tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFiona at Camp Ch. 08

Fiona at Camp Ch. 08


This is one of a series best read in order.

Fiona arrived at Central Supply after breakfast, wearing a short T-shirt over her bikini bottoms. Though she knew that she would have to fuck Arty, she figured that the bows on her hips would make access to her pussy easy enough for him. She didn't want to sit through lunch with her pussy naked under a shirt and have him finger fuck her in the presence of the entire camp again.

She turned around and jumped up onto the shelf of the Dutch door and then lifting her long legs up, swung her ass around, bringing her feet down inside. Arty was inside looking over some orders and turned to face her. He gazed at her open thighs and waited to see what she was going to do.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked as she braced her hands on the shelf of the door and then slid her ass forward and jumped down inside the shack.

"In there," he said and the tall beauty walked around the partition into the back room. "Put your stuff away and get yourself ready," he said. Fiona wasn't sure what she was supposed to get ready for; work or fucking. She put her things down on one of the shelves and waited for Arty to come in.

"You aren't real good at following directions, are you?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" Fiona replied.

"Well, for one thing you didn't follow instructions last night and for another when you work in here your pussy is supposed to be available for action at all times," he said as he looked at her. "It looks like you are going to learn things slowly," he said. "Now, come here," he said and the beautiful woman walked towards him.

"This is easy enough to take off," he said as he reached up to her hip and pulled gently on the bow holding her bikini bottoms in place. "I would guess that you figured I wouldn't mind your covering your pussy if it was still this easy to get inside you," he taunted her. "I would also guess that you hoped that this would save you in the dining room," he added. Fiona flushed red. "Well, you were wrong. First, it's going to get you the ass fucking that I promised you yesterday and then you are going to work buck naked back here today," he said with a smile. "You will get to wear your bikini for lunch but I will enjoy playing with your pussy while we eat lunch anyway," he said. Fiona paled. Arty's hand came out and slid between her thighs. She felt his fingers press against the moist folds of her pussy and she thanked her lucky stars that she'd cleaned herself out thoroughly after Steve had fucked her last night.

"You realize that when you cooperate and obey, we have the ability to bring you great pleasure. When you don't, then we take advantage of your body and any pleasure you enjoy will be purely incidental," he said as his hand rubbed the front of her bikini bottoms. "Now, get your ass over there and grab that stack of blankets," Fiona moved to the blankets and then bent over the stack of blankets and braced herself on the top of the pile. Her magnificent ass was pressed backwards and her feet were slightly apart.

"Put your foot up there," he instructed and Fiona lifted her foot onto the next stack of blankets. Her knee was raised slightly above her hip and her thighs were spread open for him. Arty moved behind her and then placed his hands on her back. She felt his hand move down to her ass and then he slid his fingers into the back of her bikini bottoms. Curling his fingers around the sheer material, he pulled up slowly until the crotch of her bathing suit drew tight into the crack of her ass and then slid between her swollen pussy lips and wedged tightly in her twin cracks.

Arty's hands then moved out to her hips and he slid his fingers under the thin strings that held her bottoms in place. He grasped the bows that held the bathing suit and pulling slowly on them, he watched the bows become undone and then fall open. The back panel of her bottoms remained wedged tightly between her asscheeks. He reached for the upper edge of her bikini and taking hold of the small triangle of material, he pulled it and the soft material pulled up tightly between her thighs and rubbed between her pussy lips. As he slowly pulled on it, the material rubbed over her clit and then up into the crack of her ass. As it emerged from between her legs, he tossed it onto the blankets beside her.

"Grab your cheeks and spread them for me," he said and the frightened, young woman slid her hands back and taking hold of her own asscheeks, spread them open for him. Arty gazed down at her tight sphincter and licked his lips. "I plan to fuck the shit out of you. But I will give you the opportunity to open your ass up for me, if you'll play with yourself while I watch," he said.

Fiona didn't like the idea of masturbating in front of Arty but the alternative of being fucked directly in the ass with no preparation, was not a very an attractive one. Arty watched as Fiona's hand slid down between her open thighs and she began to caress her spread pussy. He sat down on a pile of towels and watched as this beautiful, young woman leaned over the pile of blankets and began to finger herself before him. As she worked herself, her breathing got heavier and her hanging tits began to heave gently. Her weight was supported on one leg and that leg began to shake as her pussy began to ooze its sweet nectar.

Feeling humiliated but still a bit scared, Fiona decided to close her eyes and sink into the sensation of her own caresses. Her body began to tremble and then she screamed softly as her muscles clenched and she creamed her fingers with her sweet flow. Her fingers plunged deep into her juicy twat as she coated them with her slick flow. Then he watched as she extended one finger from her pussy and rubbed it up between her spread asscheeks and across the tight sphincter of her puckered asshole.

Arty watched intently as Fiona began to tease her tight asshole with her slick fingers. She slid her finger in and then began to pump it gently into her tightness. After a minute or two, she slid a second finger into her ass and began to open herself up for the fucking that she knew was coming. She hated what she was being forced to do but she was terrified of his ramming his huge cock directly into her tight asshole. Arty watched as her body began to writhe with passion as she finger fucked herself before him. As he watched her, he saw that her tight sphincter was beginning to open and knew that in another minute or two he'd be able to take over and fuck her in the ass.

Finally, he stood up and holding the top of the chair, stepped up behind her and pulled the chair behind himself. He placed his hand on her naked ass and then squeezed her firm flesh. Fiona's arm was draped over her lower back as her fingers gently fucked her own asshole. Turning his hand, Arty slid it down between her open thighs and inserted his thumb into her dripping pussy. Fiona gasped as she felt his finger press into her young body. He pumped his thumb in several times and then pulling it out of her cunt, pressed his fingers into her dripping pussy while his sticky thumb slid up into the crack of her magnificent ass. Fiona withdrew her fingers and grabbed her sculptured cheeks, spreading her ass wide as she felt his thumb prod her barely opened asshole.

"Aahh!" she gasped as she felt his thumb press into her tight asshole and his fingers teased her open pussy. Her spread thighs began to tremble as he plunged his fingers into her twin holes. Fiona braced herself on the pile of blankets as her body began to lose control. Arty rammed his thumb all the way into her asshole as her beautiful body shook. She felt his fingers and his thumb pump into her twin holes and then he pulled his hand from between her open thighs.

Taking hold of his ramrod, he beat her asscheeks with it and then rubbed the tip over the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. Placing his hand on her hip, he pressed the tip of his cock between her engorged pussy lips and once it was wedged inside, he placed both hands on her hips. Fiona braced herself as she waited for him to ram his cock deep into her seething pussy.

"Aaaghhh!" she screamed softly as she felt his ramrod fill her pussy to the hilt in one mighty thrust. Her body lurched forward and she let go of her asscheeks and grabbed the pile of blankets that she was bent over. His hips mashed against the golden globes of her ass and then she gasped as he flexed his cock deep in her loins. Holding her hips tightly, he began to take long, slow strokes into her tight pussy as her body lurched forward over the pile of blankets. Her tits hung down over the blankets and as her body lurched forward her taut nipples scraped over the coarse wool of the blankets. She felt his hand slide over the smooth globes of her ass and then he shoved his finger back into her tight asshole. As he continued to stroke his cock into her pussy, his finger reamed her tight sphincter.

"Spread your ass for me," he instructed as he thrust forward and then pinned her thighs to the pile of blankets. Fiona lowered her breasts to the blankets and then reaching behind her, grabbed her firm asscheeks again and then pulled her buns wide apart. Pulling his cock from her pussy, he rubbed the slippery head up into the crack of her ass. She gasped as the tip of his cock reached her stretched out asshole and as he withdrew his finger, he guided the tip of his cock into the entrance to her magnificent ass.

"Gently, please," she begged as she tried to relax the powerful muscles that controlled her sphincter. She felt the thickness of his cock as the tip wedged firmly in her asshole.

"Okay, then you do it," he said as he held her hips and leaned back against the back of the chair behind him and pulled her body with him. Fiona felt the tip of his cock still wedged inside her ass as she brought her hands back to the blankets and lifted her breasts from the blankets. She realized that she was going to have to deliver her ass onto his cock. Slowly she pressed her sculptured ass backwards as she felt his cock begin to spread her puckered asshole. Arty moaned deeply as he watched her ass begin to rock back and forth on his ramrod, sliding slightly deeper into her body with each motion. Fiona realized that he wasn't going to force his cock into her ass and and she tried to relax her sphincter as she pressed more and more of his cock into her sweet ass. He used his hands to gently guide her body back onto his cock rather than pull her down onto his ramrod. Slowly, inch by inch she pressed her magnificent ass onto his cock until his ramrod filled her bowels to capacity.

Arty could hear her whimper as his cock filled her ass and his hips finally pressed firmly against her asscheeks. He stood still, with his cock in her ass as he flexed his ramrod deep in her bowels. Arty took hold of her hips and slowly began to move her ass up and back along his invading cock. She was unbelievably tight. Pressing her body forward, he rose away from the chair and she fell onto the blankets as his cock was buried to the hilt in her tight asshole. He started to fuck into her as she lay below him.

Fiona's body began to shake as he increased the speed and depth of his penetrations. She braced her hands on the blankets and lifted her chest. Arty reached under her body and filled his hands with her swaying tits. His fingers closed around her hard nipples and he began to pinch and pull on them as his cock rammed deep into her bowels. Fiona's ass was so tight, that Arty knew he wouldn't be able to hold out for long as he felt her powerful muscles clamp down tightly around his cock each time he shoved it into her. She could feel his body getting close to climax as his cock sliced deep into her bowels.

"Aaaghhh!" he yelled softly as he rammed up deep into her bowels, sending her sprawling out onto the pile of blankets and his cock exploded in her tight asshole. His cock spurted for what seemed like hours as his cum filled her ass. Placing his hands on the middle of her back, he pulled his cock out of her ass and stepped backwards. Sitting down on the chair, he gazed up at her asshole as she lay sprawled out on the blankets with her leg raised and cum oozing out of her still open asshole.

"Come here and suck me clean," he said. Fiona lowered her leg and then pressed her hands to the blankets and lifted her upper body until she could stand up. Turning around, she faced Arty and stared down at his ramrod as it still stood up ramrod hard. She could see that it was covered with cum as she stepped towards him. Sinking to her knees, she reached out to his cock and guided it to her lips as she leaned forward.

"Mmmmm," he moaned as he felt her lips close around his spent cock and her tongue caressed his manhood. He watched her as her head moved up and down and she licked all of the cum from his shaft. At last she lifted her mouth from his crotch and sat back on her knees.

"Nicely done," he complimented her as he looked down at her. "You can go clean yourself up," he said and she slowly rose to her feet and walked to the bathroom. When she came out she looked around for her clothes.

"Not so fast," he said as she picked up her bikini bottoms. "I want you buck naked," he said. "Perhaps next time you'll remember to follow instructions," Arty let her work in the back room all morning, naked as a jaybird. He worked up front, coming back from time to time to fondle her beautiful, young body at his pleasure. He let her get dressed for lunch but as she sat in the dining room, Steve sat next to her and spent most of the time with his hand between her open thighs. When they returned to Central Supply, Arty held the door for her and he watched as her beautiful tits bounced gently with every step as she walked in front of him. She walked into the back room and started to put things away.

"You have a short memory," he said as he walked back into the storeroom. "What do you mean?" she asked as she put down the broom in her hand and turned to face him.

"I told you that you'd work buck naked today, remember?" he said.

"Oh," she whispered as she reached down and began to pull off her shirt. Then untying the bow over her hip, she pulled her bikini bottoms off. She stood bare-assed naked in front of him.

"That's much better but I think you need to learn another lesson," he said as he walked over and took her wrists in his hands. "Lean forward," he said and she obeyed. Picking up a piece of cord, he lay it across her arms, just above her wrists. Fiona watched as he wrapped the cord around her forearms, binding her elbows together. She felt her soft shoulders curl forward as her elbows pressed tightly together and mashed her magnificent tits against each other.

"Put your arms down," he instructed and the bound beauty lowered her arms. Her tits got stuck as her upper arms pressed across them. She watched as he reached up and pressing her tits together, allowed her to lower her arms all the way. Her beautiful titflesh was corralled by her upper arms and stuck out seductively. Her hands rested on her mons and the end of the cord dangled down between her soft thighs.

Fiona watched as Arty walked over and set up a folding bed. He lifted the end up and set it on a long block of wood. He then reached out and grabbing her by her breast, pulled her around to the end of the bed.

"Kneel on the bed," he said and the young beauty slowly moved her knees up onto the end of the mattress. "Spread them," he instructed and Fiona slid her knees apart.

Arty picked up a wooden broom handle that leaned against the wall. Placing it across her lower legs he reached between her thighs and pulled the end of the cord binding her arms back between her open thighs and lay it over the wooden broom handle. As she felt him pull the cord, her body tipped forward until her face fell to the mattress. Fiona turned her head to the side as she realized that her sweet ass was thrust up into the air. She felt her breasts crush against the mattress as her lower legs dangled off the edge of the bed. Arty tied her arm rope to the wooden stick. As she tried to pull her arms forward she only succeeded in pulling the stick firmly against the backs of her satiny thighs. Her hands were raised high as her arms were pressed up by the broom stick. Arty stepped up behind her and she could feel her fingers press against the bulge in the front of his pants. She quickly began to feel around his crotch as she rubbed his cock through his shorts.

Arty pulled over a chair and sat down behind her raised ass. She could feel his warm breath on the smooth cheeks of her sculptured ass. He leaned forward and let his tongue slide through the crack of her magnificent ass. He could feel her body shake as he teased her ass with his tongue. Fiona tried to turn her head to see what he was doing but she could not see past her shoulders. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his oral caresses. His tongue slid down between her thighs and he teased her engorged pussy lips as her body began to writhe with passion.

"Hello!" someone yelled from the front porch as they knocked on the door. Fiona froze with fear. She did not recognize the voice.

"Hang on," Arty called back. "Don't go away," he said softly to Fiona as he lifted his face from her spread ass and then gave her a playful swat across her left cheek.

"What you got for me?" he asked as he walked into the front of the building. The driver handed him the packing list. "Do you need a hand?" Arty said and the driver shook his head. Fiona was terrified as she realized what could happen if Arty brought the driver into the back room. She pulled at her bindings and felt her heart begin to pound as her pussy began to moisten. She listened intently to any hint of movement in the front room.

"How are things going?" Fiona recognized my voice.

"Pretty well," Arty answered. "Fiona has a short memory and I think we have to teach her a lesson," he added. The driver looked a bit perplexed but said nothing.

"Where is she?" I asked.

"Tied up in the back room," he said. "Literally," The driver looked very interested.

"I have an idea," I said and Fiona's blood ran cold. She heard movement in the front room and then she could hear footsteps right behind her. She tried to turn her head to see who was there but her bindings would not let her see past her shoulder.

"Holy shit," was all she heard.

"How would you like to sample some of that?" I asked.

"You gotta' be kidding," Bud gasped as he stared down at Fiona's magnificent ass as it was raised up towards him.

"Just pull up a chair and dig in," Fiona heard me say as the pounding in her heart began grew stronger. She heard the man move behind her and she felt his warm breath on her naked ass as he sat down behind her. She couldn't believe her situation. Here she was, naked and bound, with her ass thrust up in the air and her thighs spread apart and a stranger she didn't know and couldn't even see was staring down at her spread pussy and about to take full advantage of her naked body. She jumped as she felt his hands on her hips and then he leaned forward and began to lick at her oozing pussy. His hands were rough and callused as he squeezed her soft skin. He was a working man and in spite of herself, she was thrilled that he was touching her. Fiona's body began to writhe as the stranger, began to lick and probe the most intimate flesh of her magnificent body. She felt his hand move between her thighs and tease her pussy as his tongue licked up between her spread asscheeks. Her body began to shake as he probed her tight pussy with his rough fingers and then finding her erect clit, he began to fondle it as he licked at her tight asshole. Fiona's body began to buck and her open thighs began to tremble. She tried to lift her body and see who he was but her bindings prevented that. Then suddenly she saw a bright flash and heard the click of a camera shutter. It wasn't bad enough that an unknown stranger was licking her open twat but Arty was photographing it all.

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