tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFiona at Camp Ch. 07

Fiona at Camp Ch. 07


This is one of a series best read in order.


After dinner I walked over to the laundry room and found Fiona waiting on the porch with her long legs crossed in a way that drew my attention to her sweet pussy. The area was dark for the most part but the street lights around the camp lit the area enough to be able to move around without tripping over anything. I let Fiona inside and closed the door behind us.

"I noticed how excited you get when you are in public or where you may be discovered," I commented. "I will have to try to arrange more public performances for you," I teased her. "But right now, it's time to live up to your reputation," I said as I turned to face her and leaned against one of the large tables. Fiona moved to stand in front of me and then squatted down in front of me and opened the front of my shorts. Her hand reached inside and she then retrieved my growing cock and wrapped her soft lips around it. I moaned deeply as she sucked my cock into her mouth.

When she got me hard enough, I wrapped my fingers through her short hair and pulled her face back from my cock. I left her kneeling on the floor and walked over to sit on the one chair in the shack. I slid my ass forward to the edge of the chair and then tilted it back until it braced against a pile of towels. I was almost in a horizontal position.

"Climb on and give me your best," I said with a smile and Fiona got up and walked in my direction. Walking towards me, I could see that her beautiful breasts bounced gently with every step. As she stood beside me, she lifted her long leg up over my hips and then straddled my body. She reached down to my cock and taking it in her hand, guided it to the entrance of her seething pussy. She rubbed the tip over her engorged pussy lips and then trapping the head, slowly descended onto my cock.

Once she was completely impaled on my ramrod, she braced her hands on my shoulders and then leaning forward over my body, she began to piston her pussy up and down on my shaft. I didn't move my hips and Fiona realized that she would have to do all the work. She continued to skewer her tight pussy onto my ramrod and then began to rotate her hips as she plunged down onto my cock as she squeezed it tightly with her powerful inner muscles. She was one talented fucker. I watched her face as it filled with determination and she plunged repeatedly down onto my ramrod.

Fiona began to writhe in passion and as her breathing became heavier, she began to moan and groan with passion. Her body was plunging down onto my cock with wild abandon as she suddenly stiffened and with a soft scream, she looked down at me and flooded my impaling cock with her hot cum.

"That's two," I said with a smile and she again began to plunge her powerful pussy onto my ramrod. I was in heaven as this beautiful and sexy, young woman fucked me for all she was worth.

"Aaghh!" she screamed softly as once again, I felt her insides flood and bathe my ramrod in her sweet flow.

"That's three," I said with a smile. She braced herself again and plunged down hard onto my cock. I couldn't hold out any longer. As she rammed her tight pussy down onto my cock, I arched my back and shoved my hips upward as my cock exploded deep in her twitching pussy. Her eyes bolted wide open as she felt my cock spray cum deep into her tight pussy and her inner muscles clamped down hard around my spraying shaft and as she rolled her hips, she gasped and a fourth powerful orgasm wracked her beautiful, young body.

Fiona looked down at me and then collapsed on top of me. My arms came up around her as I flexed my spent cock deep in her tight pussy. I heard her moan. After a moment, I felt her brace her hands and I released her as she sat up across my hips. She stood up and I watched as my cock slid out from between her swollen labia and then fell back against my stomach. Fiona climbed off of me and then walking around to stand between my legs, she once again squatted down in front of me and sucked my cock between her lips. I moaned as the young beauty licked all of our cum from my cock and then slid it back into my shorts.

"Nicely done," I said with a smile as she squatted between my knees. "Don't forget to clean yourself out," I said as I got up and walked to the door. "Lock the door when you leave," I said as I left. Fiona fell back onto a pile of laundry and sat there with cum oozing out of her pussy as she realized that she was going to get fucked more this summer than she'd never been fucked in her life.

At 11:00 Fiona returned to her room and getting undressed, she lay herself out naked on the bed. She stretched her long legs out to the foot of the bed and then spread them apart to the corners of the mattress. Then reaching her arms up over her head, she lay naked and spread and waited to see who was going to be fucking her for the rest of the night.

As she lay naked on her bed, Fiona thought back on the last two days. She'd always been able to get laid but she'd never been fucked by so many men in such a short amount of time, except for one wild gang bang several years ago. But that was sort of a pass-around kind of night. She liked fucking and liked being fucked by men who knew what they were doing. She had been surprised at how responsive her body had been, especially when there were others present who might catch on to what was happening.

Suddenly she heard footsteps on the porch outside her room and she felt her pussy begin to juice. All of a sudden she wondered what would happen, if someone else just happened to be stopping by to see her and found her spread and naked on the bed. She wanted to cover herself up and reached for the sheet at the end of the bed.

Steve opened the door and found her naked and spread wide under the sheet. He came in and looked down at her and then walking to the foot of the bed, he lifted up the corner of the sheet and ripped it from her body, throwing it on the floor. She gasped at the suddenness of his move.

"Who told you to cover yourself up?" he asked in a somewhat harsh tone.

"I was afraid that someone else might come in and find me lying here waiting for you," she explained.

"So?" he asked as he sat down on the bed next to her. "Your only concern is to please and satisfy us," he said as his hand came down between her open thighs and he shoved his fingers into her tight pussy.

"Aahh!" she gasped as she felt his fingers invade her most intimate flesh. He probed deep in her pussy with his fingers as her beautiful, young body began to writhe on the bed. She wanted to grab his wrist and pull his hand from between her open thighs but knew she had better not.

"It's a shame you haven't learned to obey," he said as he slipped his fingers from her tight pussy and then adjusting the position of his hand, slid his thumb up into her cunt and then rubbed his sticky fingers through the crack of her sculptured ass. "I had planned to come in here and really enjoy a fantastic evening of pleasure with you. I think you would have really enjoyed what I planned to do with your beautiful body," he continued. "But now, I don't think I can reward you with that kind of pleasure when you just disobeyed your instructions," he said as he rubbed his finger over her taut asshole and then pressed the tip inside.

"Aaghh!" she gasped as she felt his sticky finger stretch her tight sphincter and enter her ass. She started to close her legs but he looked down at her and she quickly spread them further apart, dropping her lower legs over the sides of the mattress.

"Instead of pleasuring your body, I guess you'll just have to satisfy yourself with pleasuring mine," he said as he shoved his finger all the way into her tight asshole. Fiona felt his thumb fill her cunt and his finger fill her ass. Then he started to pump his hand in and out of her twin holes as her body began to writhe on the bed. "You'd better be quiet if you don't want the entire neighborhood to know what you're doing," he taunted her as his fingers continued to rock back and forth in her twin holes.

"Roll over and stick it in the air," he said as he ripped his hand from her loins. Fiona decided to obey quickly and she rolled onto her stomach and then pulled her knees up under her body and raised her magnificent ass. She felt his hand between her thighs as he again probed her pussy with his fingers. His thumb was slick with her pussy juices and as his fingers squeezed her firm asscheeks, he spread her ass open and then prodded her tight sphincter with his thumb.

"Aaaagghh!" she screamed softly into her pillow as his thumb plunged deep into her bowels. He pumped his thumb into her asshole several times and then slid his fingers into her dripping pussy. Curling his thumb and fingers in her loins, he pulled backwards and Fiona quickly move backwards on the bed. Once at the edge, he walked around behind her and pulling his shorts down, he slapped her asscheeks with the head of his cock.

"You don't want to make a lot of noise, unless you want all your neighbors to know that you're being fucked," he said softly as he slid his fingers out of her cunt and turned his thumb around in her violated asshole. She felt his cockhead graze the backs of her thighs and then he slid the tip between her swollen pussy lips.

"Aaghh!" she gasped as she buried her face in her pillow and felt his cock stretch her tight pussy open. He shoved his cock all the way in and then as he pumped his cock into her pussy, he pumped his thumb into her stretched asshole. Fiona's body began to lurch back and forth as he pistoned his ramrod in and out of her tight pussy. When she felt him slide all the way out, she braced herself for his assault on her asshole with his huge cock. She tried to relax as she felt the sticky tip of his cock move up through the crack of her ass and then he wedged the tip against her barely open sphincter. Taking hold of her hips, he leaned forward and felt her asshole begin to give way as his cock descended into her bowels.

Fiona's fingers clenched the pillow tightly as she screamed softly into it. His cock slid slowly into her ass until she felt his hips press her asscheeks firmly. She knew that he was all the way in. He flexed his cock in her bowels and she gasped.

"Now fuck me," he said and slowly Fiona began to move her body back and forth as she skewered her tight asshole onto his invading ramrod. Her young body began to buck wildly as she thrust her ass back onto his cock. She braced her hands on the mattress and then lifted her upper body as her tits bounced wildly under her chest. Fiona was fighting to keep quiet as her body was overwhelmed by what was going on.

A powerful orgasm ripped through her beautiful, young body and then she collapsed onto the mattress. Steve continued to fuck her ass as he took a firm hold on her flaring hips. She again lifted her chest from the mattress and bracing herself, began to fuck her naked, young body backwards onto Steve's impaling cock. Her powerful inner muscles began to clamp down around his invading shaft and he could feel his load beginning to boil.

Shoving hard into her ass, he lifted his leg up onto the bed beside her and then as he rammed forward, she fell flat onto the bed and he rode her ass downwards until her body bounced and he crashed deeper into her tight asshole. Pulling his other leg up onto the bed, he knelt astride her ass and placing his hands on her shoulders, pinned her down to the mattress, mashing her panting tits against the bed as he continued to plunge his cock into her tight asshole.

Fiona felt her breasts crushed to the mattress as she lay under him. His cock was driving hard into her sculptured ass and her body was going out of control. Suddenly she heard him grunt and as he shoved deep into her bowels, his cock exploded as buckets of cum sprayed into her quivering ass, coating her insides completely. Fiona collapsed in exhaustion after her body was wracked by a powerful orgasm. Steve sat astride her for a moment and then lifted himself up as his cock slid out of her ravaged asshole.

"Turn over," he said and the exhausted, young woman slowly rolled her body over to lie on her back. He could see the red marks made by the mattress on her creamy, white breasts and he walked around and lifting his leg over her head, straddled her face. Fiona looked up and could see his cum coated cock hanging inches above her beautiful face. As he lowered his cock to her face, she parted her lips and he eased his spent shaft into her mouth.

"Mmmmm," she heard him moan as her lips closed around his cock and she tasted his cum in her mouth. Her tongue licked over the tip of his cock and then she slid it around the sides of his shaft as more and more of his cock filled her mouth. His hands came down to her panting breasts as she sucked on him and he began to pinch and pull on her tender nubbins.

"Perhaps, next time you are instructed to do something you will. Besides, what would have happened if someone else had arrived tonight?" he chided her. "If they do, you just fuck them," he said as he pulled up on her crushed nipple and then shook her tit forcefully.

"Get some sleep," he said as he lifted his body from her face and his cock slid out of her mouth. "You'll need all your strength tomorrow at work," he said as he slid his cock back into his shorts and walked to the door. Fiona lay on the bed, her legs spread wide apart and cum oozing from her ass and her lips. This was going to be one hell of a summer.

To be continued…

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