when you were lying to me. You never look me in the eye when you lie." She placed her hand on my hip, " Now tell me the truth." Her emerald eyes were hypnotizing.

"Your grinding kinda turned me on."

"Did it now?"

Why did she sound so calm? Shouldn't this have upset her? I mean she was my MOM! But she didn't seem to mind much as her hands began rubbing my side, slowly moving up towards my breast.

"I'm really sorry. I don't know what came over me. I think we should go home."

"I hope you're not actually thinking that we're going home now. See the thing is, you got me really worked up in there, and what kind of mother would I be if I didn't make you finish what you started?"

I was about to say something when her hand finally reached my breast. She gave it a hard squeeze causing me to moan.

"I watched you in you sad sulking moments and knew that I had to do something. Mmmm... When that little bitch broke your heart I wanted to break her in half, but then I decided you just needed to get out. A friend of mine told me about a local lesbian bar and I thought i would take you out to help you find a fling for the night, but then you got all sexy and I didn't want to share you anymore. Then in there i got really wet grinding on you. Mmmmm and now I want to fuck the shit out of you."

As I stood there and came to terms that my mother wanted to "fuck the shit" out of me, she had taken my breast out of my top and started to cup them and tweak my nipples. Her story mixed with her breast stimulation had my really horny. She took my hand an placed it under her dress, allowing me to feel her wetness through her panties.

"See how wet you made me, baby?"

"Uh huh"

"You're not going to leave mommy like this, are you baby? You're going to mommy's good little girl, aren't you?"

I didn't respond as my hands pulled her into my body. Her filthy little mouth worked magic as her tongue began to write the alphabet in my mouth. I was past caring that this was my mother. She was too damn sexy, and her voice filled with lust were just too much.

I roughly pushed her against the wall as we passionately kissed. My hands grabbed her breast hard, causing her to gasp. As I kissed and sucked on her neck, my hand took her breast from her dress. I mirrored her nipple tweaking from earlier until my mouth reached her breast and took over. She began to whimper as my tongue swirled around her nipple. I took one of her now hard nipples in my mouth and began to nibble and bite on it, causing her to growl deep in her throat.

"Fuck yes. Oh my god, you always were a bitter. Don't stop baby.... Don't.. stt-"

Her words were cut off when I pushed her panties aside and shoved two fingers in her pussy. Her lower half instinctively pushed out from the wall as I began to continue to push into her warm and wet hole. She began to move on my fingers, trying to get closer to her fast approaching orgasm. She let out a very sexy moan as her already wet pussy drenched my hand. Nothing could stop me from making my mom cum. She started grinding on my hand, panting for me not to stop. I pulled her in and kissed her hard. Our tongues intertwined as I rubbed her pussy faster.

'HONEY! I'm gonna cum! Please don't stop! Make mommy cum like the slut she is." She began to move faster as I began to push harder into her tight pussy. I went back to nibbling her neck and her breathing became very labored. Before long I was holding my mother's shaking body as her orgasm overtook her. Her pussy leaked onto my finger as I continued to finger fuck her. I looked up to see my mother's flushed face and her eyes squinted shut. When her orgasm finally subsided, I pulled her up and kissed her passionately. It no longer mattered that I had just brought an orgasm to the woman that gave birth to me. All that mattered was that I had just given a sexy woman a mind crashing orgasm and she looked damn amazing doing it.Mom caught her breath and smiled up at her me. She still had the lovely glow that was a tell-tale sign of a great orgasm. She grabbed my hand and pulled me close to her.

"See, aren't you glad you finished what you started? Our next lesson will be if at first you succeed, try try again and again..... until they beg you to stop."

I had a feeling she would be the one teaching me this lesson, and I wanted nothing more. I grabbed her face and kissed her once again before pulling her towards the car. I was ready for an all-nighter.

*to be continued*

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