tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFiona at Camp Ch. 09

Fiona at Camp Ch. 09


This is one of a series best read in order.

When I arrived at Crocket's Lodge, I found Fiona naked and sitting on the couch, her hands folded in her lap. She decided she had better obey her instructions so as to avoid what had happened to her last night and this afternoon. Her arms framed her magnificent breasts as she sat nervously. I smiled at her as I reached down and held out my hands. She lifted her hands and placed them in mine and then I helped her to stand up. I wrapped my arms around her naked body and pressed her to me as I tilted my head to the side and kissed her passionately. I felt the naked beauty press her body against mine as she wrapped her arms around my waist and my hands came down over her sculptured ass and squeezed her gently.

"You've had quite a day." I teased her as I squeezed her ass again.

"That wasn't fair, what you did to me." she protested.

"Yes, but you see you've already learned to obey us when you are told to do something." I said as I stepped away from her body and taking her hand, pulled her behind me towards the downstairs bedroom. As we entered, Fiona saw the large four-poster bed and I swung her around to sit on the soft mattress.

"Who was he?" she asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"It is unimportant, who he was. That he fucked you is what counts." I said. "Your only concern is fucking when, where and who I tell you to." I added. Fiona frowned as she lowered her head.

"You've earned a little pleasure." I said as I pressed her shoulder and she turned her body and lay across the bed. "Spread yourself out." I said as I began to undress. Fiona slid into the middle of the bed and spread her legs wide apart. I could see that her nipples were already quite hard as I sat down beside her. "Up until now, you've been doing all of the providing. You've earned an afternoon of pleasure." I said as I placed my hand on her firm breast and gently squeezed her magnificent mam. I smiled at her and then lowered my mouth to her pert nipple and gently sucked it into my mouth. Fiona gasped as she felt me suck on her tender nubbin and then my tongue went to work on it. I could feel her body tremble as I teased her firm titflesh.

"I have something new for you to try." I said as I reached into the drawer of the nightstand. I pulled out a blindfold and held it over her face. "I want you to wear this." I said. I could see that she looked a bit worried. "Relax. I'm not going to bring anyone else in or tie you up. It's just that when your sight is restricted, your other senses get sharper. It will make the experience more pleasurable as I touch your beautiful body." I complimented her.

Fiona took the blindfold from me and slipped it over her eyes. It took her a moment to adjust it and then she lay her head back on the pillow. I leaned over and kissed her gently and then slid my tongue between her soft lips. Fiona parted her lips as my tongue probed her mouth. I felt her suck on my tongue and then I sucked her tongue into my mouth. As my hand came to her trembling breast, I could feel her body begin to respond as I caressed her full chest. I kissed her even more passionately and the naked beauty wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her chest.

"Not yet," I whispered. "Turn over," I instructed and the naked beauty obeyed. I helped her to position her beautiful, young body and then climbing up onto the bed, I picked up a bottle of oil from the nightstand and I straddled her slender waist and sat down on her magnificent ass. We both felt my heavy balls descend into the small space where her thighs met her asscheeks. She felt wonderful. Pouring some oil into the palm of my hand, I set down the bottle and rubbed my hands together.

"OOOoohhh," she moaned as she felt my oiled hands on her soft shoulders. I spread the oil across her shoulders and back and then proceeded to massage her back and neck. Fiona relished the feel of my hands and the power of the massage. I pulled her arms to her sides and then massaged them before folding them onto the small of her back and working on her wrists and hands. Replacing her arms at her sides, I slowly worked her upper back and then down to her slender waist as each movement caused my balls to move in the little niche they had found.

As I worked my way down her body, I began to massage her firm ass and again she moaned deeply. I lifted my body and knelt between her open thighs. I spread more oil on her legs and then massaged her firm thighs as her body began to writhe below me. Working my way gradually down down her long legs to her feet, I massaged them and then began to take long strokes up and down her legs from ankles to quim. The effect was to make her entire body feel like one huge errogenous zone.

Stepping off of the bed, I came around to the side and helped the naked beauty to slowly roll over onto her back. Again I helped her to spread her body out on the huge mattress. Straddling her slender waist, I applied more oil to her body from neck to pussy as my balls again found a warm crevice between her soft thighs. I repeated the process of massaging the front of her body, paying careful attention to her magnificent breasts. Her nipples were like pencil erasers as they stood up, glowing from the oil that covered them. My hands stroked from her shoulders, over her breasts and all the way down to her hips. Then moving between her open legs, I massaged the fronts of her thighs and down to her ankles again before repeating the long body strokes from ankles to breasts. Fiona's body truly felt like one huge errogenous zone.

Bracing my hands beside her panting breasts, I leaned over her body and kissed her soft cheek, just below the blindfold. She gasped. I licked her face for a moment and then pressed my lips to hers. Fiona moaned softly as she kissed me back and licked her tongue across my lips. I lay down in her warm saddle and felt her arms lift up and wrap around my back. We both wrapped our bodies around each other.

Slowly, I began to kiss and suck on her face and neck and then let my tongue trace down over the tops of her breasts and sucked her taut nipples into my mouth. Fiona's body began to writhe as I licked her breasts she moaned deeply as she felt the hardness of my cock between her open thighs. I continued to nibble on her tits as my fingers gently pinched and pulled at her tender nipples. Then slowly and deliberately, I began to nibble my way down across her firm stomach until my lips began to tease her soft muff. I could feel the heat that emanated from her seething loins as I slid down between her open thighs.

Fiona moaned as she felt my tongue lick at the sides of her soft muff. Her legs began to tremble as I licked the tops of her thighs. Sliding my hands under her open thighs, I extended my tongue and pressed it between her soft, wet folds. She gasped as she felt the tip of my tongue slide into her drenched quim. I loved the taste of her sweet nectar as I began to suck it out of her writhing body. I felt Fiona's hands close on the back of my head as she gently guided my face to her most intimate flesh. As my lips found her clit, I sucked it into my mouth and then began to caress the tip with the tip of my tongue. Her body began to shake as her grip on my head tightened. I trapped her clit between my lips and then teased the tip with the tip of my tongue.

"Aaghh!" she screamed softly as her young body went rigid and her loins flooded with her sweet, wet flow. My tongue dove deep into her twat as I began to lick and suck the sweet nectar that flowed from her loins. Again I trapped her clit and brought her to an easy climax. Her body shook as a powerful orgasm wracked her luscious, young body. I held her tightly and continued to suck on her clit as her body began to shake with one orgasm after another. I could hear her babbling incoherently as she held my face to her gushing pussy. I licked and sucked as much of her sweet flow as I could until she took a firm grip on my head and lifted my face from between her open thighs.

"Enough," she gasped. "I can't take anymore." she said as she began to pull me up on top of her. I kissed her clit one last time and she erupted in yet another powerful orgasm. Then sliding my body up on top of hers, I sucked her nipple into my mouth once again. Fiona could feel the moistness on my lips and cheeks as I suckled on her beautiful breasts. My face was covered with the sweet nectar that flowed from her oozing pussy.

"He's right." she thought to herself as she felt my tongue on her body. Her sensations were much more acute with her eyes blindfolded. She was amazed at how alive her body was and how powerful her orgasms were when she was restricted by either the blindfold or the bindings we'd used on her beautiful body.

I continued to suck on her breasts as she felt my ramrod brush against the inside of her satiny thigh. I felt her hands slide under my arms as she pulled me up onto her body. Her nose was filled with the powerful scent of her sex as I held my face close to hers. I bent to kiss her lips and she could taste her own cum on my lips. Holding my face close to hers she thrust her talented tongue into my mouth and tried to suck my tongue into her own. I felt her tongue lick at my face as she buried herself in the taste and smell of the cum that covered my cheeks. As she sucked on my face my body lay heavily on top of hers and she felt my ramrod brush across her swollen labia as she twisted her body slightly to line her pussy up with my cock. When she felt the tip slip easily between her oiled pussy lips, she pulled up on my chest and I slid my cock all the way into her tight pussy. Lifting my chest off of hers, I gazed down at her magnificent mams and began to stroke my cock deep into her drenched pussy. As my cock sliced deep into her oozing twat, her breasts rolled gently on her chest. Her arms came up around my neck and she pulled me down on top of her. I felt her legs wrap over mine as she held me tightly between her long legs.

Fiona began to scratch my back with her long nails as I stroked relentlessly into her tight pussy. I felt her powerful inner muscles go to work on my invading shaft as I pumped it in and out of her tightness. As I fucked into her, her arms released me and she pulled her hands up over her head, framing her beautiful face with her arms. Lowering my chest onto hers, I slid my arms under hers and grabbing her wrists, held her tightly as my cock continued to ram into her dripping pussy. Fiona's legs came up and wrapped around my waist as I fucked her and her hips rolled to meet my thrusts. I felt her body begin to buck as orgasms began to ripple through her loins. The wetness inside her pussy was getting too much for me and I could feel her cum oozing out of her quim every time my cock filled her. The moistness on my thighs betrayed the number of orgasms she'd had and then as I entered her body, I felt her powerful inner muscles clamp down hard around my cock and I couldn't hold back any longer.

With a soft yell, I shoved my cock all the way into her seething pussy and it exploded deep in her body. Fiona felt the power of my load as it sprayed deep in her seething quim and as her clit rubbed against my pubic bone, she too screamed softly as a powerful orgasm enveloped her. I felt her inner muscles begin to spasm out of control as she milked every drop of cum from my spurting cock. Finally, she eased her grip on my waist and lowered her long legs back to the mattress. I eased my grip on her wrists and then kissed her passionately as she sucked my tongue deep into her hungry mouth. I felt Fiona's arms wrap around my chest as we kissed. Lifting my legs up over hers, I pressed them together and then holding her tightly, I rolled us over. Fiona came to rest on top of me and her legs quickly slid out over mine as my cock remained buried deep in her tight pussy. I could feel her heart pounding in her chest as her warm, heaving breasts pressed against my chest. We were both exhausted and drifted off to sleep.

I felt some movement above me as I awoke and I looked up to see Fiona sitting astride my hips with my cock buried deep in her tight pussy. I was pleased that she still wore the blindfold as she pumped her body up and down on my rigid shaft. I watched as her magnificent breasts bounced gently as she fucked me and my hands came up to her chest and I pinched her taut nipples gently. Fiona fucked me like a madwoman as I felt her tight pussy piston up and down on my cock. Her pussy oozed its sweet cum as she ravaged my cock. Pulling her down on top of me, I rolled us over and then began to plow into her tight wetness.

Fiona began to babble incoherently as her body was wracked with orgasms. I reached down and pulled her legs up and then sitting back on my knees, I pulled her legs wide apart and continued to ravage her open pussy. Fiona lifted her ass and rotated her hips as she rubbed her pussy up and down on my cock. Her powerful, inner muscles massaged my invading cock until I could no longer hold back. Ramming deep into her pussy, I fell on top of her as my cock exploded deep in her gushing quim. She screamed softly as another powerful orgasm enveloped her beautiful, blindfolded body. I could feel her heart pounding in her chest and her tits heaved as she gasped for air.

As I sat back up on my knees, Fiona slid her pussy off of my cock and then sitting up, she leaned forward and lowered her face to my spent cock. Her hands came down to my open thighs and she wrapped them around my sticky cock and then guided it between her soft lips. Fiona heard me moan as she sucked my cock all the way into her mouth. I watched as her head moved up and down on my shaft as she pleasured me. I watched as she slid my cock all the way into her mouth and then lay her body down on the mattress and remained motionless as my cock rested completely in her mouth. I felt her talented tongue caress my spent shaft as she sucked on my manhood. What an amazing woman. Then slowly she lifted her chest from the bed and began to suck on my cock as she moved her mouth back and forth on my cock. She slipped my cock from her mouth and then I felt her tongue lick up and down the sides of my spent shaft as she cleaned all of our combined cum from my crotch. When she'd finished, she lifted her body up and sat back on her knees as I gazed down at her panting titflesh.

"You've pleased me very much." I said as I reached forward and lifted the blindfold from her eyes. It took her a moment to focus and then she smiled at me as she continued to stroke my shaft in her hands. "How did it feel to be blindfolded?" I asked as I pinched her nipples gently.

"It was just like you said, my other senses were sharper." she confessed.

"I hope you liked it, we will do this again with some variations." I said. Fiona smiled.

"Why don't you go clean yourself up." I suggested. "I want you to meet me at your cabin after curfew tonight. I've decided that we're going to take you out on the town." I said. Fiona smiled, proud of herself and how she'd obeyed me and enjoyed the pleasure that I could bring her.

To be continued...

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