tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFiona at Camp Ch. 01

Fiona at Camp Ch. 01


"Why did you want to come to work at a camp?" Steve, the head counselor, asked as he gazed across the room of his cabin at Fiona. She was a strikingly beautiful woman, from England, in her early twenties. She was tall, slender, with straight, dark hair that was cut very short but with a few tendrils that cascaded down over her long, slender neck. It made her look really cute. Her body was magnificent, with high, firm breasts that never seemed to be encumbered by a bra. Her nipples always seemed to be hard and stood out like pencil erasers against whatever tank top or T-shirt she wore; few of which managed to make it down as far as her slender waist, so that her hourglass figure was always in view. Her ass was small but perfectly sculptured and her legs were very long and shaped like those of a statue. They seemed widely spaced, so that her thighs never touched except when she crossed her legs. She usually wore tight shorts or very short ones, that showed off her magnificent ass and her very long legs.

Fiona had arrived at camp mid-summer on a program for Europeans to work in America in summer camps and then get to travel for a few weeks before returning home. They got their visa, plane ticket and some money in return for working at a camp. She was sent to replace a counselor who had been injured and went home. She wasn't working out.

Fiona had been on her way back from the lake when Steve called her over. She wore a sheer beach top that came down to just below her ass and a string bikini that left little to the imagination. Steve had decided to wait until after free swim, since her group had free time until dinner and because he, like everyone else, liked to see her in the bikini. His office was the front room of his cabin.

"What do you mean?" she asked somewhat teasingly.

"Just what I said. Why did you want to come to work at a camp? You are supposed to be working at a camp with kids. You don't seem to even like kids. It seems to me that your only interest here at camp is partying." he said.

"What's wrong with that?" she asked with a coy smile.

"Well, for one thing, it's not what you are being paid to do." he chided her. "What was it, the lure of a free ride to America and the chance to travel around?" he asked.

"Yes, I have some friends that came on this program last year and they really liked it and got to travel while they were here." she replied.

"But why a camp? You don't like kids and can't seem to drag yourself out of bed in the morning. Didn't they tell you what was expected during your interview?" he asked.

"I guess they didn't explain it fully." she confessed.

"I can't keep you in a cabin any longer. Your behavior in the unit is not exactly in keeping with the age group you work with." he said. "You don't make a very good role model." he added.

"Well, I didn't want to be a cabin counselor." she said. "It even said that on my application."

"Yes, I know, but we needed someone a bit older in the teen unit and so we took you." he said. "But we told you that at the outset."

"Well, it isn't my fault." she said.

"Oh, thanks for coming." Steve said as I entered his cabin. "I've been reviewing the situation with Fiona." he explained. I came in and sat down in the basket chair that hung from one of the rafters in Steve's cabin. I looked at her as she sat in the stuffed armchair that Steve had in the front room of his cabin, her long legs stretched out in front of her.

"We really have a problem here." I began. "The boys may really like watching you through the holes in the wall at the shower house, but your putting on a show for them is a bit too far over the line. You've earned one hell of a reputation around camp. I've watched you with the staff.

"To be blunt. I can't keep you as a counselor and I can't even pawn you off on some other camp. I'm going to have to call the agency that sent you and have them ship you back home." I said with some remorse in my voice. It was nice having her beautiful body bouncing around camp. Most of the male staff loved to watch her, no matter what it was she was doing. Several had enjoyed fucking her, according to the camp grapevine.

"You can't do that." she protested. "I came to be here to travel and be at camp."

"Yes, but to be at camp, you have to do your job properly and to stay for travel, you have to be at camp. I can't keep you as a counselor - you aren't suited for the job and I don't really have anything else for you." I confessed.

"But this isn't fair." she protested.

"Let me ask you something." I said. "I know how they do interviews in the agency. Didn't it come out that camp wasn't a good kind of job for you?" I asked. Fiona just shrugged her shoulders and I watched as her firm tits bounced gently.

"I don't understand how you got a placement. What did you do? Fuck the interviewer?" Steve asked.

"Among others." she replied with a smile.

"I didn't mean it literally." he said, a bit embarrassed.

"No, really." she said. "He said I wouldn't be good with kids but I really wanted to come to America." she confided. "When he asked me how badly I wanted to go, I showed him. That's why I got the placement but he wrote on the file that I shouldn't be a counselor." she confided with a smile as she shifted position on the chair and pulled one leg up under her ass and spread her thighs apart. The gesture wasn't wasted.

"You said, 'among others.'" Steve said.

"Well, his recommendation went to the director of the agency, who also invited me for an interview." she explained.

"And...?" he asked.

"And I fucked his brains out." she said with a smile as she placed her hand on her thigh just inches from her sheathed pussy.

"And now what?" I asked.

"Well, you know that I like to fuck and I'm pretty sure you'd both like to fuck me - I see the way you both look at my body when you're around me." she said. "I suggest that I stay at camp and that you can both fuck me for the rest of the summer." she said somewhat boldly as she slid her long fingers over the soft skin of her inner thigh until it reached the very edge of her bikini.

"Is that so?" I asked as I gazed at her beautiful, young body.

"Sure, why not?" she said. "You do fuck, don't you?" she teased.

"Yes, but my tastes may run a little more exotic than you're used to." I taunted her.

"That's okay. I'm sure I can handle it. Besides, I really like it here and I want to stay." she said with a smile.

"In that case your ability to stay will depend on your ability to satisfy." I said. "We'll see if you can live up to your reputation."

"Where do you want me?" she asked with a smile.

"Pretty bold, aren't you?" I teased her.

"Listen, you both want to fuck me, don't you? Well, let's do it." she said as she stood up and placing her hands on her hips, spread her legs slightly apart. She looked like she was ready to conquer the two of us. Was she in for a surprise.

"Okay, let's see what you can handle." I said with a smile. "Come here." Fiona lowered her hands to her sides and walked over to me. She was an exquisite creature and so very willing. She stood in front of me, her hands came up to her hips and her long legs slid apart once again.

"Take off your shirt." I said and she peeled open her top and let it slide down over her soft shoulders, letting it drop to the floor behind her. Steve pulled the heavy armchair away from the wall and turned it around behind her.

Standing up, I placed my hands on her bare waist and pressed her backwards until she sat on the edge of the chairback. She looked down at the bulge in the front of my shorts and licked her lips. She felt Steve on the chair behind her. I placed my hands on Fiona's soft shoulders and then sliding my fingers down over the soft skin on her arms, I pulled her wrists together between her parted thighs. Steve held out his hand to her side but she didn't see it. I picked up the pair of metal handcuffs he held out and quickly clapped them around Fiona's slender wrists.

"What the....?" she gasped as she felt her arms bound for the first time in her life.

"You said you could handle it." I taunted the bound beauty. "Now we shall see." I said with a taunting smile. "Don't move." I instructed as I held her hands firmly between her thighs. Fiona felt Steve move behind her as he placed a soft leather collar around her long, slender neck. He buckled it in the back and made sure it wouldn't come loose or choke her and then he nodded to me.

"Put your hands up behind your head." I instructed and Fiona slowly lifted her arms up over her head and then Steve took hold of her wrists and clipped the short chain of the cuffs to the ring on the collar she wore. Fiona's arms were bound behind her head and now she was totally at our mercy and she knew it.

"You're not used to losing control of the situation, are you?" I taunted her as I raised my hands up to her covered breasts. I took her firm tits in my hands and then pinched her taut nipples through the sheer nylon of her bikini bra. She gasped as she felt my fingers close around her tender nubbins. Fiona felt Steve's hands on her back and as he pulled on the slender string of her bra and the back fell open. Her bra was held in place only by the firmness of her tits as they filled the sheer cups.

Things were moving a lot faster than she was used to and she had never lost control of a sexual situation before. It was scary, yet exciting. I bent forward and grabbing her just below her knees, I pulled her legs up and her body tipped backwards over the chairback. Fiona suddenly found herself draped over the back or the armchair, with her hips raised, her head resting on the cushion as her arms pressed against the arms of the chair and her long legs waved in the air.

Looking up, she saw Steve open the front of his shorts and retrieving his ramrod, he knelt on the chair in front of her. His knees pressed her arms back against the cushion as he pinned her to the chair. Sliding his hand down under her neck, he slapped her soft cheeks with the tip of his cock. He rubbed the head of his cock over her soft lips and then pressed forward as she parted her lips and felt his cock slide into her mouth. She sucked the head of his cock and then, as he slid further forward, she tilted her head so that his shaft could penetrate past her tonsils and deep into her throat. His hands came down to her magnificent breasts and he peeled away her bra. As she felt the soft material slip from around her breasts, she felt him pinch the string around her neck as the bow came undone. He tossed her bra on the floor and brought his hands down to her full breasts. He began to pinch and pull on her taut and tender nipples and as she moaned, he felt the vibrations on his cock.

As Steve began to fuck her beautiful face, I stepped forward and spreading her thighs, I retrieved my cock and rubbed the head over the soft nylon of her bikini bottoms. She'd been around but was not used to such a direct approach to her sexuality. She felt my hands on her hips and then as I pulled up on the strings that held her bikini in place, I opened the bows and peeled away her last shred of clothing.

My hands came down to her mons and then as I stepped back a bit, I slid my thumbs down between her swollen labia and peeled them back. As her pussy opened, I aimed my cock at her seething slit and shoved my ramrod deep into her warm wetness. Fiona gasped as she felt my cock fill her tight and very wet pussy and then she felt her body begin to bounce back and forth as the two of us skewered her from either end. I looked down at Steve's hips and could see that his entire cock was rammed into Fiona's mouth and then I knew that deep throat was part of her repertoire. I was pleased. Steve and I looked at each other and smiled. This was going to be a fine arrangement.

I felt Fiona's powerful love muscles begin to massage my invading cock as I shoved deeper and deeper into her tight pussy and her tongue went after Steve's cock with real enthusiasm. She was scared at having her wrists bound but excited by the sexual energy that was flowing in her beautiful, young body. She began to writhe as she felt our two cocks plowing into her mouth and pussy. Steve continued to pinch and pull at her tender nipples and she seemed to be responding to the double assault on her naked body.

Her long legs kicked wildly in the air as I rammed my cock into her tightness. With her slender waist draped over the chairback and her ass just over the edge, her body didn't move much as I pounded into her drenched pussy. Suddenly her body stiffened and her chest heaved as I felt her insides flood with hot cum as a powerful orgasm wracked her beautiful, young body. Then grabbing her by her legs, I pulled them up over her pussy and then sliding my hands to her ankles, I pulled her long legs up into the air and then pulled them wide apart. I held her spread open as we continued to thrust into both ends of her body.

Steve slid his cock from between Fiona's hungry lips and she quickly began to wonder what was going to happen next. Holding her legs high in the air, I slowly turned Fiona's body so that she rolled over onto her side. It was an awkward position but then letting go of one leg, I turned her further, until she was draped over the chairback with my cock still buried in her tight, wet pussy. Steve helped her to adjust her upper body until she lay with her shoulders on the cushion and her head pressed to the seat. He could see that she was in an awkward position and so reaching down to the back of her neck, he released her bound wrists from the ring on her collar.

Fiona pulled her arms down and then sliding her handcuffed wrists under her chest, braced her hands on the cushion and lifted her body up. Her full breasts hung heavily below her chest as they bounced gently every time I thrust my cock into her tight pussy. Fiona felt Steve's fingers curl through her short hair as he lifted her face and pressed his cock to her lips again. She opened her mouth and he slid his shaft back into her hungry mouth as I began to ram my cock deep into her hot pussy once again. Looking down at her beautiful ass, I could see her tight sphincter as it clenched shut every time her powerful inner muscles clamped down around my invading shaft.

Placing my hands on Fiona's firm asscheeks, I pressed her ass open and then slid my fingers over her taut asshole. Fiona began to protest but with a mouth full of cock, she wasn't at all intelligible. I began to prod her asshole with my finger and felt her powerful inner muscles clamp down hard around my cock. I felt her legs begin to flail about as my finger teased her tight asshole.

Ramming my cock into Fiona's pussy as directly as I had was one thing but doing the same to her asshole was a different story. When I saw how she was struggling, I realized her fear and decided on a different approach. I eased my cock out of her tight pussy and then sitting down behind her, I pulled her asscheeks apart and kissed her firm cheek, deep in the crack of her ass. She moaned as she felt my lips on her ass and Steve's cock buried in her mouth. I licked the crack of her ass as my fingers began to probe and tease her open and very wet pussy. Her body began to writhe as I teased her twin holes with my tongue and then my fingers. It seemed she didn't mind being fucked in the ass, she was just afraid of my ramming my cock all the way into her ass with one thrust as I'd done into her tight pussy.

As her body relaxed, her tight sphincter began to open, until I was able to slide first one very wet finger and then another into her tight asshole. As my fingers probed her opening ass, I inserted my thumb into her drenched pussy. Fiona relished the feeling of having both of her holes filled along with her hungry mouth. When I felt her ass was open enough to accommodate my cock, I lifted my face from between her creamy globes and then replaced my thumb with my ramrod in her seething pussy. I pressed my thumb deep into her asshole and pumped it in and out as my cock rammed deep into her tight and very wet pussy. Once again Fiona felt her body being bounced back and forth between our two cocks as all three of her available holes were filled.

Once my cock was slick with her juices, I slid it out of her tight pussy and then rubbed my sticky shaft through the length of her asscrack. Fiona braced herself for my cock as I prepared to slide it all the way into her magnificent ass. Pressing her cheeks apart, I prodded her sphincter with the tip of my ramrod and then slowly pressed forward. She gasped loudly around Steve's cock as my ramrod stretched her tight asshole open and then slid all the way into her bowels.

With my cock buried, balls deep in her ass, I stood still for a moment and just flexed my cock in her magnificent ass. Fiona gasped as she felt her ass filled with hard cock. When I felt her inner muscles squeeze me, I knew it was time to start fucking her. Slowly I pulled back and then, as most of my shaft came out of her ass, I looked down and grabbing her firmly by her cheeks, pulled them apart and slid my cock all the way back in. I heard her grunt and as she continued to suck on Steve, I began to increase the speed of my thrusts and Fiona's beautiful body began to bounce and writhe as I fucked her tight asshole. I looked up at Steve and he smiled.

Fiona felt Steve's fingers in her hair again and she prepared to swallow his load. She was a bit surprised when he lifted her face from his ramrod. She stared at it and wondered what was in store for her next. He reached down to her shoulders and lifted her upper body until she was almost standing. Then she felt my hands move up to her slender waist. My hands slid up to her panting breasts as her ass slid back down onto my cock.

When I stood up straight, Fiona found her body suspended in the air as she hung on my ramrod and my hands held her beautiful breasts firmly. Her feet slapped against mine as her long legs tried to reach the floor. I walked us over to the basket chair and Steve stepped around her and sat down in the chair. She'd thought the chair seemed a bit high when I'd first sat down in it and now she realized why. Fiona quickly figured out what we had in mind. Taking hold of her bound wrists, Steve hooked the chain of her cuffs over a small hook on the upper edge of the basket seat. Fiona was able to wrap her fingers around the wicker rim of the chair and so she wasn't hanging by her cuffs.

Steve's hand came down behind her knee and he guided her leg up onto the cushion of the basket chair. Then he helped her to place her other leg on the chair as she straddled his thighs. She looked down and saw his ramrod sticking up between her open thighs. He slid his hips further forward in the basket and then aimed his ramrod at the entrance to her seething pussy. Grasping the rim of the chair, Fiona lifted her body up and I let my cock slide out of her tight ass. She rolled her hips under and then rubbed her pussy over the tip of Steve's cock. Once she trapped the tip between her engorged pussy lips, she slowly lowered her body down onto his cock.

Steve moaned loudly as he felt her tight, wet pussy slide down onto his cock. He couldn't believe how wet she was as she squeezed his cock with her powerful inner muscles. His hands came up to her heaving breasts and he mauled her tender tits with his hands as his cock rammed deep into her tight pussy. As Fiona impaled herself onto his ramrod, she felt my cock slap her firm asscheeks.

She rose on his cock and then waited as the tip of his cock remained trapped in the entrance to her drenched pussy. I stepped forward and taking hold of the chair rim, aimed my cock at her still open asshole. She grunted as she felt the tip slip into her sphincter and then she slowly lowered her hips onto both of our impaling ramrods. Fiona liked the feel of two cocks in her body and grabbing the rim tightly in her hands, she began to bounce her body up and down on our two cocks as the chair swung slightly.

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