tagTransgender & CrossdressersFinishing School for Shemales Ch. 02

Finishing School for Shemales Ch. 02


Please note, all characters portrayed in this story are over 18.


Davina hurried down the hallway, her books clasped in front of her heavy breasts to stop them jiggling as she ran.

It had been almost two weeks since she had truly given herself to Mistress K in the beautiful, imposing headmistresses study, drinking the transgendered woman's seed from another T-girls newly fucked butt.

In that time, Davina had slowly been coming to terms with her new body. The perfect legs, curving hips, bubble butt and the full, rounded breasts that were causing her so much trouble now. The weight was still unusual and she found that if she hurried without her books in front of them, the dom girls would wolf whistle and there had been a few occasions when Davina had got herself pressed against the wall by some of the more predatory doms.

Davina now slept in a small dormitory with three other girls. It was comfortable and had a little washroom and shower at the end. Olivia, the girl who had been so brutally fucked by Mistress K, slept in a bed next to Davina and the two had become firm friends. The other two girls were Katie, a gorgeous, petite girl with coffee coloured skin and a cute, upturned nose, and Bobbi, a girl who was very shy and would often keep out of some of the more graphic conversations the other three girls had late at night.

Davina was still finding the change in her life from skinny, awkward teenage boy, to a beautiful, curvy t-girl hotty, a bit difficult, but with the help of her new friends, things were changing. Olivia was the most sexually experienced out of all of them. They would sit in their nighties once the door to the dorm was locked and chat about their new lives. Olivia claimed that she was in love with one of the dom girls, a tall, statuesque brunette called Hope. And she described to her shocked, delighted room mates the few times that Hope had taken her to a deserted classroom and fucked her tight ass with her thick eight inch prick. The last time they were together they had been discovered, which was why Mistress K had fucked Olivia's cute, puckered rosebud so fiercely, as a punishment.

They had asked Olivia what Mistress K felt like, what was it like to have that huge cock inside her? Olivia's eyes widened and she said that she had never experienced anything like it. It stretched her so much she felt like she was going to split and the length simply took her breath away. She said she wasn't sure if she'd like to do it again, but she was glad it had happened. Although, Davina thought to herself, it didn't seem to have taught Olivia anything, as she was still constantly flirting with Hope whenever she could.

Davina finally made her way to the locker rooms and made her way in. The rest of the sub girls in her year were already there, milling around and chatting. They did sports 3 times a week, and the outfits seemed to vary from run-of-the-mill to scandalously sexy. Davina found Olivia sitting on her own, checking her nails.

"Sports outfits arrived yet?" Davina asked, placing her books in her locker.

Olivia shook her head when the sports master Mr Roberts, opened the door with an armful of parcels. He was huge, almost 6 feet 5 with a shaved head and massive shoulders.

"Get changed and be on the hockey field in fifteen minutes." Mr Roberts shouted over the din of the chatting girls. "Or you'll be in detention with me on Sunday."

Davina shivered slightly at the words. The rumour was that detention with Mr Roberts meant squatting in a freezing classroom, naked, sucking the man's cock for up to an hour whilst he read the Sunday papers. Davina still felt a little odd about guys. She loved the other girls and felt a thrill run through her when she noticed one of the Dom girls looking at her. But the idea of giving herself to a guy... it still felt a little icky.

The girls quickly started unwrapping the parcels as Mr Roberts walked out. Davina heard Olivia gasp as she opened the parcel.

"Oh my god!"

Davina opened her own parcel and suddenly blushed. Inside the box were a few tiny items of rubber clothing. Davina looked at Olivia. "Are we supposed to wear this?"

Olivia nodded with a grin. "We'll have to help each other if we don't want to end up blowing Roberts."

They took the outfits out to reveal a tiny, baby pink polo shirt, white pleated sports skirt and pink and white hooped stockings, all made of rubber. A small vial of talc was in each parcel.

Davina and the other girls quickly took their uniforms off and began helping each other out. Olivia walked naked to her friend, talc in hand.

"Right hun," she smiled, "this might tickle."

Olivia started patting talc onto Davina's shoulders and back and then onto her heavy, tan breasts and tight little tummy. Olivia's warm little hands felt good on her body and as the girl's hand went lower, fingers brushing through the tiny triangle of pubic hair and lower, their eyes met.

Davina bit her bottom lip as Olivia's fingers slowly found her small, smooth penis.

Davina felt her butterflies in her tummy at the other girl's touch, when suddenly Olivia stopped.

"You do me now!" Her friend laughed mischievously.

Davina started patting the perfumed talc into her friend's soft skin, loving the feel of her under her hands. Olivia turned and Davina started applying the talc to her friends breasts. They were a little bigger than Davina's but still beautiful and firm. As Davina's movements became slower, Olivia's nipples started to blush and grow.

Olivia's blue eyes once more met Davina's green ones and slowly they moved together. Davina felt her friend's nipples brush her own. And with what felt like a tiny electric shock in the pit of her tummy she felt her own penis brush against Olivia's. Davina felt her girlie cock start to grow slightly. Olivia's pink bow lips where just inches from hers when they heard a cough.

Davina spun to see that the changing room was almost empty -- Bobbi the shy girl from their dorm moved closer and spoke in her soft, quiet voice.

"You better hurry, or you'll be in trouble." With that, she lowered her eyes and scampered out of the room.

Olivia and Davina quickly started putting the outfits on. The polo shirts were incredibly snug. Davina pulled hers over her head, putting her thin arms through the short sleeves. The rubber stretched over her skin and felt very strange... and also very nice. Soon the shirt was pulled down as low as it would go, an inch above Davina's bellybutton. Her breasts felt unusual, pressed together in the tiny pink top. A slit ran several inches down the front giving anyone who wanted a great view of her tightly packed orbs.

She quickly buckled on the tiny white rubber pleated skirt which started at her hips and was only a few inches long. She then ran the hooped rubber stockings up her lithe, smooth legs until they stopped mid thigh. At the bottom of the parcel she found a tiny pair of pink panties and two small white gloves, both in rubber.

She wriggled into the panties, and feeling them slide over her girlish thighs was one of the most erotic things she had felt in her life! She pulled them up into place, hoping that the swelling of her penis wouldn't show too much. She then pulled on the tiny gloves that barely came to the wrist and pulled her long auburn hair into a ponytail.

Olivia was standing waiting for her and they turned to look in the mirror before they went out. The uniforms were practically indecent. The tops hugged their figures beautifully, lifting and presenting their ripe cleavage, whilst the stockings and skirts showed a tantalising few inches of firm, tanned thigh.

Davina put a gloved hand to her mouth. "Oh my god!"

Olivia winked into the mirror. "We look super hot."

Davina smiled nervously. "We look like we're going to go do a porno or something."

Olivia grinned again. "I'm game if you are."

Olivia giggled, watching her friend blush once more and they put on small pink trainers and hurried out.

On the sports field, Roberts was waiting, looking at his watch as Davina and Olivia ran out. Roberts sighed as they came out. Fourteen and a half minutes. 30 seconds more and Sunday would have been incredible. Oh well, he thought to himself. There's always a next time.

The girls began playing hockey in the wall enclosed field. It wasn't long before their tight rubber outfits started to make them all glisten with sweat. This was the first time that Davina had worn rubber clothing and it felt liberating and frightening. She felt tightly enclosed and yet very very exposed, all at the same time.

And every time the girls went for the ball, bending over, their tiny skirts would rise up, exposing their thighs and tiny, skin tight rubber panties, enclosing their delicious behinds.

As they were playing, Davina noticed a man watching them from a gap in the wall. "Who's that?"She asked Olivia, panting at the exertion.

"That's Joseph. He looks after the grounds. Cute isn't he?" She said, before running off after the game.

Davina watched the man and saw, with a shock, that he was looking directly at her. She quickly turned and ran after the ball.

Davina was no good at sports. As a boy she had had no talent, and as a girl, she seemed no better. At one point Mr Roberts stopped the game and walked over to her, towering above.

"It's a hockey stick, not a goddam agricultural tool. If you can't even be bothered to try to do it right, I'll put you straight in detention " He shouted. Davina was shaking, afraid that he would humiliate her just as countless sports teachers had in the past. When suddenly Davina realised he was staring down her top, at the pin-pricks of sweat making their way between her tightly clasped cleavage. Again, that strange feeling came over her. The feeling of having power over a man. She still couldn't believe that when guys looked at her, they weren't seeing the geeky boy, but a voluptuous, tanned girl that they wanted to touch and hold. Davina began to shake, from fear and from excitement at what she was about to do.

Davina bowed her head and bit her bottom lip, then looked up at him through her thick lashes.

"Could... could you show me? Sir?" Davina half whispered.

Roberts looked at the beautiful t-girl and slowly moved around behind her. He reached around, putting his hands over Davina's on the stick.

"You hold it like this." He said, moving the hockey stick back and forth.

Davina slowly let her tight little ass move backwards until it was pressed against the large bulge in the sports teacher's pants. She heard him gasp between his teeth, and genuinely unable to believe how shameless she was becoming, slowly wriggled her rubber clad butt into his crotch. The man groaned.

"I think I've got it now, Sir." She said, huskily over her shoulder.

The man nodded and stepped back, wiping sweat off his forehead. Davina noticed that some of the other girls were staring at her, but for the first time, she didn't care. She felt powerful.

At the end of the game, Davina and Olivia walked back towards the locker rooms, their skin glistening with a thin film of sweat, their breathing making their breasts rise and fall in the tight rubber material.

They were chatting when Davina saw something from the corner of her eye. It was Joseph, the groundsman, he smiled, beckoned once to her and disappeared round a corner. Davina's head was spinning, but, overcome with her power over Roberts on the hockey field, she decided that she would be brave. She turned to Olivia.

"I... I think I forgot something." Davina said, her voice shaking a little.

Before Olivia could say anything, Davina started jogging back the way they had come. When Olivia was out of sight, Davina turned and made her way in the direction Joseph had gone in.

There was an overgrown path leading away from the sports field. Davina felt her breath come in quick gasps, her knees trembling. What was she doing? This was so stupid.

Her courage almost gone, Davina turned and came face to face with Joseph. He was 6ft tall, broad shouldered with a hard, lean body. His black hair and dark skin gave him a Mediterranean look.

Davina gasped and stopped.

"Sorry I surprised you, sweetie." Joseph smiled.

Davina looked up at the man, and felt her body shaking. "I... I came the wrong way." She mumbled.

"Really?" He moved forwards slightly. Davina stumbled a little and felt a wall behind her back. "Cos, when I beckoned you over, you looked like you knew where you were going."

He moved closer to the trembling t-girl, and put his arm past her head to lean on the wall. Davina's stomach was churning with fear... and excitement. She had never been in this situation before. She wanted to run... she wanted to... kiss him. The thought came to Davina's head in a flash. Somewhere inside her David suddenly awakened. He didn't kiss boys, he didn't wear slutty outfits and wriggle his ass in other guys crotches. What the fuck was going on.

Davina pushed hard against Joseph's chest. "Let me go." She said, her breathing laboured.

Joseph smiled, looking down at the tight, tan body. The beautiful breasts straining against the rubber, and at the slim brown thighs, slightly parted below the white rubber skirt.

"I'll let you go." He said. "But first, you gotta give me one kiss, sweetie."

"No," cried Davina. "And stop calling me that. I don't like guys... I... I'm not who you think I am..."

Joseph smiled and leaned forwards. Davina moved her head to the side but a strong hand came up and gripped her jaw. Joseph leant forwards and kissed Davina strongly, mashing her lips back.

Davina felt a wave of something incredible come over her the moment their lips met. Pure unbridled lust. Her little cock was starting to harden against the restricting material of her pink rubber panties. She groaned in the back of her throat.

"Please..." She moaned.

Joseph leant in again and kissed her, more softly this time. It was the first time she had been kissed by a boy and the feeling was incredible. The smell of his aftershave, the feeling of stubble on his jaw. She felt his tongue slide between her lips and start to explore. Her own tongue slid along his.

It was like nothing she had ever felt. Her breasts rose quickly as Joseph leaned back, taking in the beautiful t-girl.

"Lift up your skirt." He said huskily.

Davina never dropped eye contact as she slid trembling hands down her body to the hem of her skirt. She slowly pulled it up, exposing her tight panties.

She watched Joseph drink in her body with his eyes. His hand moved down between her legs, his thumb slowly stroking the soft skin of her thigh. And then she felt his hand gently stroke the front of her panties, stroking along her hardening cock.

Davina groaned again, letting her head fall back as he slowly tightened his grip and then relaxed it, squeezing her clit. His fingers came up and slid into the tight waistband of her underwear. Davina clung to him, her breath coming in hard gasps and soft moans, kissing his neck as slowly he stroked her, running his thumb over the tip of her little cock. His other hand rose up her hip, across her tummy and began to squeeze her breasts.

Davina reach down and her gloved hand found the front of his pants. She began rubbing the huge bulge, feeling it twitch and harden.

Joseph kissed her deeply again and then lowered himself down her body, kissing her neck, running his tongue over her cleavage, tasting her sweat mixed with the scent of rubber. He kissed her breasts, letting his tongue swirl against the shiny material, feeling her nipple grow. He got to his knees and kissed the tight skin of her tummy before moving down.

He inhaled her perfume, and the scent of her sweat and kissed the front of her panties. Davina moaned again, instinctively spreading her thighs as his hot, wet tongue licked the velvet, hairless skin where her thigh met the material of her panties.

With a quick movement he had his fingers in her waistband and urgently tugged the stretchy rubber downwards. Davina felt her hands rest on the back of his head and her panties stretch between her spread knees. She knew it was wrong, to be so exposed, to be letting a boy do this to her.. But she couldn't stop. It was impossible.

He gently kissed the tip of her semi-hard cock and then took both her cock and balls in his mouth all in one go. Davina's eyes rolled in the back of her head at the intense pleasure and moaned hard, an almost animal sound. She sighed as he let her slip from his mouth.

She felt his hands grip her hips and slowly turn her until she was facing the wall. As though in a dream, and with her whole body trembling with new pleasure, she let her breasts press against the rough surface as she pushed her beautiful rounded ass towards Joseph. His tongue explored her cheeks, leaving silvery lines of saliva. She felt his strong hands clasp her cheeks and spread them, then felt his hot breath on her most secret place.

The moment his tongue touched her rosebud, Davina felt fireworks go off in her head. And then, the tongue was withdrawn. Her body sagged when suddenly she felt the tip of his tongue press against her anus, softly at first, then more and more firmly. Slowly she felt her most secret entrance begin to open for him and Joseph's thick tongue slid smoothly inside her.

She arched her back, pressing her butt into his face as he began to tongue fuck her. "Oh, god... Joseph... please..."

Joseph's tongue continued to fuck her, sliding into her perfect little hole, and then out, then back in, swirling around. And then it slowly withdrew. Davina didn't notice that he had stood up. He reached around her, his hand cupping her breast, squeezing and kneading and she felt a strong finger pressing against her entrance.

She turned her head, panting and his mouth found hers, his tongue taking over her mouth. The finger slid inside, passing the rubbery resistance of her virgin hole and he began fucking her with the digit. Davina's little cock was now pressed upwards against her stomach, pulsing in time to the movements of Joseph's finger.

The finger withdrew and she lifted his hand, taking the finger between her cherry lips, licking and tasting herself like a slut.

She felt Joseph shifting behind her and the jangle of belt buckle. Then she felt something she had never felt before. The hard, hot, throbbing meat of a huge cock resting against her ass cheeks.

She felt him shift again and looked down. With a delicious feeling he was rubbing his long, thick cock between her legs, against the bottom of her scrotum. As she watched she saw the perfect purple head, huge beneath her own, sliding backwards and forwards.

Her gloved hand came down between her legs and gripped his thick shaft. He was not as big as Mistress K, but it was still a thick, beautiful cock. She squeezed and she felt his meat pulse in response.

Joseph held her tight as with one hand he took hold of his penis and pressed it against the t-girls velvet cheeks. The head of his cock found her entrance and he wrapped an arm around her tummy as slowly he began to push forwards.

The entrance held for a few seconds, and then, like a blossoming flower, began to open to him. Davina felt pain as the thick head spread her open, but it was only slight. Most of all she felt an incredible heat gathering in her stomach, of pure unbridled lust.

Suddenly, she stiffened.

Joseph spoke in between hard gasps. "Are you okay?"

Davina, her body shivering looked over her shoulder at him, her huge, liquid green eyes making him want to be inside her even more. "I... I promised the Mistress."

"You mean... you've never...?" He asked in disbelief.

Davina nodded, her eyes tearing. "I promised the Mistress that I let any man inside me until she... until..."

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